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The 10 Best Wireless Headphones for Running in 2024

If you are in the market for some of the best wireless headphones for running, you are in the right place. In this list, we feature the top 10 best wireless headphones for running of 2021 that deliver incredible audio performance and have extremely rugged design to take your frunning experience through the most difficult of terrains while enjoying your favorite playlists. If you are a keen marathon runner, these wireless headphones for running will definitely transform your running routine from a mundane exercise to an incredible experience that you will enjoy. Trust us when we say that these wireless headphones are simply among the best – you are getting superior quality headphones that are highly value for money at an affordable price range. Furthermore, some of these incredible wireless headphones are selling at very good bargain prices so be sure to check them before they sell out!

#1 Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Running Headphones

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Running Headphones

The Jaybird X2 Sport headphone easily tops our list of the best wireless headphones for running. These headphones produce premium bluetooth audio for skip-free music outdoors, including 8 hours of superb battery life and allowing you to take calls with complete remote controls. Whether it is running at high speed or up the hilly road, this headphone will securely fasten to your ears without any need to adjust them.  We were also happy about the practical design of over-the-ear clips – you can use it when you are running and/or alternatively tighten it around your neck when you are doing some leisure activities or travelling on a long-haul flight. The clips securely fasten around the ears and prevent the earphone tips from flopping around and coming loose. One tip to enhance your experience while using the Jaybird X2 headphone would be to use the silicone earbuds included in the package. It even comes with a lifetime sweat proof warranty, which is the assurance from the manufacturers that you are getting one solid piece of audio equipment.

The Jaybird X2 allows for an amazing 8 hours of playtime for a single charge. If you are an avid runner who runs for 7-8 miles daily, you could use the headphone for about a week without charging it. If you are training for a half marathon, the new iOS features the battery life on the iphone which is pretty handy.

The X2 is designed based on the 6mm traditional speaker driver (versus a balanced armature design).  Furthermore, there is a huge range of colors that you can choose from – the conventional white or black, fiery red, cool blue or the alpha green. In terms of audio performance, the audio produced can go very loud (loud enough to hurt your ears). It produces extremely clear and crisp sound.  Connecting the Jaybird X2 to your bluetooth device is easy, simple and almost instantaneous. In some quick swapping back and forth tests, we found that the X2s do have clearer sound and deeper bass compared with other running headphones, and are definitely more than sufficient to play music while on the go.

Finally, the X2  comes in one convenient package – with premium sport memory foam ear tips for extra comfort, patented secure-fit ear fins, friction-fit silicone sport carrying case, silicon ear tips and the standard charging cable. The X2 however is not absolutely sound-proof; this feature is intended for safety purposes for runners to hear on-coming traffic. One tip to maximize clarity of the sound is to get the right earbud size to fit your ear.

The Verdict? Jaybird X2 are a set of premium and undoubtedly one of the best wireless headphones for running at this price range. It qualifies as one of our top choices due to its sturdiness and durability, premium memory foam ear tips and lightweight design, which allow for maximum comfort. The sound performance is further boosted by a stunning 8 hour battery life, which is arguably one of the best for wireless headphones in its category. Furthermore, these awesome running headphones are selling at a very good budget price at the time of writing, so be sure to check them out!

#2 Powerbeats 2 Wireless Running Headphones

Powerbeats 2 Wireless Running Headphones
The popular Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone is quite unlike any other sport headphones, and definitely deserves a spot on our list as one of the best wireless headphones for running. It is designed to be extremely portable and IPX4 rated for water and sweat resistance.  It comes with multiple earbuds to ensure that you get the right fit in your ears. Compared to the Bose MIE2i, we must say that the sound was extremely impressive. The sound delivery was designed to produce loud and clear sound with minimal distortion and it truly did not disappoint! The sound was clear and the bass was amazingly deep.

