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The 10 Best WiFi Extenders in 2024

In this review we feature the best WiFi extenders that improve WiFi coverage throughout your entire home with your existing wireless router. These routers are designed to be easy to set up with the push of a button and come with a mobile responsive user interface. Furthermore, these WiFi extenders work with 24 and 5 GHz WiFi bands up to 300 mpbs for fast reliable connections. They are universally compatible and work well with your existing gateway, router or ISP provided gateway. Our experts have tested numerous WiFi router extenders to determine which ones provide the best signal performance and improvement over long distances. If you are looking for some of the best WiFi extenders to pair with your existing home WiFi router, be sure to check out our top picks below!

#1 Best Overall: NETGEAR N300 WiFi Extender

NETGEAR N300 WiFi Extender

Features: Extends 24GHz and 5GHz WiFi up to 300Mpbs

Compatibility: Extend WiFi with existing gateway, router or ISP provider

Design: Wall-plug design

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The Netgear N300 WiFi range extender is able to receive a wireless signal from a hub and amplify it, making it available to multiple devices at great distances without affecting the network performance. The range extender is able to eliminate dead zones in indoor spaces such as those obstructed by thick concrete walls, as well as improving coverage in the rest of the space.

The N300 can be easily set up with only a push of a button. All network controls can be done conveniently using a browser-based interface which allows for configuration such as renaming the device and adding a password. The design of the extender is small and lightweight, connecting directly to a wall socket, eliminating the need for cables and posing no risk or visual inconvenience.

This WiFi extender is able to extend both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency bands at speeds of up to 300 Mbps, delivering high speed connections at great distances. It is compatible universally with any existing WiFi set up, whether it is a router, hub, or ISP provided gateway.

#2 Best Value: Google WiFi Extender System

Google WiFi Extender System

Features: Single WiFi point covers 1,500 sq ft (set of three covers 4,500 sq ft)

Compatibility: Network Assist technology, Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon Fios

Design: Simple wall-plug design, works with modem and internet service

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The Google WiFi system is a comprehensive device which acts as a router replacement and brings wireless network coverage to even usually inaccessible places. It is a new type of connected system developed by Google for seamless WiFi coverage which helps with eliminating dead zones within a property. It is able of replacing already installed routers and it is compatible with major internet service providers such as Comcast, Time Warner and Verizon Fios.

We liked the fact that one single WiFi point can cover up an area of up to 1500 square feet, and multiple points can be combined to extend the network area to up to 4500 square feet. The Network Assist technology ensures a fast connection by always selecting the channel which is the fastest and least congested, working as a self-optimizing router.

The device is easy to manage by using a mobile application which allows users to monitor and configure the wireless network. It is easy to monitor the usage, prioritize devices, limit access to certain devices, rename the network, set passwords and determine the security protocols used on the network.

#3 Best Dual-Band Range Extender: TP-Link AC2600 WiFi Extender

TP-Link AC2600 WiFi Extender

Features: Extends up to 2600Mbps, dual band range extender

Compatibility: Works with any standard router or gateway with high speed modes

Design: Intelligent signal indicator, plug-in design

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The TP-LINK AC26000 WiFi Extender has been designed to provide additional wireless network access at long distances from the main router while maintaining the connection reliable and at a high quality level. It is able of supporting high network speeds suitable for gaming PCs, mobile devices and digital assistants such as Alexa and Echo, making it ideal for high definition multimedia streaming.

The Intelligent Signal Indicator aids users in optimizing the placement for this device to ensure maximum coverage and the highest speeds achievable. It is a dual band extender, working with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, providing simultaneous 800 Mbps and 1733 Mbps speeds respectively. The extender is equipped with 4 fixed antennas which can extend the WiFi coverage by up to 14,000 square feet, making it suitable for spaces of any size.

It is also equipped with the Beamforming technology which forms a dedicated connection to the devices rather than broadcasting in all directions possible. Its small and light design make it easily plugged in directly into a wall socket without creating and inconveniences or putting too much strain on the plug.

