Best Guitar Amps

The 10 Best Guitar Amps in 2024

In this review we feature the best guitar amps that provide superb sound quality for performances or guitar practice. These guitar amps can easily connect to your guitar via ¼” instrument input with 1/8” auxiliary inputs to jam along with media player or CD devices. They also come with controls for you to adjust the gain, boost select switch, volume, treble, mid-range and bass outputs. The electronic guitar amplifiers have high wattage which allow for louder sound output with crystal clear detailed sound and no distortion. Furthermore, some of these guitar amps also come with a 1/8” headphone output jack for silent practice. Our experts have tested multiple guitar amps to determine which ones produce the best sound quality and guitar sound amplification. If you are looking for one of the best guitar amps to amplify your guitar sound, be sure to check out our top picks below!

#1 Best Overall: Donner DEA-1 Guitar Amp

Donner DEA-1 Guitar Amp

The Donner DEA-1 is one of the best guitar amps designed to deliver a great guitar playing experience in a compact form. It is a 10-watt amplifier, making it suitable for rehearsing and practicing indoors while still being able to deliver powerful sound. It offers users controls over the gain and volume of the amplifier, as well as a 3-band equalizer with a dedicated control for each band. It features a 6.3 mm TS jack input which is the standard used by musical instruments. The Donner amplifier is also equipped with a 3.5 mm auxiliary in socket for playing music from an external device through the speaker, as well as a headphone out port for practicing privately using headphones. The construction of the amplifier is solid, being able to withstand intensive usage and transportation. It sits on rubber feet which prevent it for sliding and the corners are padded by reinforced rubber. The boost channel alongside the gain and volume options can make it produce powerful enough audio to be suitable for small performances such as on the street, or rehearsing with a full band in a practice room. Overall, it’s one of the best guitar amps that delivers 10 watt sound amplification and we highly recommend them.

This amplifier, despite its small size, is able to produce powerful sound which can go as far as being used for small gigs, rehearsals or street performances. The amplifier features 2 channels, one for clean playing, and the other for overdriven passages. The channel switch, gain dial and 3-band equalizer make this amplifier very versatile, enabling users to play any type of genre, from rock to blues, funk and jazz. This amplifier is suitable not only for beginners, but for professionals as well, especially when it comes to practicing and rehearsing, as it renders the sound produced on the guitar exactly as it is played. The lack of effects and heavily distorted channels do not mask any mistakes and enable player to hear their playing as close to the truth as possible. By adjusting the equalizer, the amplifier can accentuate clean played note and give players the required feedback for improving. The amplifier has a negligible amount of noise floor, so it does not add unwanted sounds to the performance. This can also be improved by using digital or short-length instrument cables. To ensure complete silence during periods of rest, simply turn down the volume on the guitar or amplifier.

The Donner DEA-1 is a high quality amplifier able to withstand intensive usage. Its compact design allows it to be easily transported and played in any kind of environment. It has useful features implemented such as the auxiliary in, which allows any kind of analogue input to be played through the amplifier’s speaker. Those include phones, tablets, laptops, CD players, mp3 players and more. This is a great feature for rehearsing songs as the guitar playing should match up exactly to the recorded song. The phones output is very useful for practicing as well as it silences the output and only plays the guitar through the connected headphones, enabling players to practice quietly. The amplifier comes with a 3.5 mm TRS cable and two 3.5 to 6.3mm adaptors, all of them which are used with the auxiliary and phones ports. The build quality is solid, being constructed out of hard materials which protect the inside electronics. The amplifier has a classic Blackface design which is characterised by black dial knobs, panel and body, with a protective silver cloth mesh on top of the speaker.

The Verdict? The Donner DEA-1 is one of the best guitar amps is suitable for both beginners and professionals alike. It is perfect not only for rehearsing and practicing, but also for small performances. It is a go-to amplifier for any aspiring player who wants a simple and convenient amplifier which offers enough features to be used for longer periods of time. Its sturdy build ensures that the amplifier has a long lifetime. The tone shaping controls allow players to use this amplifier for a wide range of genres. The channel switch button adds another dimension of versatility as it sounds great when used for crunchy or overdriven passages. Overall, this is one of the best guitar amps that should be indispensable from any guitarist’s home, regardless of experience.