What’s awesome about the Powerbeats 2 is that it also comes with a hard shell case which protects the headphones from being damaged. It is lightweight and its design so compact that it easily fits comfortably on the ears. The Powerbeats 2 are equipped with a flexible earhook, allowing it to attach securely on your ears whenever you are doing strenuous workouts or running a marathon. When worn, the Powerbeats 2 feels like a breeze.  One feature that we found particularly useful was the RemoteTalk wrapped around the cable. It is built with a no-slip grip so even though if your hands get sweaty, you will be able to change volume, switch tracks or answer to phone calls using the remote.

The Powerbeats 2 lives up to its expectation of being one of the best wireless headphones for running. We really liked the sound quality from these headphones, especially the bass which felt very deep and punchy. The Powerbeats 2 also features very good Bluetooth range and connectivity, allowing you to connect to your mobile device up to 30 ft away. This headphone also lasts for a period of 6 hours and if the battery is running out, just pop it into a plug for a quick 15 minute charge to deliver another extra hour of music.

The Verdict? The Powerbeats 2 is easily one of the best wireless headphones for running, greatly enhancing your running experience and providing much needed comfort and entertainment along the way. It is lightweight and compact with a flexible earhook, which provides a comfortable and secure fit while running or doing work outs. Furthermore, its dual driver acoustics power music through each ear bud delivering an enhanced listening experience. At the time of writing, the Powerbeats 2 is now selling at a very good price point, so don’t forget to check it out!

#3 Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headphones for Running

Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headphones for Running

Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headphones for RunningThe Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is one of the best wireless headphones for running due to its specialization for cross training and its combination with fitness gadgets. The most unique package of the Jabra Sport Coach lies in the cross training app where you can actually choose from more than 50 exercises integrated into the headphones. The exercises range from the beginner level to the advanced level. We have personally tried some of the exercises and were quite impressed by the fitness gadgets built in this earphone.  One feature that particularly stood out is when you combine training with running, there is a sensor called Track Fit motion sensor that will measure the distance, pace, cadence, steps and calories burned. The app also tells you when to rest and switch to another exercise. You also have the options of customising your own exercise.

Straight out of the box, the first thing we noticed about the Jabra Sport Coach Headphones is that it comes with multiple sized ear gels and ear wings to create a personalised fit. The earbuds fit snugly into the ears without any discomfort. These sporty headphones gave us the impression that it is designed to propel us through intensive and rigorous workout and true enough, it did not disappoint us at all. The headphone stayed securely on the ears and did not fall out when we were doing intensive workouts. One tip to optimize your listening experience is to try different sizes of ear gels and ear wings for the perfect fit. The Jabra Sport Headphones are available in three distinct colors (yellow, blue and red), which are all stunning and attractively designed.

Furthermore, these wireless running headphones are also IPX5 rated which means it is built towards the US military standard and shields the headphone from rain, shock and dust protection. This is essential for runners who wish to track through difficult terrain especially in rainy seasons. The Jabra Sport is portable, durable and is the perfect companion for the most demanding environments.

The Verdict? The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds is easily one of the best wireless headphones for running and intensive workout. If you are looking for something techy and rugged, it doesn’t really get better than this wireless headphone with its unique design coupled with an effective integrated cross training app. The sound performance of the Jabra Sport Coach is superb too, making this one of the best headphones on this list.

#4 Bluephonic Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Bluephonic Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones

The Bluephonic Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones ranks as one of the best wireless headphones for running when taken together as an entire package. The Bluephonic headphones feature fantastic audio performance with zone Bluetooth Stereo earbuds with CVC 6.0 noise cancelling to reduce background noise and Aptx beats technology. These wireless earbuds are designed to protect against sweat and moisture, with universal bluetooth compatibility with ultra-long battery life. In addition, its flexible ear hooks securely fit into the ears and are very comfortable to wear, making them perfect for doing your favorite exercises or workouts.

