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The 10 Best Outdoor Subwoofers in 2024

Outdoor subwoofers are a great way to add bass to your outdoor garden speaker system, especially if you only have a stereo speaker setup in your garden or backyard. I personally like outdoor subwoofers that can produce good bass response and blend in nicely into the garden foliage, which means that nobody will notice these subwoofers in your garden. For these outdoor subwoofers, they are designed to be weatherproof and waterproof, making it safe to place anywhere outdoors. The best thing about these subwoofers is that they can easily blend into the surroundings and you can mask the wiring by using burial wires. If you are looking to add bass to your garden audio experience, you can’t go wrong with these picks.

#1 Forza 10 Outdoor Subwoofer

Forza 10 Outdoor Subwoofer

View full specs: Forza 10 Outdoor Subwoofer

Apart from being fully weather-resistant and IP66 rated (which means that it is 100% sealed and protected from rain and water jets), it delivers incredibly deep sound performance. It has a unique design that isn’t too pedestrian and blends easily with outdoor foliage. The entire speaker has 300 Watts of sound power which can really add a lot of bass into the music.

This subwoofer is equipped with a down-firing 10” polypropylene woofer to cover all the low and mid-range frequencies. The best thing about this speaker is that you can place it anywhere in your garden and run speaker wire to it.

The Forza 10 comes with a built-in eye bolt that allows you to anchor it to the floor and keep it firmly in place. It easily pairs with a mono subwoofer amplifier (we recommend one with 100 watts) and any existing landscape satellite speaker combination. Plus the anchor feature prevents theft which is a nice added plus!

#2 Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100

Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100

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For those of you who know the Polk brand, Polk specializes primarily in outdoor audio equipment and they have built up a reputation over the years for solid performance. They have come up with the Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100, which I must admit is a pretty great subwoofer to have in your outdoor garden. It delivers rich thumpy bass and has plenty of power output for garden parties and music.

To put things into perspective, the Polk Atrium 100 has a 10” long throw-dynamic balance driver which really does the job of pumping out deep bass well, while eliminating distortion at high volumes.

The entire subwoofer is housed in a molded and acoustically inert resin enclosure to reduce standing resonances.

One feature of the Polk Audio Atrium is that is has a uniquely curved shaped design which allows it to blend in easily into foliage while disguising itself as a flower pot!

If you want something that is slightly more expensive but durable and with better performance, you should definitely give the Polk Audio Atrium 100 a try.

#3 OSD Audio OM-SUB200 Outdoor Subwoofers

OSD Audio OM-SUB200 Outdoor Subwoofers

View full specs: OSD Audio-Sub 200

These are essentially outdoor subwoofers built for audio users on a budget. They are relatively simple to setup and have a nice green exterior which naturally blends into outdoor foliage. The subwoofer itself comes with an 8” subwoofer and an all-weather versatility with sealed internal cabinets.

While the bass from these OSD subwoofers isn’t as great as the Polk Audio or Forza outdoor subs, they still pack a good punch with music and movies. It has a decent frequency range of 50 Hz to 250 Hz and a dimension of 12” x 12” x 13”.

On the plus side, the OSD Audio sub comes with a built-in crossover network that will filter the low frequencies and drive the 8” subwoofer, so that you other landscape speakers can focus on the treble and midranges.

If you are up for outdoor subwoofers that delivers good combination for money and performance, these OSD subwoofers might be a good set to have.

#4 TIC GS50 8” Outdoor Subwoofer

TIC GS50 8” Outdoor Subwoofer

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Another good contender for the top spot is the TIC GS50 outdoor subwoofer. Do not let the simple design of these subwoofers fool you – they can pump out a lot of bass and works with almost any commercial grade-landscape satellite speakers. These speakers come with an oversized housing with allows good bass response without the use of sound ports, plus an 8” subwoofer cone and 360 degree sound delivery.

Every aspect of this speaker is designed for outdoor use – the entire speaker is virtually weatherproof. It also comes with a reflection cone which creates an omni-directional sound source, and allows the landscape to be immersed with music without any hotspot (i.e., a single place where the sound is originating from).

The entire speaker cone is made of weather-resistant ASB polypropylene material to ensure that it lasts through the various seasons, and especially the winter months.

#5 Russound AW10 Outdoor Landscape Subwoofer

Russound AW10 Outdoor Landscape Subwoofer

View full specs: Russound AW10 Outdoor Subwoofer

The Russound AW10 is a unique outdoor subwoofer that literally requires you to bury it into the ground. The subwoofer system is uniquely shaped and has a tuned port tube that offers deep and tight bass performance. This subwoofer isn’t cheap, and is definitely only something you should use if you want to add some serious bass to your outdoor sound setup.

The AW10 subwoofer, like other outdoor subwoofers, comes with a fully weatherproof design. It has a silicone elbow for flexibility in any extreme temperatures, particularly in the winter months.

The bass chamber which needs to be buried underground is made from PVC material for long-term sustainability. The frequency response from the AW10 is 30 Hz to 200 Hz with a recommended power of 200Ws.

The only downside to the AW10, apart from its expensive price tag, is that is has to be buried underground and connected with burial cables. This means you might have to dig up certain sections of your garden to install this speaker, as well as hook up the burial wires to your outdoor amplifier.

