Best Logitech Speakers

The 10 Best Logitech Speakers for 2024

In this review we feature the best Logitech speakers for PC gaming and desktop applications. These speakers are designed to produce full-range sound performance with crisp highs, detailed midranges and deep bass response for music soundtracks and gaming. Furthermore, some of these Logitech speakers are designed to deliver surround sound performance for home theater and digital gaming, enhancing the overall listening experience with vibrant sound effects. Logitech is a well-known brand for delivering speakers that produce lifelike gaming environmental sounds, and produce deep punchy bass that does not muddy into the midrange frequencies. Our experts have tested numerous Logitech speakers to determine which ones provide the best value for money and sound performance. If you are looking for the best Logitech speakers for PC or desktop, be sure to check out our top picks below!

#1 Best Overall: Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

The Logitech Z906 is one of the best surround sound speakers we have tested from Logitech that delivers 5.1 digital surround sound. These speakers support Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks and come with a 165 watt subwoofer for deep bass reproduction. We liked the fact that the Logitech Z906 are THX-certified home theater speakers that provide true cinema quality sound – the system comes with 4 X 67W wall mountable speakers. The entire system delivers a continuous 500 watts of power with the ability to deliver a peak power of 1000 watts; the speakers produce thunderous room shaking audio performance with very deep bass performance. We also liked the fact that the Z906 speakers allow for flexible setup – they can connect up to six devices including to your computer, music player, TV, game console and other devices. It also has easy sound control functionality; there is a compact control console and wireless remote which allows you to personalize your surround sound experience. The Z906 speakers connects to another device using a 3.5mm cable, RCA or digital coaxial or optical inputs.

We really liked the fact that the Z906 speakers support 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS encoding which accurately recreates a surround sound field in game soundtracks and Blu-ray devices. The sound quality that we got from these speakers is detailed, well-balanced and smooth. The highs and midranges are rich and well-defined with virtually no harshness at high volume levels. The bass output from the subwoofer hits hard and adds a layer of deep punch to the music soundtracks. The midranges are smooth and crisp, and deliver lifelike sound details through the music. The entire system is THX certified which provides a 3D soundstage for object-based sound, allowing you to pick up which direction each sound is coming from. The Z906 speakers also have the ability to convert two-channel stereo from your music and games into an immersive cinematic experience.

Finally, the Logitech Z906 speakers come with an easy to read console control with a compact stackable design that fits into your home entertainment system. You can easily control the volume, power and inputs on the console using the wireless remote control. The entire system comes with five satellite speakers, subwoofer, 6 feet six channel direct cable, stackable control console, wireless remote and a user manual for easy reference. Overall, the Z906s are some of the best Logitech speakers that deliver superb sound quality and performance, so be sure to check them out!

#2 Best Sound Quality: Logitech MX Sound 2.0 Stereo Speakers

Logitech MX Sound 2.0 Stereo Speakers

The Logitech MX Sound 2.0 are compact multi-media speakers that are great for desktop computers, laptops and other music applications. These speakers are wireless Bluetooth enabled which makes them a great choice for listening to music directly from your smartphone. These speakers come equipped with easy-switch technology which allows you to seamlessly switch between audio devices – you just need to pause the audio on one and press play on the other. The MX sound speakers have a power rating of 12 watts RMS and 24 watts peak power with acoustic drivers that deliver balanced audio performance. The speakers also come with a well-designed port tube which plays lower frequency notes for added bass output. You can also adjust the volume of the speakers using the motion-activated, back-lit controls on the speaker front. We really liked the overall design and presentation of the Logitech MX sound speakers – they are elegantly crafted speakers which include silver accent rings, motion-activated back-lit controls and high-end fabric covers.

The sound quality of the Logitech MX speakers is crisp and crystal clear – the amount of volume that these speakers can produce is actually quite impressive. The spatial positioning of the sound is very good and they can produce a good deal of soundstage; music notes appear to be coming from different directions and give you a sense of where each instrument is positioned. Furthermore, the Logitech MX speakers have Bluetooth, auxiliary inputs which make them high versatile – you can connect them to PC or your smartphone. We also played a couple of movies through the Logitech MX speakers and were pleasantly surprised by the level of depth these speakers have in terms of sound quality. Vocal and dialogue performances are reproduced clearly, and compliment the entire audio experience. Do note that you might need to add a dedicated subwoofer if you require more bass output. Overall, the Logitech MX is one of the best Logitech speakers that have a sleek and unique design with great sound performance.

