Nuraphone Headphone Review

Nuraphone Headphone Review

Summary – Nuraphone Headphone

Sonically speaking, it is difficult to find a one-size fits all type of headphone because everyone has different listening profiles and preferences. The Nuraphone headphones provides a unique solution by adapting the sound output according to your ear structure to optimize your listening experience – it even remembers and stores your listening profile in the headphone through the app. For audiophiles, this means that you will get the best listening experience that is optimized for your ears through the Nuraphone headphones.

We were pretty impressed when we first tested out the Nuraphone headphones. The headphone uses soundwave technology and an extremely sensitive microphone to learn your hearing profile and provide you with an optimal listening experience. It also adapts to match your listening patterns and delivers the full-details of your favorite music with clarity. The Nura headphones are capable of producing very deep bass response and come with an in-ear speaker and a bass to over-ear driver which delivers solid deep bass performance while maintaining a level of crystal clear clarity. It also has an active cooling system which draws cool air through the bottom of the cup and pushes warm air out to keep your ears cool after prolonged use and avoid ear fatigue. They also come equipped with apt-X HD for high-quality Bluetooth streaming and 20 hours of battery life with 6 built-in microphones for hands free calls. If you are looking for an adaptive sound listening experience and love plenty of deep bass, the Nuraphones are definitely some of the best audiophile headphones to get.

Nuraphone Headphone Review

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The Nuraphones provide a very unique listening experience by sonically adapting to the sound profile of your ears and optimizing the sound quality according to your own personal profile. The bass response on the Nuraphones is phenomenal.

The Cons. The Nuraphones have a dual earbud-headphone type design that may need time to get used to. The adaptive sound optimization, while generally good, is not perfect – you may either love or hate the adaptive sound optimization feature that adapts the sound according to your ear profile.

Sound Performance

The Nuraphone has two music settings using the generic and personalized modes and immersion modes. They have a really unique sound profile and can adapt to your ears to provide a really crisp and vibrant listening experience. Turning on the personalized mode really changes the way you perceive music through these headphones – the highs and midranges become increasingly sharp and clear, while the bass hits consistently hard without sounding too overwhelming. Vocal performances and instrumental notes have plenty of separation and detailed soundstage, while rock and pop music sounded almost lifelike and very detailed. The immersion mode that the Nuraphone has truly immerses you into the music and gives you a strong sense of spaciousness as though you are listening to music in a concert hall. You can also further personalize the sound quality through the mobile app according to your preferences which is a great thing. The generic mode sounds crisp and detailed but not as impressive as what the personalized and immersion modes can provide. For audiophiles, we would recommend the personalized mode setting for a tailored sonic experience.

That being said, we did find some instances where the Nuraphone sound optimization was not exactly to our liking – which makes this either a hit or miss. Either you completely love the sound profile on the Nuraphone or hate it, which can be quite an experience in itself. One thing for sure is that the Nuraphone does produce an ample amount of bass that cuts extremely deep, and is really a paradise for bass lovers who want great bass with very good sound quality.

Design and Build Quality

The Nuraphone has a really sleek and unique design and is well-constructed. The headphone cans are made out of a matt-black water-resistant material that feels solid and durable. It also comes with a magnetic clasp to keep the headphones closed while not in use. You can feel straight out of the box that the Nuraphones are high quality and well-made. The headband has a sturdy metallic body with foam padding at the top for comfort. The ear cups are made from padded silicone which provides a good degree of comfort and durability. They have a unique in-ear portion that is surrounded by the over-ear cans that you need to fit directly into your ears – think of it as in-ear and over-ear headphones at the same time. That being said, we found that it is essential to wear these headphones in the right position or you might get ear fatigued after hours of use – it does take some tweaking and adjusting to get the headband in the right positon. The Nuraphone features touch-sensitive controls on the right ear cup and left ear cup – you can set these to correspond to different functions such as pause or playing music or increasing volume in the app. The app works pretty intuitively and also provides a battery indicator gauge which is convenient. The battery lfie on the Nuraphone lasts a good 20 hours of continuous music playtime on a single charge which is good.

The Verdict?

The Nuraphone is a really unique headphone that provides adaptive sound performance and a personalized listening experience. These high-end headphones are engineered to learn your hearing profile using a built-in sensitive microphone and provide optimal listening sound performance. We were very impressed by how good these headphones sounded when using the personalized mode – the sound quality sounded fuller, richer and much more spacious with greater attention to detail. The bass impact that we got from the headphones is deep and impactful and really provides an immersive sonic listening experience. Bass-heavy music genres such as electronic dance music and rock and hip-hop sounded especially vibrant through these headphones and enjoyable to listen to. It also has a unique active cooling function that draws in cool air through the bottom of the cup to keep your ears comfortable and cool. It comes with a built-in battery that delivers 20 hours of continuous music playtime and 6 microphones for voice call support. While some people may not like the Nuraphone’s adaptive sound technology, we thoroughly enjoyed every single bit of it and the bass performance was superbly deep and low.

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