Bowers & Wilkins P7 Review

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Review

Summary – Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphone

The Bowers & Wilkins P7 are quality headphones designed for those who prefer a more fun sound signature with punchy beats and tight bass. These high-end headphones are capable of adding a nice kick to bass-heavy music genres such as dubstep, electronic dance music and techno while maintain the consistency and clarity with classical music or vocal performances. The P7 headphones are equipped with headphone drivers that perform more like a hi-fi speaker with a diaphragm for focused sound quality and good separation. The P7s come with a dual cavity cushion design that ergonomically fits around your head for a comfortable listening experience by putting a consistent volume of air in between the driver unit and your ears. They also feature a pretty durable construction with solid metal hinges on each side and are foldable for portability. The sound quality on the P7 headphones is optimized to sound livelier and more fun with a frequency range between 10 Hz to 20 kHz. If you are looking for a comfortable headphone that can deliver great sound for any music genre with a richer and fun sound signature, the P7 headphones are the way to go.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Review

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The Bowers & Wilkins P7 audiophile headphones have a fun sound signature and deliver that extra kick for bass-heavy genres such as electronic, trance and techno soundtracks, while maintaining crystal clear clarity for classical and instrumental music. Note that these are not your typical neutral sounding headphones.

The Cons. The headphones are slightly heavier and do not automatically disappear on your head – the ear pads can also cause your ears to feel warm after extended use. If you are looking for true high-fidelity sound, the P7 headphone sound signature may not be suited to your liking.

Sound Performance

The P7 headphones perform really well for a set of closed-back headphones and produce a rather fun sound signature that sounds rich and forward. The highs on the P7 headphones sound crystal clear with great attention to detail – the timbre ranges are accurately reproduced and make vocal performances sound smooth without any harshness. The midrange performance of the P7 is what makes these headphones really shine – and you can literally start to pick up details in the music which you might not have noticed before. The midranges are rich with plenty of texture and depth, which really immerses you into a different environment while listening to the P7 headphones. At its peak, the P7 headphones do not distort or sound recessed at lower volume levels. The bass on the P7 headphones hits hard and has a good amount of depth and substance; it makes the beats of the music come to live and is a really nice addition to electronic and trance genres. On the whole, the P7 features a richer presentation as compared to other audiophile headphones on this list and certainly a more engaging and forward sound signature as compared to other traditional headphones that focus purely on audio fidelity. That is not to say that the P7 does not perform well with classic and vocal performances – it sounds more vibrant and illustrious than anticipated.

Design & Build Quality

The P7 headphones have a sturdy and durable construction with a premium touch. The P7 is constructed out of high quality materials and you can even smell the leather on the headphones straight out of the box. The headphone is sturdy and does not exert too much clamping force on the head which makes them relatively comfortable to wear for a set of closed-back headphones – do note that you may need to wear these headphones for some time before they loosen up. It also comes with tangle-free cords that are slightly thicker and are of good quality. The P7 headphones are very comfortable to wear and we had no issues wearing them for 3-4 hours straight, although they may start to feel warm on the ears. The leather on the ear pads feel smooth and are gentle on the ears which help alleviate the strain over time – do note that the cans have a rectangular design which helps to put a consistent amount of air between the drivers and your ears in the cavity. Overall, the design and construction of the P7 headphones is top-notch and pretty comfortable for a set of closed-back headphones.

The Verdict?

The Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphone are designed for those who enjoy and richer and more fun sound signature in a comfortable setting. The sound signature of the P7 headphones is uniquely playful, with rich and vibrant midranges, detailed highs and good bass response. These are not neutral sounding headphones but can deliver really punchy and enjoyable beats for bass-heavy music genres such as electronic and trance genres. Vocal performances are brought to the front and are more forward sounding with crisp highs and timbre ranges. The P7 headphones are equipped with Hi-Fi driver units and designed like a hi-fi speaker with detailed soundstage and some spatial imaging. The P7 headphones also have top-notch quality construction with solid metal hinges on each side above the ear cups. The ear pads are made from authentic sheep leather and feel very comfortable on the ears – it also has a good degree of noise isolation which helps to keep out background noises while listening to these headphones. Overall, the P7 headphones deliver quality sound performance and a vibrant sound signature in a comfortable setting and are worth a closer look.

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