Summary – BRAVEN BRV-XXL Review

The Braven BRV-XXL is by all accounts, a really powerful Bluetooth speaker with massive acoustic drivers that can deliver incredible levels of sound output. This massive speaker is built with 4 HD audio drivers, one dedicated subwoofer and a 15,600mAh battery which delivers an incredible 14 hours of uninterrupted playtime. The sound output from this speaker is so loud and massive that it will literally shake the floor when blasting music. It even holds enough power to double as a power bank for your smartphones and mobile devices. The Bluetooth speaker itself is built like a tank and is IPX5 weatherproof, which means that it is dust and water-resistant and is safe from all splashes of water and rain. We also liked the fact the speaker comes with adjustable bass and treble settings which you can use to adjust the sound output according to your preferences, as well as a built-in microphone jack for a full public announcement system. If you are looking for a really powerful Bluetooth speaker for outdoor gatherings or large parties, the Braven BRV-XXL Bluetooth speaker is a great choice.


The Pros & Cons

The Pros. Tremendous volume out – crisp highs, good midranges and stunning bass performance. The sound does not distort at high volume levels which is an added plus – it also comes with built-in bass and treble controls for EQ sound customization. Bass heavy music genres such as electronic dance music and rock perform exceptionally well on the Braven BRV-XXL.

The Cons. The Braven BRV-XXL is ridiculously large, which is expected as the name suggests. This can make the Braven BRV-XXL difficult to transport around and is definitely not a speaker you can carry along with you for a hiking or outdoor trip.

Sound Performance

The sound performance from the Braven BRV-XXL speaker is jaw-dropping loud. It’s quadruple HD audio drivers produces massive volume without any distortion at any volume level, and the sound feels very clean and crystal clear. The sound quality is excellent, with very crisp highs, well defined midrange and thunderous bass that fills up the entire space with a rich and punchy low-end. The speaker also comes with built-in bass and treble controls for EQ sound customization which make it easy to adjust the sound according to your musical preferences. Streaming electronic dance music, rock and pop music genres through this speaker was an extremely fun and enjoyable listening experience with punchy beats and massive sound that really penetrates through the air. You feel like you are sitting in a live disco club while listening to these speakers. The volume output from these speakers is so loud and powerful that you can literally party all night with this speaker without having to miss a beat.


The BRV-XXL is built like a tank with a completely rugged design that looks sleek and durable. The speaker can survive accidental drops, sand, dirt, dust and has a IPX5 waterproof rating which makes it splash resistant. It’s the perfect speaker to take by the beach or pool without having to worry about damaging it. The Bluetooth connectivity to the Braven BRV-XXL speaker is excellent and has a range of around 33 feet – the sound quality through the Bluetooth streaming is very good and we did not experience any dips or drops in sound performance. The speaker also comes with a 3.5mm stereo input auxiliary port for non-Bluetooth music sources. The battery life on this speaker is an incredible 15,600mAh and has enough power to keep the speaker going for up to 14 hours. You can even use this speaker as a power bank to charge your mobile devices through a USB port. We also liked the fact that this speaker comes with a carrying strap for added portability which you can use to take it with you on the go or for events.

The Verdict?

The Braven BRV-XXL is your answer to an extremely powerful speaker that can power entire outdoor parties or large gatherings. It is portable Bluetooth speaker that comes equipped with 4 HD audio drivers and a dedicated subwoofer to deliver massive sound at thunderous volume levels. The sound quality that you get with this speaker is incredibly crisp, with detailed midrange and punchy bass that hits hard. Listening to bass-heavy music genres such as electronic dance music through this speaker is really a jaw-dropping experience. You would be surprised at how loud this speaker can go – and together with its massive battery life, it’s really a beast. We have no doubt that you would be impressed by just how much volume this portable Bluetooth speaker can pump out.

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