Kef Muo Speaker Review

KEF Muo Speaker Review

KEF MUO Speaker Review – The KEF MUO Speaker


Designed by Ross Lovegrove and engineered by KEF, the KEF MUO is packed with innovative technologies to deliver uncompromised KEF quality sound when you’re streaming music wirelessly from a computer or mobile device. It packs a punch out of all proportion to its size. It is really the epitome of integrating innovative engineering and outstanding design into a single device. It features the KEF’s legendary Uni-Q ‘point source’ driver array and a powerful new bass radiator which makes it one of the best Bluetooth speakers of all time – the Muo can produce incredibly sharp and crisp sound with virtually zero distortion at near maximum volume.

Kef Muo Speaker Review

Pros & Cons.

The Pros. The KEF MUO is one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can expect to find with incredible sound performance with phenomenal clarity and detailed midrange. The speaker is designed for high end listening, so you are really getting some of the best music performances possible through a portable Bluetooth speaker. The KEF MUO is also designed like a piece of art, with polished aluminium grills that look stunning at every angle. If you are a Bluetooth speaker collector you would definitely want to check the KEF MUO out.

The Cons. The KEF MUO is probably among the most expensive Bluetooth speakers we have tested. The speaker is designed for high-end music streaming and listening, and is therefore a considerable investment. There are plenty of other speaker options you can get at half the price. That being said, the KEF MUO is easily one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers we have ever heard and may just be the right one for you if you are a serious audiophile looking to be impressed by this speaker.


Kef Muo Speaker Review

The KEF MUO is designed like a piece of art. Straight out of the box we were impressed with the way it was meticulously packaged to ensure that it arrived intact. The KEF MUO does weigh a little heavy which indicates that it is made of high quality materials. The USB power cord is high quality, made of braided silver. It came with changeable power adaptors for other countries electrical outlets in the box. The KEF MUO features a polished aluminium finish which gives it a stunning aesthetic appearance – it is probably one of the most stylish Bluetooth speakers ever made. We had no issues with playing music while positioning the KEF MUO on its side and on normal the bottom position.

Bluetooth Pairing

Pairing the Muo with the iPhone was super easy and only took a couple seconds. We played a good workout mix first to see the bass response and were duly impressed with the thumping bass. The sound quality of the KEF MUO is simply phenomenal – we could hear every single detail in the music with extremely detailed midrange and crisp trebles. Vocal performances from Nat King Cole sounded incredibly life-like – vocals were reproduced with such class and precision that it felt as though we were sitting in a concert hall. This was highly surprising, considering the fact that we got tremendous soundstage and music separation from a single Bluetooth speaker. The speaker utilizes high quality Bluetooth streaming to ensure that no details are lost through music compression; the speaker will sound exactly how the artists intended the music to sound. That being said, be sure to stream high quality music files through these speaker or the KEF MUO will easily expose flaws in the music audio source.

The KEF MUO utilises an app which is available for iPhone and Android smartphones to stream music and adjust the EQ settings according to your preferences. Listening to the KEF MUO over time made us appreciate the subtle notes in our music even more and gave us a deeper appreciation for our soundtracks – this is something that no Bluetooth speaker managed to pull off until now. We were truly impressed.

The Verdict?

Kef Muo Speaker Review

When we first got the Muo we expected it to sound good, but then we were incredibly surprised at how good the KEF MUO truly sounded. It has a deep, mature sound which emphasises the fine details, mids and highs of the music soundtracks. It is hands down one of the best Bluetooth speakers that can musically and naturally reproduce sound exactly as how the artist intended the song to sound like. It also features high quality audio streaming through Bluetooth aptX which improves the overall sound quality. The battery life lasts for a stunning 12 hours of play time and the exterior aluminium is simply an aesthetic piece of art. Although the KEF MUO is more expensive than your average Bluetooth speaker, it is a great investment and could very well be the last Bluetooth speaker you will ever need to buy.

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