Best Bass Guitars

The 10 Best Bass Guitars in 2024

In this review we feature the best bass guitars designed for aspiring musicians and beginners with great sound quality. These bass guitars are constructed with a solid body and polished surface to provide a durable appearance. Our experts have tested these guitars and picked those with a smooth tone sound and ideal for rock and roll bands. They deliver warm sounds with a solid feel and adds a layer of deep bass to music performances and rock concerts. Furthermore, these best bass guitars come with starter packs for you to hook up the guitar to the amplifier straight away. If you are looking for some of the best bass guitars with great sound performance and are easy to play for intermediate to beginner level, be sure to check out our top picks below!

#1 Best Overall: Goplus 4-String Bass Guitar

Goplus 4-String Bass Guitar

The Goplus is a full size, 4 string electric bass guitar designed for beginners and aspiring musicians. It is a low-cost guitar that manages to deliver a good and reliable musical experience with deep bass tones. It comes with all the required features necessary for any beginner, including a travel bag, a strap, a pick, instrument cable and wrenches. It has a classic design and can come in two types of colour, either black with white or blue and white. It features a single P-bass pickup which is designed to offer versatility and articulation. It produces a warm and powerful low-end, as well as a defined and sharp top-end. There are two control knobs, one for volume which controls the output from the pickup to the amplifier or preamplifier, and the other for tone, which is a high pass filter that creates a warmer tone, removing the top-end of the guitar. It is a good and versatile setup that can help the musician play across different genres, delivering consistent quality and reliability.

The sound of the Goplus Electric Bass guitar is versatile and can help a beginner player learn to play throughout multiple genres. This simulates the style of a Fender Precision bass, which is one of the first widely used electric basses. It has been used throughout different genres, from rock to blues and jazz, and has carried through in modern music. The Goplus Electric bass is capable of providing good sound throughout all those genres as it can be either warm and discrete or bright and present. The split-coil humbucker offers a good sound as it accentuates warm and rich lows and present highs. The pickup design creates a low-noise standby sound, so there is no distracting buzz when the bass is connected to an amplifier without being played. The bass can produce a variety of tones solely from the playing position of the right hand. The closer it is played to the neck, the warmer and rounded the sound is, and the closer it’s being played the bridge, the sharper and punchier the sound is. It is an excellent bass guitar for a beginner and is very easy to setup and learn.

The Goplus bass guitar is a reliable instrument that can last for a long time due to its solid construction. Even though it is a low-cost bass guitar, it keeps all the important features and has sacrificed no playability functions. Out of the box, this bass guitar might need some truss rod adjustments as during shipment and production it might have been through different temperatures, which can create a slight bend in the neck, especially if the tuning is not maintained consistent. This is easy to fix with the allen key provided. The string action of the bass can also be adjusted, as out of the box the action is quite high. This means the strings are more difficult to press down with the left hand side, but there is no fret buzz happening and it can be played at louder volumes. A lower string action would mean that is easier to be pressed with the left hand, but it needs to be played softer to avoid string buzz. The Goplus bass is slightly off balanced, having a heavy top-end, which makes it slightly difficult to be played standing for long periods of time.

The Verdict? The Goplus is one of the best bass guitar and a reliable instrument for beginner musicians looking to play bass. As all the basic aspects regarding playability and sound of the bass are well-covered, the musician can learn how to play and develop good habits without having to rely on extra features. It can deliver on a wide range of genres which means that it can be played by anyone, regardless of their music style preference. The sounds it produces are rich and consistent, creating a wide range of tones using the volume and tone knobs, as well as the playing position. The bass looks professional, with all visual aspects solidly in place, the build is well-done as there are no issues with the electronics or loose parts throughout the instrument and the sound is powerful and well-rounded. Overall, it is one of the best bass guitars for anyone looking at learning how to play bass in a music band.

#2 Best Sound Quality: Yamaha TRBX174EW Bass Guitar

Yamaha TRBX174EW Bass Guitar

The Yamaha TRBX174EW is a 4-string guitar and one of the best bass guitars suitable for any beginner and intermediate musician. It comes in an all-black finish and a conventional body shape. It has 2 tuning knobs on each side of the headstock which is a feature commonly present in Yamaha’s flagship bass models. It is made out mahogany, which has specific sound qualities and is also one of the heaviest types of wood used in instruments. It has a solid build that is designed to withstand intensive performances and last for long periods of time. All mechanical parts are well secured in place. It features two pickups, a split humbucker for the neck pickup and a single coil in the bridge position. The bass guitar is very versatile and can be used throughout multiple genres, and also features a vintage style bridge that adds to the flare of this bass guitar. Overall, it’s one of the best bass designed for rock performances and music bands, and we highly recommend them.

