Best Speakers in the world

The 10 Best Speakers in the world right now

In this review we feature the best speakers in the world that deliver an audio listening experience that you’ll never forget. These are some of the greatest speakers of all time that not only deliver great sound performance – they have several unique features that make them sound much better than anything you’ve probably listened to before. Our editors have picked these speakers based on the quality of the sound performance, design and basically with all the aspects of music that audiophiles would be looking out for. They have plenty of soundstage, vibrancy, vocal clarity and sonic presence – these speakers can take your listening experience to an all new level with the kind of detail and bass that really exceeds expectations. If you are looking for the best speakers in the world with exceptional sound performance, be sure to check out our top picks below.

#1 Best Speaker in the World: KEF LSX II Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker System

The KEF LSX II Wireless Hi-Fi speaker system is hands down one of the best speakers in the world that delivers high-fidelity audiophile grade sound performance. These speakers are designed for the most demanding Hi-Fi listeners and provides high quality music streaming with up to 24bit/384kHz for extremely detailed sound performance. We liked the fact that you can set up these speakers completely wirelessly without any cabling between the two speakers – they automatically sync and pair with each other and your audio source. In addition, the LXS II speaker system supports HDMI ARC and USB-C inputs, making it suitable to stream music from laptops or your TV console or turntable – you can also sync up these speakers using AirPlay 2 or Chromecast. These speakers can be placed virtually anywhere in the living room or bookshelf, or even wall mounted with wall brackets. It also comes with built-in streaming services including Spotify and Tidal. This LSX II speaker is precisely tuned with KEF’s music integrity engine and optimised for the 11th generation Uni-Q driver array which provides exceptionally clear and accurate sound for high-fidelity listening. Overall, the KEF LSX II delivers some of the best high-fidelity sound we have heard and highly recommend them.

The KEF LSX II speakers work primarily as near-field speakers that deliver a wide soundstage and very crisp audio performance. We started off testing this speaker with a few classical music pieces and you can tell that these speakers have the ability to separate instrumental notes and capture subtle details that you might not have noticed before, such as the stroke of the piano key and plucking of guitar strings. These speakers are able to communicate subtle tones and shifts in classical music pieces, and you get the sense that you are sitting inside a real life concert hall while listening to these speakers. We also played a couple of jazz and rock music soundtracks and they sounded very pristine with crystal clear vocals and an ever present midrange. The highs and midranges are perfectly balanced, and we able to enjoy Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’ to its greatest perfection with very nice timbre and realism. Each individual note coming from the LSX II speaker feels weighty with plenty of depth and substance; the level of separation and soundstage that you get with the LXS II is breathtaking.

KEF’s UniQ driver is capable of producing a very realistic stereo image where you can appreciate all the finer details in the music and get a sense of where the vocalist is standing on stage, and the position of musical instruments and the drums. The stereo image is fluid and wholesome, and you really get a sense that you are sitting in a life concert hall during music performances. The bass on the KEF LSX II speaker feels tight and punchy, and the speaker is capable of delivering very nice low-end bass notes with depth and finesse. The bass feels very controlled and tight, and although we did feel that the bass may not be enough for bass heads looking for a deep boomy low-end. We would recommend adding a compatible KEF subwoofer to the LXS II speakers, such as the KEF KC62 subwoofer, which deliver a rock solid bottom bass that really complements nicely with the KEF LSX II’s vocals and treble ranges.

The KEF LSX II are some of the most aesthetic speakers we have tested that feature a sleek metallic aluminium finish. Although the LXS II speaker does not come with KEF’s latest metamaterial absorption technology as seen in the LS50 Wireless II speakers, it does feature KEF’s 11th generation uni-Q drivers that provide up to 200 watts (30W to the tweeter and 70W to the woofer on both channels). The speaker is available in five different colors, with mineral white and carbon black being the most popular and striking. This speaker system also uses the latest KEF W2 wireless streaming platform and provides multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast. Compared with the previous generation KEF LSX wireless speakers, the LXS II also features additional HDMI ARC and USB-C connections if you want to stream music from your laptop or TV. Having said that, one of the drawbacks of the KEF LXS II speaker is that you need to be on a wireless network to use the app – the app does not work with Bluetooth. We would recommend taking some time with configuring the EQ settings using the app, which offers a choice of both normal or expert modes with different configuration features. This allows you to fine-tune the sound performance of the LXS II speakers especially if you are using them together with a wireless subwoofer.

