Klipsch HDT-600 Surround Sound Speakers

Klipsch HDT 600 Review

Summary – Klipsch HDT 600 5.1 Surround Sound System

The Klipsch HDT-600s are hands down some of the best home theater and 5.1 surround sound speakers you can find which produce phenomenal sound and cinema-like effects. The entire setup comes with four high gloss satellite speakers, one center channel speaker and one high-powered subwoofer. These speakers feature exclusive Klipsch horn-loaded technology for crystal clear sound effects and music reproduction, while the subwoofer is equipped with an 8” down-firing fiber composite woofer that can produce earth shattering bass. Each speaker uses Klipsch’s MicroTractrix horn for its 0.75” tweeter for superior detailed sound reproduction, and 2.5” long-throw IMG woofers that expand the midbass bandwidth. They also come in solid MDF cabinets which are designed for low resonance while the bass-reflex design reproduces deep bass for movies and videos. The Klipsch HDT-600s are some of the best surround sound speakers that are perfect for home theater listening and deliver phenomenal sound performance at a reasonable price.

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The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The Klipsch HDT-600s have extremely good sound performance, with crystal clear dialogues and detailed sound effects. Vocal reproduction on these surround sound speakers is sublime. Watching movies with these speakers lets you experience sound effects and details in the sound which might never have noticed before. They are excellent home theater speakers that really do make a huge difference at home. They are also highly value for money at an excellent price point.

The Cons. The HDT-600s have very few flaws to speak of – they are really top of the line speakers that deliver great quality. That being said, we felt that the the satellite speakers of the HDT-600s are slightly larger which means that you will have to find space for them. The speakers can also feel slightly heavy which may them more difficult to mount. You will also need a good 5.1 amplifier to power these speakers.

Sound Performance

We were very impressed with the sound performance of the HDT-600s. These speakers are capable of producing extremely crisp dialogue from the center front speaker, brilliant music and detailed sound effects which make you feel as though you are sitting in a real-life cinema. The sound from the satellite speakers is crystal clear and well defined, and the bass output from the 8” subwoofer is enough to literally shake your entire living room with deep and tight lows. Watching movies with the HDT-600s while paired with an Onkyo TX-RZ800 amplifier produced stunning results, with extremely realistic sound effects and vocal reproduction. The sound effects are so well refined and detailed that you can even hear details in the sound that you might have not noticed before, such as the subtle sound of footsteps walking behind or the light banter of raindrops. Listening to music with these speakers was an equally enjoyable experience, and they are very sensitive to the audio quality of the music that you feed them – they have crystal clear highs, detailed midrange and extremely powerful bass that can fill up a large room easily. You can also crank up the Klipsch HDT-600s to maximum volume without experiencing the slightest distortion, which shows just how good these 5.1 surround speakers are.


The Klipsch HD Theater 600 speakers feature a very sleek and modern looking design that blends in easily next to your TV or home theater setup. The speakers are housed in solid MDF cabinets which are designed for low resonance with bass-reflex design that helps to enhance the low-end frequency response. It also comes with volume, crossover and phase controls which you can adjust for optimal sound output to match your room’s acoustic environment. We liked the fact that each speaker can be orientated horizontally or vertically and comes with an adjustable wall bracket with a 40 degree range of motion and ¼” inch 20-threated inserts for optimal floor-stand mounting. The center channel speaker also includes a cradle base with 45 degree range of motion to get the best speaker placement. The subwoofer features an 8” down-firing fiber composite-woofer that easily fills up a large room with deep bass. The HDT-600s have very good soundstage and imaging when placed in the right position; listening to instrumental music from these speakers will feel as though you are sitting in a real life concert hall with an orchestra playing music in front of you. They have very good detailed sound separation and can project sound a good deal outwards without the need to crank up the volume to high levels. Do note that you will require a separate home theater amplifier that supports at least a 5.1 setup to power these speakers.

The Verdict?

The Klipsch HD Theater 600s are an incredible set of surround sound speakers that delivers a full home theater experience at a reasonable price. They are some of the best surround sound speakers we have ever come across, with extremely good soundstage, detailed midrange, crisp highs and earth-shattering bass. We were quite surprised at how life-like and crisp the satellite speakers on HDT-600s sounded; vocal dialogues sounded crystal clear on the center channel speaker, while the midrange was extremely well defined across most music genres. You get really crisp and sharp audio reproduction with these speakers and you feel as though you are sitting in a real-life cinema while watching movies with these speakers. They are also suitable for pairing with TVs and gaming consoles through a dedicated sound amplifier. If you are looking for some of the best surround sound speakers that will deliver a phenomenal 5.1 listening experience, the Klipsch HDT-600s are really among the very best in the market available today that can deliver sound quality on par with high-end home theater setups.