UE Megaboom Review

UE Megaboom Review

UE Megaboom Review – The UE Megaboom Speaker


The UE MEGABOOM is one of the best Bluetooth speakers available today, and comes with the added advantage of portability, water resistance and 360 degree sound. It’s designed specifically for you to take it under harsh elements while enjoying your favorite music with loud volumes and deep bass. It’s hands down the perfect party speaker and is designed to produce amazing 360-degree sound with deep bass wherever you want. The speaker is also built like a tank – it is shockproof, IPX7 waterproof, has an incredible battery life of 20 hours and is pretty lightweight at just 1.93 pounds. It also even includes a UE MEGABOOM app for addition features and voice control, using Siri integration on your mobile phone. If you are looking for one of the best Bluetooth speakers that is both portable and delivers exceptional sound, the UE MEGABOOM is an outstanding choice.

UE Megaboom Review

Pros & Cons

The Pros. The UE MEGABOOM is one of the best Bluetooth speakers in terms of sound performance, and can pump out enough audio to fill an entire backyard with music. The battery life on this speaker is a phenomenal 55 hours of continuous playtime at just 30% volume, although the performance length will vary according to the volume. If you need a Bluetooth speaker to keep the party going through the entire night, the UE MEGABOOM is definitely the right choice for you.

The Cons. The Price. The UE MEGABOOM is an expensive Bluetooth speaker, and is suited for those who want a Bluetooth speaker for long-term continuous outdoor use. It is a great investment if you intend to buy a speaker for parties or get-togethers with many people, but not so much worth the price if you just want a speaker to listen to by yourself – there are plenty of other options at lower prices for individual listening.

Sound Performance

The UE MEGABOOM is probably one of the most powerful speakers we have ever tested. The UE MEGABOOM can go extremely loud – you can easily fill up an entire backyard with music and it is the perfect choice for parties. In terms of sound performance, this speaker sounds clean and remains distortion free even at maximum volumes. The MEGABOOM is capable of producing very tight and punchy bass that can go very deep – listening to disco and pop music on this Bluetooth speaker was a really thrilling experience. The highs and mids sound crisp and clear; we really liked how nice and smooth our pop and disco music sounded through this speaker. The MEGABOOM also has a distinct treble which you can adjust via the EQ settings on the app. Overall, the sound quality of the MEGABOOM is nothing but top-notch.

Battery Life

Where the UE MEGABOOM truly shines is its phenomenal battery life. We found that the speaker could last for over 55 hours of continuous playtime at just 30% volume. When we used the speaker outdoors at 75% volume for 5 hours, we found that the speaker still had an 80% charge remaining. In short, this is probably the best Bluetooth speaker available with the longest battery life.


UE Megaboom Review

The speaker itself is designed to be extremely durable and portable, which makes it plenty of fun to carry around. It comes an included carrying clip which makes it easy to clip it to a backpack with a carabiner and take it around with you. You can also mount the speaker on your bicycle and take it for a ride. The speaker is IPX7 waterproof which means that it will take direct splashes of water, and is also shockproof so you don’t have to worry about dropping it. You can charge this speaker via a mini USB charger – when the battery light is low it makes a notification sound and the power button lights up red to alert you.

The MEGABOOM allows you to run an app which some cool features but with some limitations. You can update the speaker’s firmware from the app, which is a great feature. The speaker also has a Smart Bluetooth feature that allows you to turn it on and off from the app and you can schedule an alarm to turn it on and off as well. The Smart Bluetooth feature consumes some battery power and it can be turned off if you don’t need the remote on/off features.

The Verdict?

The UE MEGABOOM is one of the best Bluetooth speakers designed for those who need extreme sound performance in an outdoor environment. It is designed to be rugged, water-resistant and easily portable. It is an incredible Bluetooth speaker that delivers superb audio performance and produces clear and crisp sound without any distortion. Furthermore, the manufacturers have been rolling out new updates to the UE app to improve the speaker firmware, so you are really getting quality for what you pay for. At the time of writing, this amazing speaker is selling at a very good price point, so don’t forget to check it out!

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