B&O Play A1 Review

B&O Play A1 Review

B&O Play A1 Review – The Flagship B&O Play A1 Bluetooth Speaker


The B&O Play A1 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers that deliver exceptional sound with a unique design. This speaker produces an incredible 2 X 140W at peak power which is unbelievably loud for a speaker of this compact size. In ambient mode, the A1 provides an unrivalled stereo experience with its True360 sound technology, providing good dispersion, volume and bass resonance. Furthermore, this speaker is only 1.3 lb and is small enough to travel with you everywhere you go – it’s made of an all-aluminium dome which is dust and splash resistant. A double-molded polymer also creates a solid base for the speaker to rest while stationery. The battery life is an all-time incredible of 24 hours at normal volume levels from a single charge. On the whole, the B&O Play A1 is a very unique and compact Bluetooth speaker that delivers superb sound performance that exceeded our expectations.

B&O Play A1 Review

Pros & Cons

The Pros. Small and compact, the B&O Play A1 is highly portable and lightweight. It also features a sleek aluminium finish that gives the speaker a pretty stunning and modern appearance. The sound performance is exceptional and quite unbelievable – you can plenty of power with this speaker with great soundstage and music separation. This speaker is great for both indoors and outdoors and is capable of producing a lot of bass, which makes listening to hip-hop and rock music particularly enjoyable.

The Cons. The B&O A1 is an expensive high-end Bluetooth speaker and there are plenty of other speaker options at half the price that produce equally high quality sound. That being said, the A1 has a very stylish and sleek design with its polished aluminium finish, and also comes with True360 sound dispersion technology which gives it a unique edge above the rest.

Sound Performance

The sound performance of the A1 is phenomenal for its size and power source. It has very wide soundstage and the music seems 3 dimensional. It has an amazing bass response for its little size especially if placed against a surface it’s able to use as a resonator. It fills the space with clear high quality sound. The sound is just warm, liquid smooth and powerful from the low notes to higher frequencies. The bass is present where it should be; it does not bleed into the midranges. The midranges were especially lovely as well. Listening to Jazz, acoustics, instrumental songs with this speaker is incredibly enjoyable. The sound is simply quite amazing and even at low volumes you get decent bass response. We found that the sound does not distort at all at maximum volumes. Listening to the B&O A1 will expose the subtle notes and details in your music which you may not have heard before – it is quite an incredible experience to rediscover your favorite soundtracks while listening to the stunning music performance of the B&O A1.

The sound quality of the A1 convinced us that this Bluetooth speaker is a step beyond most conventional Bluetooth speakers. It sounds as though there are some smart amplifiers inside and a DSP system that adjusts the levels of sound to optimize them for the internal drivers and is able to create amazing surround sound and sound stage. The sound ‘surrounds’ you which does not seem to be possible from such a small speaker. It is this level of performance from such a small and compact speaker that really makes you question the boundaries of what is musically possible from such a small package.


B&O Play A1 Review

The B&O A1 has a sleek and modern appearance that greatly boosts its aesthetic appeal. The rounded aluminium dome softens the speaker’s profile while its strength protects the delicate components inside. This gives the A1 a stunning and compact appearance from every angle. The A1 also feels surprisingly lightweight; it’s a very good portable Bluetooth speaker that can easily fit into a backpack or hand carry bag. The battery life is very good (with an incredible 24 hours of continuous play time) and is probably among the best we have ever come across. An LED indicator tells you when it’s time to recharge. The battery takes about 2.5 hours of 5V – 3A charging for a full day of portable power.

Other Features

Finally, you can also connect and pair two A1s for a wireless stereo sound experience with a bigger soundstage. The A1 features a Connect Button to conveniently activate your last played music at launch. It also comes with B&O Play app for you to personalize your listening experience, set up wireless stereo pairing and update the firmware to improve your listening experience.

The Verdict?

The B&O Play A1 is an exceptional speaker with phenomenal sound. It is definitely one of the best Bluetooth speakers available today, and has the added advantage of portability and design with its unique aluminium finish. We were so impressed by the sound performance of the A1 – the speaker delivered truly exceptional soundstage, crisp highs and mids and deep bass. You can really feel the quality of this speaker while listening to your favorite soundtracks. At an incredible 2 X 140W peak power and with a battery life that lasts 24 hours, the speaker is powerful enough to keep the party going through the night and we have no doubt that you will be impressed with the incredible soundstage and sound quality that the B&O A1 has the offer.