#6 OSD Audio 8” 500W Outdoor Subwoofer

OSD Audio 8” 500W Outdoor Subwoofer

View full specs: OSD Audio 8″ Subwoofer

The OSD Audio 8” subwoofer is another burial subwoofer speaker that has a bass chamber that needs to be buried underground. Apart from that, the subwoofer actually blends in nicely with your decorative home landscape as only the 20” vent is exposed. I particularly liked how deep the bass from this subwoofer is – it can fill up large backyards or patio areas with deep bass – with over 500Ws of power just for the bass alone.

Like all outdoor subwoofers, the GLS8 subwoofer is weather-resistant and can handle extreme temperature fluctuations. It is rated IP66 and designed to withstand all-weather conditions including rain and snow. We also love that the subwoofer has a 500 watt power rating and omni-directional sound, which makes it great for larger home installations.

The downside here is that you have to bury the bass chamber into the ground which requires quite a lot of digging, considering that you need burial cables as well. And the OSD Audio 8 isn’t exactly cheap to get, and is more of an investment for outdoor audiophiles.

#7 Monoprice 2.1 Outdoor Subwoofer System

Monoprice 2.1 Outdoor Subwoofer System

View full specs: Monoprice 2.1 Outdoor Subwoofer

The Monoprice 2.1 sound system is designed for those looking to install both the outdoor subwoofer and landscape satellite speakers in your garden. It comes as a 3-in-1 package and gives you all that you need to get started.

The subwoofer itself employs a 2-way, 12db crossover at 200Hz and uses frequencies below 200Hz while sending the rest to the satellite speakers. Sound-wise, these speakers deliver great soundstage and pretty decent bass – provided that they are placed in the right location in the garden.

One particular thing we liked is that they are surprisingly easy to install – rather than requiring you to run separate wires from the amplifier to each speaker, you only need a single 4-conductor wire to run from the amp to the subwoofer, and a shorter cable from the subwoofer to the satellites.

The cool aspect of this setup is that you can add additional subwoofers if you need more bass to the setup. The buried subwoofer is pretty much invisible if you hide it well in the foliage. While this subwoofer does not have as much bass as the Polk or OSD subs, you do get pretty good bang for the buck with these especially if you want a convenient 2.1 setup.

#8 Jamo JL4810 Outdoor Subwoofer with Amplifier

Jamo JL4810 Outdoor Subwoofer with Amplifier

View full specs: Jamo JL4810 Subwoofer

The Jamo JL4810 system is catered towards individuals who want a full-blown outdoor sound system in their backyard, with amplifier and subwoofer included. The entire system comes with 4 satellites, burial subwoofer, ground stakes and a power amplifier to get you started right out of the box.

All the 8 JL-4 satellite speakers are designed to be weather-resistant with UV-resistant ABS enclosure. It also comes with an aluminium grill. The subwoofer has a 10” long-throw IMG woofer and the JDA-500 amplifier has 4 X 125 watt channels. It’s really a home theater system in your backyard.

The satellite speakers here are solid, heavy and well-built. The grey color design easily blends into most landscaping and is great for the surrounding rocks. The subwoofer delivers a sublime well-balanced low which blends in nicely with the satellite frequencies.

While the Jamo JL4810 might seem like overkill, it is indeed a versatile outdoor subwoofer sound system combined with all the satellites and amplifiers to get started.

#9 Earthquake Sound Granite-10D Outdoor Subwoofer

Earthquake Sound Granite-10D Outdoor Subwoofer

View full specs: Earthquake Sound Granite-10D Subwoofer

If you fancy an outdoor subwoofer that looks like a rock (and an elegant one for that matter), the Earthquake Sound Granite-10D is your best choice. The entire subwoofer pumps out deep bass response and comes with a crossover network to reduce distortion and deliver pure bass.

The subwoofer has several unique features including a dual voice coil subwoofer with an “S” shaped port to filter out water. The subwoofer has a unique rock-liked appearance which blends into outdoor environments – actually easier than the other subwoofers because of its rock shaped design.

It’s completely sealed with santoprene surrounds, poly cones and poly-dust caps, and is paintable to match any outdoor open space which is a definite added plus.

The bass from this subwoofer is smooth and complements existing landscape satellite speakers well without any hint of clipping noise or distortion at high volume. Plus, the speaker does indeed look like a rock and you can’t tell apart this subwoofer from another rock from a distance.

#10 Kicker 45CWTB84 8” Outdoor Subwoofer

Kicker 45CWTB84 8” Outdoor Subwoofer

View full specs: Kicker 45CWTB84 Outdoor Subwoofer

Regardless of whatever kind of music you like to listen to, you’d always need bass especially for outdoor open spaces. Where the Kicker 45CWTB84 shines is the amount of bass which it delivers – which virtually outranks the rest in terms of power output. It has a power rating of 300 watts RMS (600 watts peak), which can literally rattle you window.

The subwoofer enclosure comes with a 8” subwoofer and a second passive radiator which delivers a lot of bass without any noise or distortion. Like other outdoor subwoofers, this one is made out of tough ABS plastic that can stand up to adverse weather conditions.

We love that you can mount the enclosure vertically or horizontally in your backyard; it comes with mounting brackets and grilles for this purpose. It also has spring-loaded wire terminals which makes connect to your audio amplifier a relatively easy task.

The entire package comes with mounting hardware and brackets for easy installation which is definitely an added plus.

Overall, the Kicker outdoor subwoofer does deliver deep bass with great impact. That being said, it does lack the overall aesthetic that you would expect from an outdoor speaker which makes it harder to blend into the surround foliage.