#2 Best Value: Fender Champion 20 Guitar Amp

Fender Champion 20 Guitar Amp

The Fender Champion 20 is a small and one of the best guitar amps which can deliver a wide variety of tones, enabling users to play all kinds of music and experiment with different techniques. It has an equalizer section which allows control over the bass and treble content of the output, making the guitar range with sounds from low and thumpy to high and thin. It is also equipped with multiple delay-based effects such as reverberation, chorus, flanger and tap-delays. Those give the guitar another dimension of playability as it opens up doors for multiple styles of playing. The Champion 20 is suitable for rehearsing due to its small size which makes it convenient for indoors playing, but also because of the auxiliary in feature, which allows external devices to use the amplifier as their sound output. With this option, players can rehearse with their guitar and song coming from the same source to match exactly on the song. The headphones output enables users to quietly rehearse by plugging in a pair of headphones and muting the output to the speaker. The Fender Champion has 17 different amplifier models which aim at recreating the sound of well-known amps. The open back cabinet used by the speaker make it easy to store additional cables. On the whole, the Fender Champion 20 is one of the best guitar amps that provide great value for money and we highly recommend them.

The Champion 20 is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds by using effects and amplifier modelling. Firstly, its equalizer section makes it very easy to make your guitar having a warm sound specific to jazz to a high and thin sound specific to funk, and everything in-between. The voices knob allows users to cycle to different types of amp modelling, ranging form clean and pure to dirty and gritty, as well as distorted and aggressive. The gain dial has a major impact on the sound and the other settings as it indicates how powerful the signal that’s going to be processed is. Typically, higher gain means more overdrive and distortion, which is suitable for genres such as hard rock and heavy metal. The delay-based effects option available on the Champion 20 make can enable players to use their creativity and produce new and interesting sounds. The amount of effects, or volume, can be controlled with the FX level button which blends in the effects subtly at first and increases as the dial goes up. These effects open up doors to playing styles such as psychedelic rock, where the use of unconventional guitar sounds is the norm. The TAP button situated to the right of the FX select dial indicates how fast the delay mechanism will process the request.

The design of this amplifier is of very high quality, delivering crisp and clear sound with minimal noise or interference. It connect to a guitar using standard 6.3mm TS instrument cable. In addition, it is equipped with both an auxiliary input for playing songs through the speaker of the amp and phones output which plays the output through a pair of headphones. It features a blackface design with black as the main colour and a silver protective mesh protecting the speaker. Its solid build ensure a long lifetime as it can withstand intensive usage during gigs and practices. It renders powerful sounds with the 20 watt speaker, being suitable for practicing, rehearsing with a band, or playing at performances. The tap button determines the tempo at which the delay-based effects operate, making them easy to synchronise with the tempo of the song. For example, if a delay is selected, the recurrence of sounds will happen at the interval determined by the tap tempo button. This way, the recurrence of sounds can happen in time with the song without sounding messy.

The Verdict? The Fender Champion 20 is one of the best guitar amps able to provide for all the performance needs of expert guitarists. It is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds that can satisfy both beginners and professionals. The Champion 20 performs well in many circumstances, such as practicing indoors, rehearsing with a band or for small performances. It is able of producing powerful audio that can match in level with acoustic drums and other instruments. The amplifier is solidly built and can last for a very long time with adequate care, suitable for being transported or used on stage as the hard casing protects the inside electronics very well. The comprehensive features and tone-shaping abilities given by the equalisation, amplifier modelling and digital effects can suit guitarists of any style. If you are looking for one of the best guitar amps with superb sound quality, the Fender Champion 20 is a great choice.

