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The Top 10 Outdoor Rock Speakers

Outdoor rock speakers make for a great addition to your outdoor speaker system because they camouflage in your garden and sound just as great. Your guests would be pleasantly entertained with high quality music from your garden and backyard speakers. It’s no surprise that rock speakers are becoming a popular addition to the home and there are tonnes of outdoor rock speakers to choose from. So far we’ve reviewed quite a few outdoor speakers but nothing really beats these top 10 rock speakers that we’ve encountered. Some of these outstanding outdoor rock speakers are now selling at incredible prices which makes them extra value for money. Here’s why they stand out.

#1 Theater Solutions 2R8G Granite Outdoor Rock Speakers

Theater Solutions 2R8G Granite Outdoor Rock Speakers

The Theater Solutions 2R8G are some of the best outdoor rock speakers that deliver up to 250 watts RMS and 500 watts max of power with loud volume output. These are 8” 8 ohm speakers that provide crystal clear sound performance with crisp highs, detailed midranges and deep bass performance. These granite speakers have a sensitivity of 97dB with a wide frequency range of 50-20 kHz – these speakers have an efficiency and sensitivity ratio of 97dB at 1 watt 1 meter. We liked the fact that the Theater Solutions speakers have poly mica 8 ohm woofers with sealed voice coils and butyl rubber surrounds which provides a much deeper bass response for outdoor spaces. The 2R8G granite speakers are designed like a tank, and have silicone sealed multi-layer composite cabinets with rust resistant steel grilles for outdoor durability. These rock speakers discreetly blend into your outdoor environment and are designed to simulate natural rocks in your garden landscape. Furthermore, the drivers are also angled upwards in the enclosure to project the sound output at ground level. If you are looking for one of the best outdoor rock speakers for your home garden, the Theater Solutions 2R8G Granite speakers come highly recommended.

The sound quality of the Theater Solutions 2R8G speakers is crystal clear with crisp highs, nice midranges and a surprising amount of bass response. These speakers do require a little period of break in for the sound to smoothen out, but once this is done the sound feels consistent and smooth. Music performances such as class rock, jazz and instrumental music sounded warm and crystal clear with smooth treble ranges. We liked the fact that you can really crank up the volume on these speakers to maximum without hearing any distortion. The bass response is good, and adds a layer of depth to rock and pop music genres. It is important to bear in mind that these are not audiophile-grade speakers, although they do sound very good and provide great value for money. The internal acoustic drivers on the 2R8G speakers are angled upwards so that they project the sound into the garden open space naturally. We did not hear any distortion or harshness when playing music through these speakers. In terms of audio signature, we would say that the Theater Solutions 2R8G have a balanced sound signature with equal highs and lows with clear vocal reproduction.

The Theater Solutions 2R8G granite speakers are built to be highly durable and all-weather resistant. They come with a nice granite design which protects it against sunlight and rain, and allows the speakers to blend in easily into modern home interior décor. Do note that these speakers are not Bluetooth capable, so you have to run wiring through each speaker to power them. You can place them virtually anywhere in the garden and they can blend in nicely under the plants and shrubs. These speakers are voice for outdoor performance to provide the best sound quality in open air environments, and can project the sound outwards into a distance at high volume levels. These 2-way rock speakers are made from high-quality plastics, rubber and silicone for durability – they are silicone sealed and temperature rated for up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for exposure to sunlight. If you are looking for a pair of loud outdoor rock speakers, we would recommend the 8” versions as they have more power output and produce cleaner sound at higher volume levels.