One feature that we really liked is the headphone’s stellar audio performance. In fact, we would go as far as to say that it sounded as good (or even better) as the Powerbeats 2. Listeners of bassy music will definitely like the bass response produced from these headphones – the bass was rich and deep without being overwhelming. The volume level is nice and loud, and works really well with mobile devices. The pairing is effortless – simply switch off and switch on your device and this headphone will pair with your device automatically. The Bluetooth connection is excellent from a good 10 yards away while maintaining connectivity and sound quality.

The battery life of these headphones are advertised up to 8 hours, but so far we tested them for about 8.5 hours and still going; the audio is crystal clear and if you like bass heavy music (such as EDM and Dubstep) you will definitely love these headphones. The buttons are practical and effective to use. To skip some of the tracks, all you need to do is simply hold the + button, to listen again to the previous track, simply hold the – button.

The comfort and stability of the Bluephonic headphones was really good. Running, jumping and other similar activities did not knock these out. An improvement over the Powerbeats is that all the controls are in the earpiece, so there are no inline controls bouncing on your neck that might cause discomfort. Furthermore, the Bluephonics has a very balanced noise isolation, while allowing some outside noise in. If you require more noise isolation, simply swap over for the foam tips which will definitely provide more isolation and clear up the vocals.

The Verdict? We found that the Bluephonics are definitely well worth the cost – for bass lovers, these are the must have best wireless headphones for running that you will definitely enjoy. This product comes with one pair of headphones, a carrying case, a charger and different sized ear pieces with plenty of customization options. They are suitable for intensive outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, or biking. At the time of writing, the bass heavy Bluephonics are selling at a very good price point.

#5 Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Running Headphones Plus Smartphone Armband

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Running Headphones

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Running HeadphonesThe Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Headphones is a dream come true for runners – it will intensely enrich your running experience by turning the dull exercise into a rejuvenating journey. What stood out the most of this Plantronics is its sleek and rugged design. The flexibility of the headphone accentuates itself as one of the best wireless headphones for running –the rubbery material that moulds the headphone makes the headphone incredibly flexible and durable. Furthermore, its rugged water-resistant and sweat-proof design with P2i coating enhances the durability of these headphones. Its powerful speakers and custom codec driver delivers heart-pumping bass and crisp notes while you run to the beat of the music.

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Headphones comes with two selections of colours (either blue or green); it also comes with a unique design of earbuds to ensure that the earbuds stay in the ears throughout intensified exercise. What is special about Plantronics BackFeat Wireless Headphones is its clever design of having a small rubber wire tugged with the individual earpieces to ensure that the speaker is held next to the auditory canal. It is not sealed so as to allow noise to be heard, thus reducing the risks of an accident. The headset stayed comfortably on the ears and it certainly did not bounce around while working out. Finally, it features a safety-oriented ear tip design and reflective finishes to enable you to hear ambient noise and be seen by cars or other vehicles.

The sound performance on the Plantronics was really much better than expected. It is higher quality than the previous versions, and the volume can go very loud. The sound is rich, deep and amazing, and reproduces bass very well for bass heavy music. Do note however, that since Plantronics designed these headphones to let some sound in for safety, the sound may be somewhat diminished. To compensate, the highs and very lows have been boosted and work very well.

A quibble that we could find is with the Backbeat Headphone’s control. It has a peculiar design on its volume button in that it is not immediately intuitive that tapping the volume would raise the volume while holding the headphone downwards would lower the volume. However, once you get used to it this isn’t really a biggie.

The Verdict? It’s not hard to see why the Plantronics BackBeat is one of the most popular and best wireless headphones for running. If you are in the market for a workout/ running headset, you cannot go wrong with the Plantronics. Furthermore, the entire headphones are molded from a very flexible, rubbery material that is exceedingly durable and nicely accented with reflective blue to aid visibility, and comes with a couple of extra safety features. At the time of writing, these popular wireless headphones for running are selling at a very good price, so be sure to check them out before they sell out!

#6 Photive PH-BTE50 Wireless Headphones for Running

Photive PH-BTE50 Wireless Headphones for Running

The Photive Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are a pair of sturdy and incredible headphones that provide an excellent sound quality with the highest rated waterproof design (IPX6). Now available at a very good budget price point, this headphone easily tops our list for one of the best wireless headphones for running.

