UE Boom 2 Review

UE Boom 2 Review

UE Boom 2 Review – The UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker


The UE BOOM 2 is one of the best bluetooth speakers you can find on the market with phenomenal sound performance and extreme durability. It is waterproof, shockproof, designed for adventure (it is IPX7 rated waterproof up to 30 minutes and up to a depth of one meter). The sound performance on the UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker is a vast improvement over its predecessor, with a loud 360 degree sound with deep bass and rich treble tones without any distortion or tinny sound. It is truly a monster that delivers unparalleled sound performance that can get deafeningly loud.

UE Boom 2 Review

Pros & Cons

The Pros. The UE Boom 2 is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers you can find on the market, with incredibly crisp highs, detailed midrange and deep low end bass. The speaker is suited to play a wide variety of music genres with crystal clarity. Vocal performances sounded crisp and clear, and felt extremely life like. The speaker also produces a good deal of musical separation which helps you appreciate the subtle notes and instruments in the music. It’s hands down one of the best bluetooth speakers we have heard with extremely smooth and detailed musical sound performance.

The Cons. The price. The UE Boom 2 is quite an expensive Bluetooth speaker and best suited for those who want to invest long term in high quality portable sound. That being said, there are also plenty of other Bluetooth speaker options to choose from that deliver superb sound performance for half the price. We would recommend checking these speakers out before investing in the UE Boom 2.

Sound Performance

UE Boom 2 Review

The manufacturers claim that this device is 25% louder than the original UE Boom, and it can get pretty loud with no problems filling a large room or area with music. At full volume, you basically need to yell at each other to be heard over this speaker. The bass rolls off around 75% volume, and with the music of DSP, it still sounds clear even when maxed out. We found little to no distortion at full volume. The frequency response of these outdoor speakers are 90Hz – 20kHz, which means you will get more audible bass on your tracks. This unit has slightly larger, (1 ¾”) drivers as well as 2 (1 ¾” x 3”) passive radiators.

The sound performance of the UE Boom 2 is truly impressive for a Bluetooth speaker of this size. To cut the long story short, the UE Boom 2 is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers that are currently available on the market. When we tested the UE Boom 2 outdoors, we found that the sound was rich, layered and detailed, with crisp highs and mids and a noticeable low. The bass on these speakers are simply incredibly punchy and impactful, making every beat of the music come to live – playing electronica and rock or pop on these speakers sounded particularly good and we felt like we were in a disco party. The sound can go loud enough for both indoor and outdoor use, and the sound feels immersive and smooth throughout. We can safely say that the UE Boom 2 delivers easily some of the best sound we have ever heard from portable Bluetooth speakers.


UE Boom 2 Review

The UE Boom 2 looks sleek and modern on every level. On the top of the speaker you have a power button and a Bluetooth connecter button. On the bottom of the speaker you have a 3.5mm jack plug and the Micro-USB charging interface. Both of these are hidden behind covers which fit tightly and make them waterproof. One face of the almost cylindrical speaker houses two large volume buttons and that is all there is to it really. The speaker itself is actually quite small, roughly the size of a can of beer so is easily carried around, put in a bag or luggage to take on vacation with you etc. It has a very good portable design for you to bring your music anywhere outdoors.

Other Features

Connecting the UE Boom 2 to your mobile device is simply a matter of pressing the Bluetooth connecter button on the top of the speaker and pairing with your device – the process is nearly instantaneous. The UE Boom 2 has a very intuitive interface to use and you would be up and running in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, this speaker has a whopping 15 hour battery life and 100 ft. bluetooth wireless range. The Boom 2 charges very quickly in around the 3 hour mark compared to other outdoor bluetooth speaker models. The battery life is pretty surprisingly considering how loud the speaker can go – it houses a power bank that ensures that the speaker will keep the party going through the night.

The Verdict?

The UE Boom 2 is hands down one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers with a fully rugged exterior design for outdoor use. It is loud, crisp, easy to use and weatherproof. If you are looking for an excellent portable speaker you cannot really go wrong with the Boom 2. Furthermore, this best Bluetooth speaker is now available at an affordable price point, so don’t forget to check this speaker out! We give the UE Boom 2 bluetooth speaker an overall score of 9.0 out of 10.

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