Shure SE215-BT1 Wireless In Ear Monitors

Shure SE215 Review

Summary – Shure SE215 In-ear Monitor Review

The Shure SE215-CL are high-performance in-ear monitors that provide crystal clear sound with deep bass performance. It has a unique clear and transparent design which allows you to see the built-in armature driver and the electrical components which is really cool. The monitors feature a sound isolating design featuring fit kit with a variety of sleeves for custom fit and blocks up to 37 dB of outside noises for an immersive listening experience. The monitors allow you to easily transition between iOS and android devices with 3.5mm connection in one switch. It also has an inline remote and microphone which offers controls for phone calls, voice commands and operational control of volume and music playback. The Shure SE215-CL uses an over-the-ear design which ensures that the in-ear monitors stay securely in place and provide long lasting comfort without any fatigue. These ear monitors also come with a zippered carrying case and fit kit with a selection of sleeves for a personalized fit. The armature driver on the SE215-CL has a frequency response between 22 Hz to 17.5 kHz and is tuned to provide deeper extended bass notes. Overall, the Shure SE215s provide really good sound quality for a pair of IEMs and we highly recommend them.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The Shure SE215s has a very wide frequency response from 22 Hz to 17.5 kHz and delivers full-range sound performance. The bass output on the earbuds punches deep and adds depth to music performances.

The Cons. The armature drivers on the SE215s and braided cord cable make these earbuds less portable – they are perfect for stationery listening but not for on-the-go use.

Sound Performance

The sound quality from the Shure SE215-CL is clear, distinct and sharp. We found that these in-ear monitors are capable of producing frequencies and sound ranges that are traditionally omitted with most IEMs – it has a phenomenal frequency range between 22 Hz to 17.5 kHz. The SE215-CL produces high-fidelity sound performance that distils every single detail in the music with great accuracy. The soundstage coming from these in ear monitors is neutral and has decent bass response. The highs and midranges are crisp and clear, and these in ear monitors can produce great sound at both ends of the spectrum without any muddiness. The midranges and lower-frequency ranges are meticulously distinguished, and there is a good “openness” to the sound quality that lets you appreciate subtle details such as the keystroke of a piano or after-tone of the guitar. In short, the SE215-CLs are capable of reproducing music quality exactly as the artist intended it to be heard, provided that you use high-quality audio sources for these in ear monitors. We also tested the microphone quality on these monitors and it works like a charm for answering phone calls. In terms of sound quality, the SE215-CL are well-balanced and almost tonally perfect in ear monitors that brings out the details in the music without sounding artificial.

The Verdict?

The Shure SE215-CLs are in-ear monitors built for audiophiles and demanding music listeners. They can provide really crisp and neutral sounding music with a deep emphasis on the highs and vocal performances. It has a phenomenal frequency range of 22 Hz to 17.5 kHz and can even pick up details in the music which you might not have noticed before. While the sound may not measure up to higher-end Shure in-ear monitors, they deliver really good value for money at this price point and can distil down the details in the music with pristine accuracy. We also liked the fact that the Shure SE215-CLs come with comfortable sound isolating sleeves which block up to 37 dB of ambient background noises. It also comes with a detachable cable for multiple connectivity options and leaves open the possibility for component upgrades. There are also Bluetooth versions of the Shure SE215-CL that are available. The Shure SE215-CLs are capable of picking up every single detail in the music with great clarity and are great for precision audio recording or professional musicians.