Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

The 10 Best Wireless Surround Sound Speakers in 2024

In this review we feature the best wireless surround sound speakers that can transform your home audio experience into an audio powerhouse. These wireless speakers are designed to play music from single or multiple audio sources and do not require additional wiring to setup – they are a great way to add wireless surround sound to your home theater setup. They can connect to each other via WiFi or Bluetooth and provide really good sound transmission without any delay or lag, which is ideal for watching movies or listening to music. Furthermore, these speakers are designed with the latest music codecs, so you can hear the sound effects in movies and games with distinct clarity. These wireless surround sound speakers are also capable of HD sound quality and deliver deep bass performance with dedicated subwoofers. If you are looking to add wireless surround sound to your home audio system, be sure to check out our top picks below!

#1 Best Overall: Enclave Audio Wireless Surround Sound System

Enclave Audio Wireless Surround Sound System

The Enclave Audio Cinehome is a wireless surround sound speaker system that can deliver cinema level sound quality to your home. It has multiple connectivity options which remove the need for any additional receivers in the signal chain and also ensures compatibility to any kind of system. It delivers high definition uncompressed audio in up to 7 channels and supports up to 24 bits of depth for full audio dynamics. It has a reliable transmission protocol for both wired and wireless technologies that deliver great sound quality and has no latency or delay, removing any potential audio-video synchronisation problems. The Enclave Audio Cinehome also features 3 HDMI inputs that can connect to different sources so that users would not have to manually switch inputs every item they want to switch the streaming device. The audio setup also supports both Dolby Digital and DTS formats, so almost all multi-channel media are supported with the Enclave Cinehome. The set-up process is simple. The speakers have to be aligned in the correct 5.1 configuration. Afterwards, everything is routed through the Centre speaker which acts as the transceiver of the whole setup, receiving the signal form the streaming sources and distributing it accordingly to the rest of the speakers. It’s one of the best wireless surround sound speakers we have tested for HD cinema setups and we highly recommend them.

The Cinehome by Enclave Audio delivers an immersive experience at home through the wireless surround sound multichannel setup. The 5.1 setup is as follows: centre speaker, left and right speakers, rear left and rear right speakers, subwoofer. It can also be upgraded to a 5.2 system, adding an additional subwoofer. The low-end producing subwoofer has a very high power output which gives the listener physical sensations that mimic the actions happening on screen. In addition, the rear speakers offer a different experience to the everyday stereo setup, producing sound in the back of the listeners, leaving the impression that the user is in the middle of the action. The rear speakers are also set up with two sets of speakers, facing forwards and facing backwards. The facing backwards speakers are producing sound in the opposite direction of the listener. They are used to create additional natural reverberation in the room. This organic reverberation will make the film sound indistinguishable from real life sound. Audio quality wise, the Cinehome delivers on the promise of high definition quality. The sound is crisp and clear, easy to localize and focused. The high bit depth offers great dynamic range, ensuring that the quiet parts are truly quiet and the loud parts come through with force.

The Enclave Audio Cinehome has stylish looking all-black speakers that can fit in any kind of entertainment or living room. They are easy to set up as soon as they’re taken out of the box, all signals being routed through the smart centre speaker. The centre speaker communicates wirelessly with the rest of the system offering the user a cable-free experience. The transmission is reliable and high quality, so there are no issues regarding degradation or loss of quality. The Enclave Audio Cinehome has multiple connectivity options such as three HDMI digital inputs, one 3.5mm TRS analogue input, one digital optical input and a single wireless Bluetooth input. This makes the speaker system able to connect to virtually any kind of device including smartphones and tablet devices. The sound system renders high quality audio in a multichannel format and it’s compatible with both Dolby Digital and DTS formats. The depth of 24bits ensures a wide dynamic range enhancing the immersive aspect of the movie experience.

The Verdict? The Enclave Audio Cinehome wireless surround sound speakers perform very well in bringing the cinema experience close to home. The well designed and well implemented 5.1 system provides an immersive experience, and with the use of the bipole rear speakers, the surround sound is transmitted throughout the entire room. The rendered audio is of high quality and the dynamic range offers an evolving and responsive experience. The system can be connected to any kind of device, old or new, as it is equipped with a variety of connectors, both digital and analogue, as well as wireless. It is easy to install and easy to use. The only set up configuration the user needs to keep in mind is to place properly each of the speakers according to the user manual. We particularly liked the fact that the Enclave Audio speakers connect wirelessly to each other, thereby avoiding the need for further cabling and speaker wires. If you are looking for wireless surround sound speakers for your home entertainment system, the Enclave Audio system comes highly recommended.