#3 Best Sound Quality: Fender Mustang V2 Guitar Amp

Fender Mustang V2 Guitar Amp

The Fender Mustang V2 is one of the best guitar amps designed to bring high quality audio processing for guitarists, delivering on all needs form both a sonic and convenience perspective. The amplifier packs a lot in its compact size, allowing users to choose between 17 amplifiers models that will accommodate any genre of music. Each amplifier model can be edited using the included Fender FUSE software which allows low-level changing of details for each model, including effects. The Mustang amplifier can enables productive practice session through the use of the auxiliary input which enables external devices to take advantage of the amplifier and use it as an output source. In addition, the headphone port is suitable for practicing and rehearsing privately by using headphones. When the headphones are connected, the amplifier speaker is muted and outputs nothing. The toneshaping abilities and features of this amplifier can stimulate creativity, so the amplifier comes with an included Digital Audio Workstation. Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Edition which is a high quality studio recording software compatible with all platform on which players can record, process and compose songs using their Fender Mustang. Overall, if you are looking for one of the best guitar amps for studio recording, the Fender Mustang V2 guitar amp is a great choice.

This amplifier is able to produce a wide variety of sounds which are suitable for most guitarists and almost all genres. By selecting the adequate settings in terms of equalisation, amplifier model, effects and gain, the Fender Mustang I V2 can produce all required sounds for most genres. Those include smooth and warm ones associated with jazz, thin and crispy sounds use for funk music, heavily distorted sounds best used for metal music, crunchy and dirty tones associated with blues, overdrive rock sounds, as well as a wide variety of clean tones which replicate acoustic guitars and can be adopted to fit pop songs. The amplifier is able to produce powerful sounds which do not compromise the quality of the output. It is loud enough to cater to many needs, including small performances such as those in small venues, rehearsals or street performances. The various amplifier models which are fully customisable using the Fender FUSE application enable this combo tot be suitable for recording as well as it can replicate many types of sounds.

The Mustang I V2 is unmatchable in terms of design and build quality. It is specially engineering to produce high quality sound and is made out of high quality materials which ensure both a high quality sonic output and durability. The amplifier is digital rather than analogue which gives it multiple connectivity options and higher versatility. It has a Blackface design, with the outer casing and the controls painted black while the protective mesh is silver. One distinguishing feature of this amplifier is a USB connectivity to the Fender FUSE software which allows enhanced toneshaping as well as preset building. The Fender Mustang is equipped with additional features such as a built-in chromatic tuner which allows guitarists to quickly tune up no matter the circumstance. The included DAW, Ableton Lite 8 Fender edition comes equipped with AmpliTube Fender LE edition which is a digital signal processing application which offers enormous controls over the tone of the guitar, all processed on the computer.

The Verdict? For an amp of this size, the Fender Mustang V2 produces great sounding tones and has an impressive number of features. It is one of the best guitar amps able to deliver on the needs of contemporary guitarists. It is extremely convenient to be used as it removes the need for external equipment such as a pedalboard. The connectivity to the computer allows for even further manipulation and the provided digital audio workstation is great for guitarists who are intending to compose or record music. The recording abilities provided by the digital audio workstations is beneficial for practicing as well as it allows players to take a step back from their playing an analyse it objectively. The amplifier is suitable for both amateur and professional guitarists who are looking for a compact combo with multiple features that can be easily carried around and stored, either for rehearsing at home, rehearsing with band members or playing in small venues. It’s suitable for players of all genres as the built-in modelling amplifiers and effects can change the sound produced dramatically.

#4 Most Powerful: Boss KTN-50W Guitar Amp

Boss KTN-50W Guitar Amp

The Boss KTN-50 Katana is one of the best guitar amps with a high power output and great versatility in terms of tone-shaping and versatility. It features a 12-inch speaker that works at a power of 50 watts which is able of blasting powerful audio able of filling up large rooms and venues. The KTN-50 is a digital amplifier which is able of using modern processes to offer a wide variety of features to user. The amp has five unique channels which are suitable for multiple styles of music, one of them being dedicated for acoustic-electric guitars. The amplifier has dedicated controls over gain, equalisation and effects, which enable players to quickly and conveniently shape their tone as they wish. For more complex tones and signal routing through complex processes, the amplifier can be connected to the BOSS Tone Studio editor software, which opens a world of opportunities for users to create their dream tone. Those bespoke settings can be stored in the amp’s memory and be recalled with a simple push of a button. Overall, the KTN-50 is one of the best guitar amps that we have tested and highly recommend them.

