Oontz Angle 3XL by Cambridge Soundworks Review

Oontz Angle 3XL Review

Summary – Oontz Angle 3XL by Cambridge Soundworks

The Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3XL is an extra-large speaker that is capable of delivering volume so loud that it can rock an entire party in the backyard. It comes equipped with a powerful 40W driver and AMP, delivering 20 Watts RMS of pure authority. This is by far one of the loudest bluetooth speakers you can find that is capable of high quality audio reproduction, and is perfect for outdoor parties, poolside use or by the beach. The quality that you get with the OontZ Angle 3XL is exceptional – the speaker produces high quality sound using two large 2.75” precision drivers and two custom 13mm tweeters designed to deliver precise clear highs and distinct midrange. They can reproduce high-fidelity sound that feels natural and smooth, with great bass response that hits hard. The OontZ Angle 3XL also has 3 passive bass radiators; 1 passive bass radiator is rear facing behind its own grille and 2 passive bass radiators are side facing which you can see pushing the bass. The entire speaker is a beast and is probably among the most powerful speakers we have ever come across.

Oontz Angle 3XL by Cambridge Soundworks Review

Pros & Cons

The Pros. The OontZ Angle 3XL is without doubt one of the most powerful speakers you can find on the market that produces booming sound with deep bass. The speaker volume is outrageously loud and can literally power an entire party through the night. It also has very good battery life with 8 hours of continuous music performance at 70% volume and can double as a power bank. We also liked the fact that you can pair two speakers together to create left and right channels for a full stereo sound experience and wider sound field. It is the perfect speaker if you need music for a large outdoor gathering or party.

The Cons. The OontZ Angle 3XL does not come cheap, although it is now selling at a good bargain price. The speaker is also slightly bulky and does some time to get to a full charge because of its huge power bank. Apart from this, the speaker has very few flaws to speak about and they really do get the job done in the sound department.

Sound Performance

We were surprised at how loud and powerful the OontZ Angle 3XL can go – at maximum power, they can literally rock a large outdoor party with punchy filling sound and definitely annoy your neighbors. This speaker pumps out some serious volume and is much louder than most Bluetooth speakers at its lower volume settings. The sound performance is phenomenal – it is rich, clean, the bass is perfect and tight. The speaker emphasises the highs and midranges well, and produces crisp treble with crystal clear vocals. Vocal performances sounded natural and lifelike, while electronic dance music was off the charts incredibly fun and punchy to listen to. The great thing about this speaker is that if you want even more volume, you can combine two 3XL speakers with the dual pairing feature to achieve a wider sound field. If you are looking for even more volume and stereo sound for a large gathering, this dual pairing function is something to strongly consider. Note that one speaker is already damn loud, and two of these paired would be quite outrageous.

Oontz Angle 3XL by Cambridge Soundworks Review


The OontZ Angle 3XL is a beautifully crafted speaker and looks very sleek and modern. It’s very well made and has a stylish angular design without any sharp edges.     The speaker itself feels extremely durable and looks like it was built specially for heavy duty performance. Furthermore, the speaker is built to be water-resistant to protect against splashes and rain – it is IPX5 certified which means it will resist gentle water spray and splashes, but cannot be partially or fully submerged. This makes the speaker perfect to bring along the poolside or for beachside use where it may come into contact with water. It is also designed to be portable, which means you can take it around with you on the go, although admittedly it would be much larger than your average Bluetooth speaker.

Other Features

The great thing about this speaker is that it contains a USB power bank so you can charge your iphone or mobile device while playing. At 70% volume this speaker can pump out up to 8 hours of battery time. It also has a built-in mic for personal speakerphone for phone calls. Connecting to this speaker via Bluetooth is extremely easy – just turn on the speaker and search for it on your Bluetooth device and connect it. You can also connect to this speaker with an included 3.5mm audio cable. Included in the package is a single OontZ Angle 3XL speaker, 1 dual voltage power adaptor, 3.5mm audio cable, 1 quick start sheet and user guide.

The Verdict?

The OontZ Angle 3XL is really one of the most powerful speakers you can find that delivers exceptional sound performance and at the time of writing is selling at a very good bargain price. This speaker is specifically designed to go extremely loud and connect seamlessly with your Bluetooth smartphone device to stream music. The sound performance is truly phenomenal and you get great sound with deep bass and extreme volume together with crisp highs and detailed midrange. If you enjoy full sound and powerful bass, we guarantee that this speaker will exceed your expectations. It is hands down one of the most powerful speakers we have ever come across and will literally shake your home when worked to its maximum potential.

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