Syllable D900 Mini Bluetooth Earbuds

Syllable D900 Review

Summary – Syllable D900 Bluetooth Earbuds

The Syllable D900 Mini are a set of stylish, ultra-lightweight Bluetooth earbuds that deliver very good sound performance coupled with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology. The D900s are able to pair synchronously, allowing you to listen to music or take hands free calls with both ears, while the main left earbud can transfer voice signal clearly. The D900s come equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 to load better signal and improve the overall quality of audio streaming and hands free calls; it is compatible with virtually any Bluetooth enabled mobile device. The Syllable D900s also come with an exquisite, stylish design and weighs less than 0.5g, making it one of the most lightweight earbuds ever designed. The D900s are very small and feels comfortable when worn in the ear with its soft ear tips. The battery life is a whopping 8 – 12 hours of call time or music playback, making them incredible Bluetooth earbuds in terms of battery life and sound performance.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The Syllable D900s work independently of each other and require no wiring or cords. They deliver a truly wireless listening experience as standalone earbuds that can be paired and synchronised with each other to play music. We also liked the fact that the carrying box doubles as a rechargeable stand which is great for recharging the earbuds while travelling.

The Cons. Because the D900 earbuds are standalone earbuds, they do not hold a lot of battery power and need to be recharged after 2 hours or longer. When taking hands free calls, only the left earbud will transfer voice signals. You will need to synchronise the D900s manually each time you use them which may pose a little inconvenience.

Sound Performance

The Syllable D900s are particularly good for those who like to play music while completing tasks or taking hands free calls on the go. The advantage of the D900s is that it is not a mono earbud – they are able to connect synchronously, meaning that you can listen to music or take hands free calls using both earbuds at the same time. The sound quality on the D900s was very good and clear; taking calls on the D900s was a breeze and we could hear and communicate with other people as though we were using a landline. The sound quality is also crisp and nice enough for music listening – the D900s adopt DSP technology to enhance the low frequency band automatically. The end result is that the D900s can produce a decent amount of bass even at low volumes without any distortion. The Bluetooth 4.1 also helped to increase the stability of the audio transmission and we did not experience any significant sudden drops while using the Syllable D900s. The overall audio performance of the D900s is nice and loud with good highs and low bass.


The Syllable D900s are very nicely made and sturdy looking – the glossy plastic gives these earbuds a nice shiny exterior which looks very stylish. Each D900 earbud comes with an 8mm diameter pure cooper driver unit speaker and professional audio cavity structure which can keep the low, mid and high frequency balance. The Syllable D900s are also very comfortable to wear, and come with replaceable silicone caps which you can try on to get the perfect fit; we were very surprised that the D900s felt comfortable to wear and does not look bulky while in the ears. The D900s also come with a nice carrying box which doubles as a rechargeable stand – you can easily recharge the D900s on the stand and extend the battery life for 8 to 12 hours on the go. The charging stand can be powered by both a charger or lithium battery.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connecting the Bluetooth mobile device to the Syllable D900 earbuds was a breeze; we were able to connect to the Syllable D900s in seconds and listen to music or take hands free calls. The buttons on the earbud are intuitive to use and the LED indicator on the earbud shows clearly if the earbuds are powered on or off. Do note that only the left earbud will transfer voice signal during hands free calls; the left earbud has a microphone which transmits voice signal through the Bluetooth channel. We found that taking calls through the D900 was generally clear and we did not exercise any dip in sound performance with them. The D900s also come with a detailed instruction manual which is pretty handy in case you need to check how to use them.

The Verdict?

The Syllable D900s are a highly versatile set of Bluetooth earbuds that are capable of synchronous connection between the two earbuds, giving a complete wireless audio experience with both earbuds worn in the ear. These earbuds are designed to be ultra-light and compact, and weighs less than 0.5 g which make these practically ‘disappear’ when worn into the ears. The D900s are also very comfortable to wear, and come with interchangeable silicon eartips which you can change out to get the perfect fit. The D900s also come equipped with DSP technology which enhances the bass response, allowing you to hear the bass even at low volumes. Taking hands free calls on the D900s was also a breeze, and the voice transmission sounded crisp and clear without any issues; that being said, only the left earbud will have any sound during the hands free call. The battery life is an incredible 8 – 12 hours of call time or audio playback on a single charge, which is really exceptional. If you are looking for a dual set of quality earbuds to listen to audio music or take calls on the go, the D900s will definitely impress you with its crisp audio performance and high quality Bluetooth streaming.

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