The Boss Katana amplifier is able of producing high quality sounds which are suitable for most music genres and can cater to any guitar player. This digital combo amplifier is able of delivering a wide range of sound processing techniques in a small unit. It offers users control over the gain of the channel, equalisation of the frequency response and effects. In addition, the KTN-50 features 5 channels, namely clean, crunch, lead, brown and acoustic. Each one has different sonic characteristics and can be used in various contexts. The clean channel is suitable for genres such as jazz, as well as soft passages in popular songs, the crunch channel is suitable for rock and blues tracks, the lead channel is a heavily distorted channel which is suitable for playing guitar solos or heavy rhythm sections, the brown channel has a specific sound which combines the sound of a fuzz pedal with an overdriven channel, and the acoustic channel is suitable for electro-acoustic guitars.

The Boss Katana KTN-50 is a high quality amplifier designed to be reliable, durable and versatile. Its digital nature allows for connectivity with a personal computer and opens a world of possibilities for digital signal processing. The BOSS Tone Studio editor software allows players to access a huge range of effects which are customisable. The amplifier also features a Tone Settings technology, which allows users to set up their preferred sound and save it in a bank for instant recalling. This feature is especially useful for playing live gigs when different sounds might have different sound requirements. The 12 inch speaker and 50 watt power output ensure that this amplifier can produce powerful sound capable of filling small venues and overpowering acoustic drums. The amplifier, while full of features and able of providing high output volumes, is still compact and easily transportable. The outer casing is made out of durable materials which protect the inner circuits and the speaker itself. The design of the amplifier is neat and modern, fully black with only the logo and dial markers in white.

The Verdict? The Boss Katana guitar amplifier is the result of smart engineering which take advantage of digital technology, thus delivering a product that is able to pack a lot of features and still be compact and lightweight. This guitar amplifier is suitable for both beginners and professionals and can be used in numerous circumstances. It’s a great choice as both a practice amp and a performance amp as it is equipped with all the features necessary to remove the need for external processing units such as pedalboards. It’s just a case of plugging in, creating your sound and playing straight away. To capitalise on this convenience the designers have also implemented the settings storing function which saves the current settings into a bank that can instantly recall the sound. The five available channels cover all grounds in terms of tone possibilities, being suitable for all types of genres. The effects are convincing and can stimulate creativity in terms of composing of playing. Overall, the Boss KTN-50 is one of the best guitar amps designed with convenience in mind that provides 50 watts of massive power output for guitar performances.

#5 Most Compact: Sawtooth ST-AMP10 Guitar Amps

Sawtooth ST-AMP10 Guitar Amps

The Sawtooth ST-AMP-10 Kit is one of the best guitar amps designed to deliver high quality audio with maximum convenience and portability. This small yet powerful speaker is capable of producing powerful sounds which are suitable for at-home practicing or small performances. It has a 10 watt output RMS at an impedance of 4 ohms and is equipped with a 6.5 inch speaker. It is powerful enough for indoors practice sessions where the only requirements are clear amplification that enables users to hear their electric instrument in an accurate and consistent manner. The amplifier can be used by both professionals and amateurs as it offers a good variety of controls and it’s easy to transport and store. The Saw tooth ST-AMP-10 offers controls over the master volume, gain, and a 3-band equalizer consisting of treble, middle and bass controls. It also features an overdrive channel which adds distortion to the signal alongside sustain which is suitable for practicing lead lines or heavy rhythm sections. The amplifier has a standard 6.3 mm input TS jack that connects straight into the guitar. It also features a 6.3 mm output TRS jack for headphones to allow for quiet practicing in the headphones without disturbing any other people.

For its size and weight, the sound produced by this amplifier is very good. It is smaller than other 10 watt amplifiers yet it is just as powerful and offers good controls over the tone produced. It has a great signal to noise ration of > 70 dB, meaning that the noise floor is quiet enough not to be noticed in mellower song passages. However, with everything dialled to the max, including the equalizer, the amplifier starts losing its clarity. This should not be a problem in normal circumstances where the volume, gain and equalizer are used as intended. The overdriven channels adds a good amount of harmonic distortion to the signal, making the output more sustained and aggressive. This channel works very well when used with lead lines, riffs or powerchords. The gain dial determines how much distortion is applied to the signal when used on this channel.