The Verdict? The KEF LSX II are hands down some of the best speakers in the world that deliver high-fidelity sound with a near-perfect soundstage. They support high-definition sound of up to 24bit/384kHz, and also supports HDMI ARC and USB-C inputs for TV and laptop connections. We did find that the KEF LSX II speakers sound better when connected over the Wi-Fi network and streaming music directly from Spotify. These speakers are highly versatile, and you can place the speakers on a bookshelf or desktop and they will blend in nicely with their sleek modern finish. They also come with KEF’s 11th generation Uni-Q driver array and have an output power of 200W for both channels, and a sound pressure level of 102 dB. It also features a relatively wide frequency range of 52Hz to 28kHz, with an emphasis on the highs and treble ranges – these speakers will certainly benefit from the KEF KC62 subwoofer if you need extra bass. Overall, the KEF LSX II is one of the best speakers in the world that delivers extremely precise and high-fidelity sound, and we recommend them for pure audiophile listening.

#2 Best Floorstanding Speakers: Martin Logan Motion 60XT Speakers

Martin Logan Motion 60XT Speakers

There’s nothing quite like the sound from the Martin Logan Motion 60XT speakers. They are perhaps one of the best speakers in the world and one of the greatest floor standing speakers of all time. Let’s talk about the specs for these speakers. They are equipped with folded motion a XT tweeter which squeezes air and requires almost 90% less excursion than typical 1 inch dome tweeters. This drastically minimizes distortion while providing a very fast response time. The folded motion tweeter is engineered with a large surface area that is 8 times that of a typical 1-inch dome tweeter to create a clear, highly dynamic and precise sound performance. The speakers also come with a precision built advanced topology Vostro crossover and high-performance aluminium cone woofer, including audiophile-grade 5-way bi-wire binding posts for a secure connection. We also liked the high-gloss finish which adds to the aesthetic appeal of these Martin Logan speakers.

From a performance standpoint, these speakers deliver some of the best sound we have heard in a pair of floor standing speakers. They do require a minimum of 20 hours of burn in for the sound to settle down, and after this period the sound will start to straighten up and feel refined. The bass on these speakers feel punchy and tight, and the motion tweeters are accurate and well-balanced. You’ll experience a level of soundstage and detail with these speakers that you rarely hear even among high-end speaker systems.

The treble ranges are articulate, precise and detailed without any hint of distortion or harshness. The mid-range is magnificently voiced and especially good for female vocals with sonic presence and sound projection. The midranges are beautifully precise and acoustically tuned to perfection. You get very solid sound performance with crystal clear details. The bass also sounds near-perfect with tight lows and very deep ends. Do note that you’ll have to place these speakers some distance away from a wall in order to sustain a deeper bass response. There’s so much bass and power to these speakers that you’ll probably not require an additional subwoofer for the speaker setup.

We would definitely recommend pairing the Martin Logan 60XT speakers with a high-end amplifier such as Denons or Yamahas to drive maximum sound performance in a home theater arrangement. These speakers have incredible impact and sound fidelity, making them absolutely satisfying to listen to for hours without any fatigue.

Finally, the Martin Logan 60XT speakers have really sleek and modern build quality. The Black Cheery cabinets are aesthetically stunning, and the grilles are precision stamped with magnetic coupling to the face plane of the speaker. The binding posts are solid and well designed, with internal bracing and high quality construction. It’s architecture and design feels like getting a Steinway piano with robust external and internal quality design. We have no doubt that the 60XT speakers are a work of art and no less than an acoustic engineering feat.

The Verdict? The Martin Logan 60XT delivers exceptionally detailed sound performance and sonic soundstage. These are some of the best speakers in the world designed for crystal clear highs and details; the level of separation that you get with these speakers is off the charts. It feels you are sitting inside and listening to a real life opera house with these speakers properly amped. Every single aspect of the music is reproduced to perfection with detailed highs, midranges and low-end bass tunes. It also has a precision Vostro crossover network with a high-performance aluminium cone woofer and folded motion XT tweeters for much louder and more powerful sound performance. It’s also very well constructed and aesthetically detailed, making it one of the best speakers in the world for sound and in terms of floor standing speaker aesthetics.

