Dewalt Wearable Speaker

Dewalt Wearable Speaker Review: Small and Loud

The Dewalt wearable speaker is a really loud jobsite speaker that is designed for heavy-duty listening with a clip-on for easy portability. This speaker is a pocket-sized speaker that delivers roughly around 5W of sound performance and is comparable to the JBL Clip 4 in terms of sound quality and loudness. This speaker allows you to play music and take calls with ease with its pocket-sized design and clip-on, allowing you to take the speaker around with you on a jobsite where you cannot use your smartphone or Bluetooth speaker. The clip is easy to open and has a detachable mounting magnet which allows you to affix the portable speaker to your shirt or belt area. Furthermore, the Dewalt wearable speaker is extremely lightweight and weighs less than 2 oz, making it a really convenient speaker to carry around.

One of the things that we liked about this pocket-sized speaker is that it comes with oversized multi-function buttons that are designed for use while wearing gloves so that you can change the volume and adjust the soundtrack while working. The speaker is very rugged and is also IP56 water-resistant and dust-resistant so that you can take it with you wherever you go and not have to worry about the speaker getting wet. This makes the Dewalt wearable speaker a particularly convenient and portable speaker while freeing up your hands so that you can focus on your work.

Dewalt Wearable Speaker Review

Sound Performance

We really liked the sound performance of the Dewalt Wearable Bluetooth speaker – the sound performance is crystal clear with crisp vocals, and it has surprisingly a lot of volume despite its small size. We played a couple of rock and roll music soundtracks through this speaker and it sounded really loud and punchy, and it has decent bass beats (although the speaker does not deliver much bass impact due to its small size, it delivers loud and punchy beats that make music sound pretty good). This speaker particularly shines when listening to podcasts or watching videos, and it delivers really nice all-round sound performance. You can practically clip-on this speaker anywhere and it will still deliver loud sound performance with decent volume; at maximum volume the speaker gets pretty loud. While the sound is nothing earth-shattering, it still delivers really clean vocals and nice sound for podcasts and audiobooks.

Between the JBL Clip 4 and the Dewalt Wearable Bluetooth speaker (which are both really good mini portable speakers), we found that the JBL Clip 4 does deliver better bass and deeper low-end beats for EDM and rock music and slightly louder sound. With that said, the Clip 4 has a large carabiner clip which is too large to clip onto a shirt. The Dewalt speaker on the other hand is much more portable and mini-sized, allowing you to clip it on your shirt and take it wherever with you. We also found that the Dewalt speaker delivers very clean call quality and you can take calls and hear the other person clearly, which makes it very convenient especially if you need to take calls while on the job.

Dewalt Wearable Speaker Clip-on
The Dewalt Wearable Speaker comes with a lightweight clip-on design and attaches to your shirt


The Dewalt Wearable Bluetooth is small and highly portable, and also comes with powerful magnets in the clip which allow you to secure the speaker to a metal object or to your clothes with a detachable mounting magnet. The entire speaker comes with a rugged exterior designed for jobsites and can withstand sudden drops or dust (it is IP56 dust and water-resistant). The speaker clips directly onto your clothes and stays there in place without falling off, so you can easily walk around or use the speaker even while lying down and the speaker will not come off. This speaker is one of the most portable and lightweight speakers we have used and it is compact and extremely durable.


The Dewalt Wearable speaker is ultra-light and portable and weighs less than 2 ounces (<2 oz), which allows you to clip it on your shirt without the speaker bogging you down. The speaker provides roughly around 10 hours of playtime on a single charge at 60% volume level, and it uses USB-C for fast charging (or at around 4 hours with max volume). This means that you can work all day with this speaker and not have to worry about charging it for long intervals. One of the things that we liked about this speaker is that it can fully recharge after 10 to 15 minutes of charging which is really quick compared to other portable Bluetooth speakers.

The Verdict?

Overall, the Dewalt Wearable speaker is a really handy little speaker that delivers loud volume with crystal clear sound performance. This mini speaker gets pretty loud and is good enough for playing music or listening to podcasts while working at a jobsite. The speaker is IP56 dust and water-resistant and easily clips onto your clothes – it also delivers up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge which is really decent. Although the Dewalt Wearable speaker does not deliver as much bass impact and beats as the JBL Clip 4, the Dewalt wearable speaker is much more portable than the Clip 4 and is less heavy, making it ideal for clipping on your shirt (the clip is much smaller than the JBL Clip 4’s carabiner clip). It’s a very lightweight speaker (weighs less than 0 ounces) with rubberized button controls that make it convenient to use and wear around.