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Outdoor Patio Speakers that Sound Amazing

Outdoor patio speakers that sound amazing –

It’s no surprise that having the right outdoor patio speakers is key to ensuring great sound outdoors. The good thing about patio speakers is that they can be easily mounted unto the wall using a wall bracket and can be placed virtually anywhere underneath the patio. Patio speakers are also partially weather resistant, so be sure to ensure that they have good material construction to last through the years. Here are some good outdoor patio speakers you can look out for.

#1 The Boston Acoustics Soundware Coaxial Outdoor Speakers

boston outdoor patio speakers

Meet the innovative and space-saving Boston Acoustics SoundWare Coaxial outdoor speakers. This all-purpose two-way SoundWare indoor/outdoor speaker offers an unprecedented range of easy and flexible mounting options, and makes it possible to enjoy high-performance audio in all situations. It is ideal for use in restaurants, retail stores, homes, smaller apartments and even by outdoor entertainers. SoundWare speakers are a unique combination of sonic performance, space efficiency and application flexibility. These speakers are designed to literally disappear into a surrounding décor if desired. Because of its unique shape and one-of-a-kind internal mounting bracket, a SoundWare speaker can be placed virtually anywhere – flush in a corner, flat on a wall, flat on a table or angled up 30 or 45 degrees on a flat surface. The two included brackets mount the speaker just 1 cm from any flat surface or flush in a corner. When mounted flush on a wall, the speaker can be articulated down or sideways to provide the ideal sonic angle. With a unique polyhedron shape, and highly-articulated mounting brackets, the SoundWare is designed to fit anywhere music needs to be. Each SoundWare loudspeaker features a 4 1/2 inch driver and a powerful 3/4 inch tweeter built into the high-tech plastic cabinet. Built from durable weather resistant materials, this outdoor speaker offers a new level of space efficiency and placement flexibility for soundscaping. It also includes the following specifications:

  • 2-Way Speaker With 4.5-Inch Woofer & .75-Inch Dome Tweeter
  • Versatile Design For Use Inside Or Outdoors
  • Weatherproof For Permanent Outdoor Installations
  • Sits Or Mounts At Any Angle¿Includes Brackets For Wall Or Corner Mounting
  • Can Blend In Or Stand Out

For the price of these outdoor patio speakers you can’t go wrong with the Boston Acoutics Soundware. These speakers are all-weather resistant and can endure harsh elements without affecting the sound quality, which make them perfect for permanent outdoor installations. They reproduce clear audiophile-grade sound for outdoor purposes and are easy to mount on objects or walls. If you’re looking for a set of great speakers for a good price, then consider getting the Boston Acoustics Soundware.

#2 The Klipsch CP-6 Compact Performance Outdoor Patio Speaker

Klipsch CP-6 Compact Performance Outdoor Patio Speaker

If you want outdoor patio speakers that can deliver good bass, look no further. The Klipsch CP-6 provides very high-quality, full and deep bass whether outdoors or indoors. When installed at your patio, this set of outdoor speakers can transform any location into a live concert. It also conveniently comes with a mounting bracket which makes it extremely easy to be placed at the optimal sound location for maximum sensory effect. Experiment around with the angle of the speakers to achieve maximum sound staging and bass response. With its UV-resistant ABS enclosure and stainless steel grille and hardware, the Klipsch CP6 outdoor patio speaker is designed to perform for years under the harshest of conditions. Available in a white finish, the paintable CP-6 comes with a rustproof C-style mounting bracket and port plug, making installation quick and simple. Also, its 8-ohm impedance is compatible with all amplifiers. The Klipsch CP-6 speaker produces brilliant, lifelike sound through its 5.25″ poly cone woofer and a 1″ silk dome tweeter loaded with an exclusive Klipsch Tractrix(R) Horn. This advanced horn design dramatically increases efficiency and allows the loudspeaker to produce more output using less energy. When it comes to an all-weather loudspeaker, no quality is more respected—or more desired—than durability. Overall, the Klipsch CP-6 compact performance outdoor speaker delivers superb sound rain or shine. Some features to note about this package:

  • One pair of two-way indoor/outdoor speaker
  • Equipped with 1″ silk dome tweeter and 5.25″ poly cone woofer
  • Exclusive Tractrix(R) Horn technology
  • Housed in a UV-resistant, paintable enclosure and durable stainless steel grille
  • Includes port plug and one C-style mounting bracket

Furthermore, the Klipsch CP-6 are amazing outdoor speakers when it comes to bass. If you want good bass, this is certainly a good buy. If you’re looking for a pair of great outdoor speakers and done lots of research online, then the quality of these speakers will quickly become apparent. The sound from these speakers are deeper and fuller with excellent bass response. They are guaranteed to last you a long time and satisfy your craving for rich outdoor music.

#3 The Acoustic Research Mission Outdoor Speaker

acoustic mission outdoor patio speakers

This Acoustic Research Mission Outdoor Speaker is unique as a portable outdoor patio speaker or for general outdoors. With the stunning quality of its bass and sound effects, and its unique appearance, the Research Mission is the ultimate addition to any outdoor event. Equipped with high-performance drivers, the Acoustic Research Mission Outdoor Speaker is capable of blasting all kinds of awesome music – be it rock or classical music – and delivering deep and rich bass. Fear not if the weather turns nasty – these speakers are also immune to the rain with in-built waterproofing, which means the speakers can be counted on anytime to get your musical spirit beating. The really great thing about these speakers is that the transmitter that comes with this unit can be used on any audio media. It can be paired with computers, laptops, iPods, stereos, portable radios and televisions and delivers excellent stereo performance. Some interesting specs:

  • Three selectable broadcast frequencies; stereo audio input; compatible with iPhone/iPod
  • Two-way speaker design with high-performance weather-resistant drivers
  • 2-inch tweeter, 3-inch woofer, 5-watt RMS; frequency response: 40 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Auto-lock PLL tuning ensures crystal-clear reception up to 150 feet
  • Dual power mode; AC adapters included, batteries optional (six AA batteries not included)

This trusty Acoustic Research Mission Outdoor Speaker is the ideal musical companion to any event. It has high performance drivers that give you those juicy stereo music and are resistant to weather. This is probably one of the most versatile outdoor patio speakers you can find, with its superb and unique design will guarantee to steal attention wherever you bring it.