Big Blue Party Speaker Review

Big Blue Party Speaker Review

Summary – The Big Blue Party Speaker

If you are looking for a huge but portable indoor-outdoor bluetooth speaker for party events, the Big Blue is hands-down one of the best massive sounding speakers in this range and is exactly what you need. The best thing about the Big Blue is that it comes with 4 full-range speaker drivers that deliver powerful 360 sound – you can place the speaker anywhere in a party and it will sound just as good. It also comes with an easy-grip carry handle which means you can take it anywhere you want to party – by the pool, decks or even on the beach. To top it off, it’s also portable and water-resistant (splash resistant). This speaker measures 6.3”w x 6.3”d x 15.8”h.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros. The Big Blue Party speaker can produce massive volume and is great for outdoor open spaces where you need a powerful speaker to project the sound. The sound performance is exceptionally good with crisp highs, detailed midrange and plenty of bass to go around. It also features a stunning and elegant design with a handle at the top which makes it easily portable.

The Cons. While the sound performance of the Big Blue Party speaker is definitely head and shoulders above the rest, the speaker suffers from intermittent Bluetooth connection if you are walking around and streaming music from your smartphone – you can connect to the speaker easily but cannot move around too much. That being said, this intermittent connectivity issue does not arise if the smartphone is left in a stationary position.

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Sound Performance

The sound performance of the Big Blue is unlike anything we’ve heard before. It produces thick, pounding sub-woofer bass that will rock your party to the beat of the music. It has clear trebles, and maxed out volume/bass still clear as crystal with zero distortion. It’s loud as hell, and probably the loudest bluetooth speaker we have heard at this range. The sound projects equally in all directions and screams out with pure authority. The design is solid and attractive – it’s super easy to use, and has customizable bass/treble.

To compare with other speakers, the Big Blue is louder and has more bass than the Bose SoundLink II and the Samsung M7. The Big Blue has the added advantage of having speakers all around and the sound is omni-directional. We were extremely surprised at how great the Big Blue sounds and is definitely one of the loudest bluetooth speakers at this price range. The only down side to this speaker is its connection to Bluetooth. It connects quick but you cannot be moving too much with your phone or ipod because it may lose connection. You will have to set your device and not move it. Other than this minor issue, this speaker is completely worth the money. The Big Blue is just much better sounding than many other bluetooth speakers out there, and probably the loudest bluetooth speaker in this field.

Technical Specifications

Some eye-popping technical specifications that the Big Blue Party has are (1) Four 2.5” drivers are mounted inside on 45-degree angles under the top rubber cap, (2) One 5.5” circular subwoofer above the bottom cap firing directly to the left, and (3) One 5” by 7” passive box radiator firing off to the right. It also cranks up to 72 Watts of juice (18W per channel +36 W for subwoofer), and also features a 3.5 Aux connection. The charge life of the Big Blue is 4.5 hours, and the recharge time can go up to 5 hours.  Big Blue Party actually performs properly stereo-separated sound through its speakers, with left- and right-channel audio clearly projecting out from the respective edges of the chassis.

The Verdict?

The Big Blue Party is the real deal for party goers who want to get serious about partying to the beat of the music. It has virtually no competition if you are looking for a portable Bluetooth Speaker that bumps and cranks up the volume to massive levels. If you like hip-hop/R&B/reggae this thing kills. It also handles Jazz, alternative and just about everything else that you can throw at it. You can bring the Big Blue everywhere you go to the beach, BBQ, party, vacation, pool or just chilling in the backyard. This is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers of 2017 that definitely packs a huge punch. Furthermore, it is now selling at a very good price at the time of writing, so don’t forget to snap it up while it lasts.

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