The Yamaha TRBX174EW is a good sounding bass guitar with certain distinctive features. At the same time, it manages to provide a wide range of sounds due to its pickup configuration and control knobs. The mahogany body offers a full and warm sound which works very well when played fingerstyle, as the sound of this technique complements nicely the natural tone of the wood. This combination makes this bass well-suited for genres such as jazz, acoustic or even some types of pop music. The bass features 3 control knobs, one for volume, one for the bass level and another for the treble level. Adjusting the bass and treble levels individually can allow the Yamaha to produce completely different sounds. The bass guitar features the bridge pickup which has the ability to deliver very punchy and deep sounds. Those two features combined with techniques such as playing with a plectrum close to the bridge can make the Yamaha TRBX174EW sound very aggressive and fit very well in a rock or even metal ensemble. The aforementioned setup can be dialled down a bit for a gritty yet clean sound which might be suitable for a blues band.

The Yamaha TRB174EW has a solid build which is capable of withstanding years of practice and intense live performances. Its stylish look in an all-black finish gives it a discreet yet professional look, which can be suitable in any kind of venue, from a wedding party to a corporate event and even a night club. The bass can be played out of the box, yet some slight adjustment can be made to accommodate the player such as adjusting the string action. Changing the action can make the bass guitar easier to play in exchange to potential string buzz and lower volume. The bass guitar features 2 pickups, one split coil placed closely to the neck, and another single coil in the ridge position. These 2 pickups alongside the volume, bass and treble controls offer a lot of sound shaping abilities which make this bass guitar very versatile. The mahogany body offers a full, rich and warm sound which really accentuates lower frequencies.

The Verdict? The Yamaha TRB174EW is one of the best bass guitars for those who want to start learning bass or playing a new instrument. It is a great choice for somebody looking for an all-purpose bass which can be played in all instances, from practicing at home, recording in studio or playing live on stage. It can produce a lot of tones which can make it fit in different genres. Whether it’s jazz, blues, rock or pop, the Yamaha TRB174EW can be adjusted accordingly to suit the style of music that’s being played. It leaves no gaps in a beginner player’s repertoire of sounds. It is well-built and can withstand years of intensive playing sessions without any degradation in sound quality. We particularly liked the Yahama’s ergonomic body shape and vintage style bridge which gives it a unique appearance. Overall, it’s one of the best bass guitars that delivers really solid bass performance and connects easily to any guitar amp.

#3 Best Short Scale: Ibanez GSRM20 Bass Guitar

Ibanez GSRM20 Bass Guitar

The Ibanez GSRM20 is 4 stringed short scale bass guitar built for professional musicians and bass players. It is one of the best bass guitars that can produce a variety of sounds due to the dual pickup combination with individual volume controls. It has a good looking sunburst finish, which has a black outline which gradually fades to a natural colour towards the middle of the body, all covered with a presentable and protective glossy finish. It has a volume control, a bass control and a treble control, which correspond to each of the neck and bridge pickups. It is solidly built with well-installed fixtures such as the tuning knobs, bridge and pickups, which make this bass a reliable instrument that can be used for years without having any issues. The short scale of the bass makes it easier to tackle for beginners, whether they are new at music or are transitioning to learning bass from other instruments. The sound and the dynamics are kept similar to a long scale bass without the required long finger stretches. Overall, the Ibanez is hands down one of the best bass guitars you can find with a really unique glossy finish.