#3 Best for Bookshelf: Audioengine HD6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Audioengine HD6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

When it comes to bookshelf speakers, the Audioengine HD6s definitely comes to mind. They are essentially bookshelf speakers like the KEF LS50, and are powered speakers with an integrated DAC system for high performance audio reproduction. The HD6 Bluetooth speakers built-in analog power amplifiers and are also equipped with an aptX HD Bluetooth codec with a 100 foot range and 24-bit DAC which allow you to bypass low-quality sound cards in your laptop or PC devices for premium sound performance. They are wireless and work with all your smartphone devices and apps, and requires no additional network setups. It delivers high-end sound wrapped in hand-built wood cabinets without any receiver required. The HD6 speaker supports aptX HD Bluetooth codec, subwoofer connections and even has a remote control to go with it. Overall, these are some of the best speakers in the world for bookshelf listening and provide exceptional sound quality.

Most importantly, the Audioengine HD6 works with turntable and built-in external pre-amps so that you can get the best sound quality out of these speakers. They are also TV supported with analog outputs and RCA output connectivity.

The HD6 speakers have a 150W peak total power (50W RMS, 75W peak per channel). They come with 5.5” aramid fiber woofers and 1” silk dome tweeters for crystal clear sound performance. The speakers support Bluetooth 5.0 for high-quality music streaming with an input bit depth of 24-bits up-sampled.

You’ll fall in love with the sound quality of the Audioengine HD6 speakers. They produce some of the best sound I have heard in a long time, with tonal clarity, maximum depth and superb soundstage. The level of depth that these speakers can go is out of this world – you’ll hear things in your music which you have never heard before through these speakers. Vocal performances sound natural and very well-amplified, giving you a sense of where the vocalist is standing in the room. The highs and midranges are phenomenal – they sound detailed in almost every respect with presence and authority. The treble and midbass is well-articulated and balanced; they are strong enough for you to forego a dedicated subwoofer when using these speakers.

Listening to classical and instrumental music with these speakers was a very satisfying experience. You must use a turntable together with these speakers to appreciate how good these speakers actually are in terms of detail. Forget the wireless Bluetooth connection from your smartphone as this wouldn’t do justice to these speakers. Mozart and Beethoven sounded spectacular on these bookshelf speakers, giving you a sense of where each instrument is originating from with refined precision.

The HD6 speakers come with custom 5.5” Kelvar woofers with die cast aluminium woofer baskets, and a custom 1” silk tweeter with neodymium magnets and ferrofluid-cooled voice coils. They are housed in hand-built cabinets with furniture-grade finishes and detachable magnetic speaker grills. It also has threated inserts to secure the speakers to stands. There are also passive crossovers with upgraded components for crystal clear sound distribution.

The Verdict? The Audioengine HD6s are designed for audiophiles who want high-fidelity sound in a bookshelf setting. They are one of the best speakers in the world with multiple connectivity options including optical, Bluetooth, RCA, analog and turntable connections. We also liked how good these speakers sounded, with crystal clear highs, very detailed midranges, midbass and deep bass performance. The sound quality from these speakers is near-perfect – everything sounds realistic and detailed with absolutely stunning soundstage. There’s also plenty of detail and depth in the music that makes these speakers stand out. If you are looking for a thoroughly satisfying audio experience, definitely go for the Audioengine HD6 speakers.

#4 Best for Music: KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker

The KEF Q950s are serious high-fidelity speakers built for audiophiles who appreciate good music. They are some of the best speakers in the world with the most articulate and accurate sound we have ever heard. The Q950 speaker places the tweeter in the acoustic center of the midrange cone, providing more detailed, accurate three-dimensional sound image which is dispersed evenly throughout the room. We also liked that the Q950 speaker features an 8” Uni-Q driver array, one 8” bass driver and two 8” auxiliary bass radiators. The Uni-Q drivers have been repositioned to the centre of the cabinet to reduce unwanted internal resonance and add refinement to sonic clarity and detail. Acoustically speaking, these floor standing speakers have so much to offer in terms of sound imaging and separation, with crystal clear highs, detailed mids and very tight bass response. If you want to listen to every single detail in your music with near-perfect precision, go for the KEF Q950 speakers.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the KEF Q950s are some of the most accurate and articulate speakers we have ever heard in a home setting. They are extremely detailed speakers that allow you to hear things in audio recordings that you might not have heard before. Furthermore, these speakers do not require any EQ adjustments or subwoofers to sound good – they work great straight out of the box and provides crystal clear sound output. We were so impressed by how good these speakers sounded – listening to these speakers feels as though you are sitting in a real life concert hall. Vocal performances are reproduced particularly well with these speakers, and you can even hear where the vocalist is standing and the subtle notes in the music such as the vocalist catching her breath and the stroke of a piano.