The Verdict? The Theater Solutions 2R8G granite speakers are some of the best outdoor rock speakers we have tested that delivers high quality sound performance. These are essentially 8” 8 ohm speakers rated at 250 watts RMS which delivers plenty of volume output for outdoor garden spaces. The speakers have a sensitivity of 97dB and provide full-range frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz – they provide clear vocal performances, distinct midrange tones and good bass response. The woofers on these speakers are Poly Mica 8 ohm drivers with sealed voice coils which provide a good deal of bass response. The entire speaker is designed to be waterproof and durable – they are silicone sealed with multi-layer composite cabinets with rust resistant steel grills. The speaker set comes as a pair of rock speakers and require to be wired to a stereo amplifier as they are not Bluetooth compatible. Do note that the Theater Solutions 2R8G speakers require a period of burn in for the sound to smoothen out. Overall, the Theater Solutions 2R8G granite speakers are some of the best outdoor rock speakers that delivers crystal clear sound quality and we highly recommend them.

#2 OSD Audio RX550 Outdoor Rock Speakers

OSD Audio RX550 Outdoor Rock Speakers

The OSD Audio RX550s are some of the best outdoor rock speakers you can buy that are highly value for money. The RX550s feature a 100W 2-way design for high quality audio reproduction and an all-weather resistant design. These rock speakers come with a 5.25” polypropylene cone woofer with a sealed voice coil and ¾” tweeter for enhanced sound performance. They are built to last for a long time outdoors with all-weather versatility, and are made from rigid multi-layer composite cabinetry with an acoustically inert enclosure for durability. The RX550s are capable of handling up to 100Ws of pure power with an impedance of 8 ohms, and have a wide frequency response of 65Hz to 20kHz. These speakers blend in easily into garden landscapes and any other outdoor environment, and are ideal for residential or commercial use in hotels and resorts. If you are looking for some of the best outdoor rock speakers that can deliver high quality sound performance with an all-weather construction, the OSD RX550s are definitely the ones to get.

The sound performance of the RX550s outdoors is phenomenally good – they produce very good sound quality and really shine when you crank them up to higher volumes. They are capable of producing very detailed and crystal clear sound, with crisp highs and detailed midrange. The bass response on the RX550s is excellent and can really add that extra kick to bass heavy music in outdoor open spaces. Vocal performances sounded rich, detailed and clear, with very accurate sound reproduction. Listening to jazz and classical music with these speakers was a really charming experience, with clear vocals and instrumental performances brought to live with distinct highs and strong midrange. We also liked the fact that you can really turn the volume up on the RX550s and they will have no difficulty reproducing clean and powerful sound without any distortion. The frequency response on these rock speakers is very good, delivering crisp highs and detailed low-end frequencies with precision. For a set of rock speakers, we were very impressed by how good the RX550s actually performed in an outdoor setting.

The RX550s are 8 ohm speakers so you will need to ensure that you have an amplifier that can drive them. We would also recommend using speaker wire that is 15 gauge or larger for better sound performance. The construction quality of the RX550s is solid and blends in really well with the landscaping. It features an all-weather construction that is capable of withstanding high temperatures, rain, snow and other extreme weather conditions. These rock speakers have enclosure and internal components that are specially designed and sealed against all kinds of weather, so you can literally leave these speakers outdoors for months without any issues. That being said, we would recommend storing these speakers indoors when not in use during extreme weather conditions to preserve their condition.

The speaker installation for the RX550s is a simple and straightforward process of connecting them to your home receiver or outboard receiver with speaker wires. We would also recommend burying these rock speakers 4-6” underground to extra stability and for it to blend in into your garden landscape. The RX550 rock speakers are designed to mimic realistic rocks and are available in different colors, including Canyon, Sandstone Brown, Granite, Slate or White Grey finishes.

The Verdict? We have no doubt that the OSD RX550s are some of the best outdoor rock speakers you can buy that deliver exceptional sound quality. These all-weather speakers are specially designed to withstand outdoor elements and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for outdoor placement in garden landscapes or open spaces. They produce very good sound performance with crisp highs and excellent bass response, and you can crank up the volume on these speakers without producing any distortion. They are the perfect solution to bring audio music to your garden spaces to entertain your guests, and easily blend into garden landscaping with its realistic rock enclosure design. They are also available in different colors to choose from which is great. If you are looking for rock speakers to complement your garden setting or outdoor landscape, the OSD RX550s are definitely the ideal choice.