The Sawtooth ST-AMP-10 has been designed with convenience and ease-of-use in mind. It is a wonderful product to be used as a practice amplifier and to be taken on trips due to its lightweight and portability. The design and built are of high quality, having a vinyl covered wood frame which protects both the speaker and the electronics responsible for the sound processing. It is resistant and can handle intensive usage such as during live performances or transportation without compromising the performance or integrity of the unit. It is also equipped with a reinforced handle which makes it easy to transport, eliminating the risk of the handle not being able to withstand the weight of the amplifier. Its dimensions are only 25 by 10 by 24 centimetres, making it smaller than other amplifiers of the same power output. It has a 6.3 mm TS instrument cable input that connects directly to the guitar. It also features a 6.3 mm headphone port for those who wish to play or practice using headphones. While the headphones are connected, the output from the speaker is muted to allow for quiet practicing.

The Verdict? The Sawtooth ST-AMP10 is one of the best guitar amps with a really compact design for portable use. For those who are just starting out, the amplifier offers enough controls in order to teach them the inner workings of sound processing, including equalisation, gain and the use of overdriven channels. For professionals, this amplifier provides much more than its size initially seems to offer. It is powerful enough to be suitable for practicing and rehearsing with other band members or even play in small venues such as open mic stages. The amplifier comes together with a high quality 3 metre instrument cable and a set of sample picks, meaning that there is no need for additional purchases to start using this amplifier… besides a guitar! Overall, this small amplifier punches above its weight, produces high quality sounds at an impressive output power and can be used in multiple circumstances. The Sawtooth amplifier also offers a good range of controls over the produced tone which can make it suitable for any player regardless of their preferred genre. If you are looking for one of the best guitar amps with a portable design, the Sawtooth ST-AMP10 is a great choice.

#6 Best Vintage: VOX Valvetronix VT20 Guitar Amp

VOX Valvetronix VT20 Guitar Amp

The VOX Valvetronix VT 20 is one of the best guitar amps designed to bring together a wide variety of sounds into a single combo, alongside great controls features and effects. The amplifier has an 8 inch speaker and 20 watts of power output, making it suitable for rehearsing and practicing, but also for small performances.  It is equipped with Vox’s proprietary Valvetronix preamplifier which uses a vacuum tube multi-stage amplification circuit, delivering a combination of vintage sounds with modern functionality. The VT20 features 11 realistic amplifier models, 13 high quality effects and 33 preset programs. The models are convincing as Vox has implemented their proprietary Virtual Elements Technology. The VT20 also provides users with a built-in tuner which is a great addition for players who prefer having all functionality into a single device rather than relying on external equipment such as pedals. The auxiliary jack input enables external devices such as phones, tablets, CD players or mp3 players to connect to the amplifier and output using the amplifier’s speaker. The headphones output port allows users to connect their headphones and rehearse privately.

The VT20 outputs high quality sound and it is extremely versatile in terms of toneshaping. It features an 8 inch speaker and 20 watts of power which enables it to produce powerful sounds capable of filling small venues, or even play small outdoor performances. The Virtual Elements Technology is able of recreating convincing sounds of amplifier types and provides users with a wide variety of models to choose from. 11 realistic sound models such as Cali Clean, UK Rock or US Highgain, 13 high quality on-board effects such as compressor, fuzz or octave controlled by a value dial, delay based effects such as flanger, chorus and tremolo with a tap tempo button and depth control, and a dedicated reverb unit with 4 settings. These amplifier has an outstanding amount of toneshaping abilities, making it very simple for users to dramatically change their sounds from an emulated acoustic guitar sound to a heavily distorted sound suitable for metal music. This amplifier is suitable for players of all genres, from folk and bluegrass to jazz fusion and rock.

