Loudest PA Speaker

The 9 Loudest PA Speakers in 2024

If you are looking for the loudest PA speakers with plenty of volume output, you’re in the right place.

In this review we feature the loudest PA speakers that deliver a tonne of volume output and are perfect for outdoor events, public speaking and conferences. These PA speakers can produce a lot of volume in outdoor open spaces and project sound – they are great for music performances and vocals.

Furthermore, we’ve selected these PA speakers based on their portability – they are easy to carry around and easy to setup. They also have the capability to pair with wireless microphones, which means that you can create a totally wireless PA system using these PA speakers.

Be sure to check out our top picks for the loudest PA speakers below!

#1 Alto Professional TS308 PA Speaker

Alto Professional TS308 PA Speaker

The Alto Professional TS308 is one of the loudest PA speaker we have ever tested that delivers a staggering 1000 watts continuous RMS. This PA speaker comes equipped with active speaker drivers and high-efficiency Class D amplifiers that deliver deep bass, crisp highs and very clear vocals.

We really liked how loud this PA speaker sounded when playing music through these speakers. They also come with a precision crossover network which helps to segregate the highs, midranges and lows for an all-rounded sound performance.

You can literally blast music and sound through the TS308 speaker and they have enough power for outdoor concerts and events. They work great as PA speakers and have microphone connectivity options with XLR inputs and ground lift-switches.

At 1000 watts, this PA speaker has no issues with powering an entire concert or on-stage music performance. It’s built for the loudest sound performance, and certainly does not disappoint in this respect.

The PA speaker itself is easy to setup – it has a lightweight cabinet for easy transport and installation. They also come with pre-mountable bracket installations and an integration 2-channel mixer with dual XLR inputs.

Here are some key specs you should know:

  • High performance PA speaker delivers 2000 W peak (1300 LF + 700 HF) 1000 W continuous RMS (650 LF + 350 HF) with precision crossover and high-efficiency class D amplifiers
  • Equipped with a 8-inch (305 mm) LF driver, 2.5-inch (76 mm) high-temperature voice coil; 1.4-inch (35 mm) neodymium magnet HF driver with precision wave guide
  • Lightweight, cabinet design for easy transport, set up and installation; Pole-mountable, wedge monitor, bracket installation or flown application with M6 suspension points
  • Connectivity Covered – Integrated 2-channel mixer with dual XLR 1/4-inch combo mic/line inputs, independent level controls, XLR Link output, Contour EQ switch and Ground-Lift switch

#2 LyxPro 12” Powered PA Speaker

LyxPro 12” Powered PA Speaker

The LyxPro Powered PA speaker can get really loud, and is especially good for stage concerts and events. This system comes equipped with a 12” inch amplifier speaker system with built-in Bluetooth, and can pump out some serious volume with great sound performance.

This PA system works with guitar piano, drum playing or microphones. It supports multiple connections with built-in Bluetooth, onboard intuitive controls, micro SD card and USB inputs. The speaker is a very versatile system and is portable enough to be carried around without any hassle.

We liked the fact that you can link multiple PA speakers together with a simple XLR cable. This allows you to create a much wider listening field for outdoor usage. The LyxPro speaker does not produce any distortion at maximum volume level, so you can really blast out music at full volume and get the most out of these speakers.

Here are some useful specs you should know:

  • The LyxPro SPA-12 Comes with a professional powered 12” Inch Powerful Active DJ/PA Amplifier Speaker System
  • Supports Bluetooth connection directly from your smartphone or tablet devices
  • Great for guitar piano or drum playing, indoor or outdoor parties, or public speaking
  • Compact and lightweight to carry around for indoor and outdoor use Lightweight Weighs a merely 28.5 Pounds
  • Easily connects to your phone with the Built in Bluetooth. Equipped with on-board intuitive music controls for Mp3 EQ control Section, SD Card Slot & USB Input, R/L RCA Inputs w/Per-Input Level Knobs, XLR 1/4″ Inputs with Mic/Line switch
  • You can use a XLR Cable to daisy chain multiple active / Passive speakers with one easy setup to your music instrument or microphone

#3 Behringer Eurolive B205D PA Speaker

Behringer Eurolive B205D PA Speaker

If you are looking for an ultra-compact but powerful PA speaker system, go for the Behringer Eurolive B205D speaker system. This is a multi-purpose 150 watt active PA speaker that can be used for singing, press conferences and home studio recording. It comes with a class-D amplifier that provides really powerful sonic boost so that you can get maximum volume output from this speaker.

The speaker is equipped with a 5.25” full-range neodymium driver and ultra-low noise 3-channel mixer with 3-band EQ. This allows you to change the audio output performance according to your individual preferences.