#2 Best Sound Quality: Nakamichi Shockwafe Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

Nakamichi Shockwafe Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

The Nakamichi Shockwafe are 7.1 wireless surround sound speakers that deliver superb HD sound quality for a full cinematic experience. It produces high quality sounds using 5 speaker chambers, each with its own digital signal processing units. It has an impressive power of 400 Watts that can produce sound of up to 104 dB without producing any distortion. The subwoofer can produce frequencies as low as 35 Hz using it’s large, 8 inch drivers. It is equipped with multiple Digital Signal Processing equalizer modes that can adapt the sound system to your type of media, with different settings working better for audio-visual media such as films, while other enhancing your music experience. The whole system can be controlled using a wireless remote controller that can allow users to adjust settings right from the comfort of their couch or any other listening position. The latest features of the Nakamichi Shockwafe include improved centre channel vocals for a clear understanding of movie speech, improved sound quality when using the wireless Bluetooth connectivity, capabilities of rendering stereo audio to multichannel and adjustable satellite speaker volume. Overall, these are some of the best wireless surround sound speakers available and we highly recommend them.

This multichannel surround 7.1 sound system developed by Nakamichi offers a truly immersive audio experience with extremely high sound quality. The stand-out feature of this system is the 45-inch width speakers bar which incorporates the left, right and centre speakers. It offers seamless transition in the soundstage between the left and right speakers and offers crystal clear, distinguishable audio from all those sources. It works very well with centrally placed vocals as they are isolated from the rest of the sounds, making it very easy to set apart the dialogue in movies and the main vocals in live concerts. The subwoofer produces low, rumbling bass that can be felt and gives the impression of physical events happening in the room determined by the music, video game or movie that’s being played. The Bluetooth transmission offers reliable and high quality sound, with no loss of quality, delay or any other type of degradation. The multiple digital signal processing EQ units help with the adjustment of the type of media that you’re consuming. The Shockwafe sound system delivers consistent quality audio that works great for any type of music, movie or video game.

Featuring multiple capabilities and design qualities, the Nakamichi Shockwafe is a well built and well-designed audio system that provides a true wireless surround sound experience. It supports both DTS and Dolby Digital multichannel formats which means that it’s compatible with almost all existing media on the market. Unfortunately, the 7.1 design does not shine through as the rear left and rear right speakers are too close within the soundbar to create the authentic experience. However, it is an upgrade from a traditional 5.1 speaker system and it helps with sound localisation. The soundbar design saves spaces and it’s easier to install as 5 out of the 8 speakers are connected by default, saving from any additional set up time or issues arising from connecting multiple speakers. The system can be connected through HDMI with 4k pass and HDMI ARC, 3.5mm analogue audio input, USB, wireless Bluetooth and digital optical input. All those connectivity options open up possibilities of compatibility with virtually every existing TV or playback device.

The Verdict? The Nakamichi Soundwafe 7.1 wireless surround sound speakers deliver crystal clear HD cinematic performance for movies and music. The wireless soundbar, rear speakers and subwoofer provides a true wireless surround sound experience with vibrant details and sound effects. The remote control offers users the ability to change the volume for each set of speakers individually, such as changing the volume for the satellite speakers and for the subwoofer independently, and switch between EQ modes. The EQ modes enhance the versatility of the sound system, not having to compromise quality when users are listening to a live concert as opposed to a film. The sound is clear, powerful and distinguishable. Every element can be pinpointed accurately, both from a sonic perspective, with frequencies not clashing between each other, and from a localisation perspective, the user having the ability to locate the source of the sound with high precision. The wireless connectivity between the speakers is reliable and keep sound to a high standard while making the set up highly convenient as no additional connectivity cables need to be drawn out between the speakers. Overall, the Nakamichi Soundwafe is one of the best wireless surround sound speakers for movies and home theater, and is a great choice for audio enthusiasts.

#3 Best Standalone: SONOS Play Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

SONOS Play Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

The SONOS Play are wireless surround sound speakers that sync wirelessly and is a great standalone audio setup or extension to current home theater systems. It is very small in size, yet it does not compromise on quality, volume or frequency content. The speakers deliver high fidelity audio which is great for any kind of media whether it’s blasting music or watching movies. It connects to your home system through Wi-Fi, having the capability of expanding an existing audio system. Because of the wireless connectivity, it can also stream music from the most used platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and Prime Music. The SONOS Play can be used in conjuncture with Alexa for voice enabled commands, starting, stopping and changing songs only by using natural language. Besides the voice control enabled by Alexa, it can also be configured using the Sonos app, giving users control over volume and which speakers play back the sound. The speakers can be placed anywhere because of their small size and they are also mountable on walls for spaces with limited surfaces. If you are looking for wireless surround sound speakers that can fit into a home theater setup or function as wireless standalone speakers, the SONOS Play is a great choice.