For best performance, we would highly recommend using these speakers with a dedicated 2 channel amp with at least 150 watts per channel. An example of this would be the Yamaha R-N803 amplifier. This is necessary if you really want these speakers to shine – it would take your highs and mids to a whole new level. We really loved how every single detail in the music is precision matched and blends in very well with the overall sound signature. Everything sounds near-perfect with precision details; there’s no hint of harshness or distortion at high volume levels.

You can literally sit in the center of your room and close your eyes while listening to these speakers. The soundstage is impeccable and the vocals are reproduced exactly where they should be. Instrumental notes sound very realistic and detailed, and you can get plenty of detail when pushing these speakers to their SPL limits. It’s breath-taking to be able to soak up the music and listen to these speakers with virtually zero distortion.

The Verdict? The KEF Q950 delivers impeccable soundstage and detail for critical listening. They come with a redesigned cabinet, sleek new finishes and an improved Uni-Q driver array designed to smooth out treble frequencies. These speakers also come with upgraded low-frequency drivers, new surrounds and rear suspension and tight bass performance. The Q950s are available in a sleek matt black or white vinyl finishes. They are one of the best speakers in the world in terms of detail and performance and have some of the best sound we have heard from floor standing speakers in a long while.

#5 Best for Home: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 4th Generation Speaker

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 4th Generation Speaker

The Beoplay A9 speaker by Bang & Olufsen is really a tribute to all music artists who value making and listening to good sound. These speakers are able to reproduce every single note in the audio frequency spectrum with clinical precision, allowing you to re-listen to music pieces with an enhanced depth of detail and accuracy. The A9 4th generation speaker is equipped with seven effective drivers with exceptional room-filling sound performance which is calibrated to suit the space that you put it in. It is equipped with active room compensation which ensures high quality sound – every instrument is heard with utmost clarity from the stroke of a piano to the vibration of guitar strings. You can even hear background noises in the recording that you may not have heard before together with subtle nuances. The A9 is one of the best speakers in the world and an iconic statement from B&O.

Let’s talk about the Beoplay A9 speakers. This luxurious speaker can be attached to the wall with a wall-mounting accessory, or used as a floor standing speaker as part of your home. There’s lots of ways to connect to this speaker including using Airplay 2, Chromecast and wireless Bluetooth streaming. It also supports Wi-Fi connectivity for easy connection to home audio systems. It comes with the ability to automatically calibrate the sound performance to the shape of your room. The A9 also includes black walnut legs to complement the Black model and Oak legs for the white version. It’s pretty easy to change the cover to match your own home interior styling. We also liked the ability to sync up the speaker with other Bang & Olufsen speakers in your home for a multi-room wireless experience.

This speaker is pretty heavy and measures 27.6” wide, 35.75” high and 16.3” deep with the legs attached. It comes with its own dedicated amps for each speaker driver, including a 400 watt Class D amp for the bass (8” woofer), 2 X 200 watt Class D amps for the midrange (dual 3” tweeters), 2 X 200 watt Class D amps for full-range sound (1.5” full-range) and 2 X 150 watts Class D amps for the treble (dual 3/4” tweeters). This makes the speaker pretty much overkill in terms of output capacity, with plenty of power for loud sound output. We also recommend installing the Bang & Olufsen app which allows you to tweak settings such as the bass and treble, as well as setup the active room compensation for optimized sound performance.

The Beoplay A9 delivers some of the cleanest audio we have heard from any speaker for a long time. It’s a speaker that really analyses the detail in the audio recording; it can really pick out the good and the bad aspects of any music recording. This means that things that you’ve probably never noticed before will come to light with the A9 speaker. The A9 speaker will accentuate every single detail in the music whether good or bad, so be prepared for some pleasant (and some unpleasant) surprises with this speaker.

One thing we need to point out with the A9 speaker is the bass. The bass from this speaker is simply mind-blowing with a considerable amount of depth. While it’s going to compare with a dedicated subwoofer, the level of bass detail that you get is tremendous and punchy. This makes EDM and rock music genres pretty fun to listen to with the speaker. That said, the active room compensation system does reduce the bass when turned on, so you may need to enhance the EQ to push up the lower bass ranges.