#3 Theater Solutions R4G Rock Speakers

Theater Solutions R4G Rock Speakers

The Theater Solutions R4G outdoor rock speakers are high quality weather resistant granite grey rock speakers that produce excellent sound performance. They feature a 2-way design with 8 ohm impedance, and come with 4.5” poly mica woofers with sealed voice coils and butyl rubber surrounds for high quality audio reproduction. The speakers can take up to 125 watts and have a wide frequency response of 80Hz to 20kHz. The R4G rock speakers have an all-weatherproof design and are encased in silicone multi-layer composite cabinets with rust resistant grills. The acoustic drivers are angled at 20 degrees to project sound to ear level from the ground. They are wired rock speakers which require a receiver or amplifier to drive them, and are great for backyard, gardens and poolside listening. If you are looking for some of the best rock speakers at an affordable price, the Theater Solutions RG4s rock speakers are definitely the ones to check out.

The sound performance of the Theater Solutions RG4 rock speakers is very good – you get crisp sound performance with detailed midranges and treble response. They have plenty of volume too, and you can crank up the volume on these speakers without any distortion and they can fill large open spaces with filling sound. Music performances on these speakers sounded crystal clear and clean, with good detailed reproduction and decent soundstage. We found that speaker placement is key to getting these speakers sound good – ideally you would want to position these speakers to face a sweet spot where you can project the music. Listening to rock and pop music through these speakers was also a very enjoyable experience; they have a nice sparkle in the treble region and plenty of volume, although somewhat lacking in bass response due to their size. Combining the RG4 rock speakers with a dedicated outdoor subwoofer would be ideal if you want to achieve a home theater like system in an outdoor open space environment.

The RG4 rock speakers have a weather resistant design feature multi-layer composite cabinets and rust resistant steel grills – they are durable and built to last for a long time from exposure to outdoor elements. The speaker dimensions are 8” x 7.5” x 6.75” and can easily blend into garden landscaping with its realistic rock enclosure design. These speakers come in nice sets of 2 or 4 which make it easy for speaker placement and direct sound from multiple locations in the garden. They look unobtrusive and subtle, and are barely noticeable when buried 2 to 4 inches in to the ground. The recommended power for the RG4s is 10 to 125 watts per speaker; they have an efficiency level of 94dB with a 8 ohm impedance. Be sure to set your receiver to these settings to get the best sound performance out of these speakers.

The Verdict? The Theater Solutions R4G are some of the most cost-effective rock speakers you can find that delivers very good sound performance. They are built for durability and come encased in silicone composite cabinets with rust resistant grills to take on the outdoor elements and cold temperatures. They are wired rock speakers and need to be connected to a receiver to drive them; they require 10 to 125 watts per speaker and have an impedance of 8 ohms. They come in nice sets of 2 or 4 speakers which is really convenient if you want to set up these speakers around your garden to get the best soundstage – they are designed to mimic rocks and can easily blend in into garden landscaping with plants and grass. The R4Gs are definitely some of the best quality outdoor rock speakers you can find now selling at a very good price, and we highly recommend them.

#4 OSD Audio BTR150 Rock Speakers with Bluetooth Streaming

OSD Audio BTR150 Rock Speakers

The OSD Audio BTR150s are high performance outdoor rock speakers with Bluetooth music streaming that can produce phenomenal sound performance. These rock speakers feature 5.25 inch injection-molded polypropylene woofers with butyl rubber surround and 2 inch dual cone tweeters for high quality audio performance. They also have a power handling of 120 watts and can produce an incredible amount of volume to power an outdoor party. They are designed to be all-weather resistant and come with rigid exterior cases with water-resistant features to withstand rain, rust, moisture and wear and tear. The best feature of the BTR150s is that they come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity – you can use an AC power adapter or six AA batteries to power these speakers and stream music directly from your smartphone device. The Bluetooth range works up to 150 feet with an unobstructed line of sight and is compatible with A2DP streaming. If you are looking for excellent outdoor rock speakers with Bluetooth streaming capabilities, the BTR150s are definitely the ones to get.