This PA speaker is microphone ready so you can simply plug in the microphones to use it. You can crank up the volume to maximum and this PA speaker gets really loud – it delivers crystal clear sound with very little distortion at max volume, and has enough power for a medium-sized outdoor gathering.

Here are some key specs you should know:

  • Delivers 150-Watts of power and is loud enough to cover a wide outdoor range
  • Active speaker for vocal and keyboard monitoring, multi-media, press conferences and home recording studio, etc.
  • High-powered Class-D amplifier technology delivers loud sound performance
  • 25” premium-quality, full-range neodymium driver
  • Ultra-low noise 3-channel mixer with 3-band EQ
  • 2 “Invisible” Mic Preamps with phantom power for condenser microphones and 1 instrument-ready input (no DI required)

#4 Roland Cube PA Speaker System

Roland Cube PA Speaker System

Another loud PA speaker you should consider is the Roland Cube PA speaker system. This particular PA speaker is built for portability and comes in a compact size. It does deliver significant volume output with 30 watts of power and 6.5” coaxial 2-way drivers with stereo preamp.

We liked how versatile this PA speaker is despite its small size. It comes with three input channels, with one XLR input for microphone and two additional auxiliary inputs. The Roland Cube system also has stereo link function which allows you to connect between two speaker units for a much wider listening field.

The sound quality from the Roland Cube PA speaker is awesome. It delivers punch highs and good volume without any distortion. You can crank up the volume on this speaker and get super clean audio without any hiccups or harshness.

Here are some key specs you should know:

  • Ultra-versatile monitor for studio, stage, and public speaking
  • 30-watt 6.5-inch coaxial 2-way speaker with stereo preamp
  • Three input channels, with one XLR input for mic/line and two additional Aux inputs
  • Stereo Link function for stereo connection between two units, which allows a total of eight stereo inputs and two mono mic/line inputs
  • Metal grill cover, corner protectors, and handle grip for carrying the unit safely

#5 ARCHEER Wireless PA Speaker System

ARCHEER Wireless PA Speaker System

If you are looking for a portable and powerful PA speaker for karaoke and weddings, the ARCHEER Wireless PA speaker unit is a great choice. This PA speaker delivers full range stereo sound performance and good bass response, making it ideal for playing music or for singing. It also comes with an active speaker handle at the top for easy transportation.

What really stands out with this PA speaker is that it supports wireless microphones. This is convenient because it completely eliminates the need for wires which can get messy. The PA speaker comes with an in-built wireless microphone receiver just for this purpose. It also has an extra microphone input channel to connect to other wired or wireless microphones.

This is a multi-functional system which you can use as a karaoke machine, music speaker, PA speaker and guitar amplifier. You can also use it as a music player for your party and use the LED light functions for a party ambience effect.

Here are some key specs you should know:

  • Delivers loud full range stereo sound and impressive bass response.
  • Comes with a grip handle which makes it easy to carry around and compact, wireless microphone eliminates the hassle of cables.
  • Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery offers power for many hours continuously.
  • This PA speaker comes with an inbuilt wireless microphone receiver. You can connect a wireless microphone and it also has an extra microphone input to connect other wired or cordless microphone.
  • All-in-One Portable PA Speaker System: This product is a multi-function device Karaoke Machine, Music Speaker, PA System, or guitar amplifier

#6 Rockville RPG10BT Powered PA Speaker

Rockville RPG10BT Powered PA Speaker

The Rockville RPG10BT is one of the loudest PA speaker with 600 watts peak power and 150 watts RMS. It has enough volume to fill up a large space with deep and punchy music performance. You can really crank up the volume on this PA speaker and expect to hear no distortion – it’s perfect for large events and outdoor use where you need a lot of volume output.

The sound quality of the RPG10BT speaker is crystal clear, with crisp highs, detailed midranges and good bass response. It has a frequency response of 45 Hz to 20 kHz which is relatively wide, and can produce a maximum of 122dB of sound which is really loud.

It’s also a versatile system that comes with multiple input audio signals and supports wireless remote control. You can use this sound system for live sound concerts and playback applications.