This amplifier has been engineered at the highest degree of quality and it provides powerful circuitry which enables complex sound creation. All those features are protected by a sturdy wooden casing with a vinyl cover that combines a modern look with a vintage feel. The cabinet ensures excellent resonance across all frequencies which make the amplifier provide a natural sound which embellishes the room. The Virtual Element Technology is based on an analysis of the components and amplifier circuits of multiple types of amplifiers, which is afterwards implemented in the VT20x and allows users to quickly access genuine sounds. The multiple options for toneshaping are put to even better use through the built-in bank storage of settings. The VT20X offers 4 channels in which users can store their settings and recall them with a simple press of a button. It is a great feature for live performances and rehearsing as well, saving valuable time and ensuring a consistent tone throughout different songs and sections. The Vox amplifier combines modelling technology with a multi stage tube pre=amp circuit which reproduces the unique distortion, touch sensitivity and responsiveness characteristic to tube amps.

The Verdict? The VT20 is one of the best guitar amps suitable for all types of guitarists regardless of preferred style and genre or experience. It is suitable rehearsing at home as it has a wide dynamic range and also features an auxiliary input and a headphone output. It can also be used for small performances as the 8 inch speaker and 20 watts of power enable it to render powerful audio capable of filling small venues. It is a great tool because it eliminates the needs for external devices such as pedal boards by combining all those functionalities into a single amplifier. Beginner players have a chance of exploring different amplifier models, experience various effects such as fuzz, compression distortion, octaves, and also have fun with delay based effects for a genuine psychedelic rock experience. Overall, this amplifier provides a lot of values while being easily portable and easy to store. It’s an all-rounder and acts as a great main tool for learning and performing musicians. Overall, it’s one of the best guitar amps with a sleek vintage design and we highly recommend them.

#7 Best Combo Amp: Blackstar FLY3 Guitar Amp

Blackstar FLY3 Guitar Amp

The Blackstar FLY3 is one of the best guitar amps which offer a wide variety of tone-shaping options without sacrificing on the convenience and portability aspect of the product. This amplifier has been designed with portability in mind, offering numerous features that make it easy for guitarists to easily transport and carry it at their leisure. Firstly, it can be classified as a mini amp due to its small size, making it easy to put in a backpack or other type of case. It features a 3 inch  speaker which is able of producing sound powerful enough to fill a small room, making the amplifier perfect for rehearsing indoors without disturbing any neighbours. It also has a power of 3 watts which complements the speaker well, making sure that when dialled to the maximum volume output it doesn’t distort the output. The FLY3 is also equipped with Blackstar’s Infinite Shape Feature proprietary technology which allows users to control the tone of the guitar in an easy manner. The amplifier also has a tape delay feature implemented digitally which renders a convincing delay effect. Its able to connect to external devices using the 3.5mm auxiliary input and headphone output. The amplifier can connect both a wall socket as normal, or use a battery to be powered remotely. If you are looking for one of the best guitar amps with versatile options, the Blackstar FLY3 is a great choice.

The Blackstar FLY3 packs a punch for its humble size and weight. Even though the speaker only has 3 inches in diameter and a power of 3 watts, it is able to producing a powerful sound for a single individual practicing. The amplifier offers players a lot of control over the toneshaping options using the physical dials provided. Users can control the volume of the sound, the gain which is especially important on the overdriven channel as it determines the amount of distortion applied, the EQ dial which controls the ISF level that applies different equalizer settings to the sound, and the delay which repeats the signal at an interval determined by the level on the larger knob. The amplifier also features a switch between a clean channel and an overdriven one, allowing for great control over the harmonic distortion applied to the signal. All those options make this small amplifier a great tool for every kind of guitarist who is looking for an amplifier to practice their preferred style of music. Whether it’s blues, jazz or rock, the FLY3 can customise the sound in a wide variety of ways to suit your playing techniques.

