Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbuds

Sony MDR XB50AP Review

Summary – Sony MDR XB50AP Extra Bass Earbuds

The Sony MDRXB50APs are very good extra bass earbuds you can find on a budget. These earbuds come with 12mm dome type driver units that deliver powerful deep bass response, and features hybrid silicone earbuds for a secure comfortable fit to reduce ambient noise. The specially designed drivers come with high quality neodymium magnets that deliver quality bass together with a tightly sealed acoustic design which provides a high level of sound isolation to enhance the low end frequencies. The bass performance on these earbuds is strong, punchy and delightful to listen to. The MDRXB50APs also come with an integrated microphone with multi-function control for smart playback control which is a nice added touch. The manufacturers have also included hybrid silicone earbuds from x-small, small, medium to large sizes for you to get the perfect fit in your ears. The Sony earbuds also come with a durable 1.2m flat cord which reduces tangling; a convenient soft pouch is also included for you to store the earbuds easily. Overall, they are great earbuds to have if you want to focus on the bass performance; they are certainly not the bass earbuds out there on the market, but they certainly do pack a punch considering their budget price point.

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Pros & Cons

The Pros. Very good bass response that sounds tight and punchy. The bass is not bloated and does not muddy into the midrange – the acoustic drivers are easily powered by smartphone auxiliary inputs and the sound performance can be adjusted by tweaking the EQ settings. They are not bad for entry level earbuds for bass heads that are available at a budget price point. It also comes with silicone ear tips with a variety of sizes to choose from to get the best fit.

The Cons. The Sony MDR XB50AP earbuds may seem somewhat bulky for some – the highs and midrange sound clear but may feel colored. These earbuds have a slightly warmer sound signature than other earbuds which may or may not be a good thing depending on your preference. The auxiliary input jack may also feel slightly flimsy at times. The multi-function button works for answering calls and pausing music, but does not support volume control.

Sound Performance

The Sony MDRXB50APs deliver incredible sound performance and balanced sound stage with crisp midrange, crisp highs and very punchy bass. They really deliver quality sound that can rival their more expensive counterparts by triple the price. The bass response on these earbuds is dynamic and able to deliver big sound without overpowering everything else on electronic dance music or pop music, while delivering punchy bass on rock and metal genres. We also found the midrange and crisp highs come across naturally and clearly without any distortion and sounding harsh at higher volumes. Vocal performances sounded crisp and lifelike, with natural sound reproduction that felt smooth and enjoyable to listen to. Listening to rock and electronic dance music with the Sony earbuds sounded punchy and tight with incredibly deep bass response – the bass does not overpower the music and does not flood into the midrange, which makes the sound come across as refined and crystal clear.

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Noise Isolation

Furthermore, the Sony earbuds are great at noise isolation and blocking out ambient background noise with its tightly sealed silicone ear tips – you will need to choose the correct size for your ears to get the best fit. The acoustic drivers also boost the audio levels on your mp3 player or audio source which gives it a fun sound signature – it also gives a nice boost to the bass for extra punchy beats while maintaining a good level of midrange and highs. In summary, the Sony earbuds delivers exceptional audio quality with added bass, distinct highs and lows with detailed midrange – they truly deliver incredible sound performance at less than half or triple the cost of other reputable brands in the market.

Other Features

The Sony earbuds are lightweight and very comfortable to wear; the silicone earbuds fit into the ears very well and does not cause any ear fatigue even after prolonged listening. The 1.2m cords are designed to be flat and narrow which reduces tangling; this makes a huge difference especially if you keep your earbuds in the pocket while commuting on public transport. It also comes with an integrated microphone design and smartphone playback control for you to take hands free calls on the go, which is really convenient. Overall, the Sony earbuds have a very sleek and modern looking design that looks really cool. It also comes with a convenient carry pouch for you to store the earbuds when not in use.

The Verdict?

There is no question that the Sony MDRXB50APs are excellent earbuds for bass reproduction and one of the best products in the Sony line available at an affordable price range. These earbuds are really a steal for those who can’t afford expensive earbuds but want to experience deep quality bass. Our initial tests revealed that these earbuds are capable of delivering extremely punchy and tight bass without mudding into the midrange or highs; they sound relatively balanced and very nice for electronic dance music or pop music genres. The 12mm dome drivers are able to produce crystal clear sound with a low level of distortion at high volumes; the earbuds also come with hybrid silicone earbuds of different sizes to choose from for you to get the perfect fit. The earbuds are also designed to be extremely lightweight and portable, and come with 1.2m cords that are flat and narrow to prevent tangling. These earbuds are designed to be comfortable and definitely something you can wear these for hours on end without feeling any ear fatigue.  That being said, they are slightly bulkier and may fall off if you intend to go to the gym or do sports activities with these. Apart from this, the Sony MDRXB50APs do provide a very pleasurable listening experience for bass heads alike and we highly recommend them if you are running tight on a budget.

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