Martin Logan Motion 60XT Speakers Review

Martin Logan Motion 60XT Review – is it worth the price tag?

Summary – Martin Logan Motion 60XT Review

There’s nothing quite like the sound from the Martin Logan Motion 60XT speakers. They are perhaps one of the greatest floor standing speakers of all time. Let’s talk about the specs for these speakers. They are equipped with folded motion a XT tweeter which squeezes air and requires almost 90% less excursion than typical 1 inch dome tweeters. This drastically minimizes distortion while providing a very fast response time. The folded motion tweeter is engineered with a large surface area that is 8 times that of a typical 1-inch dome tweeter to create a clear, highly dynamic and precise sound performance. The speakers also come with a precision built advanced topology Vostro crossover and high-performance aluminium cone woofer, including audiophile-grade 5-way bi-wire binding posts for a secure connection. We also liked the high-gloss finish which adds to the aesthetic appeal of these Martin Logan speakers.

Martin Logan Motion 60XT Speakers

How do these speakers sound?

From a performance standpoint, these speakers deliver some of the best sound we have heard in a pair of floor standing speakers. They do require a minimum of 20 hours of burn in for the sound to settle down, and after this period the sound will start to straighten up and feel refined. The bass on these speakers feel punchy and tight, and the motion tweeters are accurate and well-balanced. You’ll experience a level of soundstage and detail with these speakers that you rarely hear even among high-end speaker systems.

The treble ranges are articulate, precise and detailed without any hint of distortion or harshness. The mid-range is magnificently voiced and especially good for female vocals with sonic presence and sound projection. The midranges are beautifully precise and acoustically tuned to perfection. You get very solid sound performance with crystal clear details. The bass also sounds near-perfect with tight lows and very deep ends. Do note that you’ll have to place these speakers some distance away from a wall in order to sustain a deeper bass response. There’s so much bass and power to these speakers that you’ll probably not require an additional subwoofer for the speaker setup.

Pair these speakers with a high-end amplifier

We would definitely recommend pairing the Martin Logan 60XT speakers with a high-end amplifier such as Denons or Yamahas to drive maximum sound performance in a home theater arrangement. These speakers have incredible impact and sound fidelity, making them absolutely satisfying to listen to for hours without any fatigue.

Build Quality

Finally, the Martin Logan 60XT speakers have really sleek and modern build quality. The Black Cheery cabinets are aesthetically stunning, and the grilles are precision stamped with magnetic coupling to the face plane of the speaker. The binding posts are solid and well designed, with internal bracing and high quality construction. It’s architecture and design feels like getting a Steinway piano with robust external and internal quality design. We have no doubt that the 60XT speakers are a work of art and no less than an acoustic engineering feat.

The Verdict?

The Martin Logan 60XT floor standing speakers have exceptionally detailed sound performance and sonic soundstage. These speakers deliver very good sound performance and crystal clear highs and details; the level of separation that you get with these speakers is off the charts. It feels you are sitting inside and listening to a real life opera house with these speakers properly amped. Every single aspect of the music is reproduced to perfection with detailed highs, midranges and low-end bass tunes. It also has a precision Vostro crossover network with a high-performance aluminium cone woofer and folded motion XT tweeters for much louder and more powerful sound performance. It’s also very well constructed and aesthetically detailed, making them a worth investment option for audiophiles.