The GSRM20 can produce a wide variety of deep bass sounds and can fit in different kinds of ensembles, being capable of producing sounds adequate for jazz, rock, funk, blues. The short scale has an effect on the sound quality, making it thicker and darker due to the lower tension, which takes away from the higher harmonics of the sound. The pickup configuration balances out the lack of high harmonics by having the split coil designed in such a way the 3rd and 4th strings are picked up form closer to the bridge which offers a sharper sound for the lower strings. The wood used in the body of the bass guitar is mahogany, which offers a full, rich and deep tone which nicely complements the rest of the features to create a well-rounded sound with an emphasis on a powerful and defined low-end with crisp highs. The 3 knobs offer control over the overall volume of the instrument’s output, and individual controls over the blend between the neck and bridge pickup. This setup allows the players to fine-tune their tone to fit the style that they needs, which can range from a discreet and smooth sound required in bass to a more punchier and cut-through sound usually met in rock songs.

This is a well-built bass that can be used in many intensive circumstances such as long travel times and multiple live performances. All parts are fit in perfectly and the electronics are reliable and noise-free. Typically, bass guitars which feature a mahogany body are difficult to play live for long periods of time due to their natural heavy weight, but this bass takes the strain off the player with as it is a short scale which is lighter and easier to manoeuvre than long-scale basses. The maple neck is easy to navigate and the smooth finish ensures easy sliding up and down the fretboard without any resistance. The finish looks professional and the sunburst design has been executed excellently with a natural fade and good ratio between the colours. The pickups are installed accordingly and the mindful design of the neck pickup to complement the short scale of the instrument make this bass guitar a well-rounded instrument suitable for professional musicians.

The Verdict? The Ibanez GSRM20 is one of the best bass guitars that tick all the boxes for a well performing bass and its short scale design is excellent for a large audience. It can offer great advantages to those who travel with the instrument a lot, people who need to play a lighter instrument without sacrificing sound and even younger people who would have difficulties playing on a standard scale instrument. It can produce a wide variety of sounds due to its minimalist design and it can be set up using the control knobs and playing techniques to fit within multiple genres, from a smooth sound jazz tone, to a tight and punch funk sound, a piercing rock sound or muddy blues tone. Its solid design means that this bass guitar can last for long periods of time without degradation in sound performance. The bass guitar can be played right out of the box with no adjustments needed, so it is a great choice for new bass players who need something convenient and reliable. If you are looking for one of the best bass guitars that is reliable and sounds great, the Ibanez GSRM20 is a great choice.

#4 Best Design: Squier Bronco Bass Guitar

Squier Bronco Bass Guitar

The Squier Bronco bass guitar is a short scale 4 string bass which is designed with simplicity, new bass players being the target audience for this instrument. It has a professional and simple look with a standard body shape, coloured with black and a glossy finish added on top and a white pickguard. It has a C-shape maple neck and fretboard which continues over to the headstock for a nice sense of continuity. The bridge and tuning knobs are chromed, and the control and tone knobs have a classic Fender look, painted white and having markers on them. The short scale of 30 inches makes the bass easier to play, but does not affect the tone in any significant way. The Bronco bass features only 1 single coil pickup located halfway between the bridge and the neck. Because of this, the bass can be considered as a simple plug-in-and-play instrument. It is one of the best bass guitars available for anyone one who wants to exercise their technique or learn how to play bass without all the bells and whistles.

The Squier by Bronco bass is a simple bass guitar which only features one pickup and two control knobs. It has 1 single coil pickup placed halfway between the bridge and neck, one tone knob and one volume knob. Together, they render a sound which enhances the low end of the spectrum and the tone knob can add a high pass filter on top, removing the high frequency content. As the bass is a shorter scale compared to the standard size, the strings don’t need to be tuned as tightly. This setup once more creates a sound which is less rich in high frequency content. After all, you need to keep in mind that this bass has been designed to be simple and is targeted to those who are learning how to play the instrument. It produces an asthenic sound with little tone shaping capabilities, and it is excellent for practicing at it does not mask any mistakes, and the playing is the only factor that can change the sound of the bass. The dynamics and intensity of the playing are really easy to notice, and the position of the right hand can shape the balance between the high and low frequency contents.

The Squier bass guitar has a solid and minimalist construction with a durable design. There is little that can go wrong with this bass and all the mechanisms such as the bridge and tuning knobs are well-secured in place. The finish looks professional and the chosen colour palette of black and white is simple and unpretentious. The shorter scale of 30 inches makes the bass easier to play. It takes away from the tension in the strings as they do not need to be wound up so much to reach the desired tuning. It also has an effect on weight, making the bass lighter which in turn makes it easier to be played for long period of hours, especially in standing position. The C-shape maple neck is widely used across different bass models and it is very easy to play, fitting nicely into the palm of the hand and requiring no extra effort from the player when pressing down the strings. The jumbo frets mean that the height of the metal rods within the neck are higher than usual, which reduces the amount of pressure necessary to get a clean tone. At the same time, pressing too hard on the frets poses the risk of bending it out of tune.