The sound performance of the BTR150s is very good and work well when paired together with a Bluetooth smartphone for music streaming. They are 5 inch two-way outdoor speakers that come with a 5 inch woofer and 2 inch dual cone tweeter. Theses speakers produce very detailed and crystal clear sound with decent bass response. The highs and midrange and clean and sharp, and they reproduce vocal performances with crystal clarity. We really liked the fact that you can stream music directly from any Bluetooth device to these speakers, which makes them really versatile. The BTR150s can get really loud and have no difficulty filling up a large open area with rich and filling sound. You can also crank up the volume on these speakers and they will not distort. Listening to rock and electronic dance music on these speakers was an especially enjoyable experience, with sharp details and nice treble to the sound that is loud enough to power an entire party. The 2” tweeters in the BTR150s works very well to produce natural sound that does not feel colored; you get really clean sound outdoors that sounds exactly how the artists intended it to be.

The BTR150s are designed like tanks, and come in pairs which is great for speaker placement in your garden landscape. Their dimensions are 9” x 9.1” x 5.9” which make them rather unobtrusive and easy to hide behind plants or by the grass. These speakers do blend in easily into outdoor landscaping like real rocks; your guests would not notice where the sound is coming from in the garden. These rock speakers are also capable of pairing with Alexa and the Bluetooth feature is easy to set up. The high quality cabinet enclosures for these rock speakers hold up pretty well under extreme weather conditions and will keep the speaker safe from the outdoor elements. That being said, we would recommend keeping the BTR150 rock speakers indoors during extreme weather conditions to improve the longevity of these speakers.  They also come in natural-slate or canyon brown colors to choose from depending on your garden and landscaping preferences.

The Verdict? The OSD Audio BTR150s are some of the best outdoor rock speakers you can find with full Bluetooth functionality at a very good price. They are designed to be powered by an AC adapter or can be powered as a standalone speaker with six AA batteries. The sound performance from these speakers is very good, with crisp highs, detailed midrange and decent bass response. The sound quality from these speakers is great with natural sounding tones that do not feel colored or artificial. Listening to jazz and classical music from these speakers is a really relaxing and enjoyable experience when placed in the backyard. They also come in different colors to choose from to match your garden landscape, and come in pairs which are great for speaker positioning. They also come with built-in rigid exterior cases to withstand extreme weather conditions and outdoor elements, and are made to last for a long time. If you are looking for some of the best rock speakers to get for your home or for commercial use, the OSD Audio BTR150s are definitely the ones you should check out.

#5 Canyon Sandstone Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker

Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker

This outdoor rock speaker has what some would consider a major advantage over other rock speakers – they are wireless outdoor rock speakers that are capable of steaming high fidelity sound while you control the volume using your smartphone or controls. We were initially quite sceptical and how well outdoor rock speakers could perform using Bluetooth – but we were surprised at how well these rock speakers performed when we used a Bluetooth transmitter, which can take the signal up longer distances across the backyard. When we streamed music using Bluetooth, the sound was wonderfully rich, clear and powerful, filling up the yard without any issues. While the sound is admittedly not as audiophile-grade as the ones connected through the SONOS amp, it is difficult to tell the difference in an outdoor environment unless you seriously pay attention to the audio that is coming from the speakers. The minor dip in sound quality is to be expected since we were streaming with Bluetooth, but the trade-off lies in the convenience of being able to control these speakers from your fingertips.

In fact, we would go as far as to say that the sound quality produced by these speakers is good. The fidelity is quite nice, and the sound does not sound overdriven or distort at high volumes. The low-end is respectable, but these speakers shines in terms of the mid’s and the highs’. Nothing sounds tinny or overdriven. These outdoor rock speakers are also designed to withstand the heat and other elements of the outdoors, and the attractive Canyon sandstone design easily blends into the garden landscape. The downside of these wireless speakers is that they still require a power supply, which means you need to wire them to a power source, but no additional wires are required apart from the power source. If you are looking for a set of convenient wireless outdoor rock speakers, the Canyon Sandstone Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speakers are truly at the top of the line for their quality audio production and durability.

