Marshall Woburn 3 Review: Marshall’s Loudest Speaker

The Marshall Woburn 3 is the latest iteration of Marshall’s popular Woburn series speakers, and is currently the loudest Marshall speaker available with a massive power output of 150W. Compared with the Marshall Woburn 2, the Woburn 3 is a much more powerful speaker and comes with a single 90W class D amp for bass (compared with the Woburn 2’s 50W), allowing the speaker to deliver some of the deepest bass notes with clarity and depth. The Woburn 3 also has considerably better soundstage and is able to project details in the soundtrack with great clarity and precision; the stereo separation that you get with the Woburn 3 is exceptionally clear and much better than any other Marshall speaker we have tested including the Stanmore III or the Acton III.

The Marshall Woburn 3 is currently the most powerful and loudest Bluetooth speaker available from the Marshall line of speakers, and is a great home Bluetooth speaker for critical listening (especially if you like to listen to stereo music and live performances). It has the widest frequency response (35 Hz to 20 kHz) out of all the Marshall speakers with the lowest bass depth down to 35 Hz. It is a great standalone speaker that delivers incredibly detailed sound performance that we have heard in a long while.

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Marshall Woburn III
Front view of the Marshall Woburn 3. The Woburn 3 speaker retains the classic design of the Woburn 2 and is slightly lighter with improved components

Marshall Woburn 3 Specs

Model TypeHome line
Launch Year2022
Frequency Range35 – 20,000 Hz
Amplifiers90 Watt Class D for bass, Two 15 Watt Class D for midrange, Two 15 Watt Class D for tweeters
Adjustable Bass and TrebleYes, analogue controls / Marshall Bluetooth App
Max Sound Pressure Level100.5 dB @ 1 m
Cabinet PrincipleBass-reflex
Power Amplifiers1 x 90W (woofer), 2 x 15W (mids), 2 x 15W (tweeters)
Mains Input Voltage100-240 V
Mains Frequency50-60 Hz
Wired Connectivity3.5 mm, RCA, HDMI (ARC) Input
Top Panel ControlsSource, Volume, Bass, Treble, Play/Pause, Skip, Power
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth 5.2, Ready for Bluetooth LE Audio
Compatible AppMarshall Bluetooth app (iOS & Android)
Dimensions400 x 317 x 203 mm (15.75 x 12.48 x 7.99 in)
Weight7.45 kg (16.42 lb)
ColorwaysBlack, Cream
Driver TypeDynamic
Driver Impedance4 Ω
Bluetooth CodecSBC

Sound Performance

Compared to the Marshall Woburn 2, the Woburn 3 delivers some of the deepest bass notes that we have heard and it comes with a powerful 90 Watt amplifier for the woofer that really emphasizes bass depth (quality over quantity). This makes live jazz performances sound realistic with really good tonal depth; the bass punches deep with gravitas and never overreaches into the midrange frequencies. The highs are very well articulated with plenty of detail, and vocal performances sound really realistic with lifelike sound performance.

We played a couple of live jazz performances from Nat King Cole including “Unforgettable” and Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” and they sounded spectacular on the Woburn 2 with plenty of soundstage. The stereo separation that you get with the speaker is incredibly clear and detailed, and you can hear things in the vocals such as the subtle pause and breathing that really adds a lot of realism and detail in the sound performance.

The mid-range tones are detailed and the treble frequencies are well-represented, delivering a balanced and engaging listening experience that doesn’t sound harsh at close to higher volume levels. One of the things that we liked about the Woburn 3 is that it maintains a clear and distortion-free sound even at high volumes, and it’s capable of filling large spaces with sound. It also performs well at lower volumes, retaining the subtle details in the music and bass (which still has depth even at low volume levels).

The speaker has a V-shaped sound signature with boosted lows and highs, which does not negatively impact the clarity of the mids. You will definitely enjoy listening to the Marshall Woburn 3 speaker if you like bass and plenty of crisp highs. The level of stereo separation is really good and you can clearly distinguish notes between both channels and get a clean stereo soundstage, which really makes live jazz performances sound realistic and clear. Compared to the Woburn 2 speaker, the Woburn 3 has much more power and depth especially in the bass response.

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The Marshall Woburn 3 retains its aesthetic classic vintage design with brass plated knobs

Design and Specs

The Woburn 3 is constructed with sustainability in mind, featuring PVC-free construction, 70% recycled plastic, and vegan-friendly materials. It has a luxurious look, enhanced by brass knobs and switches on the top control panel. The design is visually appealing and aligns with Marshall’s iconic style.

In terms of size, the speaker is relatively large and heavy measuring 400 x 317 x 203mm and weighing over 7 kilograms. It is not designed to be portable and requires constant AC power to operate, and is designed as a home Bluetooth speaker. We did like the aesthetics of this speaker though, and it blends in nicely with modern home interior décor with a sleek vintage feel.

The Woburn 3 retains much of the aesthetic features in the Woburn 2, such as the brass plated control knobs on the top control panel and classical vintage amp design. The Woburn 3 features a nice Marshall brass logo at the front of the speaker and the entire speaker is made from high quality PVC leather which gives it a vintage appearance; the speaker is quite large and made for larger living spaces, and will blend in nicely with modern home interior décor. The design of this speaker is definitely a conversational starter with its classic vintage appeal.

The Woburn 3 provides multiple connectivity options including Bluetooth 5.2, HDMI ARC, RCA, and a 3.5mm jack. However, it lacks Wi-Fi connectivity and voice assistant support as compared to other smart speakers. The Woburn 3 is more of a stereo speaker designed for critical music listening and for you to enjoy live performances with superb stereo imaging.

Having said that, the Woburn 3 only provides support for the SBC codec with wireless Bluetooth, which may affect the playback quality of high-fidelity FLAC music over Bluetooth.

The Marshall Woburn 3 comes with an improved bass reflex port at the back for deeper bass

The Verdict?

We absolutely loved the Marshall Woburn 3’s classic vintage design and superb sound performance with really deep bass and crystal clear highs. Although this speaker lacks support for AAC codec and a graphic equalizer for advanced sound adjustment, it still remains as of the best stereo speakers we have tested that delivers really loud volume with consistently clean sound performance. The soundstage on the Woburn 3 is considerably improved over the Woburn 2, and live jazz performances from Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra sounded really lifelike and has a subtle vintage warmth to the notes. The bass on the Woburn 3 has plenty of depth and gusto, and vocals sounded really clean with smooth timbre ranges that do not sound harsh even at high volume levels. Overall, the Marshall Woburn 3 is hands down the loudest Marshall speaker we have tested that surpasses the Woburn 2 and the Stanmore III speaker, and is definitely one you should check out if you want superb stereo sound performance.