Straight out from the box, what we found were the earbuds, a charging cable that is 21 inches long and multiple selections of silicone earbuds in three distinct sizes – small, medium and large sizes to ensure maximum fitness. Conveniently, there were also 2 cord management clips to fold our earphones to prevent us from trampling on our long cords and also a clothing clip to fasten the earphone onto our shirt. When we tried the Photive Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, we were amazed by how well it fits into the ears and how comfortable it felt – we did not have to readjust the ear hooks at all. Each ear hook has a rubber coated wire that can be moulded for a customized fit on the ears, which is really a nice added touch. A tip to snugly fit this pair of headphone is to gently bend, push and shape the ear hook to make them fit on the ears.

We were incredibly impressed by the Photive Wireless Bluetooth Headphone’s sound quality. It delivered an astonishing mix of sound quality and to our surprise, its bass is considerably deep. The battery life can last for 6 hours and it only took 2 hours to fully recharge it. Furthermore, the Photive Wireless Bluetooth Headphone prides itself in its resistance to water. It is specified to be resistant towards water to IPX6 level where the headphone has been continuously sprayed with water for at least 3 minutes. This means that you can take the Photive headphones virtually anywhere and even on wet seasons. Pairing the Photive to your mobile device is easy; the earbud also has a small LED light that lights blue when it is on and flashes red when it is switched off.

The Photive delivers amazing sound quality due to its advanced APTX sound and Bluetooth 4.0 technology which enhances the acoustic and deep bass. The convenient on-board controls on the Photive headphones allow you to answer calls, skip tracks and pause/play your music without the need to reach for your phone.

The Verdict? The Photive Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are incredibly comfortable, uniquely designed and produce very good sound quality. It’s also sweat proof, and ideal to use as one of the best wireless headphones for running or working out. The Photive headphones travel well, due to a long-lasting rechargeable battery which means that you can spend more time listening to music and less time looking for an outlet. Overall, we really liked the look, fit and sound of these headphones and we highly recommend them.

#7 Aftershokz Bluez 2S Wireless Headphones for Running

Aftershokz Bluez 2S Wireless Headphones for Running

Aftershokz Bluez 2S Wireless Headphones for Running

The Aftershokz Blue 2s Wireless Open Ear Headphones are a very unique set and one of the best wireless headphones for running for its novel technology of using bone conduction that transmits sound waves directly to the cochlea through vibration. These running headphones are advertised to fascinate users through its superb sound quality coupled with its sound awareness system. We are pleased to report that these headphones do what they advertise, and much more. If you are looking for a headphone that does not cover your ears and does not tune you out of the world, the Aftershokz Wireless Running Headphones are a great choice.

Out of the package, it comes with a bag, a rubber tension strap to keep the headphones snugly secure on the ears. Note that the Aftershokz Wireless Headphone package does not come with an adapter for USB to power outlet.

Down to functionality, the integrated buttons are extremely user-friendly. Just tap once for play/pause, tap twice to select your next song and tap hold for call. Whilst working out, we found that the pairing is effortless; the weight is so light that we felt that we were not wearing anything and the headphone stayed securely fastened through all workouts. The battery lasted us for 6 hours as advertised and it took us no more than 2 hours to get it fully recharged.

The Aftershokz sounds great and has none of the drawbacks of other corded or cordless headsets. They also work great for telephone conversations in all but the noisiest environments. Its sound performance is terrific. We tested the Aftershokz Wireless Headphone with different music genres. When paired with classical music, we were surprised that it delivered surprisingly amazing quality of music with the orchestral works and piano compositions well preserved with almost no distortion. With classic rock and hip hop music, the music delivered is of decent quality and does not get muffled whenever you are sweating profusely. A little difficulty we experienced was when we were playing metal and techno music –  as these headphones transmit sound through vibration, we found that metal music delivers too much vibration that it causes the surface of the skull to feel ticklish or itchy. You can decrease discomfort by lowering the volume to reduce vibrations.