The SONOS Play speakers deliver high quality surround sound which sounds exceptionally crisp with deep bass performance. They connect wirelessly to the streaming devices and have a reliable connection. There are no transmission issues or audio quality degradation. In case of an audio-visual media, there is no transmission latency so no synchronisation problems arise between audio and video. Even though the speakers are small, they project loudly in any room and have good frequency content, from sharp tops to punchy bass. Movie performances sounded very crisp with no lip-sync issues or noticeable lag. These speakers use class-D amplifiers and custom-built drivers that are fine tuned to the design of the speaker unit. In addition, the Trueplay Speaker Tuning is a technology developed by SONOS which applies an equalization filter for the speakers following an impulse response analysis of the room. The speakers play a sweeping sine wave, listen to the room, analyse the frequency response, and apply an equalizer that filters out resonant frequencies. This ensures a clearer sound and removes any muddiness in the sound signature.

The design of the stereo Sonos Play is sleek and modern, with small units that pack a lot of power. Their wireless design allows the user to place them anywhere in their home as long as there is a power supply or socket nearby. These can either be used as a stereo setup for a television or computer, or simply remotely in strategic places in the house for general listening. They are also humidity resistant, which opens up even more placements for the speakers, including kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and so on. They perform equally as well and can offer your home a full audio setup, not limiting the sound experience to the living room, bedroom or entertainment room. The speakers can be mounted on the wall which means that even in small spaces, or rooms where surface space is limited, they can be easily implemented and perform just as well. The Sonos app allows users to quickly search through all the music services available and adjust playback individually to each room or speakers. It connects through Wi-Fi, so as long as the connection is established, distance is not an issue. The Sonos Play is compatible with Alexa, so the whole system can be converted into a smart system that responds to voice commands.

The Verdict? The SONOS Play are wireless surround sound speakers that provide exceptional sound quality and rich powerful sound effects. It can be used both as a stand-alone system for television, computers or general room placements, as well as expanding existing systems, with the condition that everything connects through the same Wi-Fi network. The Sonos Play provides high quality audio and can be adapted to any room using the Trueplay Speaker Tuning and play to the advantages of the space that it’s located in. It provides crystal clear dialogues and deeper bass performance for movies and music. It can be placed in any part of the house as it is humidity resistant, including places like bathrooms, kitchens and balconies. We liked the fact that the SONOS Play speakers are easy to set-up with home Wi-Fi and you can even use them to create a multi-room wireless listening experience. On the whole, the SONOS Play are wireless surround sound speakers that provides superb soundstage and crisp sound performance and comes highly recommended for wireless surround sound setups.

#4 Best Value: VIZIO SB3651 Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

VIZIO SB3651 Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

The VIZIO SB3651-F6 are wireless surround sound speakers designed to provide a true 5.1 listening configuration for an immersive listening experience. It uses a 5.1 configuration, with a soundbar comprising the left, right and centre speakers, two remote satellite speakers and one subwoofer. The three channel soundbar delivers crystal clear dialogue and separates speech from other sound effects on screen. The wireless method used by this system is through a WI-FI network, making the experience more consistent as opposed to Bluetooth connectivity, where any notification on the playback device will interfere with the audio experience. Because of this, the subwoofer and satellite speakers can be placed anywhere without any additional wiring, as long as there is a power socket or supple nearby The SB3561-F6 is compatible with DTS virtual X, a format which delivers virtual overhead sound for an immersive experience. The sound of the VIZIO SB3651-F6 is clear and true to the source, with a very good signal to noise ratio and low total harmonic distortion. The subwoofer delivers powerful bass at a low frequency that can easily fill up a room. If you are looking for wireless surround sound speakers that provide good value for money, the VIZIO SB3651 is a great choice.

The VIZIO SB3651-F6 delivers high quality surround sound with good bass performance. The configuration of the speakers is easy to set up as the soundbar used for the centre has built in left, right and centre speakers. The user does not have to deal with the placement and angles of the speakers as they are already calibrated and set up professionally. The audio quality is high, with a total harmonic distortion of less the 1% at a playback level of 101dB, which is more than enough for any small to medium sized room. The wireless connectivity ensures that the dynamic range and quality is kept to the original standard. There is no quality degradation, transmission related loss or latency that can affect the synchronisation of the audio-visual experience of the film. The separation between the speakers is very good, especially in movies where the dialogue is usually centred. The soundbar does a good job at ensuring that speech is coming through clear and is not muddied by additional sounds from within the film. The surround sound experience and the subwoofer work well together to create an immersive feeling that works well for all types of media, such as film, music and video game. The DTS Virtual X configuration creates the impression that sounds are coming from above by shooting sound towards and ceiling and reflecting it onto the user.