#4 Best Coverage: Victony WA1200 WiFi Extender

Victony WA1200 WiFi Extender

Features: 1200Mbps wireless range extender, supports dual bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

Compatibility: Compatible with Wireless N and AC, includes WAL/LAN port

Design: 4 external antennas for optimal WiFi coverage

View Full Specs: Victony WA1200 WiFi Extender

The Victony WA1200 is a wireless range extender which enables users to enjoy their home network at a long distance from the main router even in less accessible spaces. The extender is equipped with 4 external antennas which ensure a powerful signal which covers all areas. It has a very high transmission speed of 1200 Mbps which quickly sends and receives large amounts of information from the main WiFi hub.

The WA1200 WiFi extender can deliver high data speeds as it operates on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, enabling users to play video games and stream high definition multimedia content. The Victony extender is easy to set up, only requirements being to be plugged into a wall outlet and have some basic configurations done using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The extender is also equipped with 1 LAN port, enabling a wired connection for those who want a dedicated secure line. The extender has 3 modes, acting as either a router, access point, or repeater. It is compatible with any of the 802.11 standards laid out by the IEEE, making this extender universally compatible with modern devices.

#5 Fastest WiFi Extender: TP-Link AC1750 WiFi Extender

TP-Link AC1750 WiFi Extender

Features: Up to 1750Mbps with dual band range extender

Compatibility: Works with any WiFi router or wireless access point

Design: Simple wall plug-in design, gigabit Ethernet port available

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The TP-Link AC1750 WiFi extender can provide high connection speeds in remote and inaccessible places. It aids users to optimize its placement with the intelligent signal light, showcasing the places where the extender would be performing at an optimum level. It is compatible with an modern WiFi router or wireless access point, meaning that users don’t need to replace any existing hardware.

The AC1750 WiFi extender is equipped with 3 adjustable external antennas which deliver a reliable coverage into even the most remote places. The extender also features 1 Gigabit Ethernet port which allows for 1 device to establish a faster and more secure wired connection. It supports great speeds on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, enabling users to play high-intensity video games and stream high definition multimedia.

Its processing unit is able of handling all the information quickly in order to prevent congestions and ensure the speed is kept as high as possible. It is light and compact, making it unnoticeable in most spaces as it can be plugged directly into a wall socket, without the need of additional support.

#6 Most Versatile: Linksys RE6500 WiFi Extender

Linksys RE6500 WiFi Extender

Features: Supports dual band speeds up to N300 Mbps (2.4 GHz) + AC867 Mbps (5 GHz)

Compatibility: Compatible with all A/B/G/N devices, works with any router or gateway

Design: Simple installation, detachable antennas

View Full Specs: Linksys RE6500 WiFi Extender

The Linksys RE6500 AC1200 is a WiFi extender which can enable users to cover wider areas and inaccessible spaces. It can operate with both widely used frequency bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, delivering high speed, reliable connections to remote places. It is compatible with all modern devices, both WiFi routers and gateways, and it supports all devices laid out by the IEEE in the 802.11 standards, the A, B, G, N and AC devices.

Each band can carry up to 300 Mbps and 867 Mbps respectively, allowing users to play video games and stream high definition multimedia content. The extender is even able to connect to external stereo systems and giving the option of playing audio from a device or computer right from the music streaming service.

For those who prefer, the Linksys RE6500 also has 4 wired Ethernet ports, allowing for dedicated, faster and more secure connections to be established with devices. The antennas can be detached and adjusted, allowing for configurations which are best suited for the location of the extender. The device is easy to install and required no additional software to be configured.

#7 Best Budget: Victony WA305 WiFi Extender

Victony WA305 WiFi Extender

Features: 2 external antennas, 300Mbps transmission rate

Compatibility: Complies with IEEE 802 N/G/B standard, 2.4 wireless compatibility

Design: 2 external antennas, 3-mode-in-1 router design

View Full Specs: Victony WA305 WiFi Extender

The Victony WA305 is a WiFi extender which has been designed to boost wireless signal in order to cover dead spots and provide network access far away from the main router. The WA305 has a transmission rate of 300 Mbps, ensuring a fast communication channel between itself and the principal router, lowering congestion rates and delays.

