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Using outdoor ceiling speakers to enhance sound

One of the best and cost-effective ways to enhance your outdoor audio experience is to install outdoor ceiling speakers around your poolside or patio area. Not only can ceiling speakers be paint coated to blend in with your ceiling, it also gives it the modern feel which adds to the overall aesthetic experience. Furthermore, outdoor ceiling speakers help to distribute sound outdoors, which gives better sound staging and audio experience. Here are some of the best outdoor ceiling speakers with weather resistance and great sound that you can attach to any patio/eaves ceiling.

#1 The Pyle Home PWRC52

outdoor ceiling speakers

The Pyle Home PWRC52 ceiling/in-wall bass speakers deliver very impressive detailed full-range sound quality. These dual-channel speaker system delivers rock solid sound to patio spaces without cluttering floor space. These speakers are moisture resistant with marine grade construction and can even be placed outdoors or anywhere where there is excessive moisture. These speakers feature impressive heavy-duty voice coils and are impressive at high frequency sounds to produce full and rich music. It gives a clean look to ceilings and in-wall fittings. It comes with mounting hardware and cut-out templates for easy installation. Be prepared for a mind-blowing experience once you’ve installed these speakers – the Pyle audio sound quality is perfect with punchy bass and great treble response –  something of an achievement for a pair of in-wall speakers. Here are some cool features to note:

  • Not your average in-wall/ceiling speaker – it delivers great sound and decent bass
  • 5.25″ Dual Channel/ Voice Coil Speaker with water resistant Marine Grade Construction
  • Includes hardware and cut-out templates for easy installation (Cut out diameter: 6 1/2″ – Mounting Depth: 2 5/6″)
  • 200 Watt Peak Power Handling – 100 Watt RMS Power – (2) 1/2″ Polycarbonate Tweeters

If you’re looking for that amazing ceiling/in-wall speakers that can deliver full, rich and punchy sound, these outdoor ceiling speakers are probably for you. With their clean design and look, they’ll fit right in to your home décor and can easily be painted for ready concealment. Overall, the Pyle Home PWRC52 is a really solid of outdoor ceiling speakers and definitely comes highly recommended.

#2 The Polk Audio RC80i

polk outdoor ceiling speakers

The Polk Audio RC8oi 2-way In-ceiling Speakers delivers crystal clear stereo sound to your indoor/outdoor spaces without using any floor or shelf space. For speakers that you can barely see, these speakers can sound as good as a powerful bass speaker (you’d be surprised at the bass response of these ceiling speakers). They are quick and easy to install requiring only a hole (in the ceiling), feeding the wires and putting the speaker in place where it can be held by rotating cams. This setup design ensures that the speakers are secured with no extra assembly or hassle. Once installed, the paintable grill allows this in-ceiling speaker to virtually disappear in the room.

Some mention should be made about the structure of these spekaers – the Polk RC8oi uses a eight-inch dynamic-balance, mineral filled polymer-composite cone with a rubber sound that is highly durable. It is constructed of rust resistant hardware and durable moisture resistant materials that allow it to be used in bathrooms, kitchens, sauna, or even under outdoor conditions.

When you install these speakers in your room, be prepared for those mouth-open “wow” experiences. The sound from these speakers flood the room with a deep, rich sound like a traditional bass speaker, but with good crisp highs and full, round lows. They can be easily adjusted to “aim” better, but they sound just as nice when pointed straight downwards.

  • Powerful, rich sound with punchy bass
  • Comes with in a pair of 2-way in-ceiling speakers with timbre matched to the Polk Audio RTi Series
  • Equipped with one 8-inch dynamic balance, mineral filled polymer-composite cone with a frequency response of 35 Hz – 20kHz
  • Looks great in any interior room settings and blends in well with the furniture

Choosing between Polk Audio and Pyle is often a difficult choice when it comes to outdoor ceiling speakers. However, what must be mentioned about these pair of speakers is their durability and construction. Their sound imaging is absolutely guaranteed to blow you away. These good pair of ceiling speakers delivers sound that punches above their weight – they deliver crisp, clear and great sound. If you’re the type of bass head going for the sound, look and quality of construction, give this ceiling speakers a go!

#3 The Micca Rimless 8″ outdoor ceiling speakers

micca outdoor ceiling speakers

You may not have heard of the Micca Rimless 8″ speakers but when it comes down to the look and the sound, these pair of speakers will downright impress you. They are not as bulky as the traditional bass speakers but deliver good lows and punchy bass for their size, although most bassheads might want a subwoofer if you were in a larger open space. These ceiling speakers (rimless) are stunning looking and have a plus minus 3 db switch for the woofer and tweeter. The speakers are beautifully made and are solid in design and are great for background music. If you’re looking for a nice sounding and stunning looking ceiling speaker at a great price, few speakers can compare to the Micca R-8C.

  • The Micca Reference Series R-8C delivers powerful dynamic sound while taking up little space
  • Easy installation with basic tools – offers a unique rimless low profile design with a micro-fine mesh grill for refined appearance
  • Durable construction makes it suitable for use in weather conditions – resistant to sunlight, moisture or dust
  • Glass fiber woofer with a concave cap for that extra bass punch

If you’re looking for a pair of excellent ceiling speakers at a lower cost, these speakers will deliver the sound quality comparable with that of high-end ceiling speakers. Its rimless design makes it blend easily into most outdoor patio settings and can deliver dynamic surround sound for their size.


jbl outdoor ceiling speakers

You can’t go wrong with the JBL SP8CII ceiling speakers. If you’re looking for a flushed look in your ceiling with crisp clear sound this is definitely the speaker for you. JBLs are good for their bass speakers, and these outdoor ceiling speakers pack an extra pucnh when it comes to bassy music. These speakers are guaranteed to deliver rich highs and good bass – with some tinkering with the EQ on your amplifier these speakers will sound simply amazing. If you’re that basshead looking to set up a home theatre system, these speakers will come as a nice compliment to a good 7.1 system. In fact, these pair of ceiling speakers sound as good as heavy bass speakers – no subwoofer is needed for good sound reproduction. The bass these speakers deliver is responsive, strong and clean. If you need that perfect ceiling speakers to compliment your outdoor speakers, this speakers will do the job perfectly.  Comes with titanium laminate tweeter for excellent high frequency sound that will totally blow you away with the quality of music. Some important specifications:

  • Titanium laminate tweeter delivers high frequency sound
  • Rubber surround design reduces distortion at high volumes
  • Speaker faceplats and grills can be painted to match room decor
  • Optional rough-in frames available for new construction

The JBL SP8CII are not the cheapest speakers out there, but their sound quality and bass presence makes it good enough for any basshead to thoroughly enjoy. They are importantly constructed of durable weather-resistant material to ensure that they last a long time. If you’re looking for that perfect ceiling speakers that will compliment your outdoor speaker system and deliver clear, crisp and punchy sound, give these ceiling speakers a go!