Soundboks 4 Bluetooth Speaker

Soundboks 4 Review: The Loudest Soundboks Speaker

The Soundboks 4 is the latest Bluetooth speaker developed by Soundboks and is designed to be an upgrade from its predecessor, the Soundboks 3. The Soundboks 4 can deliver up to 126dB of loud sound output with a built-in battery that delivers up to 40 hours of playtime on a single charge. The Soundboks 4 is loud enough to power a large outdoor area or backyard with deep bass and crystal clear sound performance, and you can push up this speaker to max volume without hearing any distortion. One of the new features of the Soundboks 4 is that it also comes with a customizable grill design which pops off and back on again, and you can spray paint it to customize the appearance of the speaker. It’s one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers we have tested and highly recommend them for outdoor parties and gatherings where you need to blast music with deep bass beats. The speaker gets incredibly loud, and you also have the ability to chain up to 5 Soundboks 4 speakers together to create a much wider listening field using the Soundboks app if required.

The Soundboks 4 has essentially the same features as the Soundboks 3 and delivers roughly the same volume output (the Soundboks 4 is slightly louder at 126dB compared with the Soundboks 3’s concert level of 122 dB), however, the Soundboks 4 has a much more efficient battery and is equipped with a DSP processor that provides all-day energy efficiency with 20% longer sound performance at max volume output. The Soundboks 3 currently delivers 5 hours of playtime at full volume, which means that the Soundboks 4 is capable of delivering 6 hours of playtime at max volume with the added DSP energy-efficient processor. Like the Soundboks 3, the Soundboks 4 also uses 3 Class D amplifiers that deliver 72Ws to 3 speakers.

The Soundboks 4 is available in black and grey metal grill designs

Sound Performance

We really liked the sound performance of the Soundboks 4 speaker. Compared to the Soundboks 3, the Soundboks 4 delivers more pronounced bass and present midranges, and the tweeters deliver pristine highs with crystal clear clarity. The Soundboks 4 also comes equipped with an improved DSP processor which helps the sound to feel smoother and more refined especially at louder volume levels without any hint of distortion.

At maximum volume, the Soundboks 4 delivers extremely loud sound performance with deep bass, and does not have any hint of distortion. The highs and midranges remain crisp and crystal clear, and the midranges are consistently present. We played a couple of EDM and rock music performances including Charlite Puth’s “Attention” and Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” and they sounded absolutely amazing with very clear vocal ranges and crisp highs. You can hear almost every single detail in the music and the bass on the Soundboks 4 hits hard and sounds very punchy. We also liked the fact that you can customize the sound performance and EQ using the Soundboks app, which is a nice added touch.

The Soundboks 4 is an incredibly loud speaker that can deliver up to 126dB of loudness with 3 X 72W RMS of output power. This speaker can easily fill up a large backyard or outdoor party with filling sound, and we liked the fact that the sound performance remains consistently clean and clear at every volume level. You can also hear a good amount of bass and detail at low volume levels which is really good considering how large the Soundboks 4 speaker is.

Soundboks 4 Customizable Grill Design with Spray Paint


In terms of design, the Soundboks 4 features a few improvements particularly with the new adaptive DSP processor and bass enhancer which helps to improve the lower-end bass performance. Like the Soundboks 3, the Soundboks 4 has a wide frequency range of 40 Hz to 20 kHz and comes with an added pulse reflex port for deeper bass. The Soundboks 4 also comes with dual 10” 96 dB woofers and one 1” 104 dB compression driver tweeter for crystal clear highs and vocals.

Compared to the Soundboks 3, the Soundboks 4 also comes with a more stable and efficient tweeter and speaker driver design with firmware routing (it consolidates two PCBAs into a single one for better sound performance). The XLR inputs are also improved and produces less noise when connected to a microphone or instrument for cleaner audio sound output. The speaker is also equipped with a SKAA antenna with better placement for a more consistent TeamUp connection with other Soundboks 4 speakers. The Soundboks 4 also gives you 20% longer playtime at maximum volume with the improved DSP processing technology.

Like the Soundboks 3, the Soundboks 4 is essentially built like a tank and is designed to be portable. While the Soundboks 4 is slightly heavier than the Soundboks 3 at 35.5 lbs, the speaker comes equipped with a dentproof steel grill, splash proof speaker component and shock-absorbing silicon ball for it to be easily carried around. We also liked the fact that the Soundboks 4 comes equipped with the Soundboks app which provides access to custom EQ, custom stereo configurations and other firmware updates. You can read our full comparative review of the Soundboks 3 vs Soundboks 4 here.

The Verdict?

The Soundboks 4 is hands down one of the loudest party speakers that delivers up to 126dB of massive volume output and is powerful enough to fill a large outdoor venue with loud sound and deep bass. Compared to its predecessor the Soundboks 3, the Soundboks 4 is able to deliver much deeper bass performance and slightly louder volume output. It also comes with improved DSP processing which improves the battery time by 20% at maximum volume level. We really enjoyed the sound performance of the Soundboks 4 – it delivers crystal clear highs, detailed midranges and powerful bass beats that sound really tight and punchy with plenty of depth. The bass also feels more rounded and deep than the Soundboks 3, and makes EDM and hip-hop music genres very enjoyable to listen to. You can also use the TeamUp feature with SKAA to create a wider surround sound listening experience with up to five speakers. The Soundboks 4 is also equipped with a battery pack that delivers an impressive 40 hours of playtime on a single charge, and comes with a new grill design that can pop off and back on again for added customization. Overall, the Soundboks 4 is an extremely powerful and loud Bluetooth speaker designed for portability and we highly recommend them.