The Verdict? The Squier by Bronco Bass is one of the best bass guitars and a great choice for anyone looking to learn how to play this instrument. By stripping all the features down to the essentials, they have designed the perfect bass guitar for practicing. The lack of tone-shaping capabilities makes all the playing details of intonation and dynamics stand out. The shorter scale design makes this model easier to play for younger people or guitarists who might have issues adapting quickly to full scale bases. The standard design makes it appealing to most people and the well-executed paintjob and finish give it a sense of professionalism. Overall, the Squier is one of the best bass guitars for practicing that is widely accessible to anyone looking to learn how to play music or transfer their skills to a new bass instrument.

#5 Best Electric Guitar: Ibanez Talmon TMB100 Bass Guitar

Ibanez Talmon TMB100 Bass Guitar

The Ibanez Talman TMB100 is a 4 string bass guitar with a classy Ibanez body style and sleek design. It is well built and reliable, being able to withstand long playing sessions and live performances. It has a wide, chunky maple neck which is reminiscing of older style basses, which also fits with the vintage aesthetic of the instrument. The mint green and red, textured pickguard creates a retro look which complements the vintage sound created by the pickups and design of the neck and body. The TMB100 has a 2 band EQ which helps in tone shaping to create a wide variety of sounds. The headstock has two chromed tuning keys on either side. The jack input is located in the front of the body and slightly angled in order to create a more reliable and robust connection. Overall, it’s one of the best bass guitars available with dynamic sound and tonal options.

For the Ibanez Talman TMB100, the retro look and finish definitely translates into the sound it produces. The bass features 2 passive pickups, a single split coil for the neck position and a single coil for the bridge position. They are both placed very close to the bridge of the bass, which means that they produce sounds that are high in frequency content. The tone of the bass is sharp and punchy, but it can be adjusted with the 2 band EQ filter to create a wider range of sounds. The Ibanez DXP and DXJ pickups are designed to retain a vintage sound. The TMB100 performs excellent in rock and blues ensembles as its punchy tone can cut through other instruments and make itself noticed easier. This bass can shine when it is either played fingerstyle or with a pick. Playing fingerstyle can give a warmer, more natural and sustained sound for times when the music is a bit more mellow, while playing with a pick can really accentuate its strong features and bring out even more aggressiveness and top end out of this bass.

The TMB100 is a well built and well-designed bass guitar that can be easily noticed on stage due to its vintage look and sound. It performs best in rock and blues bands, and the wide and chunky neck require players more force and pressure to play this instrument, which has a direct effect on the tone, making it more aggressive and punchy. The mahogany body weights a substantial amount and can make this instrument quite difficult to play for long periods of time, especially in standing position. The pickups are well integrated and perform very well, the control knobs offer a great deal of versatility in the shaping of the sound, and the sturdiness of the instrument make this a great main instrument for those interested in playing older styles of music. It can be played right out of the box and the strings that it comes equipped with are high quality tape-wound which do not need to be replaced as opposed to strings from other lower-end instruments. One downside of the design is that the output from the bridge pickup is lower than the output of the neck pickup, which need to be adjusted using the control knobs for a balanced sound.

The Verdict? The Ibanez TMB100 is one of the best bass guitars which can act as the main bass instrument for those interested in playing rock and blues music. Due to its heavy weight given by the mahogany body and thick neck, it might not be suitable for beginner or younger players, as they would have a difficult time adjusting and making the most out of the instrument. However, for experience players who want to achieve a specific vintage sound, this is a great instrument that is ready to go as soon as it’s been taken out of the box. The Ibanez TMB100 delivers great sound and offers a real vintage feel both on-stage and off-stage. It can produce a wide variety of tone through the control knobs and combination of pickups. It is great at cutting through mid-range instruments such as the guitar, and its sound output can be heavily influenced by the technique that players use. Overall, the TMB100 is one of the best bass guitars in its price range and delivers both visually and sonically.

