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Marshall Woburn Review

Summary – Marshall Woburn Review

The Marshall Woburn is a vintage Bluetooth speaker that combines classic rock era aesthetics with modern wireless connectivity. This single speaker is built with two 20-Watt Class D amplifiers for tweeters and a 50-Watt Class D subwoofer that delivers dynamic highs, mids and lows of your favourite music. It is also capable of delivering a 90-Watt output that fills room with booming sound that feels rich and refined. You can hook this speaker up analogue with either an RCA or Optical, or you can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth. We also liked the classical and vintage design of the Marshall Woburn which gives it a unique aesthetic appearance. Overall, the Marshall Woburn is a vintage Bluetooth speaker that combines a classic appearance with superb sound performance, and we highly recommend them.

Marshall Woburn

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The Marshall Woburn has an aesthetically appealing appearance with a classic vintage feel. It comes with high quality wireless Bluetooth streaming and has a built-in subwoofer for deeper bass response. Compared to the Marshall Kilburn, the Woburn is much more compact and portable with almost equal sound quality.

The Cons. The Marshal Woburn, while an aesthetically appealing vintage speaker, is somewhat pricey. There are other speakers available at a similar price point that provides equal if not better sound performance.

Sound Performance

The Marshall Woburn lives up to the power and quality that the Marshall Woburn brand is known for. The quality of sound is made by a combination of the two 20-Watt Class D amplifiers for tweeters and a 50-Watt Class D subwoofer. These elements translate low, undistorted bass, clean high trebles and an amazing mid-range at all volumes. Every detail of your favourite music can be experienced with the detailed clarity and precision. This speaker has a maximum sound pressure level of dB at 1m. Though this a smaller Bluetooth version of the 70’s classic amplifier, it produces sound the same crystal-clear sound for the casual listener and ample power for musicians.  We liked the fact that you can crank up the volume on the Marshall Woburn to maximum without hearing any distortion. The stereo separation on this speaker is clear and refined, and provides relatively good soundstage for a Bluetooth speaker.

Design & Build Quality

The Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker is designed to be a versatile speaker with a beautiful retro-aesthetic. Built in the image of the classic Marshall amplifiers this speaker features a vinyl encasement, vintage looking front fret cloth, gold-coloured metal details, and the iconic Marshall logo across the grill. The speaker is designed to work with a variety of sources such as RCA, Optical, Bluetooth and 3.5mm input allowing you to connect your phone, tablet, computer, TV, CD player, turntable, streaming play, Apple TV, Airport Express, or Sonos unit. This Marshall speaker is simply a beautiful little miniature of its classic stadium filling predecessors.

The Verdict?

The Marshall Woburn is a Bluetooth speaker with a classy vintage design that both music lovers and musicians will enjoy. This speaker uses that 70’s retro aesthetic and combines it with wide spectrum of connection options so you can listen to your music in style. It takes the power and presence of the Marshall Woburn brand and delivers a boisterous musical experience. The sense of clarity from the highs to the lows can be heard as this speaker pushes out loud, crystal clear sound any room you put it in. The level of stereo separation on this speaker is very good and you can easily distinguish the notes coming from the left and right channels. On the whole, the Marshall Woburn Bluetooth speaker has a vintage and classy design that looks great and delivers full-range sound quality. While it has a slightly pricey price tag, the unique vintage and classic design and crisp audio performance makes it worth getting.