The Blackstar mini amplifier is a feat of engineering that is able of packing a lot of power and features into a single small unit which is lightweight and portable. It can be powered both at a wall socket and using a battery. Because of its speaker which uses 3 watts of power, the battery can last for long periods of time providing uninterrupted practice sessions or performances remotely. It is small in size making it easy to transport and also lightweight, enabling players to carry it at their leisure. Visually, it looks modern and sleek, with an all-black finish and also a black mesh covering the speaker. The case is made out of wood and the corners are protected by rubber reinforcements which prevent it from cracking or damaging other equipment. The Fly 3 has a digitally implemented tape delay which repeats the signal and provides an authentic tape delay effect. The auxiliary input for external devices is a useful feature for practicing as it enables users to practice alongside songs  for the perfect experience. Any analogue output device can be connected and those include smartphones, laptops, tablets mp3 players, CD players and more. The Headphone port enables the user to connect their earphones into the amplifier and silence the speaker, allowing for a personal rehearsing session.

The Verdict? The Blackstart Fly 3 is one of the best guitar amps that offers a great deal of variation in terms of toneshaping while at the same it is very convenient to use and transport. It is suitable for both professional and amateur musicians as it delivers on all the needs of practicing. Whether they need to rehearse in a small apartment and require a small amplifier or on the go for a personal yet genuine electric guitar experience, the Blackstar Fly 3 can lend a helping hand at any point. The auxiliary and headphone ports make this amplifier even more useful as they turn the amplified into a speaker or into a headphone interface for electric guitars. The two channels, clean and overdrive, allow all players, regardless of genre of experience, to play their favourite music styles.

#8 Best Design: Orange Crush12 Guitar Amp

Orange Crush12 Guitar Amp

The Orange Crush12 is an electric guitar amplifier which delivers high quality sound and allows the user to create bespoke tone settings using the controls provided. It features a 6 inch speaker which has a power output of 12 watts, providing loud, powerful audio which is capable of filling medium-sized rooms. Its wooden casing has been designed to enhance the volume output by ensuring maximum resonance. It offers a variety of toneshaping abilities through the signal processing dials located on the top of the unit. Those include a 3 band equalizer, comprising of controls over bass, mids and treble, dual gain controls, with the gain points located at different points within the signal chain, before and after the equalisation process, and a master volume which controls the overall output. This amplifier is great for players of any experience level, both professionals and amateurs. It has been designed for practicing purposes and it delivers on the needs of all players for these purposes, which includes convenience, strong enough power output and good toneshaping abilities. If you are looking for one of the best guitar amps with a stylish design, the Orange Crush12 is definitely worth checking out.

The Orange Crush 12 renders powerful sounds that are able of filling up a small room and make a guitar sound as its best. It delivers punchy and gritty sounds which can be controlled by the two stages of gain. Firstly, the amplifier offers a volume output dial which controls the overall playback level of the amplifier. It is also equipped with a 3-band equalizer that offers individual controls over the bass, middle and treble frequencies, allows guitarists to dial their tone as they wish, either creating a smooth and warm sound typical for jazz, a thin and crispy sound used for funky rhythms, or a powerful and punchy sound for hard rock sounds which makes powerchords stand out and sustain for a long time. The two gain stage is represented by two controls, the overdrive dial and the gain dial. First in the signal chain comes the gain dial which determine the level of the signal to go through the rest of the amp processes. The second is an overdrive dial, which controls the amount of harmonic distortion applied to the signal. As opposed to other amplifiers which have a switch to change between the clean and overdrive channels, the Orange Crush 12 has an overdrive dial which provides a clean sound when dialled to 0, a distorted channel when dialled to the maximum, and also everything between.

The Orange Crush 12 amp is built to withstand even the most intensive usage, being able to deliver high quality sounds in any environment, whether it’s during a small performance, home practicing or playing on the street. It’s 6 inch speaker and 12 watt power ensures that even when dialled to the maximum, it does not distort the resulting audio. The amplifier has a typical Orange look, characterised by an orange body which protects the inside electronics and speaker while ensuring maximum resonance. It has a linen-style protective mesh over the speaker with the Orange logo. The protective black rubber corners prevent it from hitting and cracking the most exposed spots, while protecting other equipment from being hit as well. The rubber feet slightly lift it off thee floor to ensure there is no unwanted resonance form the room. The feet also prevent it from sliding and securing it firmly into place. Its size and weight make it very convenient for guitarists to travel with this amplifier or store it neatly in their home.