This 5.1 wireless audio system is well built and convenient. It is easy to use and install as it does not require any cabling that can potentially form hazards and create setup inconveniences. The three channel soundbar including the centre and left-right speakers is small and discreet, being easily placed under or on top of the television without much visual impairment or inconveniences. All the speakers connect between themselves using Wi-Fi, which creates a reliable transmission medium that is not interrupted by notifications on the playback device as it is usually the case with Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices. The soundbar is the central wiring hub to connect to the source, having multiple input options such as HDMI, digital optical, digital coaxial, and analogue 3.5 mm TRS. This ensures that the VIZIO SB3651-F6 is compatible with any kind of system, so it can easily be implemented in the users’ home without any additional purchases or reorganisation of the current setup. The DTS Virtual and Wi-Fi audio streaming delivers an immersive surround sound experience for home theater and movies.

The Verdict? The VIZIO SB3651-F6 is one of the best wireless surround sound speakers that provides 5.1 HD sound quality. This speaker system provides crisp dialogues and deep bass for an immersive listening experience. We liked the fact that it features DTS Virtual X implementation, which creates the illusion of sound coming from above and from the rear. The audio system comes with all cables and accessories, including wall mount brackets, which provides a smooth and easy installation. It is compatible with almost all types of systems as it has multiple inputs. The centre soundbar can be placed under or above the TV for a genuine impression that sound is coming directly from the screen. It has good separation between all speakers and the subwoofer is powerful, filling a small to medium sized room with deep and resonant bass that adds to the immersion feelings. Movies sounded very realistic and life-like with the VIZIO speakers, while listening to music was an immersive experience with a good degree of soundstage. Overall, the VIZIO SB3651 wireless surround sound speakers deliver great sound quality and bass performance and we highly recommend them.

#5 4K Ultra HD: JBL Bar 5.1 Wireless Surround Sound System

JBL Bar 5.1 Wireless Surround Sound System

The JBL Bar is a multichannel surround bar with wireless connectivity and provides a true 5.1 surround sound listening experience. It has a distinguishable feature which is characterized by two detachable speakers at either end of the soundbar. By itself, the soundbar comprises of the left, right and centre speakers, with two additional speakers connected on each end. Those two speakers separate and can be placed anywhere to serve as the rear left and rear right speakers. They are wirelessly connected to the main soundbar and are also battery powered. Both the remote speakers and the soundbar are small and can be placed discreetly on top or below the television to give the impression of the sound coming from the screen. The subwoofer features a 250mm diaphragm which can render powerful low end which is suitable for any kind of small to medium sized room. It supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS formats, meaning it is compatible with most types of 5.1 encoding and delivers a truly immersive surround sound experience. It can connect to 4k devices through a HDMI cable meaning that the home viewing experience will be on par with a cinema experience. Overall, the JBL wireless surround sound speakers and soundbar provide an immersive listening experience with a combined power output of 510Ws and 4K Ultra HD inputs.

The JBL Bar 5.1 wireless surround sound speakers provide a true surround sound experience with great convenience and are highly versatile. It renders high quality audio and communicates wirelessly through Bluetooth while maintaining consistent sound quality. There is no signal degradation through this transmission medium, no loss of information and no latency. Movies sounded just as good as dedicated home theater systems with no wireless lag or lip-sync issues. The audio and video media will stay synchronized and the sound gets played out of all speakers simultaneously. There is good separation between all speakers, and for movies, the dialogue is coming out of the centre speaker and does not get interfered with additional sounds from the left and right speakers. The soundbar does provides a limited soundstage as it is quite narrow with the satellite speakers removed, but it works well at closer distances. The detachable satellite speakers offer a great deal of versatility as they can be connected to the main soundbar, creating a wide soundstage in the front, and then they can be remotely placed anywhere in the room, without having issues with power sources. They are great for rooms where there is not enough space for a permanent sound system or where the environment is too varied. The subwoofer provides deep and resonant low end which complements the rest of the system very well.

The JBL Bar wireless surround sound system is built for portability and versatility. The Bluetooth technology is well implemented and delivers good quality audio without any transmission issues. The main soundbar is quite small and can be easily placed below or under the television without creating much inconvenience. It connects to the sound source using an HDMI port which supports high definition audio. The JBL Bar is designed to work with the TV’s own remote control so that users can use the existing remote without the need of an additional one. It features detachable speakers that act as the rear left and rear right speakers in the 5.1 setup. The detachable speakers are battery powered, lasting up to 10 hours and charging automatically when connected to the main soundbar. They are also connected wirelessly so there is no need for additional audio cables. The subwoofer features a 250mm diaphragm which is good for producing deep bass that responds quickly to changes on the screen. The JBL Bar easily connects to all your 4K devices and supports ultra HD for a wireless surround sound experience.

