AOMAIS GO Loudest Bluetooth Speaker

Aomais Go Speaker Review

Summary – The AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speaker

The AOMAIS GO Bluetooth speaker is a very powerful speaker specially designed to produce really big sound. It can produce a massive 30Ws of pure sound with its two 15W full range drivers and two passive bass radiators – this is triple the volume of most portable Bluetooth speakers. You even have the option of pairing two AOMIAS GO speakers together to create a full stereo experience with left and right channels for total combined output of 60Ws, which is more than enough sound fill up a large outdoor area and keep the party going throughout the night. The battery life on the AOMAIS Go is an incredible 7200mAh capacity which can deliver up to 8 hours of continuous music playtime at 60% volume – the speaker has so much power that you can even use it to charge your mobile devices via a micro USB charging cable. We are absolutely sure that the AOMAIS GO is one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers ever created, and at the time of writing is now selling at a very good price.

AOMAIS GO Loudest Bluetooth Speaker

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The AOMAIS GO is simply one of the most powerful speakers we have tested that can deliver an amazing 30 watts of pure power. The sound performance is very crisp, clear and loud with a good deal of bass response. The battery life on this speaker is an amazing 7200mAh which can provide more than 8 hours of continuous music playtime and is powerful enough to charge your mobile device. We also like the design of the AOMAIS GO with the top handle for easy portability.

The Cons. The AOMAIS GO has very few cons to write about – one consideration to note is that this speaker may be slightly bulky for some, although it does deliver a lot of power and volume which more than makes up for its bulky size.

Sound Performance

The sound performance of the AOMAIS GO is phenomenal and one of the loudest we have ever experienced. Its dual 15W drivers and dual passive subwoofer can pump out crystal clear, detailed sound with very crisp highs and detailed midrange, with tight and punchy bass. The bass response that we got out of this speaker is powerful enough to shake an entire room when cranked up to maximum volume. Furthermore, the AOMAIS GO can be cranked up to its maximum volume setting without producing any distortion, which is really good. Listening to dubstep and electronic dance music on this beast was quite a surreal experience, and the speaker literally has enough power to keep the party going through the entire night. It also comes with the option of pairing two AOMAIS GO speakers together for a massive combined 60W output – if you are looking for the most volume you can get out of a speaker with rich stereo sound, this dual pairing function is something to seriously consider. Do note that a single AOMAIS GO speaker is already incredibly loud – pairing two together would be rather overkill and best suited for a large outdoor space.


The AOMAIS GO has a very sleek and durable design, which makes it look really aesthetically appealing. It is very well made and you can tell that the manufacturers put in a lot of effort and attention to detail with this speaker. The speaker has a nice handle at the top which makes it easily portable and convenient to carry around. The buttons are also located at the top of the speaker to adjust the volume, skip soundtracks and power on the speaker. The entire speaker is also IPX7 waterproof which means that you can fully submerge the speaker into water for a depth of 1m for 30 minutes without damaging the internal circuitry. It is also covered by a nice rubbery texture which gives the speaker extra grip.

Other Features

In addition to the dual TWS pairing function, the AOMAIS GO Bluetooth speaker can also be used as a small public announcement (PA) system with a microphone, and also has a fun karaoke mode for disco parties. The speaker comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology for fast and consistent music transmission; it is compatible with virtually any Bluetooth enabled device including iPhone, android smartphones, iPads, tablets and laptops. It also has a nice 3.5mm audio input jack for you to connect to non-wireless music sources. The speaker recharges relatively quickly in 2 to 3 hours with the included power adaptor. The speaker comes with a micro USB charging cable, an auxiliary input cable, AC adaptor, carrying case and quick start guide for easy reference.

The Verdict?

The AOMAIS GO is easily one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can find on a budget that delivers massive sound. It represents exceptional value for money and is able to deliver a massive 30W of pure authority with high quality sound performance. The speaker is specially designed to go very loud, and you get incredibly crisp highs, detailed midrange and booming bass response with virtually no distortion at maximum volume. You can even use the TWS function to pair two speakers together for a total combined output of 60W with separate left and right channels for full stereo sound. Furthermore, the speaker has an incredible battery capacity that can even double as a portable power bank for your mobile devices. If you enjoy rich sound and powerful bass, we can guarantee that this speaker will surpass your expectations. It is hands down one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers available on the market and we highly recommend them.

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