#6 The Niles RS6 Outdoor Rock Speakers

Outdoor Rock Speakers

This high-fidelity outdoor rock speaker definitely deserves mention for its high quality audio output and sturdy material construction with its aesthetically pleasing sandstone finish. The sound range on these speakers is amazing with high highs and low lows across rock, jazz and classical music. The quality of the sound is neither tiny nor hollow sounding, and the bass comes through pretty well even at low volumes without appearing muddy. The speakers blend in great with the landscape and your guests would not be able to notice where the great sound is coming from. The sound clarity from these speakers is not affected even after left in the winter cold and rain for months. It has a sturdy material construction that is designed to withstand the elements and whatever you can throw at it.

But perhaps why this outdoor rock speaker makes it to the top 5 is simply because of its sound. We’ve never been more surprised at how well sounding these speakers are – it has low bass (low bass compared to other outdoor speakers) and the mids and highs are clear, which is unusual for an outdoor speaker. The stereo spatial separation also sounds very clear. It is a uni-directional speaker, which means you can aim the speakers at whatever location you prefer and play the music at high volume without disturbing the neighbours. The acoustic suspension design is also efficient, and able to handle up to 150 watts of raw power and has a frequency range of 60 – 21, 000 Hz, which is really quite a wide spectrum in an outdoor speaker. All in all, this is a versatile and durable outdoor rock speaker that is definitely worth the investment. 

#7 The Klipsch AWR-650 All Weather 2-way Speaker

Klipsch AWR-650 Outdoor Rock Speakers

We were highly impressed with the performance of these speakers. The sound is incredible but we needed to make full use of the two way channels to hear the separation of the left and right inputs. The mid-range and treble are amazing, and once broke in the bass will sound great, although we felt that the Niles RS6 performed slightly better in terms of bass output. The saving point for these speakers is that it has a low frequency extension on 43Hz, which pushes the thumping bass to the cinematic-type bass that we were looking for (the Niles only goes down to 60Hz). The normal frequency response for the Klipsch AWR-650 is 66 – 20,000 Hz with a power handling of up to 200 watts. The recommended amplifier for this speaker is 100W (you could use the Sonos Connect amp which works great). Placing 2 of these speakers around the pool and playing it will transform your outdoors into a mini audio theatre. The have great material construction designed to resist the elements and we recommend that you place them in semi protected areas where they are not fully exposed. These are one of the best sounding speakers that look great, have great audio clarity and come from a good brand. It is hard to imagine anyone going wrong with these incredible outdoor rock speakers.

#8 The Earthquake Sound Granite-52 Outdoor Speaker combined with The Granite-10D Subwoofer  

Outdoor Rock Speakers

The Granite-52 outdoor speakers are a great pair of outdoor speakers and sound crisp and clear in all weather conditions. It comes as a pair of rock speakers with a 5.25-inch woofer and a 0.5-inch tweeter, which serves as left and right input speakers. What we really liked about these speakers is their versatile frequency response of 50 – 21,000 Hz with a power rating of up to 200 watts. It handles the midrange and bass well, using two 5 ¼” low mass polycone with butyl rubber surround to reduce muddiness. The Granite-52 outdoor rock speakers are great for listening to music in the garden, by the pool, in the yard or at the patio. Although they are designed to withstand demanding outdoor elements we recommend placing these speakers under sheltered areas. The great thing about these speakers is that they blend in easily in most garden environments.

Outdoor Rock Speakers

The Granite-52 outdoor speakers on its own have good bass response, but they can be paired up with the Granite-10D subwoofer to give you an excellent outdoor garden sound system. The Granite-10D features high-power crossovers that reduce distortions and deliver low-end audio that cuts through ambient noise – we were surprised at how much bass these speakers could pump out into the outdoor space with connected with a SONOS amp. When combined with the Granite-52 pair, they made our outdoor garden sound like a disco club, handling the treble, mid-range and the lows distinctively well. It can also play classical music and you will be able to tell the differentiation between the spectrum of frequencies in an outdoor environment. The Granite-10D subwoofer is definitely a great addition if you intend to go for bass heavy music, otherwise the Granite-52 will suffice nicely.