#6 Best Starter Kit: Crescent Bass Guitar

Crescent Bass Guitar

The Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit is a comprehensive pack containing all required accessories for a beginner bass player. The featured bass has four strings, a sunburst body, white pickguard and rosewood fretboard. It is a well-built, reliable bass with a simple setup and configuration, featuring a single pickup, a volume control and a tone control. It is a full size instrument and it has a standard body shape.  It comes with a multitude of accessories which can bring a lot of benefit to new players, including a soft travel bag, a tuner, a strap for holding the bass when standing, a 6.8mm TS instrument cable for plugging into amplifiers, a set of back-up strings, and a number of plectrums of different colours. All that is required to get amplified sound out of this instrument is either an combo amplifier or a digital interface to connect directly into a computer. Overall, the Crescent bass guitar is one of the best bass guitars that comes with a full starter kit for beginners and comes with everything you need to get started right away.

The Crescent Electric bass produces crisp bass sounds and tones which can be easily fitted within multiple genres. It has only 1 built in pickup, a Precision-style split single coil which is placed halfway between the neck and bridge, rendering a well-balanced sound. It is made out of basswood, which does not have many tonal qualities, creating a transparent sound that only places more emphasis on the playing technique and intonation. The control knobs offer limited tone shaping capabilities, with volume knob only having a minor impact over how much overdrive the bass can produce and the tone knob acting as a low pass filter, removing the higher frequency content for a duller, warmer sound. As this bass is targeted towards beginners, it is a good feature that much of tone is shaped by the technique, as new players need to focus on creating good habits and getting a good understanding of the instrument rather than relying on features and technologies. The frequency content can be modified by playing either closer to the neck or to the bridge, by switching between techniques such as fingerpicking, slapping or playing with a pick, and controlling the sustain an intonation with the left hand on the fretboard.

This bass is a good fit for new players as it is reliable and can prompt players to develop good habits right from the beginning. The basswood body is lightweight, which means it is easy to play this bass for long periods of time, especially in standing position. The paintjob is nicely executed, with a black outer edge and a natural sunburst look towards the middle of the body, but the gradient between the two colours is quite abrupt, creating a slight feeling of disconnection. The neck shape is comfortable and allows for easy gliding up and down the fretboard. The accessories provided in the set are good for a beginner. The travel bag is soft and serves well at carrying the instrument but does not provide any kind of protection, so it needs to be used with caution. The strap is both reliable and comfortable, the instrument cable is solid and noise-free. The tuner can be clipped onto the headstock so during live performances it can be kept on to ensure a consistent accurate tuning.

The Verdict? The Crescent electric bass guitar starter kit equips new players with a solid instrument and all the accessories necessary to begin their journey as musicians. As the bass has quite a transparent tone and limited sound shaping capabilities, it comes to the player to learn how to make the most out of it by paying attention to techniques and intonation. Apart from that, the bass provides a comfortable and easy playing experience that can facilitate the learning process for new musicians. The provided accessories are indispensable, especially the tuner, offering all the necessary tools to create a good learning experience from the beginning. The Crescent Electric bass also looks professional with a well-executed paint design and a glossy top coat. The bass can be played right out of the box as it comes fully set up, only requiring tuning adjustments. For the complete experience, only a bass amplifier is required or an audio interface so the instrument can be plugged into a computer. Overall, this is one of the best bass guitars and starter kits available, so be sure to check them out!

#7 Best for Beginners: BC 41” Bass Guitar and Starter Kit

BC 41” Bass Guitar and Starter Kit

The Best Choice Guitar kit comes with a full sized 6 string electric guitar with a classic Stratocaster body, and also comes in with a multitude of accessories. This starter kit includes a 10 watt combo practice amplifier, a soft travel bag, a strap for holding the guitar, a plectrum, a whammy bar for connecting to the floating bridge, a TS instrument cable with a 6.8 mm jack connector, and a set of backup steel strings. The guitar replicates a classic Stratocaster model which features a classic body, a floating bridge, 3 single coil pickups placed equidistantly between the neck and bridge, a 5 way switch for different combinations between the 3 pickups, 1 volume control and 1 tone control. The GA10 guitar amplifier has 2 channels, one for clean tone and another for overdrive, with additional controls for output volume, treble control and bass control. It also features a headphone input for practicing in private. The guitar has a composite hardwood body which is sturdy and solid, but does not provide tone coloration. The colour of the guitar is a blue with a wooden texture which fades to a black on the outer edges of the guitar’s body. The pickguard is white which resembles the aforementioned Stratocaster aesthetic.