The Verdict? The Beoplay A9 has some of the best sound we have heard with an aesthetically appealing design. The amount of power and soundstage that you get from the A9 speaker is incredible, with impeccable highs, detailed mids and solid bass. The walnut legs that come with the speaker is beautiful, and the speaker curvature looks very modern and cool. The entire audio experience that you get with the A9 speaker is exceptionally unique – it’s a speaker with tremendous soundstage and power that can really bring out the good and the bad in audio recordings. You can also turn this speaker to max volume and not hear a shred of distortion. It’s one of the best speakers in the world and the flagship speaker from Bang & Olufsen.

#6 Best for Hi-Fi: Definitive Technology BP-9060 Tower Speaker

Definitive Technology BP-9060 Tower Speaker

If you are passionate about music and are looking for a new listening experience, the Definitive Technology BP-9060 Tower Speaker is probably the right choice for you. It’s one of the best speakers in the world that provides a lifetime listening experience with superb sound. The sound that comes from the DT BP-9060 speakers is incredibly detailed and accurate, and really re-defines the notion of ‘music’ when you first listen to these speakers.

Let’s discuss the DT BP-9060 specs. These speakers feature BDSS technology drivers on the front and rear speaker array with a total of 8 speakers. There’s a front 1” tweeter and dual 4.5” mid-drivers with a rear facing 1” tweeter and 4.5” mid-driver for more accurate lifelike sound performance. This speaker includes an integrated powered 10 inches subwoofer and dual base radiators that reproduce extremely powerful lows. It works perfectly fine with a dedicated subwoofer and sounds really clear and vibrant. The Definitive speaker comes with a forward focused bipolar technology which enhances sound dispersion and soundstage.

We particularly liked the ability for you to expand your sound system with three dimensional Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound. This tower speaker comes with a built-in docking port that allows you to connect an optional A90 height speaker. There are also intelligent bass control features which help to enhance the bass performance and maintain an overall balance between the lows and the midrange frequencies.

The sound quality that you get with the DT BP-9060s is just on another level. The level of detail that you experience with these speakers is incredible – you can hear things in your music soundtrack that you might not have heard before. The bass reproduction is strong enough to vibrate your entire room and floor. The sound was clear and clean with crisp highs and very detailed separation that filled the room with sound. If you close your eyes while listening to these speakers, you get a very real sense of soundstage like never before. Nothing you have experienced so far will prepare you for the sound quality and performance on the DT BP-9060 speakers.

I would highly recommend these speakers to anyone who wants to experience sound like never before. These speakers provide true audiophile-grade sound quality, and while they come with a hefty price tag, are certainly worth every cent. They aren’t your ordinary floor standing speakers – they deliver superb sound with a precise center image and spatial imaging. They can pick out details in music recordings and soundtracks that you have not noticed before.

The Verdict? The Definitive Technology BP-9060s deliver outstanding sound quality with a solid build design. They come with all the features of a high-end sound system, and much more. The BP-9060 speakers are essentially high-performance bipolar towers with balanced double surround sound technology. The forward-focused bipolar array helps to project room-filling sound with great sonic imaging and placement flexibility. We liked the integrated powered subwoofer and dual bass radiators that reproduces crystal clear highs and earth-shaking lows with great accuracy. The integrated subwoofer is also tonally matched with the bass radiators for more impactful bass performance. They are some of the best speakers in the world built by Definitive Technology and are designed for serious audiophiles.

#7 Best for Audiophiles: Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL Hybrid Electrostatic Speakers

Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL Hybrid Electrostatic Speakers

The ElectroMotion ESL is a flagship Martin Logan speaker with a unique electrostatic loudspeaker system. It’s one of the best speakers in the world with extremely fast frequency response and delivers a sonic experience that you’ll definitely remember. This speaker features full-sized 34-inch tall curvilinear XState electrostatic transducers with an integrated high-performance woofer for full-range sound reproduction. This speaker is specifically designed for 2-channel sound systems and can be added to dynamic multi-channel home theater systems if required. Furthermore, the ESL speaker features 129 square inches of radiating surface, deep bass performance and a high sensitivity of 91dB. It’s a speaker that delivers immersive sound with plenty of soundstage that moves all around you, and allows you to hear music from an entire different perspective.