#9 Theatre Solutions Granite Outdoor Rock Speakers

Granite Outdoor Rock Speakers

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option without compromising the quality of music, these outdoor rock speakers will deliver a lot of bass and full rich sound at this price range. You definitely get the bang for the buck with these granite outdoor rock speakers. They are highly weatherproof and have a extremely durable design that lasts intact all year round without additional protection. They can survive a full year in Northern Illinois weather or in the Midwest heat and thunderstorms without degradation in sound quality. Pairing these 8″ speakers with a set of 4 matching 6″ speakers gives a good distribution of sound around the backyard. They have a pigtail attachment rather than a “typical” speaker connection, which allows for waterproof connection.

The sound of these speakers are top-notch at this price range. They produce great sound with bass and good mid-ranges, and sound excellent even at high volumes without any distortion. It’s an 8″ 8 ohm speaker rated at 250 Watts RMS & 500 Watts Max angled to deliver clear range sound at ground level. The sensitivity of these rock speakers is 97db with 50 – 20,000 Hz frequency response. It also comes with in-built woofers which are Poly Mica 8 ohm drivers with sealed voice coils and butyl rubber surrounds. Furthermore, these speakers come with silicone sealed, multi-layer composite cabinets with rust resistant steel grills.

In summary, the theatre solutions rock speakers are “voiced” for outdoor performance. Their sound is contoured to provide the best performance in open air environments provided they are positioned in the right places. They blend very well with other Threatre Solutions outdoor speakers. The drivers are also angled upwards 20 degrees in the enclosure to deliver great sound when placed at ground level. They are easy to install after running the outdoor wire in conduit. Definitely recommended if you are looking for high quality outdoor rock speakers with a price range around $100.

#10 Niles RS5 Speckled Granite Outdoor Rock Speaker

Niles RS5 Speckled Granite Pro Weatherproof Rock Loudspeakers

The Niles RS5 Speckled Granite Outdoor Rock Speakers are high performance rock loudspeakers with a smooth natural speckled granite design. We really liked the 5″ two-way speaker design and it weights around 11.5 pounds. Niles has a reputation for selling high-end outdoor sound speakers and the Niles RS5 is no exception. Furthermore, this outdoor rock speaker is now selling at a very good price point, which means you get a high value for money product straight from the store into your garden backyard.

Apart from its outstanding granite design, the RS5 is coated with a no fade protective paint and the weatherproof design surpasses even military standards for corrosion resistance. This is simply a tank that is designed for harsh weather conditions and exposure to high and low temperatures, as well as UV exposure and water resistance. It also comes with proprietary 4-layer fiberglass construction which makes the cabinet acoustically inert and completely weatherproof. The artistically crafted cabinet comes with shaped micro-perf aluminium grills which gives it a natural and realistic feel.

The sound from these granite outdoor rock speakers is incredible too – you can position these outdoor speakers near a corner to maximize the bass response. Plus, they camouflage extremely well into the vegetation around the garden thanks to it’s speckled granite design, which gives it a very realistic rocky feel. It’s overall a sturdy and heavy-duty speaker that will not disappoint – plus at this price range you will be assured that you are getting value for one of the best outdoor rock speakers that delivers superb audio performance.

Special Mention: The SpeakerCraft Ruckus 6 Outdoor Rock Speaker

rock speaker

The SpeakerCraft Ruckus 6 is hands down one of the best outdoor rock speakers that money can buy. It excels extremely well in sound performance and versatility and is considered to be a major upgrade in both aesthetics and performance. They perform really well in landscape environments such as gardens, backyards, flower beds and most natural outdoor environments with plenty of space. The setup of these speakers are really simple too. We experimented with two Ruckus 6 rock speakers in the flora as the surround sound speakers with a pair of Martin Logan MLs as the front speakers married to a Denon AVR-400 receiver. Both Ruckus 6 rock speakers delivered excellent sound and the range on these units are great – whether it’s rock, classical or swing, these rock speakers really deliver stellar performance.

