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Criteria for Rugged Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Criteria for Selection of Rugged Wireless Outdoor Speakers

It’s no surprise that choosing the right outdoor wireless speakers can be a little challenging, considering the type of climates and environments these speakers can be subjected to. Adventurers want to get the best of their outdoor speakers by taking them around the world and never having to worry about damaging them or compromising sound quality. We’ve put together a list of select criteria when selecting the best portable rugged wireless speakers to ensure that they produce high-quality audio outdoors and can withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions.

1. Water and shock resistance: We ensure that all rugged outdoor speakers have a water resistance of at least IP-X4 or higher, you can bring these speakers out on a rainy day without any hassle at all. These rugged outdoor speakers are also manufactured to withstand shock, so you can drop or even throw these speakers around and they will stay perfectly intact (although we hope you do not try these on your own speakers!)

2. Portability: When it comes to rugged wireless outdoor speakers, portability matters. We’ve selected speakers based on part on their portability and features that allow for easy strapping around objects such as your bicycle or your backpack to maximize convenience. Outdoor travellers love to bring their gadgets wherever they go so we’ve also made sure these speakers are lightweight enough for you to carry them around without any hassle at all.

3. High-quality audio: Needless to say, every outdoor audiophile wants to hear nice, bassy music streaming from their outdoor speakers without any distortion. We’ve used this selecting criteria with a particular emphasis on bass output in our speaker reviews in our quest for the best outdoor speakers. Producing clear music with bass response is especially difficult for portable outdoor speakers due to the size of the speaker and the vastness of open space, so we’ve come up with a list of speakers that will defy expectations.

4. Battery-life: It’s always a joy to bring your outdoor speakers out on a hike for days in a row without ever needing to recharge or replace batteries for your outdoor speakers. We’ve selected outdoor speakers which are efficient in energy usage so that you can experience uninterrupted high-quality audio for long periods of time.

5. Design: We look for ultra-portable and super eye-catching outdoor speakers that look simply great wherever you bring it, with a nice funky design that looks like part of your outdoor gear.