Best Bass Car Speakers

The 8 Best Bass Car Speakers in 2020

If you are looking for the best bass car speakers that can pump out deep punchy bass for car audio, you’re in the right place.

In this review we feature the car speakers with the best bass that are capable of producing a tonne of volume output while maintaining a very deep bass sound signature.

They are perfect if you like to listen to music genres with lots of bass and beats – these speakers can reproduce sound with punchy beats and provide an enjoyable listening experience.

What sets these car speakers apart from other speakers is that they have extra-large cones and tweeters to produce more bass and volume. They are built to deliver high-frequency sound response and provide good stereo separation.

If you are installing new speakers in your car and want the improve the bass performance, be sure to check out our top picks below!

#1 JBL GTO609C Best Bass Car Speakers

JBL GTO609C Car Speakers

Sound Quality: Great bass level up to the highest tones

Power: 5W-200W RMS

What we liked: 3-ohm low impedance

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The JBL GTO609c are some of the best bass car speakers with a full component system consisting of a pair of speakers and a pair of tweeters. This system can deliver up to the peak of 270 watts if powered by a head unit or an amplifier especially when with GTO series of amplifiers. The power handling capacity of the system reflects the reliability of its build.

These speakers have a low impedance of 3 ohms making them compatible with undersized wires common in cars today while still delivering clearer and stronger sound. The soft-dome tweeters are capable of a dual-level volume adjustment to compensate for its varying placement from the other speakers or for acoustic preferences. This combination of speakers results in better low-frequency response and crisper high tones.

The speakers have Plus One cone design increasing the cone area and thus improve their air pushing capability. The cones are carbon-injected for lightness and durability while the frames are made of the non-resonating, non-magnetic fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP). The speakers have the patented i-mount system that allows them to be installed whether flushed on the side or mounted on a top.

#2 BOSS CH6530 Best Bass Car Speakers

BOSS CH6530 Car Speakers

Sound Quality: Mid bass quality and great high tones

Power: 150W RMS

What we liked: adequate 90dB sensitivity

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The BOSS CH6530 are some of the best bass car speakers with a 3-way design. It consists of the woofer cone, a tweeter and a 1-inch polyimide dome midrange. The woofer cone is poly-injected. The tweeter is made from polyurethane that makes the durable and last longer while providing great audio. The tweeter is of the piezoelectric type which can resist overloads and thus can work without the need of a crossover.

The bass from these speakers gets very loud and punchy, and can fill up your car with deep bass and punchy beats from your music. You can also crank up the volume on these speakers without hearing any distortion.

The voice coils inside these speakers can withstand high temperatures and will not give up to fatigue allowing longer play times. These car speakers have a peak power of 300 watts and 150 watts RMS. The frequency response is at the range of 100Hz to 18kHz, and the sensitivity is 90dB.

The mounting diameter of the whole assembly is 5.5 inches. The whole structure of the speakers withstands wear and tear and constant abuse due to the whole structure of the speakers being fitted with a rubber material surround. The frame is in black and the cone is in red. They are sold in pairs.

#3 Massive Audio TOROX104 Best Bass Car Speakers

Massive Audio TOROX104 Car Speaker

Sound Quality: powerful low-frequency tones

Power: 1000W RMS

What we liked: dual impedance wiring options

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The Massive Audio TOROX104 are some of the best bass car speakers that are CEA 2031 Certified rated to provide an RMS of 1000 watts with a maximum of 2000 watts. It has a sound pressure level (SPL) of 86.5 dB and delivers plenty of bass.

The sound waves are produced out from its springy poly-cotton spider with high-powered woven tinsel leads. It has the 3-inch and 4-layer dual voice coils using a high impedance aluminium former with EISV providing dual 4 ohms and dual 2 ohms wiring options to greatly complementing its deep bass capability.

The assembly is bonded into a die-cast basket and is bolted to double-stacked 180 oz high-energy magnets making it produce deep bass and crystal clear details at high volumes and at longer periods of time without rattling. The cone is made of Kevlar fibre enhanced non-pressed paper with textured paint finish.

This subwoofer has a diameter size of 10 inches. It is designed to perform well on crew cabs and trucks, and can fit in an enclosure size of 11 by 13 by 11 inches. It weighs 27.85 kilograms or 104 pounds.

#4 Pyle Power PLPW12D Best Bass Car Speakers

Pyle Power PLPW12D Car Speaker

Sound Quality: Deep, powerful bass

Power: 800W RMS

What we liked: more efficient low-end sensitivity

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The Pyle Power PLPW12D is one of the best bass car speakers with a maximum power output of 1600 watts. It can perform at an RMS of 800 watts when reproducing the full range surround stereo sound. The PLPW12D can project audio up to 90 dB loud and has a dual 4-ohm impedance to be compatible with undersized wires common in cars today thereby reducing sound distortion at a relatively high volume.

This Pyle Power features a dual voice coil of 2 inches and in 4 layers for a higher operating temperature tolerance. This subwoofer comes in the 60 oz heavy-duty magnet structure. It has the spring-loaded push-down speaker terminals.

It sports a non-fatiguing rubber suspension, a especially-designed rubber magnet boot, a non-press paper cone, a specially-treated foam surround and a bumped and vented motor construction making it safe and sound on vehicles during long travels.