The Verdict? The JBL Bar is a true 5.1 wireless surround sound system that is extremely convenient and easy to install. We particularly liked the fact that these wireless surround sound speakers supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS for movies and music for detailed spatial sound quality. These speakers also provide rich and thrilling bass from a 10” (250mm) wireless subwoofer with the convenience of flexible placement without any wiring. You can also connect all your 4K devices and upgrade your home entertainment to ultra HD with the JBL system. It connects easily to the television or player that is being used through an HDMI cable. The soundbar uses wireless transmission through Bluetooth to connect all its components together. The distinguishable detachable rear speakers offer a great deal of versatility as they are both battery powered and wireless. Taking this into consideration alongside their small size, they are excellent to be used in any type of room, especially those where the installation of a permanent 5.1 setup is not viable. Overall, the JBL Bar are wireless surround sound speakers that deliver great sound performance for videos and movies and we highly recommend them.

#6 Most Powerful: Bose Lifestyle 650 Wireless Surround Sound

Bose Lifestyle 650 Wireless Surround Sound

The Bose Lifestyle 650 comprise of powerful wireless surround sound speakers which uses a 5.1 configuration with a dedicated subwoofer. It renders high quality audio for movies, video games and music, and comes with combined advanced technologies to ensure that it sounds just as stunning as it looks. The centre speaker is slim and can be easily fitted below or above the television to give the impression that the sound is coming from the screen. It features individual Omni Jewel units for the left, right, rear left and rear right speakers which can be placed accordingly depending on the room and listening position. The Omni Jewel are the smallest speakers designed by Bose, which still provide good volume and high quality sound. The subwoofer is powerful and uses the Quiet Port technology which is an advanced digital signal processing technique used to eliminate distortion to provide clean and clear bass. The distinguishable feature of this sound system is the ADAPTiQ calibration process, which fine-tunes the speaker system’s frequency response depending on the qualities of the room. The Bose Lifestyle 650 is also enabled to be used with home assistant devices such as Alexa and Echo Dot. Overall, the Bose Lifestyle 650 wireless surround sound speakers are some of the best in the market and we highly recommend them.

The Bose Lifestyle 650 delivers a true 5.1 surround sound experience with good audio quality. It features one centre speakers which works very all at isolating speech and dialogue when watching movies. The other four speakers are Omni Jewels which are extremely small but can still pack a punch. The wireless bass module utilizes Quiet Port technology and advanced DSP technology to virtually eliminate all distortion at high volume levels. They produce high quality audio which is very clear and crisp, maintaining a high volume level with great attention to dialogue, sound effects and music. As the left and right speakers are individual units and do not make part of a soundbar, the system can be positioned depending on the listening position and on the room dimensions. The Lifestyle 650 delivers a true immersive surround sound experience which works very well with any kind of media, including movies, video games and music. The Bose Lifestyle 650 also uses a smart room calibration algorithm, the ADAPTiQ. It creates a custom equalization setting by analysing the sound of the room and cutting out any frequencies that are prone to resonate. This ensures a tighter and clearer sound.

The Bose Lifestyle 650 has a sleek and modern design with a premium glass and brushed anodized aluminium. The surround sound system creates a true 360-degree sound using a traditional 5.1 setup that uses a left, centre, right, rear right and rear right speaker. It also features a wireless subwoofer which provides clear and deep bass which complements well the sound of the Omni Jewels. The subwoofer uses an advanced digital processing technique which removes any low-end distortion. The ADAPTiQ room calibration is a well implemented adaptive equalizer which sends an impulse response to be played through the sound system which is then recorded and analysed. After the analysis, the resonant frequencies are filtered out to ensure a clear and tight sound. The Bose Lifestyle 650 can also be used in conjecture with home assistants such as Alexa and Echo Dot, enabling hands-free music playing by using voice commands. The sound system can be connected using both Wi-Fi for in-home listening without a device, or through Bluetooth to connect with portable devices such as a phone or tablet.

The Verdict? The Bose Lifestyle 650 wireless surround sound speakers provide exceptional audio quality and bass performance with deep sound effects. It creates a truly immersive, 360-degree audio experience which works very well with movies, creating a similar experience to watching a film at the cinema. The subwoofer provides powerful bass which can be felt and gives the impression that actions on screen have a physical manifestation in the real world. The system is easy to install and is compatible with most existing home setups without the need of additional purchases. The Bose Lifestyle 650 can be used in any kind of room because it uses an advanced room equalization system that calibrates the system to fit the characteristics of your room. Overall, it is a great product which delivers a true 5.1 setup that provides stunning cinematic sound performance and wireless surround sound.