The extender can support high-speed traffic such as streaming high definition multimedia content or playing video games. The device is easy to install and set up, and it is equipped with a wireless security encryption feature, protecting the network from external threats and keeping all devices on the network safe.

The WA305 is compatible with all devices which adhere to the 802.11 standard laid out by the IEEE, meaning that there is no need for hardware replacements to include this device in the network. It uses 2 external antennas which ensure a powerful and reliable signal which covers the entire nearby space. The extender can be used in 3 different modes, acting as a repeater, router or access point.

#8 Best Value: MSRM US750 WiFi Extender

MSRM US750 WiFi Extender

Features: Supports simultaneous 5GHz and 2.4 GHz connections

Compatibility: Works on any smartphone or tablet

Design: Simple installation, 2 external antennas, improved wireless coverage

View Full Specs: MSRM US750 WiFi Extender

The MSRM US750 is an extender capable of producing powerful wireless signals to help boost the range of a principal router. It uses simultaneous 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz connections to ensure a lag-free connection, enabling users to stream high definition multimedia and play video games. It is equipped with 2 high performance antennas which deliver on the high speed and reliable connectivity, penetrating even remote and inaccessible spaces with signal.

This WiFi extender has a 750 Mbps transmission link between itself and the main router, forming an uncongested and high-speed connection which is suitable for high data traffic. Its compatible with all devices which adhere to the 802.11 standard laid out by the IEEE, including ac/a/b/g/n devices. The device is easy to set up and its design ensures that is not inconvenient to be placed or installed anywhere.

Overall, the US750 WiFi extender is a great product for anybody who needs additional signal indoors to cover places which are not reached by the main WiFi router. It provides 360-degree coverage which make it easy to be placed in the optimum position.

#9 WiFi Repeater with Antenna: Bonyage WiFi Extender

Bonyage WiFi Extender

Features: Wireless AC technology delivers dual band speeds up to 1200 Mbps

Compatibility: Supports all 802.11 A/B/G/N/AC standards of WiFi routers

Design: Easy installation with simple plug in, 4 external antennas

View Full Specs: Bonyage WiFi Extender

The Bonyage WiFi repeater is a dual band unit which is able of providing wireless network signal to inaccessible places and is designed to work best in indoor spaces. It supports all 802.11 a/b/c/g/n/ac standards of modern WiFi routers and wireless access points as laid out by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, meaning that it can be implemented in any existing network without requiring any hardware replacements.

The wireless AC technology delivers speeds of up to 1200 Mbps by simultaneously using both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. The Bonyage WiFi repeater can support high traffic usage such as streaming high definition multimedia or playing online video games. It is also equipped with a Gigabit Ether port which enables a dedicated wired connection for a faster and more secure link.

The Bonyage WiFi repeater has 4 adjustable antennas which emit a powerful signal that is suitable for indoor coverage, penetrating through walls and reaching WiFi dead spots. It’s designed to be light and compact, the whole device plugging into a wall socket, removing the need of a dedicated place or power supply.

#10 Best Design: Rock Space WiFi Extender

Rock Space WiFi Extender

Features: Dual band technology, offers up to 300Mbps for 2.4GHz and 867Mbps for 5GHz

Compatibility: Supports virtually all wireless routers or gateways

Design: Quick and easy setup, supports iOS and Android mobile platforms

View Full Specs: Rock Space WiFi Extender

The Rock Space WiFi Extender has been designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, allowing users to boost the signal range with a simple setup. As it uses dual band technology, the extender can automatically adapt the transmission to each band depending on needs, whether it’s signal strength up close or reaching devices farther away. It delivers up to 300 Mbps for the 2.4 GHz frequency band and 867 Mbps for the 5 GHz one, totalling 1167 of maximum speed.

The extender is equipped with 2 antennas which provide 360 degree powerful coverage which passes through walls, enabling the router to be placed at any convenient point for the user and still deliver good quality signal. It also features a Gigabit Ethernet port for dedicated wired connections for devices which need faster and more secure network access.

Using the WPS button, the signal booster can be set up in a matter of seconds, and users also have the ability to configure the device through a webpage, as well as a provided mobile application. The smart signal indicator makes it easy for users to determine the optimum placement for the extender to make the most of its facilities.