#3 Most Portable: Logitech X 300 Portable Speaker

Logitech X 300 Portable Speaker

The Logitech X 300 is one of the best Logitech speakers designed for dynamic sound performance and portability. The speaker is engineered for wide-range sound and the acoustic drivers are uniquely angled to provide an expansive sound spectrum. This allows you to hear music across a wide angle and is great for sound dispersion. You can also connect this speaker to your smartphone or tablet devices as it supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 feet away. The X 300 speaker supports calls and instant controls; you can adjust the volume and manage phone calls with the tap of a finger. We liked the sound quality of the X 300 speaker – it delivers deep, accurate bass performance with detailed midranges and nice highs. It also comes with a built-in battery that provides up to 5 hours of continuous music playtime without recharging. The speaker also comes with a micro USB cable for easy recharging.

We liked the sound performance of the Logitech X 300 speaker. Despite its relatively small size of 150mm, the speaker provides a good amount of volume with deep bass response with crisp highs. The speaker drivers are positioned facing upwards to create a more expansive soundstage; vocal performances sounded lifelike and very nicely reproduced, with rock and pop genres sounded clean with pretty good soundstage. The acoustic drivers on the X300 can reproduce sound accurately and without any distortion at high volume levels, which makes it a great choice to take around with you as a portable speaker. We would say that the sound performance on the X300 matches the Bose Mini in terms of quality an detail. If you are looking for one of the best Logitech speakers that can provide great portable sound, the X 300 is probably your best bet.

#4 Best Stereo Speakers: Logitech S120 Stereo Speakers

Logitech S120 Stereo Speakers

The Logitech S120 speakers are old-school Logitech stereo speakers that provide crystal clear and dynamic sound performance. These are great speakers to have if you need a pair of computer speakers to listen to music and play games with crystal clear stereo sound performance. The S120 speakers are essentially a 2.0 stereo speaker system that provides a clear distinction between the left and right speaker channels. They also feature a compact size that delivers high quality audio performance without taking up too much space. The S120 speakers have a wide frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz and feature a sleek and modern design that blends in easily into modern home décor. They also have a power rating of 2.3 watts of nominal output power, and come with a convenient headphone jack for private listening with a built-in knob for adjusting the volume.

We were pleasantly surprised by how good the Logitech S120 speakers sounded as a standalone pair of stereo speakers. The highs and treble ranges on these speakers are smoothly reproduced, while the midranges and bass are crisp and clean. Vocal performances and dialogue sound crystal clear, which makes these speakers great for music and movie performances. The level of sound separation that you get with the S120 speakers is very good, with a nice distinction between the left and right speaker channels. The bass performance on the S120 is decent, although it would benefit from the addition of a dedicated subwoofer for extra bass. The S120 speakers can go very loud without any distortion, although do bear in mind that they have a nominal power rating of 2.3 watts. Overall, the Logitech S120s are some of the best Logitech speakers for PC and computer setups if you want clean stereo sound performance.

#5 Best Budget: Logitech Z323 Speaker System with Subwoofer

Logitech Z323 Speaker System with Subwoofer

The Logitech Z323 is one of the best Logitech speakers you can find on a budget. These are sleek computer speakers that can produce immersive Logitech 360 degree sound performance for crystal-clear, room filling audio performance. The Z323 system comes with a ported, down-firing subwoofer which delivers deep and rich bass performance. It also has dual satellite speakers for crisp highs and nice treble ranges. The Z323 uses basic RCA and 3.5mm inputs for easy connectivity to PCs and gaming consoles. It also comes with an integrated headphone jack for private listening, and a subwoofer that delivers 18 watts RMS of bass. The entire system provides 30 watts RMS of full-range sound performance. If you are looking for a simple and clean stereo setup that can deliver crisp sound performance with good volume levels, the Logitech Z323 is a great choice.

The Z323 is essentially a 2.1 speaker system that delivers 30 watts RMS (60 watts peak) of power with crisp stereo sound performance. The speakers are designed to project sound evenly in all directions to create an ice soundstage while gaming. We liked the fact that you can connect up to two compatible devices and access power and volume control on the right speaker; you can also adjust the bass from the knob on the back of the subwoofer. The entire system comes with two auxiliary inputs and an integrated headphone jack to transfer audio to your headphones. The design of the Z323 speakers is clean and sleek; they are weighty with attractive rubber feet that improve stability. While the bass output is not the most powerful that we have heard, it does have a good footprint and is powerful enough for small desktop applications. The bass is also adjustable which allows you to control the amount of bass according to your preference and music genre. Do note that these speakers may have a little distortion at high volume levels, although this is to be expected from the speakers given their power rating. Overall, the Logitech Z232 is one of the best Logitech speakers we have tested and definitely recommend them.