I think that the ElectroMotion ESL speaker should be the gold standard of the ideal stereo listening experience. What you are getting with these speakers is a truly immersive listening experience where the soundstage and audio separation moves all around you. This allows you to spatially locate the instruments in the music and hear exactly where the vocalists are standing from. The sound feels natural and crisp, and you don’t get any listening fatigue after prolonged periods of listening. This speaker system also has a good amount of bass to it – the woofers in the ESLs are themselves more than adequate for rock, jazz and R&B music genres. One curious feature about these speakers is that the ‘sweet spot’ is slightly spread out and not pin-pointed – allowing you a wider range to appreciate the subtle notes in music performances.

The ElectroMotion ESL speaker does have a period of burn in where the sound will start to smoothen out and sound natural. Once the sound is properly broken in, you’ll get detailed notes and pretty amazing soundstage with natural layers of sound distribution. The bass from the speaker is strong and punchy with a tight and refined kick.

The ESL speaker radiates sound with equal intensity from the front and back of its diaphragm, with outputs in opposite phase. The sound waves ripping out towards the sides meet at the speaker’s edge and cancel, which means that you get much better sonic detail and stereo imaging. The ESL speaker also features a proprietary topology filter utilizing custom air core coils and low DCR steel laminate inductors, polyester film capacitors in series, and low DF electrolytic capacitors in parallel. All these features create a listening experience that you’ll probably never forget.

The Verdict? The Martin Logan EelectroMotion ESL speakers feature a hybrid electrostatic design with superb sound performance.  They are truly one of the best speakers in the world with incredible soundstage and detail. The ESL speakers come with a CLS XStat electrostatic transducer, ultra-rigid Air-Frame and an 8 inch high-excursion woofer which delivers superb highs and midbass performance. It also comes with a precision built advanced topology crossover system for smoother sound reproduction. I was thoroughly impressed by the sound quality from these speakers – the soundstage and stereo imaging that you get is realistic and highly detailed. The bass, mid-ranges and highs feel smooth and defined at every frequency level. You can practically push these speakers to maximum volume without hearing an inch of distortion. Listening to these speakers is truly an audiophile treat, but bear in mind that they require a period of burn in before the sound fully matures.

#8 Best Wireless: Edifier S3000PRO Audiophile Active Speakers

Edifier S3000PRO Audiophile Active Speakers

The Edifier S3000PROs are a remarkable set of audiophile speakers that come with planar diaphragm tweeters and deep woofers Bluetooth 5.0 aptX wireless streaming. These speakers are capable of producing highs and low-end bass that sounds excellent, crisp and clean. The midrange performance is accurate and incredibly detailed, making vocals and instrumental performances absolutely fun to listen to with these speakers. The S3000PROs are actually built for audiophiles with a desire for high-end acoustics, and are some of the best speakers in the world in terms of natural sounding highs and stereo separation.

Let’s talk about the Edifier S3000PRO specs. These speakers are equipped with a 256 watts total RMS output with a 6.5” aluminium diaphragm bass unit and planar diaphragm tweeters for incredible acoustic performance and frequency range. We liked the fact that this speaker system offers wireless left and right speakers for different audio setups. It also features Kleernet wireless technology for vastly improved audio quality over traditional Bluetooth speakers – this supports near lossless audio quality up to 328ft streaming distance. The speaker also supports Hi-Res audio and Bluetooth 5.0 support with aptX HD decoding. This allows the speaker to produce airy and transparent audio quality sound for near lossless sound quality. The planar magnetic diaphragm tweeter also provides clearer, natural highs and an extremely fast frequency response.

The bass response on the S3000PROs is actually much better than we anticipated. The lows and midbass are clearly articulated with a powerful low-end kick. These speakers come with a 6.5” aluminium alloy diaphragm bass unit with delivers a strong punch from movies to music. Setting up these speakers is actually a breeze – all you have to do is plug them into the wall socket and pair them with Bluetooth or via USB input. The left speaker on this system is wireless and uses a proprietary network link to connect to the right speaker, so minimal cabling is required.

