Sonos Outdoor Speakers

Sonos Outdoor Speakers Review

Summary – Sonos Outdoor Speakers

The Sonos outdoor speakers are outdoor speakers designed to fill up your backyard or patio with rich and crystal clear sound performance. They feature architectural designs by Sonance for outdoor listening and pair together with the Sonos connect amp to create a full stereo listening soundstage.

These speakers are designed to withstand high levels of humidity, water, salt spray, heat, UV rays and freeze temperatures, and they can last for months when installed in your backyard environment. These speakers are designed in conjunction with Sonos and Sonance and optimized for the Sonos amp for rich sound performance.

You can also easily connect the Sonos speakers in different environments over Wi-Fi to create a home sound system – when connected, the Sonos amp will automatically detect and adjust the sound for each individual speaker. If you are looking for a set of outdoor speakers that can provide crystal clear outdoor sound quality and deep bass in open spaces, the Sonos outdoor speakers come highly recommended.

Sonos Outdoor Speakers

Sound Performance

We thoroughly enjoyed the sound performance of the Sonos outdoor speakers – they can produce plenty of bass output in open spaces and add a layer of depth to music performances. We tested a variety of music genres with the Sonos outdoor speakers including electronic dance music, rock and hip-hop and thoroughly enjoyed how good the speakers sounded.

When the speakers are connected to the Sonos amp, they provide a good level of soundstage with detailed separation between the right and left speaker channels. The sound projection from the Sonos outdoor speakers is very clear, and they can produce plenty of volume output without a hint of distortion at high volume levels.

We particularly liked how good the highs and midranges sounded on the Sonos speakers – music performances sound lifelike and very detailed and clear, while vocal performances have plenty of soundstage and musical separation. The bass hits hard and adds a layer of depth to the sound performance, which enhances the overall listening experience.

Design & Specifications

The Sonos outdoor speakers have weatherproof construction and are designed like a tank. Each speaker is made from durable housing material and can withstand high temperatures and direct sunlight. They are suitable for backyard and patio installations as they can withstand humidity and exposure to water and freezing temperatures – once these speakers are installed, they are basically set and forget.

We would recommend pairing the Sonos outdoor speakers with the Sonos amp for the best sound performance – it has airplay features which allow you to stream music to the speakers using the Sonos amp.

The wiring is inserted through the speaker and sealed; you can technically leave these speakers in your outdoor landscaping although we would recommend mounting them under a patio or shelter to avoid direct exposure to the elements. Our only quibble with the Sonos outdoor speakers is that it does not come with a bracket to rotate them horizontally.


The Sonos outdoor speakers are some of the best outdoor speakers we have tested that deliver full-range sound performance with plenty of bass output. These speakers are particularly good for any type of music genre including electronic dance music, rock and hip-hop. The bass performance from these speakers is top-notch and feels deep and punchy. Vocal performances are crisp and clear, and you can hear the details in the timbre ranges clearly.

Apart from the sound performance, the Sonos outdoor speakers delivers plenty of soundstage and musical separation between the right and left speaker channels – you get plenty of detail while listening to these speakers. The bass output from these speakers is strong and packs a punch with plenty of depth; the bass hits tight and stays where it should be as bass without muddying into the midrange frequencies.

The speakers are also built to be weatherproof and can withstand exposure to direct sunlight. On the whole, the Sonos outdoor speakers are some of the best outdoor weatherproof speakers available and we highly recommend them for audiophiles looking to upgrade their outdoor sound system.