Photive Hydra Review

Photive Hydra Review

Summary – Photive Hydra Review

The Photive Hydra is a really popular and solid Bluetooth speaker in terms of design and portability. The speaker has a really sleek and unique design and delivers really crisp sound performance. The Photive Hydra is encased in a smooth grippy rubber on all sides. The speaker itself is protected by a tough metal grill, and the accessory ports are covered by a flexible round pop off cap. The lid stays on well but if it was designed a little tougher this speaker may actually be able to be submerged under water. It’s current IPX6 rating means that it can survive being exposed to splashes of water from all directions but not entirely submerged, which is really good for a speaker of this size. Overall, the Photive Hydra is one of the best Bluetooth speakers with a small form factor that delivers great value and sound quality.

The Pros. The Photive Hydra has a really clean and unique design with rubberized exteriors for better grip. It has a small form factor design that makes it a highly portable speaker. It delivers great value for money just based on the sound performance and design alone.

The Cons. While the Photive Hydra delivers really crisp sound performance, it is not the best sounding Bluetooth speaker we have tested – the bass is often times lacking due to its relatively small size. The speaker produces a good amount of volume although some distortion can be heard at maximum volume levels, which is expected from a Bluetooth speaker of this size.

Sound Performance

The sound of the Photive Hydra is what makes this a little beast. The audio performance is spectacular – it has excellent clarity and you can hear the separation between instruments and vocals as if they are coming out of different speakers. The bass is not earth shattering but it does sound good and punchy for a speaker of this size. You can get even more bass by using a reflective surface like a box, bucket or cooler to bounce the sounds back. That being said, the amount of sound coming out from the Hydra is simply outstanding with no distortions at high volumes. It also comes equipped with a passive subwoofer and two 40 mm drivers. We were surprised at how good this speaker sounded for its price.


Setting up the speaker was simple. It was very easy to connect and the sound effects are simple beeps. The latency is close to zero, which means you can use it to watch movies or TV shows with no distracting delay between the picture and sound. The lithium ion rechargeable battery also provides 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime with a single charge via USB. It also contains AUX cable inputs should you prefer not to use the bluetooth.

The Verdict?

The Photive Hydra is without a doubt one of the best Bluetooth speakers that certainly packs a punch. It is a small form speaker that delivers really crisp sound performance, and is built like a tank to withstand the outdoor elements. It’s portability is an added plus too – if you are looking for a rugged outdoor speaker to take along a hiking trip, this is the speaker you should consider. The speaker is highly portable and can easily fit into a backpack or hand carried. The rubberized exterior is definitely an added plus for better grip. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that delivers great value and decent sound quality for the size features a rugged and portable design.

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