The dynamics coming from the Edifier S3000PRO speaker is mind-blowing, with crystal clear highs and deep low-end extensions. Vocal performances sound extremely clear and visceral with female vocals sounding particularly good. The level of instrumental separation that you get with these speakers is very good – classical music sounds very smooth and realistic with plenty of separation and detail. There’s no need to adjust the acoustical and percussion settings as these speakers can handle these audio frequencies really well. I also felt that these speakers didn’t lack any bass in the slightest – there’s no need to tune the bass upwards unless you really want more of that low-end kick. There was no distortion or muddiness at any volume level with these speakers – everything sounds near-perfect with great separation and imaging and depth of field.

The greatest surprise that I got from these speakers is the low-end rumble that comes from a movie scene – you can literally feel the bass response and the subtle details that flow through every channel. It’s a speaker system with plenty of prowess and very good frequency response with tight and fast bass. The top end also feels very resolving due to the planar diaphragm tweeters.

The Verdict? The Edifier S3000PROs have fantastic build quality, wide soundstage and a smooth sound signature. These are some of the best speakers in the world with exceptional sound performance. They have crisp highs and powerful midbass performance, with very efficient diaphragm tweeters that produce a vibrant soundstage experience. It’s a set of speakers with hi-fi audio sound quality and great stereo sound response. While they may not be able to match the full frequency prowess of a floor standing speaker like the Martin Logan’s, they certainly deliver on the sound quality and performance that you’d expect from a top-notch bookshelf speaker. The wireless connectivity is also pretty good and saves you to hassle of having to cable up both left and right speakers. The S3000PROs also feature a high-efficiency Class D digital amplifier and Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD decoding. They are also equipped with electronic crossovers and dynamic control based on DSP, so you get really clean and balanced sound performance with these speakers.

#9 Best for Home Theater: Focal Aria 926 3-Way Speakers

Focal Aria 926 3-Way Speakers

If you have ever listened to the Focal Aria 926 3-Way speakers, you would agree that they have a remarkable sound signature with realistic sound. They are designed as 3-way bass reflex floor standing speakers with dark walnut exteriors, and provides extremely powerful acoustic sound performance with musical capabilities. It is designed especially for audiophiles for appreciate fine music and want to hear all the subtleties in the music recording. These speakers are equipped with flax cones which are characterized by their natural sound and low coloration in the midranges, while delivering much tight bass performance. They can produce consistent sound quality with improved dynamic response, and works very well in a home theater arrangement as frontal speakers. In our view, the Focal Aria 926s are one of the best speakers in the world designed for critical listening and work best for instrumental and vocal music.

I started off testing the Focal Aria 926s with several acoustic musical selections including orchestra, instrumental and vocal performances. This music selection included piano, cello and guitar pieces with vocalists standing in the front of the stage. The Aria 926 speakers provided plenty of detail to the layered overtones in the music recording with a very wide soundstage. It feels as though the speakers are transparent and you are sitting in a real life concert hall appreciating the music.

The highs and midranges were articulate and detailed without any hint of harshness at high volume levels. The soundstage felt particularly wide with a very good representation of where each actual note is originating from. There’s plenty of acoustic space in the Aria 926 speakers which allows you to literally close your eyes and take in the music as if you are in a live concert hall. Guitar and string performances were particularly outstanding, with rich textured tones and subtle notes portrayed accurately through the speakers. You can also hear details from the drums and piano that seem to originate from the ceiling of the room, which shows just how much height and width these speakers have in sound distribution.

Throughout the audio listening experience, I felt that the Aria 926 speakers felt acoustically transparent and never drew unwanted attention to themselves. They blend in nicely with other speakers in a home theater arrangement including the rear speakers while delivering solid three-dimensional sound. Movie dialogues were crystal clear and sounded crisp, while 3D sound effects from movies could be heard with good sonic placement in every direction. You get really wide soundstage with these speakers that completely transform the way you perceive music from these speakers. They work great for home theater or just standalone speakers for music.

The only downside of the Aria 926 speakers is that they probably will require about a month or so to properly break in and reach full potential with the bass response. We highly recommend giving a high-end amp to go with these speakers for them to really shine.

The Verdict? The Focal Aria 926 speakers are developed for home theater and critical music listening. They deliver some of the very best soundstages we have heard in a long while, with the ability to make music seem as though they are coming from different angles and directions. The highs and midranges on this speaker are thoroughly controlled, and the bass hits hard and feels punchy without muddying into the midrange frequencies. With these speakers, you’ll get high-fidelity sound performance that sounds real-life. Vocals and dialogues are particularly good on these speakers with a sense of realism that you rarely find in most hi-fi speakers. They work great in a home theater arrangement setup. It’s one of the best speakers in the world with a really unique sound signature, so be sure to check them out.