Here are some key specs about this PA speaker:

  • 600 Watt Active DJ/PA speaker with built in Bluetooth. 600 Watts Peak power/300 Watts Program power/150 Watts RMS
  • High power long-throw 10” Woofer with 2″ aluminum voice coil provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power.
  • Wide frequency response: 45hz-20khz. Maximum SPL @1W/1M: 122dB peak/ 119dB continuous
  • Supports wireless Bluetooth playback from your smartphone devices
  • Built-in bass and Treble equalization processor for ultimate system control and speaker protection. 1.35” Japanese made pure titanium-diaphragm compression driver for crystal clear high-frequency reproduction
  • Ultra-wide dispersion, 40° large-format horizontal wave guide horn molded directly into cabinet.
  • Ultra-low noise mic/ line input via combo XLR & 1/4-inch TRS stereo jacks with volume control
  • Line RCA and XLR input with separate volume adjustment. Additional balanced RCA line output for linking of additional speaker systems. Versatile trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning

#7 ION Audio Rocker Plus PA Speaker

ION Audio Rocker PA Speaker

The ION Audio Rocker Plus is one of the loudest PA speakers in the ION Audio line of speakers, with a peak output power of 100 watts. This speaker can command plenty of sound output and even has a bass boost button which instantly enhances the low-end bass response. The volume on the ION Audio Rocker gets very loud, and is great for music concerts and outdoor events.

We liked how portable this PA speaker is. It comes with a telescoping handle and two carrying handles for easy portability. The PA speaker also comes with a microphone which you can use for public speaking or karaoke.

The ION Audio Rocker PA system has an extra powerful battery that delivers up to 50 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge. You can also use it as a power bank via the USB port to charge your smartphones and tablet devices on the go.

Here are some key specs you should know:

  • Dynamic, Powerful Sound 8 inch woofer and wide dispersion tweeter deliver clear and lifelike sound
  • 100 watt peak power amplifier pumps up the volume and a Bass Boost button instantly cranks up the low end
  • Portable enclosure features a telescoping handle, wheels and two conveniently located carrying handles; Plus, a microphone is included for public speaking, karaoke and public speaking
  • 50 hour rechargeable battery with included USB port for charging smartphones and tablets
  • Ability to control playback via dedicated Bluetooth track controls (play/pause, next, back).

#8 Powerwerks PW50 PA Speaker

Powerwerks PW50 PA Speaker

The Powerwerks PW50 PA speaker system is a 50W speaker that delivers powerful volume output and can be used in a variety of environments. It comes equipped with two 4.5” acoustic drivers to provide crisp highs and detailed midranges. It is also built for portability and durability, with heavy-duty steel grills and rigid corners.

The PW50 speaker uses a high-frequency driver for crisp, accurate sound reproduction with clear vocal performances. The PW50 works well when positioned on a standard speaker stand, and can be used for wedding, concert or public speaking events.

We also liked the Powerlink Circuit which allows you to link two or more speaker units together to function as one PA system. This allows you to link multiple PA speakers together to increase the overall sound coverage.

Here are some key specs about the Powerwerks PW50:

  • 50 Watt, 3 Channel Powered PA speaker system
  • Twin 4.5 Inch Drivers With High Frequency Horn
  • 1/8 Mini Input for Music Channel
  • High and Low EQ for Music Channel
  • Three Channel Mixer

#9 EARISE M60 Portable PA Speaker

EARISE M60 Portable PA Speaker

If you are looking for a portable PA speaker with very loud volume, go for the EARISE M60 Portable PA speaker. This speaker unit is designed with multi-functions for full-range stereo sound reproduction. It is essentially a 10” portable speaker unit with Bluetooth, USB, Aux, TF and FM radio support. You can also support the connection with NFC-enabled smartphone with a single touch.

This speaker unit is built with a long lasting battery that delivers music playback for up to 50 hours. The sound quality from this speaker is loud and clear, and has enough volume for open air outdoor use for public speaking events. It does not distort at high volume levels.

We liked that this PA speaker comes with wireless microphones, luggage handles and rolling wheels which makes it very versatile and portable to use. The Bluetooth function allows you to pair this PA speaker unit to your tablet, smartphone and other devices on the go.

Here are some key specs you should know:

  • Supports wireless Bluetooth, USB, AUX, TF/USB input, FM radio. Support connection with the NFC-enabled smartphone with a single tap.
  • Built-in rechargeable high-capacity lead-acid battery provides non-stop music up to 50 hours. It lasts 20% longer than the other Bluetooth loudspeakers.
  • Delivers loud sound quality to play in the open air and does not distort the audio even at higher volume.
  • The PA speaker comes with wireless microphones, luggage handle and rolling wheels, which is perfect for family karaoke activities, conferences, classes, outdoor parties.
  • The M60 loudspeaker is equipped with Bluetooth capability that can pair to your tablet, phone, or other devices while features a 3.5mm jack to connect a tablet, PC or other non-Bluetooth devices. It also supports TF card and USB connectivity.
  • Comes with dual handheld wireless mics which can be used for speeches or karaoke.