Floor Standing Outdoor Speakers

Using Floor Standing Speakers to Enhance Sound

Floor standing speakers that enhance outdoor audio experience

There are times when using floor standing speakers under the patio can greatly enhance your outdoor audio experience without the need to install outdoor speakers and wiring. These speakers are capable of enhancing your outdoor audio experience and can be easily moved indoors when required. They can also be easily connected wirelessly, so playing your audio music has never been easier!

#1 The BeoPlay A9

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The BeoPlay A9 by Bang & Olufsen is the true king of floor standing speakers. Coming at a hefty price tag is a digital loudspeaker with impressive bass performance in one single unit that’s designed to look like part of the furniture – but even cooler. It can be placed either standing on the floor as a discrete piece on the wall. The A9 comes as a complete package – no amplifiers, cables or other accessories are needed to make these speakers sound better than they already are. It’s a perfect speaker to place around your patio for a terrific sound performance. It’s also easily portable and can be brought indoors if required.

For the basshead, the Beoplay A9 has a great midrange. The bass is also very powerful and can fill up an open space that is at least 900 – 1200 square feet. The A9 doesn’t distort at high volume settings and pumps out powerful punchy bass. Setup on these speakers is also very simple – simply download the B&O app and follow the instructions. Crucially, the A9 sounds best in “open”  areas as compared to the corner or wall settings – the bass comes out cleaner and punchier, which is what you need in an outdoor speaker. Here’s the specs:

  • Clear, powerful and clean bass in spacious room concepts
  • Ethernet or wireless connection available – connects with Apple AirPlay
  • Audio playback via line-in
  • USB connects to iPod/iPhone/iPad (charges your device at the same time)
  • Remote support for the A9 speakers
  • Intuitive sensors – turn the volume up or down by swiping your hand across the A9

If you need an excellent bass speaker that can fill spaces and looks part of the furniture and patio décor, then this speaker will be bound to wow anyone who visits your home. The intuitive sensors over the speakers make changing the volume as easy as a swipe of your hand and something like magic. The BeoPlay A9 does not come cheap, but is probably the best floor-standing speaker you can get out there at the moment.

#2 The Bose 301-V Floor Standing Speakers

audiophile, bass speakers

When it comes to bass speakers, these pair of Bose 301-V floor standing speakers are very much in demand. With integrated Direct/Reflecting speaker technology, these speakers recreate spacious sound similar to what you would experience in a theatre or concert hall. But that’s not all – they are designed to provide “Stereo Everywhere” speaker performance and has an amazing bass reflex design for high impact. The sound from these speakers are full and quite crisp, and deliver sound that is absolutely powerful but pure. In short, the music from these bass speakers will saturate your open spaces with exquisite sound day after day.  Also comes with cherry wooden finish for that perfect looking bookshelf speaker. When paired with wall brackets you can easily mount these speakers on your patio wall. Some features include:

  • Horizontal design that fits and mounts easily with wall brackets
  • Floor stands are available for purchase with these speakers
  • High quality bass speakers with bass reflex
  • Works well with 10-150 watts audio amplifiers with receivers from 4 to 8 ohms.

If you’re looking for that perfect pair of wall-mounted or floor standing bass speakers that can punch that extra surround sound in your room, the Bose 301-V speakers will deliver the satisfaction you desire. These speakers are also in high demand, so don’t forget to order them as soon as possible!