#10 Best Soundstage: Klipsch Heresy III Heritage Series Speakers

Klipsch Heresy III Heritage Series Speakers

The Klipsch Heresy III Heritage series speakers is a truly iconic speaker from Klipsch. It’s one of the best speakers in the world in Klipsch’s Heritage Series line and offers the greatest degree of placement flexibility for different listening options. This speaker uses a three-way design with horn-loaded titanium diaphragm for ultra-detailed midrange and high-frequency compression drivers. It also comes with a direct radiating 12-inch woofer for powerful low-frequencies, and it has 99 dB sensitivity which delivers smooth, dynamic and low-distortion sound performance. The Heresy III speakers have a wide frequency response from 65 Hz to 20 kHz without any harmonic distortion at high volume levels. If you listen to the Klipsch Heresy III speaker for long enough, you’ll realise how much depth of detail and soundstage these speakers can deliver for your music recordings.

Before we get any further, let’s talk about the history of the Klispch Heresy III speakers. Klipsch initially introduced the Heresy speaker in 1957 with a compact three-way design utilizing a 12” woofer and horn-loaded midrange and tweeter. In 2006, the Heresy III was upgraded with a more powerful woofer and bi-wire network as well as midrange and tweeter compression drivers. It also features a titanium diaphragm for smooth and accurate sound reproduction. The speaker also comes with a slant riser base that can be removed for cabinet installations. Klipsch also only uses book-matched wood veneers for the Heritage series speakers; the veneer leaves are kept in order as they are delicately sliced from the timber and precisely arranged to provide a mirror image at the splice joint. This gives each speaker an aesthetically appealing and consistent appearance.

How do these speakers sound? Well, that really depends on what kind of amplifier you use to go with these speakers. I’d highly recommend going with a high-end amp with at least 200 watts per channel in order to make these speakers truly shine. When playing music, these Klipsch speakers sound cohesive and well-balanced with great depth and clarity. Nothing in the music is exaggerated and missing; even the lower bass frequencies feel present on these speakers. The bass from these speakers does not go extremely deep (i.e., subwoofer level), but it integrates well into the midrange without sounding overwhelming. The speakers produce big sound with precise imaging as well as a nice soundstage that feels wide and dynamic. You can really hear details in the music from different height angles and directions; they produce music that’s almost sublime with classy refinement.

That said, speaker placement is really crucial with these speakers. I spent half a day trying to get the placement right, adjusting the speakers and the sofa to ensure that these are angled towards a nice ‘sweet spot’ for the best listening experience. Once the placement of the speakers was worked out, listening to these speakers is actually a very special experience. The only thing lacking from these speakers is probably bass – they do mid-bass and midranges really well, but they do not have that ultra-deep bass that you get with subwoofers from EDM and rock music. Despite this, the lower bass does pack a punch and you can literally feel it in your chest with some songs even without a dedicated subwoofer. They have some of the most natural, fluid and dynamic sound I have ever heard in a speaker.

Should you get a subwoofer to go with the Klipsch Heresy III speakers? In my opinion, you should only get a subwoofer if you want to listen to bass-heavy music genres AND have the money to splurge on a good subwoofer that can complement these speakers. This is because an average subwoofer can really ruin the quality of the sound coming from the Heresy III speaker – its subtle details and nuances. These speakers are built for music genres that require an emphasis on subtleties, such as instrumental and opera music. I’ve heard some of the most natural and vibrant vocal performances from these speakers and cannot be more satisfied with the overall sound quality.

The Verdict? The Klipsch Heresy III speakers have excellent soundstage and one of the best natural sounding tones I’ve ever heard. It’s one of the best speakers in the world that are definitely worth listening to. Music performances on this speaker sounded crisp and clear with dynamic soundstage; it has the ability to make you feel like you are sitting in a live concert hall with vibrant details and separation. The sheer depth and height of music detail from these speakers is off the charts. One caveat though – you’ll need really good and powerful amplifiers to power these high-fidelity speakers; otherwise you’ll get nothing but harsh and distorted sound performance. They don’t require a dedicated subwoofer, but will definitely benefit from a high-end sub if you intend to more bass-heavy music genres.