This construction effectively prolongs the life of this bass-pounding unit. This rugged subwoofer inside a black steel basket has a standard overall diameter of 12.2 inches and a mounting depth of 5.1 inches. It weighs 7.76 pounds.

#5 JBL Stage 8602 Best Bass Car Speakers

JBL Stage 8602 Car Audio Speakers

Sound Quality: full range with great treble definition

Power: 120W RMS

What we liked: 3-way coaxial with rigid build

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The JBL Stage 862 is a pair of a three-way coaxial car speaker system with a front dimension of 6 inches by 8 inches. The coaxial consists of the cone, the PEI balanced dome tweeter and the piezoelectric supertweeter. The peak power for each is 360 watts while the RMS power is 120 watts. It has an impedance value of 4 ohms and the frequency response is from 20Hz to 20kHz.

The cone of the woofer is made of the injection-molded polypropylene. The polypropylene woofer cone provides rigidity while allowing a wide range of tones increasing its low-frequency threshold.

The balance dome tweeter is made of PEI or polyetherimide which can handle more power, produce high tone efficiently as well as reduce distortion in order to deliver a smooth and defined transition between middle and high frequencies. The piezoelectric supertweeter adds more power and detail to the high-frequency tones.

The coaxial design of these speakers allows a shallower mounting depth making if flexible on most vehicles while providing a full range of frequency response.

On the whole, the JBL Stage 862 are some of the best bass car speakers we have tested and we recommend them for car audio enthusiasts who want to get the most out of every single beat in the music.

#6 Infinity Kappa 60.11CS Best Bass Car Speakers

Infinity Kappa 60.11CS Car Speakers

Sound Quality: powerful wide range of tones

Power: 180W combined RMS

What we liked: 2-ohm nominal impedance

View full specs: Infinity Kappa 60.11CS Car Speakers

The Infinity Kappa 60.11CS is a 2-way car component system that consists of woofers having a diameter of 6.5 inches. They are some of the best bass car speakers available with a combined peak power of 540 watts or 270 watts each while the sustained power is at 90 watts RMS each. The total frequency response of the system is from 45 to 35,000 Hz. It has a very low impedance of 2 ohms. The sensitivity of the speaker system is 93 dB. It comes with an adjustable fabric tweeter construction that switches the level attenuation from 0 to +3dB at the push-button.

The voice coils are made to withstand high temperature. The vented magnet helps cool the voice coil. The Plus One design cone is made of carbon-injected glass fibre material. It has a rubber speaker surround. There is a 1-inch soft dome edge-driven fabric diaphragm tweeter.

The speaker frames are made of injected carbon glass matrix or iCGM together with the high-quality crossover filters. It comes with a protective, soft, rubber-finish grilles. There is also a protective magnet boot cover. The speaker terminals are screw-type and are gold-plated. The cut-out dimension for each woofer is 5.125 inches squared. The mounting depth is 2.125 inches.

#7 Polk Audio DB571 Best Bass Car Speakers

Polk Audio DB571 Car Speakers

Sound Quality: loud across a very wide range of tones

Power: 60W RMS each

What we liked: marine-certified coaxial type

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The Polk Audio DB571 are some of the best bass car speakers with a 2-way coaxial design and a dimension of 5 inches by 7 inches. It has a 19-mm liquid-cooled silk/polymer composite dome tweeter with the neodymium magnet that produces the clear and detailed high frequencies.

The speakers have a dynamic balance construction with its cone filled with the polymer/mica composite material, which makes them stiff yet lightweight and at the same time deliver great sound with little distortion. The bass performance is very powerful and produces deep beats for music audio.

These speakers have a peak power handling of 360 watts or 180 watts each and an RMS of 120 watts per pair or 60 watts each. The frequency response is 52 to 22,000 Hz. Its sensitivity is up to 93 dB.

These car speakers come with a multi-hole mounting pattern with a top mount depth of 1.3/4 inches. The large cone area allows them to have a shallow depth for a wider car installation option. The speakers are marine certified that they can be used on all types of boats and ATVs as they can perform in harsher conditions. It sports a stainless steel mounting hardware.

#8 Infinity REF-6522EX Best Bass Car Speakers

Infinity REF-6522EX Car Speakers

Sound Quality: loud with high-fidelity mid sub to high tones

Power: 55W RMS

What we liked: low mount depth

View full specs: Infinity REF-6522EX Car Speakers

The Infinity REF-6522EX are some of the best bass car speakers designed as 2-way coaxial car speakers. Each speaker has a 1-inch edge-drive, textile dome tweeter. It has the patented Plus One design for a bigger cone area in its tough polypropylene woofer cone. It also comes with the durable hi-roll rubber surround protecting it from damage and dislodgement by the constant movements and slamming typical in car doors.

These speakers have a true 4-ohm impedance with the speaker having a 3-ohm impedance in connection with a speaker wire offering 4 ohms load that can handle 55 watts of RMS power. It can peak at 165 watts especially when powered by a separate external amplifier. The frequency response ranges from 57 Hz to 21,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 93 dB.

These coaxial car speakers have a total depth of 2.1/8 inches and a top mount depth of 1.13/16 inches. There are grilles included. The bracket holes allow the mounting of the speaker within the 6.75 to 6.5 inches squared openings. The mounting cut-out diameter is 4.7/8 inches.

If you are looking for one of the best bass car speakers, be sure to check out the Infinity REF-6522EX speakers.