The Best Choice guitar produces a wide variety of sounds as it features a wide range of tonal shaping qualities, including the floating bridge and whammy bar which can be used to create interesting effects. The three built in pickups are placed in different positions across the distance between the neck and bridge, offering multiple tonal qualities, from a warm, dark and rich sound of the neck pickup, to a punchy, aggressive and sharp sound using the bridge pickup. The 5-way switch can select combinations of 2 pickups, such as the neck and middle pickup, as well as the middle and bridge pickup. The two combined pickups act as humbuckers, drastically lowering the standby noise of the guitar, especially when playing through the overdriven channel. The tone knobs control the high frequency content of the neck and middle pickup, creating a smoother, darker sound when turned to 0, and having no effect when turned on the maximum of 10. This guitar can produce sounds which can be fitted in multiple types of genres, from jazz to rock, blues, metal, funk and all genres in-between. Using the whammy bar, you can create chord-wide vibratos, do dive bombs and extend the range of the guitar to both low and high extremes.

This bass guitar has a solid build which makes it a great instrument for rehearsing and playing live. It can be quite difficult to keep in tune due to the floating bridge and tremolo bar, and the action of the string can be compromised if the tension in the back strings is not adjusted properly according to the string gauge, tuning and truss rod tension. The input jack socket is placed on the face of the guitar body at a slight angle in order to protect both the cable and socket from damage, such as when sitting down or moving around. The tone knobs control the neck and middle pickups’ high frequency content, but can be rewired to control the bottom pickup as well. The travel bag provided also helps you to carry the bass guitar and improves portability. The guitar amplifier is excellent for rehearsing both alone and with a small band, and the two overdriven and clean channel offer a great variety of tonal qualities that can help the player adjust to different bass tones.

The Verdict? The Best Choice Electric Guitar starter set is an excellent choice for bass guitarists who wants an all-in-ne, pick-up-and-play set, as it provides all the required accessories for playing straight away. The bass guitar that comes with this set is wonderful for beginners as all the controls and the style of the guitar resembles the setup for most modern guitars, which allows the new players to learn about all the possible pickup and tone combinations, as well as dealing with the subtleties, advantages and disadvantages of the floating bridge. All the parts provided in the starter kit are high quality and can help a new musician through their start of the journey. Overall, the BC kit has one of the best bass guitars for beginners and comes with all the accessories you need to get started right away.

#8 Most Versatile: StingRay 4 Bass Guitar

StingRay 4 Bass Guitar

The Music Man Sterling StingRay 4 stringed bass is a well-designed and reliable bass guitar that features active electronics for a powerful and sustained sound. It has a basswood body which it naturally lightweight and makes the instrument easier to play over long periods of time. As opposed to lower-end instruments, this bass guitar features a great paint with a full black body and a black oval-shaped pickguard, a maple neck and maple fretboard, making it look very cohesive and coherent. It is definitely one of the stand-out points of the bass from a visual aspect. The tuning head has 3 knobs placed on the upper (or left) side, and 1 on the lower (or right) side, which can help with the intonation and lifetime of the strings. The StingRay 4 is equipped with a single active humbucker that is place closer to the bridge than the neck, but far enough to produce a sound that is not overly sharp. This instrument features 3 control knobs, one for volume, another for bass adjustment and the last for treble adjustment. It has a classic body shape that is ergonomic and comfortable to play both standing and sitting.

The Music Man StingRay is one of the best bass guitars that can produce a multitude of different tones because of its 2-band built-in equalizer. Both the treble and top can be controlled individually which can help this bass produce warm and dark tones, as well as sharp and aggressive tones. With the pickup being an active humbucker and the position being closer to the bridge, it renders tones that can be best integrated in rock and funk ensembles, as it produces powerful sounds with a lot of sustain. The sustain works very well with the positioning of the pickup, as the closer its located to the bridge, the less vibration it can pick up, so the sound is naturally decaying faster. The bass translates the techniques that are used on it very transparently, showcasing all the sonic qualities of the warm fingerpicking, punchy slapping and aggressive picking. It produces very little noise as the active humbucker has noise cancellation abilities, so any rest time during playing sessions is not interrupted by a constant humming noise and the player does not have to constantly mute his instrument during breaks.

