Polk Audio PSW10 Review

Polk Audio PSW10 Review

Summary – Polk Audio PSW10 Review

The Polk Audio PSW10 is a subwoofer that delivers decent bass output and is ideal for home audio systems. The subwoofer comes with a built-in high-current amplifier and a 10” polymer composite dynamic balance cone driver for deep bass reproduction. The amplifier has a continuous power of 50 watts and a dynamic power of up to 100 watts. The entire subwoofer is housed in a non-resonant MDF enclosure construction with 0.75” baffles and internal bracing to reduce bass resonance and create a tighter bass impact. The enclosures are tuned for distortion-free low frequencies and eliminate standing waves to create a solid bass impact. The entire subwoofer is capable of delivering sound output at high volume levels without any distortion; the subwoofer comes with a resonance-free dynamic balance driver that remains stiff and moves fast for a much fuller bass impact. It also comes with professional-grade line and speaker inputs and outputs for easy connection to any home theater system. Overall, the Polk Audio PSW10 is a really good portable subwoofer that delivers really good value for money and comes highly recommended.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The Polk Audio PSW10 delivers great value for money and very good bass output. It compliments most home audio systems and is relatively easy to setup. The design of the PSW10 is sleek and blends in nicely with modern home interior décor.

The Cons. The bass performance of the Polk Audio PSW10, while decent, is not the best that we have heard. That being said, the bass is good enough for entry-level home audio sound systems and is easy to connect and setup.

Sound Performance

The Polk Audio PSW10 performs very well for an entry-level subwoofer and pumps out solid bass impact that really adds a sonic boost to the overall sound performance. The bass response that we got from the subwoofer was deep, tight and punchy and sounds great in a home theater system. Watching movies with this subwoofer makes you feel as though you are sitting in a real life cinema with deep surround sound effects. It adds a layer of texture to the dialogue and sound effects that really elevates the whole listening experience. Car chasing scenes sounded much more thrilling with deep sound effects and impact that allows you to really visualize the sound. It literally made the entire living room shake. For a subwoofer that only has 50 watts RMS, it really performs above expectations and delivers thunderous sound that surpasses what you can expect from a subwoofer of this compact size. When we paired the Polk PSW10 with our 5.1 setup, it integrates really well into the entire home theater setup and works very well as a dedicated subwoofer for a lower-end frequency punch.


The Polk PSW10 has a solid and minimalist appearance. It has a nice volume and power knob which you can use to adjust the bass output and turn up the bass while watching movies. We liked the fact that the subwoofer comes with both line-level and speaker level inputs which allow you to easily connect this subwoofer to soundbars or integrate into a 5.1 or 7.1 home theater setup. The subwoofer also comes with an adjustable low-pass subwoofer and a phase switch. It has a built-in circuitry that turns the subwoofer on and off when you switch on the sound system. The subwoofer woofer features a floor coupled downward firing port that provides maximum bass impact while allowing the subwoofer cabinet to look as low profile as possible. The subwoofer compression circuitry limits distortion at extreme volume levels which means that you can really crank up the bass on this subwoofer and experience clear and smooth sound, although we would recommend keeping the volume below 85 dB. The PWS10 has a solid and durable construction and comes with an entire MDF cabinet enclosure to eliminate standing waves and reduce bass leakage. Overall, it has a really clean design that blends in well with modern home interior décor.

The Verdict?

The Polk Audio PSW10 delivers really clean and good bass performance and is a decent addition to any home audio system; it delivers great value for money and comes highly recommended. The subwoofer is equipped with a 10” polymer-composite balance cone driver that delivers punchy and deep bass impact for movies, TVs and games. It also comes with speaker-level inputs and outputs for you to connect the subwoofer to your speaker system or home theater setup. It has a power rating of 50 Watts RMS and amplifier dynamic power of 100 watts peak and delivers solid bass with very little or no distortion at high volume levels. It comes with a really solid and well-designed MDF cabinet to reduce bass resonance and standing waves; the subwoofer measures 14” x 14.38” x 16.12” and looks relatively unobtrusive when placed in the living room. It also features an adjustable low-pass crossover and phase switch with subwoofer volume controls to adjust the bass output. If you do not want to splurge too much on a massive subwoofer but still expect decent bass performance, the Polk Audio PSW10 is the answer.

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