#7 Most Compact: Bose Virtually Invisible Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

Bose Virtually Invisible Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

The Bose Virtually Invisible 300 are wireless surround sound speakers designed to provide crystal clear HD sound quality while blending into modern home decor. As their name suggests, they are very small and yet deliver on high quality audio. They are designed to be inconspicuous, convenient and easy to place in any location without disrupting the environment. The Bose Virtually Invisible 300 speakers are designed to pair with the Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar and the Acoustic 300 bass module to create a more complex, surround sound system. They also have wireless connectivity which enables them to seamlessly connect to the SoundTouch 300 Soundbar main unit, removing any inconveniences caused by audio cables and additional wiring. Their small size allows them to be placed anywhere in the room in order to create a truly immersive surround sound experience, without compromising on quality or power. These speakers make the user feel as though they are sitting at the centre of the action, whether they are listening to music, watching films or playing video games. If you are looking for wireless surround sound speakers for your home theater setup, the Bose 300 speakers is definitely a great choice.

The Bose Virtually Invisible 300 delivers great sounding audio while being extremely convenient and easy to use. Even though they are only add-ons that complement the main Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar, their freedom of positioning is a great advantage and allows users to create custom setups that produce a true sense of envelopment. As they are both small and wireless, they can be placed in any kind of room and in any kind of space. Whether they are above and shooting downwards, down and shooting upwards, sideways, in the back, or simply extending the width of the Soundbar, the Virtually Invisible 300 do a great job at producing good quality audio. Their sound is clear, powerful and definite, perfectly complementing the SoundBar. The wireless transmission used between the SoundTouch 300 and the Virtually Invisible 300 is reliable. They can communicate to moderate distances and there is no transmission degradation of quality, no latency and no loss of signal. Movies sounded great and very well-defined without any lag or lip-sync issues. The speakers are lighter on the bass which is to be expected considering their size, but their lower-middle range is tight and punchy. They also have crisp and well-defined top end suitable for all kinds of media, such as music, films and video games.

The small and compact design of the Virtually Invisible 300 can be reflected in the reliability, sound quality and looks. The speakers are very small, with a weight of only 600 grams and a height of 8 centimetres and a width of 9 centimetres. This compact and light design allows them to be placed almost anywhere, such as desks, shelves, cabinets and so on. However, they need to be close to a wall socket or another type of power supply as the need to be plugged in for a constant stream of power. The power cords with adapters are small, but add a slight amount of inconvenience to an otherwise ‘invisible’ product. These wireless surround sound speakers are easy to use and easy to set up. As they are created as add-ons to the Bose SoundTouch 300, they do not have any controls or set up requirements. They automatically connect through wireless with the closest SoundTouch 300, duplicating the sound and extending the audio image depending on their placement.

The Verdict? The Bose Virtually Invisible 300 wireless surround sound speakers are a great, customizable add-on to a well-established speaker system. Their purpose is to place the listener at the centre of the action by duplicating the sound of the SoudTouch 300 and giving the users the freedom of placing the speakers wherever they desire. They can either create a very large soundstage or work towards making a truly immersive audio experience. These speakers are excellent for different types of media, whether its music, video games or films. The put the listener at the centre of the action and create a sense of envelopment. They are a great upgrade to an already reliable speaker system and are a great fit to anyone who is looking for a budget friendly surround sound system. They are adequate to be used in spaces which are uneven or have limited places for speaker placements for home theater setups. Overall, they are a reliable, high-performance pair of wireless surround sound speakers that delivers HD sound performance and has a stable wireless connection for home theater systems.

#8 Best HD Sound: LS50 Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

LS50 Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

The LS50 are wireless surround sound speakers designed for high-end audio performance with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options. They are an active system that cover a lot of the frequency spectrum and delivers a very clear and tight sound. They are equipped with a KEF signature UNI-Q Driver array that can produce sounds as low as 40 Hz for a powerful and deep bass. It connects wirelessly to any streaming device using both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, giving users the flexibility between the two systems. By using Wi-Fi as a transmission medium, users can also take advantage of a dedicated mobile app that offers control over the speaker system and high quality music transmission. The application is widely available on large app stores such as iTunes and Google Play. In case wireless is not preferred, the speakers are equipped with several wires connections, such as an asynchronous USB connection, a digital optical input, and also an RCA analogue input. The stereo output from the LS50 speakers is immensely satisfying and crystal clear – with great attention to detail and zero harmonic distortion across all frequency ranges. If you are looking for wireless surround sound speakers that can deliver high-end audio, the LS50s are your best bet.

