Denon AH-D7200 Headphone Review

Denon AH-D7200 Headphone Review

Summary – Denon AH-D7200 Headphone

The Denon AH-D7200s are high quality headphones that deliver an incredibly wide frequency response between 5 Hz to 55 kHz – which means you get full-range sound with these audio cans. These are some of the most tonally well-balanced headphones we have tested and they deliver a really rich and crystal clear sound quality. The headphone comes equipped with a 50mm driver with a relatively low impedance of 25 ohms and a sensitivity of 105 dB/mW. These high-end headphones feature unique Japanese Free-Edge acoustic drivers which deliver a precise pistonic motion for ultra-smooth and accurate sound performance without any distortion. The drivers are mounted on vibration reducing engineering which reduces sonic resonances and is fitted into real walnut wood housings designed to deliver depth and warmth to the sound signature. The headphone uses a detachable 7N purity cooper cable to deliver sublime sound quality. The AH-D7200 headphones are also very comfortable to wear and come equipped with memory-foam ear cushions with soft leather padding to reduce ear fatigue. Overall, the AH-D7200s are some of the best audiophile headphones available for reference high-fidelity sound quality and we highly recommend them.

Denon AH-D7200 Headphone Review

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The Denon AH-D7200s are some of the best audiophile headphones that deliver incredible full-range sound with a frequency range of 5 Hz to 55 kHz. It has a level of pristine tonal balance and sound clarity rare heard in headphones. The walnut wood finish is a nice added touch.

The Cons. The Denon AH-D7200 are costly headphones. The leather on the ear pads is synthetic, while the headband is finished in real sheepskin leather.

Sound Performance

The sound performance of the AH-D7200 is nothing short of sublime, with extremely pristine highs, detailed midranges and good level of low-end bass. The AH-D7200 uses 50mm Free-Edge drivers made from a nano-fiber material for its rigidity and low mass – it delivers essentially distortion free sound and is mounted to a soft surround making it easier to respond to the sound signal and deliver music in its purest form. We were pretty much blown away by what the AH-D7200 headphones had to offer when we tested these headphones – we experienced stunning vocals, deep bass and sub-bass notes with plenty of depth and treble ranges. These headphones have the ability to literally reproduce the entire sound spectrum with a range of 5 Hz to 55 kHz, with some ranges practically inaudible to the human hear – although they can be felt and appreciated. The balanced mode on the AH-D7200 brings very good depth the music performance and adds a layer of sparkle to guitar and vocal performances. The highs, midranges and bass are perfectly balanced and there is no harshness or sibilance in the timbre ranges – the bass response is articulate and does not muddy into the midrange frequencies. In short, you get very refined and deep sound with the AH-D7200 with a good degree of soundstage and separation.

Design and Comfort

The AH-D7200 headphones have a really sleek and modern looking design – the walnut wood exterior adds to the premium feel of these headphones and elevates the sound signature to something unique. These headphones come with plush soft leatherette ear pads which rests comfortably over the ears are feel really comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. While these headphones are not exactly lightweight, the headband does a really good job of alleviating pressure and helps to keep the headphone secure on the head without exerting too much clamping force. The ear cups on the AH-D7200 are suspended on a headband with ergonomically curved die-cast aluminium hangers  for a comfortable fit. The ear cups are made of natural walnut wood are a self-damping and rigid, which eliminates unwanted sonic vibrations through the headphone to replicate concert-like music in the headphone cavity. The headphone comes with 3.0m cable with a 6.3mm plug. For best sound performance, we would recommend using a dedicated headphone amplifier with these headphones to enhance the overall sound performance.

The Verdict?

The Denon AH-D7200 headphones that can deliver full-range sound performance and a frequency range of 5 Hz to 55 kHz. They are suited for all but the most demanding of audiophiles and deliver sound quality on another level that we have heard. The tonal balance and level of depth that we got with the AH-D7200 headphones is really on another level – music performances sounded as though we were sitting in a real life concert hall, and the level of depth and clarity that the highs and midranges produced was equally stunning. The headphones have a really sleek and modern looking design and are designed from natural walnut wood which adds a layer of complexity to the overall sound signature, but not too much. It comes equipped with 50mm Japanese-designed Free-Edge acoustic drivers that are rigid and deliver high-fidelity sound performance without any distortion. It also uses a detachable 7N purity copper cable for consistent high quality audio transmission. Overall, the Denon AH-D7200 is an impressive headphone that provides consistent full-range sound quality and we highly recommend them.

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