#6 Best Desktop Speakers: Logitech Z207 2.0 Stereo Speakers

Logitech Z207 2.0 Stereo Speakers

The Logitech Z207 speakers are a pair of sleek and modern stereo speakers designed to provide crystal clear stereo sound. They are some of the best Logitech speakers in terms of versatility and design, and connects easily to computers and other devices via Bluetooth wireless or 3.5mm cable. The Z207 speakers comes with Easy-Switch technology which allows you to switch between audio devices by pausing the audio on one device and pressing the play button on the other. Each Z206 speaker has one active driver that delivers full range sound performance, and one passive radiator that delivers good bass extension. We liked the fact that these speakers have an on-speaker headphone jack and convenient controls for easy access to Bluetooth wireless pairing and volume adjustment. The Z207 speaker works with Bluetooth enabled devices and comes with a 3.5mm input to connect to PC, computer and tablet devices.

The Logitech Z207 Bluetooth speakers feature total of four-drivers which creates a good balance between the mids, highs and bass performance. Vocal performances sounded crisp and well-defined on the Z207 speakers, while the bass feels punchy and adds a layer of impact for rock and pop music genres. You can listen to these speakers via Bluetooth connection or through a wired input while switching between them with the Logitech Easy-Switch feature. The sound quality of the Z206 is pretty good, and delivers 10 watts of peak power (5 watts RMS) which is suitable for small rooms and causal listening purposes. You can also crank up the volume on the Z207 and it does go pretty loud, although do expect some distortion due to the lower power rating of the Z207 speakers. These speakers are designed to be compact and sleek, and blend in easily into modern home interior décor and on desktop tables. If you are looking for one of the best Logitech speakers for small room applications, the Z207s are definitely worth checking out.

#7 Most Well-balanced: Logitech Z313 Speaker System

Logitech Z313 Speaker System

The Logitech Z313s are some of the best Logitech speakers built for versatility and PC desktop applications. The Z313s produce rich and filling sound quality that sounds crystal clear and vibrant; they are perfect for PC monitor gaming speakers or just for listening to casual music. The Z313 speakers come with a control pod which makes it easy to control the volume and headphone controls on the go. The entire system provides up to 25 watts RMS of power and delivers balanced sound performance with good bass output. It comes with a compact subwoofer that fits into tight spaces and delivers even deeper bass if you tune the bass volume knob to maximum. The system is very easy to setup – you only need to connect the speakers to the subwoofer and plug the subwoofer into your computer for easy output. The Z313s are compatible with virtually any music devices with a 3.5mm auxiliary input. The subwoofer has a dimension of 8.6” x 9” x 5.9”, while the satellite speakers have a dimension of 3.2” x 5.65” x 3.5”.

The Logitech Z313 system comes with twin satellite speakers and a compact subwoofer which makes it a versatile 2.1 sound system. These speakers provide plenty of power to fill up a small room with clean and rich sound – it also comes with a handy control pod for you to adjust the volume on the go. The highs and midranges on the Z313 speakers are crisp and clear, and the midranges are reproduced with good level of detail. The bass output on the Z313 speakers is deep and punchy, and adds a layer of punch to rock and electronic dance music genres. We also tried these speakers with PC video games and they provide a surprisingly good level of soundstage and stereo separation. The system delivers 25 watts RMS of power which is pretty good considering how compact these speakers are. Overall, the Logitech Z313 are some of the best Logitech speakers that are easy to setup with a versatile design, and we highly recommend them.

#8 Best for Laptops: Logitech Z130 3.5mm Laptop Speakers

Logitech Z130 3.5mm Laptop Speakers

The Logitech Z130 3.5mm laptop speakers are some of the best Logitech speakers that have simplistic and compact design. These speakers are capable of providing rich and strong stereo sound with 5 watts of power, and are great for small listening applications when connected to a PC desktop or laptop. The Z130 speakers also feature a compact and low profile design which is ideal for desks with limited space. The speakers come with convenient on-speaker volume and power controls, and feature a headphone jack plus a 3.5mm jack input for DVD or CD player devices. They connect to your laptop or desktop with a standard 3.5mm auxiliary cable. We also liked the fact that the speakers have a volume control knob at the front for easy adjustment, as well as a separate on-off switch.