The LS50 is designed for audiophiles and has numerous distinguishable characteristics. We found that the transmission options are well-implemented and provide high definition audio with no quality loss or signal degradation for movies or music. There is no latency or lip-sync issues with the wireless connection, so there are no problems regarding synchronisation between audio and video arise. The LS50W has a time correcting digital signal processing technique implemented to adjust any crossover delays between the tweeter and the woofer. While most speakers need to be listened to from a ‘sweet spot’, the LS50W delivers high quality audio all throughout, without any phasing issues between the two sound sources. This feature can be turned off by the user at any time in case a traditional listening experience is desired. The sound system supports resolutions as high as 192kHz sampling rate, which is way above CD quality level and ensures there is no aliasing or filtering within the file. This sampling rate is important when editing audio, so this system can be used by professionals for any kind of detailed work. The 24-bit depth resolutions allows for a wide dynamic range that creates an even more enjoyable listening experience, as the quiet sections have no noticeable noise floor and the loud sections do not clip or distort.

The LS50W is able to connect wirelessly via dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity or Bluetooth 4.0, as well as through USB connection, digital TOSLINK inputs or RCA analog inputs depending on your preferences. It delivers very high quality audio through various mediums and is relatively easy to setup. The LS50W features a high resolution of 192 kHz and 24-bit depth resolution throughout the digital signal path, including through the wireless transmission mediums, both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This high of quality does not make an audible difference to, for example CD quality, which is 44.1 kHz and 16-bit depth, but it is necessary in the professional environment for audio processing and editing. The speakers feature 4 digital to analogue converters, two for each channels, being split into a converter for the tweeter and one for the woofer. The LS50W also features a streaming preamplifier for an adequate level across the signal chain. The Uni-Q is a technology featured in this product that uses digital signal processing techniques to correct the time difference at the crossover between the two drivers of the speaker. Usually, time differences result in phase cancellations between the two sources and create a thinner sound. This technique removes those impediments and creates a consistent and full experience.

The Verdict? The LS50Ws are well-designed wireless surround sound speakers that offers professional audio workers the convenience usually marketed towards casual consumers. These speakers can be connected to any kind of existing system, using both wired and wireless connection, analogue and digital. The LS50W provides high quality sound and renders any kind of audio true to the original source. They are suitable to be used in professional environments for mixing and editing. In addition, they can have an additional subwoofer connected, creating a true 2.1 system when necessary. We particularly liked the fact that the LS50Ws uses a 5.25” Uni-Q driver capable of reaching down to 40 Hz, combined with a built-in 192kHz/24bit DAC and 230W amplifier. Overall, the LS50Ws are wireless surround sound speakers that provide high-end HD sound performance and are a great choice for audiophiles who want a sublime music experience.

#9 Atmos Sound System: Damson S Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

Damson S Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

The Damson S series are wireless surround sound speakers designed to bring a full cinematic listening experience to your home with deep bass. The lack of cables makes this audio system very convenient to use and install. All the system units can be placed freely without requiring additional cabling or setup. All units are discreet and compact, yet this design choice does not have an impact on sound quality, the speakers producing clear and powerful audio which can truly enhance the listening experience during movies, music or games. The Damson S Series Is not limited to only a 5.1 system, as multiple S-Cubes can be connected throughout the home, wirelessly, to expand the sound throughout the house and the rooms and providing a full cinematic audio experience. The Damson S series is the only wireless system that supports the Dolby Atmos Home Cinema System, which uses complex processing algorithms that deal with sound as ‘objects’ in the 3D space rather than as the normal panoramic approach used in traditional mixing. If you are looking for wireless surround sound speakers with Dolby Digital Atmos sound, the Damson S system is a great choice.

The Damson S series provides high quality audio in a truly immersive fashion. The subwoofer and soundbar which acts as the centre speaker are well balanced and do not overlap in frequencies. The bass is calibrated in such a way that it does not overpower the overall rich sounding experience, and yet punches deep and feels solid. The combination of the multiple speakers and configuration between them ensures that each sound is clearly defined and not overpowered by others. The centre speaker performs very well at isolating dialogue and ensuring that there is no spill from other sound sources that can take away from the clarity of speech. The additional S-Cubes which can be added to the system are fully-fleshed standalone units which have their own built-in subwoofer which create an even more immersive experience as the sound is propagated within the room, creating natural reverberation that adds another layer of authenticity. The Dolby Atmos compatibility means that sounds are treated as objects rather than just being panned around the speakers. This system provides excellent soundstage and wireless surround sound that is fully immersive and enjoyable to listen to.