Furthermore, these Ruckus 6 rock speakers are designed like a tank and will not budge to the toughest elements. The rock inspired enclosures are made in reinforce poly-resin that matches the color of the U.V. weather-resistant lacquer coating that covers and protects the speaker exterior. The result is a stone finish that, even if chipped or marred, will simply expose the same color and texture underneath. This means the speaker will look good and sound good for years to come. In addition, SpeakerCraft added in new driver elements and crossover networks which produces high fidelity and greater sound pressure levels, so you will literally ‘feel’ the bass even outdoors. The speaker features a 6 1/2″ polypropylene cone woofer with a sealed voice coil, rubber surround and silicon encased leads. It’s driven by a 1/2″ polyamide dome tweer with silicone encased leads, and has a whooping 80 watts impedance with a frequency range of 40 Hz – 20kHz. These specifications mean that you are getting your moneys worth for a high quality outdoor rock speaker with high-end specs that rivals more expensive alternatives.

The verdict? If you want some serious sound on an affordable budget, consider getting these speakers. At the time of writing the Speakercraft Rukus 6 is now selling at a very good price so be sure to check them out now!

Special Mention: The Acoustic Audio G6RS Outdoor Rock Speakers

Acoustic Audio G6RS Outdoor Rock Speakers

The G6RS outdoor rock speakers are a perfect combination of style and function, and their granite grey coloration makes these speakers look great too. Although these are not exactly high-end performance speakers, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and deliver decent performance at this size. Their granite design is exceptional and looks very realistic due to its sturdy material construction and coated paint. Because they are relatively smaller at 8.75″ they can easily blend into the surroundings without much effort. They can dress up your patio, garden or pool area, and the grey granite design will blend with the garden decor. Their design is extremely durable and are guaranteed to hold up against all the elements, including salt, rain, snow, ice and pool chemicals.

These speakers deliver good performance for their size and price range; they are specifically constructed for bass reproduction and each speaker can handle up to 300 watts of power, and features a 6.5″ woofer with a sealed voice coil and butyl rubber surround. In addition, it also features a 1″ soft dome tweeter and silicone sealed glass-reinforced resin enclosure, which enhances the sound performance and reduces distortion at high volumes. Specifically, the sensitivity of these speakers is 97dB with 50 – 20,000 Hz frequency response. tHE 6.5″ 8 ohm speaker comes with a sealed voice coil and butyl rubber surround rated at 150 watts RMS and 300 Watts max which is angled to deliver great sound at ground level. These rock speakers are perfect for outdoor gardens and deliver really good sound quality – you are getting a pair of outdoor rock speakers which is highly value for money. You would no doubt be highly pleased with the performance of these outdoor rock speakers if you are looking for a mid-range outdoor rock speaker to suit your backyard.

Special Mention: The Niles RS8Si Sandstone Pro Outdoor Rock Speakers 

The Niles RS8Si Sandstone Pro Outdoor Rock Speakers

The Niles RS8Si are high-end outdoor rock speakers that deliver extraordinary sound in outside environments. We have tested 3 pairs of simulated rock speakers and have 3 pairs of Bose outdoor speakers in the garden backyard but the Niles RS8Si have the the best sound quality of any of them, including decent bass for what they are. You would be hard pressed to buy a pair of weatherproof rock speakers that can sound better than these. The exterior sandstone gives these speakers a very solid and rock-like appearance that blends very well into the garden as they look like any ordinary rock. This larger RS8 version is also considered as an upgrade to the RS6 speakers and don’t cost as much as an outdoor subwoofer or require additional wiring. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the sound, greet tweeters and even better bass. Furthermore, the Niles RS8 is selling at a very good price at the time of writing.