The Verdict? The Aftershokz Wireless Headphone are quite possibly one of the most comfortable and best wireless headphones for running. They leave no ear fatigue at all, and can securely attach around your head while doing strenuous workouts without any hassle. Because of their lightweight design, it also doesn’t feel sore on the head, and you can go on with these for 6 hours of battery life while enjoying the comfort your music. Although the open-ear concept may be quite new for some users, the open-fit design assures sound awareness for safety reasons. The patented dual suspension transducers that transmit audio via bone conduct is definitely something to be reckoned with.

#8  TOTU BT-2 V4.1 Wireless Headphones for Running

TOTU BT-2 V4.1 Wireless Headphones for Running

TOTU BT-2 V4.1 Wireless Headphones for Running

The TOTU BT-2 are truly one of the best wireless headphones for running and deliver stellar audio sound quality with incredible comfort. It features flexible stabilizing ear hooks which mold into your ears, so you don’t have to readjust the wireless headphones on work outs – they are essentially designed to stay in place and never fall out. The TOTU has the latest CSR chipsets which guarantee solid performance within 10 meters of operational distances; the long-lasting battery lasts for a nice 8 hours of playtime and 160 hours of standby time. It even provides noise reduction and echo cancellation to ensure that you can hear every bit of music while you work out, which is really quite a feat.

The simplicity and style of these headphones, as well as the packaging, set them apart from other units out there. They are packaged in a nice case with a little net to help store the extra pieces so you don’t lose them and they don’t rattle around the case. The headphones look very sleek and comfortable; they have a light touch to them, almost not even noticeable, yet help keep the headphones in place while running and working out in general. The tangle free cord is both lightweight and long enough to stay behind the neck or worn in front. In addition, a thin layer of liquipel protects the BT-2 Bluetooth headphones from moisture – this specialized substance makes these headphones safe from accidental spills, splashes and sweaty workouts.

Essentially, the fit of these headphones are very nice and comfortable for long term use. You can put in larger ear buds to help seal out outside noise. There is a good amount of bass that come from these little speakers and really get you lost in the music. The sound is clear and crisp, with good emphasis on the highs and the mids. The bass response on these headphones is amazing, rich and deep. We were very impressed with the extra bass that these headphones deliver, and while they are not for audiophiles, they are certainly great for jogging and gym use.

These headphones feature built-in NFC technology for simple and fast connection with Bluetooth 4.1 for high quality audio transmission. We found pairing the headphones with our mobile device quick and easy, and reconnecting them after turning on your mobile device is very fast. As soon as they are turned on, a voice comes on saying that the audio device is connected. When you turn them off, the voice will say Power Off. The battery life on the TOTU BT-2 is amazing; although they are advertised to last for up to 7 hours, we managed to squeeze a total of 10 hours of playtime from these headphones.

The Verdict? The TOTU BT-2s are easily one of the best wireless headphones for running that you can find. They are reliable and powerful, and can be used for a range of activities from working out at the gym to outdoor intensive activities. They don’t fall out while working out, and they are extremely comfortable to have on. These headphones are very powerful, have a slim appealing appearance, sound good and are highly durable. At the time of writing, these amazing headphones are selling at a very attractive price point, so snap them up before they sell out!

#9 Dreaminex D-10 Advanced Wireless Headphone for Running

Dreaminex D-10 Advanced Wireless Headphone for Running

It’s hard to beat the Dreaminex D-10 when it comes to advanced sport bluetooth technology. Dreaminex advertised the D-10 running headphone as one of the newest and most advanced headphone of 2016. Straight out of the box, we were quite surprised by its white and gold design (its also available in a black and gold combination). Designed with the latest SoundTouchD-10 technology, the Dreaminex sport Bluetooth headphone is truly one of the best wireless headphones for running you can find at this price range. If leaving aside your phone while working out is your preference, the D-10s have a wireless audio range of 33 ft which is definitely an added plus.