The Damson S series is a well built, innovative sound system that is easy to install, maintain and upgrade. It features stylish looking speakers that serve well as visual additions to the aesthetic of the room. They are small and compact, but do not compromise on volume or quality, so they can be easily placed anywhere in a room, even at greater distances without suffering any kind of degradation. The centre soundbar is especially convenient due to its size as it can be easily placed below or above the television, creating the illusion that sound is coming from the front. The wireless connectivity is reliable and is not prone to degrade the quality of the audio or create any latency issues. The S-Cubes are fully wireless units which are battery powered and can last up to 8 hours of playback time. The remote speakers have an impressive 35 Watts output which is powerful enough for even larger spaces. The Dolby Atmos enablement is a great feature that can really bring to life movies. At the moment, there is not a lot of Dolby Atmos content available, so users need to keep in mind this when making choices regarding the movies and films they intend to watch with this system.

The Verdict? The Damson S series wireless surround sound speakers provides superb home theater surround sound with Dolby Atmos technology. The system is easy to set up and very convenient as it is all wireless and no additional cabling is required. There are no impediments in making the adequate placements for each of the speakers so that the system is well calibrated. The small size of the speakers makes this even easier as the units can be placed virtually anywhere as long as there is a small surface available. We also liked the fact that the Damson system is expandable – you can connect up to 16 S-cubes throughout your home and works with Comcast, Apple TV 4k and Fire 4K devices. The speakers are also very nicely designed and blend in nicely into modern home interior décor. Overall, the Damson S wireless surround sound speakers deliver sound quality that exceeds expectations and we highly recommend them for a truly immersive cinematic experience.

#10 DTS Sound: Samsung HT-J5500W Wireless Surround Sound

Samsung HT-J5500W Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

The Samsung HT-J5500W is a fully integrated wireless surround sound system which uses multichannel 5.1 audio to create an immersive film experience at home. The total power of the system sums up to an impressive 1,000 Watts which means it can deliver a powerful experience in rooms of any size. The system is connected wirelessly through Wi-Fi and is very easy to install and set up. Because of the small size and wireless connectivity, speaker placement is easily made which means that the 5.1 configuration can be easily set up. The centre speaker is small and can be placed below or above the television to create the impression that sound is coming from the screen itself. In addition, all the control is done through the centre soundbar by using any Bluetooth enabled device to pair with the system, playing audio from the most commonly used devices. The system uses the Crystal Amplifier Plus which filters sound sources twice to minimize distortion and produce clear audio that stay true to the original source. If you are looking for powerful wireless surround sound speakers for home theater setups, the Samsung HT-J550W is worth checking out.

The Samsung HT-J5500W produces great quality audio which sounds great for films, live music concerts and video games. It is compatible with Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Surround sound for an immersive audio experience which takes full advantage of the 5.1 setup. It can also use Dolby True HD enabled content which helps render near-studio quality sound. The whole system is balanced well with no speaker overpowering the others. The centre speaker works very well at maintaining crisp and clear dialogue and speech without much spill from neighbouring channels. The subwoofer provides deep bass without overpowering the rest of the speaker ensemble. The wireless transmission medium is reliable and does not present any audio degradation problems. The signal quality is maintained to a high standard and there are no latency issues, which minimizes any lag or lip-sync issues with the speakers. These speakers are capable of delivering a full-range immersive sound experience with crisp dialogues and clean sound effects without any distortion.

The Samsung HT-J5500W surround sound system is well designed and provides a truly immersive audio experience. It has multiple features which make it a very convenient system to use as it removes the need for any additional pieces of gear or add-ons. The Samsung HT-J5500W can connect using both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so that it can be controlled using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on. A dedicated Bluetooth connection needs to be established between the streaming device and the central soundbar. Any kind of Wi-Fi enabled device can also communicate with the system easily, controlling which type of media is being played and also control the volume of the system. The HT-J5500W uses a well-designed amplification system named Crystal Amplifier Plus, which in addition to adjusting the signal level to the desired value also uses a smart filtering system. The aforementioned filtering system is used to minimize distortion that might potentially happen during loud film sequences. It ensures that the audio rendered is as clear as possible in order to make the listening experience as good as possible.

The Verdict? The Samsung HT-J5500W are wireless surround sound speakers which can be implemented in any kind of room as it is wireless and the speaker units are small. With a total of 1,000 Watts of power, this surround sound system can be used in rooms of any size and successfully fill them up with powerful audio. It is suitable for anyone looking to install a new sound system that is going to be relevant for a long period of time. It can be used for all types of media, such as film, music and video games. This sound system works in conjuncture with a 3D Blue-ray player and TV. Taking the whole experience of a 3D ultra-HD movie with a well-integrated 5.1 surround sound can create an experience that can match or even surpass that of a cinema. All those features from the comfort of your own home can only work together when using a well-designed video and sound system such as the Samsung HT-J550W. Overall, this multichannel surround sound system performs very well in multiple areas and is extremely easy to use and implement. It’s a wireless surround sound system that delivers crystal clear surround sound with wireless streaming and we highly recommend them.