The Niles RS8Si speakers are an absolute beast in terms of durability. they are coated with no fade protective paint which adds a layer of protection to the speakers. Even the weatherproof design surpasses military standard 883 for corrosion resistance. It’s basically an outdoor speaker that’s designed for extreme environmental conditions and both UV exposure and water resistance. It is also constructed of proprietary 4-layer Fiberglass which makes the Cabinet acoustically inert and completely weatherproof. These outdoor rock speakers include an artistically crafted cabinet with shaped micro-perf aluminium grills that looks natural and realistic. Overall, these rock speakers deliver great sound in outdoor spaces and have a very heavy and high quality construction. If you have the budget for these, don’t hesitate to snap them up while stocks last! You will not be disappointed.

Special Mention: C2G Granite Wireless Outdoor Rock Speaker

C2G Granite Wireless Outdoor Rock Speaker 2

If you are looking for a set of wireless outdoor rock speakers, look no further. The C2G Granite wireless rock speakers are an outstanding alternative to hard wired speakers. The sound quality is remarkably good with nice bass and treble response. The enclosures are a little larger which attributes to nice bass tones. The dock station comes with an A/C power adaptor or you can use it completely wireless by using 4 AA batteries in the unit. This sound system pairs extremely easily with an iPhone and it works great. We used the SiriusXM application, Pandora, and the iPod functions and the unit has performed great. We noticed that there is a little interference when using an iPhone when you send or receive text messages while the unit is playing, so this may produce some crackling/noise interference some owners experience when using these speakers.

This unit also comes with RCA connections so you can plug the dock station into your home theatre system/stereo system, PC, cable TV, or satellite dish receiver to use as well. You simply plug the RCA connections into your audio out (red/white plugs) on your home system, cable box or satellite receiver and use the wireless transmitter’s plug to connect to the RCA plug. We were also quite surpirsed at how easy this was to setup and how good the range was with an operating distance of up to 150 feet. We have had several guests over to our backyard and they were literally blown away with how these speakers partially hidden in the landscape. These speakers deliver deep sound that can help fill in the tone of other speakers in an outside environment and the current selling price is awesome too.

The frequency response of the C2G granite rock speaker is 40Hz to 12 Hz, and operates at an output power at 15 watts RMS. For a wireless outdoor rock speaker these sounded pretty good and the portability is great. The downside is that you can’t leave these speakers in the outdoors as the granite cover isn’t entirely designed to withstand harsh environments. It is recommended to bring these outdoor rock speakers indoors during rain, hail or heavy downpoors or snowy conditions. Because of the size it’s also slightly harder to blend in with the landscaping. However, in terms of portability and sound quality, these outdoor rock speakers are trumps especially if you are looking for a wireless option.

Special Mention: The Boston Acoustics VOYA RK5 Outdoor Rock Speaker

Outdoor Rock Speakers

This is not our first time reviewing the Boston Acoustics line of audio, and we were familiar with their other product lines in the outdoor audio industry. What stands out in the VOYA RK5 Outdoor rock speaker is how well it adapts to outdoor environments and the design is thoroughly enhanced to produce excellent outdoor audio. The interior loudspeaker is well protected from heat and UV light, yet the sound remains crisp, clear and good. It is designed to allow water to flow off the edges of the speaker and remove any water retention. The wire feed has plenty of water-tight seals in addition to mechanical protections. It will survive through the summer and winter without any hint of wear and tear due to its weatherproof and rustproof hardware and grills. The enclosures, grills and drivers stand up to weather and temperature extremes.

This speaker features a 51/4” woofer; ¾” soft dome tweeter and the drivers are angled upwards 20 degrees to deliver great sound when they are placed at ground level. It has a frequency range of 70 – 20,000 Hz, and you can use two RK5s to support stereo left and right inputs. The sound is clearly contoured to provide good performance in open air environments. These outdoor rock speakers are designed to blend gracefully with the garden, with a recessed weatherproof cavity on the bottom that can house a 70/100 volt transformer. All in all, these are great versatile outdoor speakers that have a very aesthetic rugged granite exterior.