This is a solid bass guitar that can last for long periods of time and its simple design ensures that there are as little problems arising as possible. It only features 1 active pickup that is powered by a 9 volt battery which enhances the sound with power and sustain. The tone knobs for controlling the low and high frequencies are a great addition that can make this bass a versatile instrument that can wear many hats for musicians who play across varying genres. It has an ergonomic design that feels as good as the top end of the instrument range. It features a well-designed and well-polished neck that can facilitate easy playing up and down the fretboard. The basswood body is lightweight and makes it easier for the player to perform for long periods of time without any back strain. However, the light body compromises the balance of the instrument slightly as the neck is pulling down more than it would on basses that feature other types of wood. The headstock which features 3 tuning keys on 1 side and another key on the other side have been integrated with the ‘Straight String Pull’ design which ensures that once past the nut of the bass’ neck, the string continues in a straight manner until it reaches the tuning mechanism rather than bending. This features ensures that the instrument stays in tune or longer and also increases the lifetime of the strings as they are less likely to snap when tuning after switching environments.

The Verdict? The Music Man Sting Ray 4 is one of the best bass guitars for its bass performances that punch above its weight from a design, sound and visual perspective. It looks imposing and sleek because of the coherent design and consistent layout. Sound-wise, it definitely specialises in heavier types of music but the player can make slight adjustments to their technique in order to get a completely different result. It features great tone shaping abilities with its 3 knobs and the active pickup allows for great sustain and high output. This bass is excellent not only for beginners, but also for intermediate players who want a reliable and stylish instrument. If you are looking for one of the best bass guitars that can deliver great value for money, be sure to check out the Sing Ray 4 guitar.

#9 Best High-Performance: Safstar Bass Guitar

Safstar Bass Guitar

The Safstar Electric Bass guitar has 4 strings, is full sized and comes as part of a comprehensive starter kit accompanied by many accessories. It has a standard body shape and it is made out of Paulowina wood, whose weight is quite average and can balance off nicely the weight of the neck for a stable position when playing both standing and sitting. The bass guitar features a nice blue colour with a wooden texture, a fade to black on the outer edges and a white pickguard which completes the look of a classic bass guitar. The fretboard uses Rosewood and the headstock is made out of maple. The Safstar only features 1 split coil single pickup that is placed halfway between the bridge and neck of the body, creating a well-rounded and well balanced sound, with the lower end being more bass heavy and the higher strings accentuating treble due to the configuration of the pickup. The set features a soft travel bag which can be held both as a backpack and as a handbag, a strap for playing while standing, two allen keys for adjusting the bridge settings and truss rod tension, a TS intstrument cable which can be plugged in an amplifier or digital interface, and a pick for playing using additional techniques.

The Safstar Electric bass is one of the best bass guitars designed for beginners as it has an ergonomic and classic design that provides a good, well-balanced sound. The pickup it features renders a good blend of high and low frequencies and being at the half way between the neck and bridge means that the position of the right hand can tone the shape considerably. The closer the right hand is to the bridge, the thinner, sharper the sound, and the closer it is to the neck, the warmer and fuller the sound. The build of the bass makes it easily playable in with all techniques, fingerpicking, slapping, picking, and playing with a plectrum. They can all produce different sounds and this bass will help convey the sound of those techniques accurately and accentuate them. The tone knob can be used to dampen the sound, cutting from the high frequency content and make the bass become more discreet in a band or complement the other instruments for mellower passages. Playing with a pick creates a more overdriven sound that can help the bass section to cut through mid-range instruments as guitar and establish a solid presence. Considering the simple setup of the bass with only 1 pickup and 1 tone knob, it can definitely produce a wide range of sounds solely based on the techniques that can be applied to it.

This is a well-built instrument that can be used for long periods of time in intensive scenarios such as playing live on stage. Because of its simple setup, there are few things that can go wrong, so it can be a prime choice for beginners or people looking for a travel instrument that can be reliable and serve in many different conditions. The added accessories that come part of a pack make this purchase even more worth the price. The soft travel bag is very efficient and lightweight, but it does not provide any protective abilities and should be used mindfully, especially during travels. The instrument cable features an L shaped connector to be plugged into the bass so that the cable will be parallel with the bass as opposed to perpendicular. This helps with protecting both the cable and the input socket of the instrument and maintain a reliable connection with the amplifier. The strap provided is adjustable and can be used to safely hold the bass with little risk of slipping or falling.