We tried pairing the D-10s with our iPhone, Galaxy and our PC and it was easily manageable. The tip to start pairing is to hold the button till you see a blue light lit after which you keep holding till you see blinking red/blue which means it is ready for pairing. From the box, it also comes with multiple ear buds of different sizes giving plenty of customization options. The earbuds are specially designed for sports / work out and we were pleasantly surprised to find that the ear buds did not fall out even during our most intensive cardio workouts. It also features an ear wing that fastens to your ear for added security.

In terms of the audio performance, we were quite surprised by its spectacular sound quality. The highs and mids were crisp and clear, the bass was not too overpowering and you could distinctly hear the vocals very well. Furthermore, the Dreaminex D-10 sport Bluetooth headphone features CVC Noise Cancellation 6.0 Technology which can block out remarkably loud noise. You can adjust the noise cancellation levels and we found that at 2 out of 10 levels it was powerful enough to filter the noise of people talking. The sound adjustment also syncs well with your phone such that when you adjust the sound on the headset, the volume on your phone is automatically adjusted. A bonus of the D-10s lies in the build and its lightweight design. Dreaminex’s incorporation of metallic material into the design certainly upgrades the design and gives it a very rugged and durable impression.

The Verdict? What’s best is that the D-10s are now selling at a very good price at the time of writing. With this price, the only thing we can complain is that the battery only lasts us for 5 hours, which is no big deal unless you intend to run more than 5 hours per day. If constantly recharging the headphone is not a quibble for you, we definitely recommend the Dreaminex D-10 as one of the best wireless headphones for running. With the latest technological integration, functionality as a noise cancelling device coupled with its extreme comfort, the D-10s are a very good investment.

#10 Red Fox Wireless EDGE IPX4 Running Headphones  

Red Fox Wireless EDGE IPX4 Running Headphones

The Red Fox Wireless EDGE is one of the best wireless headphones for running due to its extreme comfort, versatility and audio performance. It features the usual user-friendly control buttons like play/ pause, track control and it also allows you to answer the phone directly from the headphone while working out. Furthermore, it has an IPX4 nano coating for sweat and moisture protection, with an added custom case for protective storage. It’s great for most outdoor activities such as running, cycling, hiking, and is definitely very lightweight and comfortable to wear around.

When we unpacked the package, we immediately liked the intricate design of the hardcase of the Red Fox Bluetooth Wireless Headphone. The case itself has a striking red word with an integrated red fox as its logo. As runners, this logo really imprints the nostalgic memories of running half-marathons.

The Red Fox Wireless EDGE will fit seamlessly and securely into your ears. If you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, you will definitely appreciate the sound of music whilst on an adventure or to be able to answer conference calls. Its weight is comparatively lighter than any other headphones that we tested and it easily helps us to steadily manoeuvre around. It works great not just while running but also on cycling and hiking outdoor activities and we found these headphones perform extremely well without compromising manoeuvrability.

In terms of wireless pairing, the Bluetooth range is solid up to about 30′ feet with no loss of connection. It also has a coating for sweat and moisture protection does not hurt your ears during periods of excessively sweating. Do note that for safety reasons, the EDGE is not completely soundproof – which means you will be able to hear things like oncoming cars and motorcyclists. The sound produced by these headphones are clean and crisp, although somewhat lacking in bass (although we would mention that you can’t expect much bass with wireless headphones of these size). If you are looking for headphones that aren’t too bassy, these will definitely be a perfect fit.

The Verdict? Red Fox Wireless EDGE has a lot of cool features and stylistic design that really makes up for what it lacks. It is hands down one of the best wireless headphones for running when it comes to convenience and comfort. Its secure design combined with its extreme lightweight properties will keep you moving in the marathon. In fact, these headphones are so lightweight that you will not notice them, especially with a helmet on. At the time of writing, these awesome wireless headphones for running are selling at a very good price point, so snap them up while stocks last!