The sound quality of the Logitech Z130 speakers is decent but lacks bass performance. The sound frequency is flat and neutral, and music genres such as rock and pop do not sound punchy at all through these speakers. That being said, they have good stereo sound performance and do well for vocal and instrumental performances. Do note that these speakers are meant for portable and small sound applications, so do not expect too much from these speakers. We liked how crisp and clear the treble ranges on these speakers sounded, and they do not have any harshness at high volume levels. If you are looking for some of the best Logitech speakers on a budget for easy setup, the Z130s are definitely a great choice.

#9 Best Value: Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speakers

Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speakers

The Logitech Z506 is one of the best Logitech speakers designed for a 5.1 surround sound experience. This system comes with a ported down-firing subwoofer which pumps out deep and clean booming bass performance. The subwoofer is rated at 27 watts and has enough power to shake up a medium sized computer room. This speaker creates a rich 3D stereo in 5.1 surround sound from 2-channel stereo sources. We liked the fact that these speakers come with multiple inputs which make it easy to connect to your PC, game console, iPod, DVD player and other devices. The acoustic drivers on the Z506 speakers can produce 75 watts of balanced power and room-filling sound performance; it also comes with a bass control which allows you to easily dial the bass level up or down depending on your preferences.

The sound performance of the Logitech Z506 speakers is rich, clear and dynamic, The entire 5.1 speaker system includes the left, right and center channels, with two rear satellite speakers and one subwoofer. The whole setup can produce up to 150 watts peak of room-filling sound while the subwoofer delivers deep bass performance. The bass from these speakers goes low and punches deep, and adds a layer of low-end to music performances. We liked the fact that you can also use your computer sound card to connect via six-channel direct inputs and enjoy true surround sound, or connect the speakers via the 3.5mm or RCA inputs. The speakers allow you to connect up to two devices simultaneously and switch between two audio sources.

Finally, the Logitech Z506 speakers have simple controls that allow you to easily access the power, volume and headphone jack on the right front satellite speaker. You can also tune the bass with the dedicated subwoofer control knob. Compared with the Logitech Z906 speakers, the Z506 does not have THX certification but does deliver pretty good surround sound performance for video games and home theater. If you are looking for one of the best Logitech speakers on a budget, the Z506 is definitely a great choice.

#10 Best for Gaming: Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speakers

Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speakers

The Logitech G560 are some of the best Logitech speakers built specifically for gaming. These speakers come with built-in Lightsync RGB colors which provide a dazzling lightshow when playing audio through these speakers – this adds to the audio experience and provides a fun factor suing these speakers. The G560 speakers provide a massive 240 watts of peak power and feature a unique driver design which provides a wider soundstage for audio reproduction. This allows you to hear details from the gaming environment through these speakers as though you were listening to a surround sound system. The Logitech G560 speakers also feature integrated DTS:X Ultra technology which renders 3D positional audio for you to hear sound from every angle. Furthermore, the speaker lighting zones are easily customizable with Logitech Software for front and rear light projection. These speakers works with Windows based PCs and Bluetooth enabled devices – do note that DTS:X is not supported on Mac OS X. The G560 speakers are pretty powerful and can reach a maximum sound pressure level of 97 dB (120 watts RMS).

We thoroughly enjoyed the sound performance of the Logitech G560 speakers. They provide great sound quality with very immersive bass output. You can practically crank up the volume on these speakers to maximum and they will produce loud audio performance without any distortion. The lighting effects are also very eye-catchy and add to the overall gaming vibes with these speakers. Gaming environments sound very lifelike with crystal clear sound reproduction; you can hear the minor details in the music and sound effects coming from different directions. The cables on the Logitech G560 speakers are also thick and simple to connect to your PC. Do note that to get the most out of the G703 lighting, you need to install the Logitech gaming software. The software provides plenty of options and allow you to adjust the color and intensity of the lighting which is pretty cool.

Overall, the Logitech G560s are some of the best Logitech speakers designed for gaming and provide crystal clear surround sound performance with integrated DTS:X technology. The highs and midranges on the speaker are crisp and clear, and the bass output hits hard and punchy. They are great for PC games where you can listen to every single detail in the music at loud volumes without any distortion.