KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker Review

KEF Q950 Review – The Pros, Cons & Specs

Summary – KEF Q950 Review

The KEF Q950s are simply some of the most articulate and accurate speakers we have ever heard that delivers top-notch sound performance. The Q950 speaker places the tweeter in the acoustic center of the midrange cone, providing more detailed, accurate three-dimensional sound image which is dispersed evenly throughout the room. We also liked that the Q950 speaker features an 8” Uni-Q driver array, one 8” bass driver and two 8” auxiliary bass radiators. The Uni-Q drivers have been repositioned to the centre of the cabinet to reduce unwanted internal resonance and add refinement to sonic clarity and detail. Acoustically speaking, these floor standing speakers have so much to offer in terms of sound imaging and separation, with crystal clear highs, detailed mids and very tight bass response. If you want to listen to every single detail in your music with near-perfect precision, go for the KEF Q950 speakers.

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker Review

Sound Performance

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the KEF Q950s are some of the most accurate and articulate speakers we have ever heard in a home setting. They are extremely detailed speakers that allow you to hear things in audio recordings that you might not have heard before. Furthermore, these speakers do not require any EQ adjustments or subwoofers to sound good – they work great straight out of the box and provides crystal clear sound output. We were so impressed by how good these speakers sounded – listening to these speakers feels as though you are sitting in a real life concert hall. Vocal performances are reproduced particularly well with these speakers, and you can even hear where the vocalist is standing and the subtle notes in the music such as the vocalist catching her breath and the stroke of a piano.

Pair the KEF 950 with an amplifier

For best performance, we would highly recommend using these speakers with a dedicated 2 channel amp with at least 150 watts per channel. An example of this would be the Yamaha R-N803 amplifier. This is necessary if you really want these speakers to shine – it would take your highs and mids to a whole new level. We really loved how every single detail in the music is precision matched and blends in very well with the overall sound signature. Everything sounds near-perfect with precision details; there’s no hint of harshness or distortion at high volume levels.

The soundstage is really good on the KEF 950s

You can literally sit in the center of your room and close your eyes while listening to these speakers. The soundstage is impeccable and the vocals are reproduced exactly where they should be. Instrumental notes sound very realistic and detailed, and you can get plenty of detail when pushing these speakers to their SPL limits. It’s breath-taking to be able to soak up the music and listen to these speakers with virtually zero distortion.

The Verdict?

The KEF Q950 is one of the best speakers in the world with impeccable soundstage and detail. They come with a redesigned cabinet, sleek new finishes and an improved Uni-Q driver array designed to smooth out treble frequencies. These speakers also come with upgraded low-frequency drivers, new surrounds and rear suspension and tight bass performance. The Q950s are available in a sleek matt black or white vinyl finishes. They are some of the best speakers we have ever heard in terms of detail and performance, and highly recommend them as standalone floor standing speakers or as part of a home theater arrangement.