Definitive Technology BP-9060 Tower Speaker Review

Definitive Technology BP-9060 Review – How good are these speakers?

Summary – Definitive Technology BP-9060 Review

If you are passionate about music and are looking for a new listening experience, the Definitive Technology BP-9060 Tower Speaker is probably the right choice for you. It’s one of the best speakers in the world that provides a lifetime listening experience with superb sound. The sound that comes from the DT BP-9060 speakers is incredibly detailed and accurate, and really re-defines the notion of ‘music’ when you first listen to these speakers.

Definitive Technology BP-9060 Tower Speaker Review

Let’s discuss the DT BP-9060 specs

These speakers feature BDSS technology drivers on the front and rear speaker array with a total of 8 speakers. There’s a front 1” tweeter and dual 4.5” mid-drivers with a rear facing 1” tweeter and 4.5” mid-driver for more accurate lifelike sound performance. This speaker includes an integrated powered 10 inches subwoofer and dual base radiators that reproduce extremely powerful lows. It works perfectly fine with a dedicated subwoofer and sounds really clear and vibrant. The Definitive speaker comes with a forward focused bipolar technology which enhances sound dispersion and soundstage.

We particularly liked the ability for you to expand your sound system with three dimensional Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound. This tower speaker comes with a built-in docking port that allows you to connect an optional A90 height speaker. There are also intelligent bass control features which help to enhance the bass performance and maintain an overall balance between the lows and the midrange frequencies.

How do these speakers sound?

The sound quality that you get with the DT BP-9060s is just on another level. The level of detail that you experience with these speakers is incredible – you can hear things in your music soundtrack that you might not have heard before. The bass reproduction is strong enough to vibrate your entire room and floor. The sound was clear and clean with crisp highs and very detailed separation that filled the room with sound. If you close your eyes while listening to these speakers, you get a very real sense of soundstage like never before. Nothing you have experienced so far will prepare you for the sound quality and performance on the DT BP-9060 speakers.

I would highly recommend these speakers to anyone who wants to experience sound like never before. These speakers provide true audiophile-grade sound quality, and while they come with a hefty price tag, are certainly worth every cent. They aren’t your ordinary floor standing speakers – they deliver superb sound with a precise center image and spatial imaging. They can pick out details in music recordings and soundtracks that you have not noticed before.

The Verdict?

The Definitive Technology BP-9060s deliver outstanding sound quality for a pair of floor standing speakers. They come with all the features of a high-end sound system, and much more. The BP-9060 speakers are essentially high-performance bipolar towers with balanced double surround sound technology. The forward-focused bipolar array helps to project room-filling sound with great sonic imaging and placement flexibility. We liked the integrated powered subwoofer and dual bass radiators that reproduces crystal clear highs and earth-shaking lows with great accuracy. The integrated subwoofer is also tonally matched with the bass radiators for more impactful bass performance. Definitive Technology really gets it right with the BP-9060 speakers, and we highly recommend them for the most discerning of audiophiles who appreciate good music.