Logitech Z906 Review

Logitech Z906 Review

Summary – Logitech Z906 Review

The Logitech Z906 is essentially a 5.1 surround sound system which you can use for home theater. The speakers are all THX-certified theater speakers which delivers cinema-like quality sound. It also features 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS encoding to accurately recreate the best surround sound mix for your Blu-ray and DVD movies. The entire system delivers a continuous 500 watts of power with the ability to go up to a peak of 1,000 watts. The surround sound speakers are able to deliver thunderous, room shaking sound with deep bass that will literally shake your room. It is also very easy to setup and allows you to connect multiple devices to the entire system; it comes with a compact control console and wireless remote for you to configure your listening experience. While the Z906s are clearly not the best speakers for home theater, they do deliver decent value for money and good sound performance for an entry-level home theater system.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. Very good value for money – these speakers deliver crisp sound performance, good bass and decent 5.1 surround sound.

The Cons. The sound performance of the Z906s can sound a little plastic at times – the speakers are budget home theater speakers and are really for entry-level surround sound systems. The bass response from the Z906s, while tight and punchy, does not seem to resonate with the other surround sound speakers like true cinematic sound.


The Z906 system consists of five satellite speakers including the center speaker, a powered subwoofer, control console, wireless remote, a 6 feet six-channel direct cable and user instructions. They are compatible with TV and surround sound setups for DVD or Blu-Ray devices, as well as for PC gaming. The sound performance of the Z906s is really good and easily fills up your room with rich surround sound. The speakers deliver crisp highs and incredibly deep bass responses which can make your room shake – watching movies using the Z906 system was a tremendously fun and enjoyable experience. The Z906 has a slightly warmer sound signature and is more suited for bass heavy music genres, but are also capable of producing detailed midrange without sounding muddy at all. Vocal performances on the Z906 sounded almost life-like with extremely good soundstage and music separation – you can practically hear details in the music which you never thought existed in your music before. Although these speakers are not the best surround sound speakers on the market, we were very impressed with the sound quality and crisp vocals from the Z906.


The great thing about the Z906 speakers is that they have a really flexible setup – you can connect them to your PC, TV, game consoles (including Xbox one/PS4) and they will work equally well. Watching movies with the Z906s felt really engaging, with powerful sounds that feel detailed and life-like. The powered subwoofer is able to deliver excellent bass response which feels tight and punchy – you can hear a grenade explosion rattle through your entire room with a level of detail and precision like you have never heard. We also liked the fact that the Z906 comes with a nice remote which you can use to adjust and configure the speaker settings, which means that you don’t have to manually adjust each speaker to get the right sound quality. The powered subwoofer is rated at 165 watts and delivers a deep low-end response that feels punchy but does not overpower the music, unless of course, the bass settings is turned up to maximum.

The key thing to getting the best sound performance with the Z906s is to get the ideal speaker positioning for the satellite speaker and subwoofer. Ideally the speakers should be placed at around ear level with the bass box close to a corner of the room with a distance from the wall about five to six inches. Placing the subwoofer in this way will enhance the bass response and impact throughout the room. The satellite speakers are compact enough for you to place them on a shelf or a wall mount; you can then customize the speaker settings using the remote once it is fully set up in the room.

The Verdict?

The Logitech Z906s deliver really good value for money and are ideal for those looking for an entry-level system. We liked the fact that all of the surround sound speakers are THX certified which means that the speakers have met strict performance standards to produce cinematic sound experience. The Z906s are capable of delivering a stunning level of detail and precision in the midrange, and have a deep and punchy low end which can get loud enough to shake your room. Watching movies or playing games with the Z906s was a thoroughly immersive and fun listening experience, and felt almost life-like. That being said, we did encounter a few instances where the Z906s sounded a little unnatural and plastic, and some static interference from the wiring was heard in the surround sound speakers. It’s a great entry level system to have at home and it definitely delivers the bang for the buck.

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