The Verdict? The Saftar Electric Bass kit provides a solid bass guitar and indispensable accessories which are excellent for people who are looking at learning how to play this instrument or those who intend buying an instrument for travelling or using in tougher environments. It is a sturdy and solid bass guitar that is easy to setup and delivers really crisp and clean bass notes. It has a nice aesthetic with the black and blue fade paintjob which can make it the centre of attention on stage. It is suitable for many kind of music as most of the tone shaping abilities depend on the player, the bass offering the necessary playability features, and so it can be used for genres such as bass, rock, blues and funk. Overall, the Saftar guitar is one of the best bass guitars we have tested and highly recommend them for those starting out with bass.

#10 Best Rosewood: Yushioe Bass Guitar

Yushioe Bass Guitar

The Yoshioe Electric Bass is a 4 stringed, full size and solidly built instrument. It is targeted towards beginners and acts as a great platform for learning and developing good playing practices. It has a natural wood finish that has been coated with a glossy top coat that protects it from damage to the wood. The white pickguard also adds another dimension to the style of the bass guitar and ensures that any playing with the pick will not leave any marks on the wood of the instrument. It has a rosewood fretboard and the neck is smooth, without any sharp edges. The shape of the body is standard, the neck is easily playable and it facilitates easy sliding up and down the fretboard. It features a single split coil pickup which is placed halfway between the bridge and neck, creating a well-balanced sound. The bass features two control knobs, one volume knob and a second tone knob. The guitar also comes in with an TS instrument cable which can be plugged in amplifiers, preamplifiers and audio interfaces. It also comes with two sizes of allen keys, one for adjusting the saddles in the bridge and the other for adjusting the truss rod in the neck to control the bow of the neck. Overall it’s one of the best bass guitars made from rosewood with deep and warm bass tones that are enjoyable to listen to.

The Yoshioe Electric bass guitar creates a good sound which can be adjusted with playing techniques and the control knobs. It has one single split coil pickup, which renders a well-balanced sound due to its placement between the neck and bridge. The body is made out of basswood, which adds no sound coloration, which is a good feature for beginners. The two control knobs offer limited tone shaping capabilities, the tone knob working as a low pass filter, which rolls out the high frequencies, creating a smoother sound which suitable for some genres of music. Most of the changes in tone and sound of the bass need to be made using different playing techniques, and the good design of this bass allows for an easy playing experience. By playing closer to the neck or bridge, you can stimulate more or less high frequencies, fingerstyle playing creates a smooth and well, rounded sound, slapping creates a percussive and punchy sound, and playing with a pick adds more grit and roughness.

This bass guitar has a good classic design that can appeal to all audiences, and the wooden look creates a natural aesthetic to the instrument. With the body being made out of basswood, it makes the instrument quite light, making it easier for the performer to play for long periods of time with less strain on the back. However, this makes the neck and headstock of the bass guitar to be disproportionately heavy, which creates an uncomfortable imbalance during playing, which might prompt the player to use their left hand to hold the bass into position rather than just focusing on fretting notes. The single split coil pickup has a classic sound which complements the overall aesthetic of the instrument. The bass guitar is solidly built which means it can withstand intensive use, including long live performances without many risks of defecting mechanisms such as tuning, the bridge or the electronics. The jack input is placed in front of the body which makes it less prone to breaking the cable or socket, especially when sitting down as it will press against any surface.

The Verdict? The Yoshioe Electric bass is a great instrument for anybody looking to start learning how to play an electric guitar or transfer their current skills onto bass. As it is designed with simplicity in mind, players will have to learn how to play the instrument and develop good practices without being able to mask their mistakes with complex tones. It is comfortable to play and hold, both standing and sitting, so it facilitates long practice sessions without creating discomfort for the player, not in the back and neither in the hands. Overall, this is a very good bass for its price range and its clean design and aesthetic means that it can be appealing to everyone, regardless of the genre of music that they’re interested in. In the right hands, this is one of the best bass guitars that can deliver warm and mellow bass tones that are enjoyable to listen to.