V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Review

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Review

Summary – V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones

The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphones are incredibly versatile headphones that deliver great value for money. We were incredibly surprised at how good the M-100s sounded when we first tested them out, and till today they remain as one of our personal favorites. The M-100s are essentially closed-back wired headphones that come with dual 50mm drivers that deliver really crisp sound quality with deep bass. The good thing about the M-100 is that they are relatively lightweight and compact which makes them easy to transport around – this is great if you intend to take these headphones along with you to work or on the go. The M-100s come with a 50mm dual-diaphragm driver with inner and outer rings which provide distinctly clear highs and midranges and clear bass which does not muddy into the other frequency ranges. The headphones deliver immersive 3D soundstage with lifelike vocals and crystal clear instrumental sound reproduction. They are also very comfortable to wear and come with supple memory foam cushions which naturally conform to your ears to provide ergonomic comfort and a good level of noise isolation. The high-fidelity sound performance from the M-100s and reasonable cost makes them great headphones for audiophiles, gamers and music lovers.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Review

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphones deliver exceptional value for money, and deliver almost sonically-perfect sound quality with detailed highs, crisp midranges and deep bass. If you are an audiophile on a budget, the M-100 headphones are the ones you should get.

The Cons. The M-100s do not produce as much soundstage or separation as other high-end headphones such as the HD 800s, although they have better bass performance

Sound Performance

The sound quality of the V-MODA is, simply put, outstanding for a headphone of this size and budget. The level of detail that you get with the M-100 headphones is exceedingly good, and you can even pick up subtle details in the music which you might not have heard before. The sound from the M-100 is crystal clear and smooth, with crisp treble ranges and sparkling highs. The M-100 headphones also have a lot of bass and sound very punchy – even more so than the Sennheiser HD 800s which are focused on spatial imaging and separation. Bass-heavy music genres will definitely sound livelier and more pronounced with the V-MODA M-100 headphones. These headphones also produce very good full-range sound quality and reproduce virtually the entire audio spectrum with ease. They have pretty good sonic imaging and separation, although nowhere close to open-back headphones such as the HD 800s. One good trait about the M-100 is that they are noise-isolating and do not leak sound; the bass performance feels more pronounced and tight without muddying into the midrange frequencies. We did not find the highs and treble ranges on the M-100 to high or harsh; everything sounded smooth and well-balanced with great tonal separation. If you are looking for an all-rounded headphone with audiophile quality sound performance without any preference for one music genre, the V-MODA M-100s are a pretty good investment.

Design & Build Quality

The M-100 headphones have a really solid and durable feel with nice polished metal on both cans that gives it a classy appearance. These headphones give you the feeling that they are built to last for a long time and can withstand heavy use. The M-100 headphones are constructed from metal and cushion leather; they also fold inward which makes them compact and portable. These headphones are very comfortable to wear and you can practically listen to these headphones for hours on end without feeling fatigued; it also has an adjustable headband that feels well-padded and very comfortable to wear. The headphones cans have a pretty unique hexagon shape which contours to the natural lines of your ears and minimizes gaps. We really liked the fact that the Crossfade M-100 headphones isolate sound really well and prevent any sound leakage – which helps to enhance the overall bass response at some expense of soundstage and sonic imaging. The entire package comes with the M-100 headphones, exoskeleton carrying case, carabiner clip, microphone cable, audio cables and an adapter.

The Verdict?

The V-MODA Crossfade M-100s are high quality headphones you can get on a budget that delivers superb sound quality with a level of clarity and detail in a class of its own. They are capable of producing crisp highs, detailed midranges and very deep bass with plenty of depth and impact. Vocal performances sound crystal clear on these headphones without any harshness, and timbre ranges sound silky smooth. It comes with 50mm dual diaphragm drivers that deliver loud sound performance without any distortion. We also liked the sleek and modern design of the M-100 with the polished metal exterior; they are very compact headphones and can be easily transported easily. It also comes with nicely padded leather ear cushions which feel very comfortable to wear and ergonomically conform to your ear size. While the M-100 lacks a degree of soundstage due to its closed-back design, it does perform above expectations while coupled with a good headphone amplifier. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the V-MODE Crossfade M-100 headphones and highly recommend them.

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