Bluedio T4 Review

Bluedio T4 Review

Summary – Bluedio T4 Review

The Bluedio T4 is a solid Bluetooth noise cancelling headphone that delivers really good value and sound quality. The T4s active noise cancellation technology works really well to reduce noise significantly and cut off background disturbances. The headphones come equipped with 57mm drivers which provide a really immersive sound experience and decent music soundstage. The T4 headphones feature a unique cavity design that enhances the overall bass response; it also comes with specially designed vents which adjust the airflow and ventilation and distribute the bass around your ears for a full-bodied effect. This enhances the overall bass performance and low-midrange frequencies while streaming music to the T4 headphones. The entire headphone has a really solid and durable build, with nice polymer materials and a sleek chrome finish. We really liked the frames and sliders which look really sleek; it also has a rotating ear cup design for a more comfortable fit and can be folded up for extra portability. If you are looking a decent Bluetooth noise cancelling headphone to take along with you for a long flight or just for casual listening in the office, the Bluedio T4 is definitely a great choice.

Bluedio T4 Review

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The Bluedio T4 has really crisp sound performance with its 57mm drivers – it also has decent bass and good active noise cancellation. The Bluetooth connectivity on the T4 is consistent and strong, and the headphone features a sleek chrome finish.

The Cons. The T4s have a warmer sound signature that emphasizes more on the lower-midrange frequencies – this may or may not be a good thing depending on your listening preferences.

Sound Performance

We were quite surprised at how clean and crisp the sound quality from the Bluedio T4 headphones sounded. Music performances sounded really detailed and crisp – the headphone produces very nice treble ranges, clean midranges and good bass response. The bass response hits hard and does not muddy into the midrange frequencies. This made listening to music with the Bluedio T4 headphones a really enjoyable experience – you can also crank up the volume on the T4 headphones close to maximum and it will not distort. We liked the fact that the Bluedio T4 headphones come with a 57mm driver that accurately reproduces solid sound without any issues. The frequency spectrum that the headphones have is quite broad and it produces pretty good full-range sound quality. The T4s have a warm sound signature with an emphasis on the lower-midrange frequencies. Listening to music genres such as electronic dance music, rock and hip-hop felt really enjoyable and punchy with a good level of separation and soundstage. With the active noise cancellation enabled, orchestra and classical music sounded lifelike as though we were sitting in a real life concert hall. For a set of Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones on a budget, the Bluedio T4s really exceeded our expectations.


The Bluedio T4 headphones have excellent build quality and a solid construction design. The headphones have an ergonomic design to contain the sound within the headphones and enhance the overall bass effect. The T4s feature a built-in titanium 57mm diaphragm to strengthen the bass performance and the lower-midrange frequencies. The active noise cancellation works very well to cancel background noises and can be turned on or off with the easy switch control on the right ear cups. There are also buttons located on the ear cups which provide intuitive control to manage the power, volume and track settings. The T4 headphones come with over-ear muffs and a rotating ear cup design for portability – you can also fold these headphones up and take them along with you while travelling which is convenient. The Bluetooth connectivity on the Bluedio T4 headphones works like a charm and we did not experience any lags or dips in sound performance while streaming music from our mobile device. The battery life on the T4 headphones works nicely and recharges quickly via the USB charging cable. The headphones also come with a 3.5mm audio cable for wired connection to your audio source.

The Verdict?

The Bluedio T4s are really good Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones you can find on a budget that delivers really good value. The active noise cancellation technology works very well to cut off background noises to provide for a much more enjoyable listening experience. It also comes with built-in 57mm drivers that deliver really crisp and crystal clear sound quality – the headphones can produce really crisp highs, good midranges and detailed bass response. The bass on these headphones goes low and sounds really punchy; it elevates the overall music listening experience from bass-heavy genres such as electronic dance music and hip-hop. The T4s have a nice cavity design that engulfs your entire ear with full-bodied sound, and also have a really sleek and durable design. The chrome finish on the headphone cans look absolutely sleek and stunning. It also has a rotating cup design and flat folding mechanism for added portability. The Bluetooth connectivity on the T4 headphones works like a charm and streams music from mobile devices without lags or dips in sound quality. Overall, the Bluedio T4s deliver really crisp and solid sound performance and definitely comes highly recommended.

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