The Verdict? The Orange Crush 12 is one of the best guitar amps that deliver on its promises of powerful and distinguishable sounds in a small size. It’s small and portable nature makes it a wonderful amplifier for rehearsing and practicing, but it can also be used by itself for street performance or small, indoors venues. Its toneshaping abilities make it a perfect choice for guitarists regardless of their experience levels as the amplifier is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds without the need of external units. Professional players can take advantage of the Crush 12 to recreate their favourite settings and rehearse on a good sounding amplifier, while beginner players can learn more about the different functions of the gain channels and equalizer. It has a distinguishable look due to its bright orange appearance which make it stand out in all scenarios, especially on-stage. Overall, the Orange Crush 12 is one of the best guitar amps for all types of guitarists regardless of playing style, genre or experience level.

#9 Best Budget: Mugig 10W Guitar Amp

Mugig 10W Guitar Amp

The Mugig amp is one of the best guitar amps you can find on a budget that deliver high quality sounds to guitarists and a high level of convenience. The amplifier has many tone-shaping abilities offered by equalisation which controls the level of the bass and treble frequencies individually. The amplifier is also equipped with delay and amplitude based effects such as reverbs, chorus, delay and vibratone. Even though it’s small in size, it packs an 8 inch fender speaker which outputs a maximum of 10 watts of power, with an emphasis on high frequencies. Because of the integration of the speaker and the power output, the sound does not distort even when turned up to maximum, ensuring a clear rendition of the guitarists’ playing on all settings. The Mugig amplifier has a auxiliary input port which allows for external devices to be plugged in an output songs through the amplifier’s speaker, allowing users to play along songs and rehearse better. The amplifier also has a headphone output port for those who want to rehearse in silence. The Mugig amplifier also comes with the Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Edition digital audio work station which allows users to record, compose, play back and create tracks for live performances. If you are looking for one of the best guitar amps on a budget, be sure to check out the Mugig amp.

The Mugig guitar amplifier is able of producing powerful sounds even though it is small in size. The 8 inch speaker and 10 watts of output power allow it to fill a small room and be suitable for practices and band rehearsals, as well as small performances such as on the street or small venues. As it offers good toneshaping abilities, it is suitable for guitarists of any playing style, ranging from hard rock to bluegrass and jazz. It is the perfect amplifier for practicing as it can allow users to either use a clean tone for an accurate representation of their playing, or modify their settings and apply overdrive in order to play lead lines with the harmonic distortion and sustain required. The built-in effects are a great addition and provide a genuine experience, enabling players to create more atmospheric and sonically interesting sounds, even aid them in achieving a psychedelic rock sound. The provided Ableton Live digital audio workstation allows for even further digital processing which can create unrecognisable sounds.

The Mugig amplifier packs in a lot of features in its compact size. It is a resilient and sturdy amplifier whose casing provides protection to the processing electronics and speaker. It has rubber-padded corners which prevent it from being damaged in the most exposed sections and also prevent it from damaging other items. It sits on rubber feet which lift it off the ground to prevent unwanted resonances and also stop it from sliding. It is lightweight and can be easily carried around due to its compact size, making it suitable for travels or carrying it around to rehearsal sessions. It has modern features implemented such as a USB socket which allows users to plug in their flash drives and play songs off the device through the speaker. This is more than just a guitar amplifier because it can behave as a high quality mono speaker as well. It can be powered either through an AC adapter that is plugged into a power source such as a wall socket, but it can also be powered by 6 AA batteries which provide long, uninterrupted playing sessions on the go, especially useful in remote locations.

The Verdict? The Mugig amp is one of the best guitar amps which delivers a consistently good experience for any type of guitarist. It is a great amplifier for both rehearsing and holding small performances. The toneshaping abilities and two channels enable players to create tones adequate for multiple genres such as rock and jazz. Both professional players and amateurs can find a lot of value with this amplifier as it is easy to carry around and has enough functionalities to fill the everyday needs of any player. Beginner players can make great use of the built-in effects as there is no need to buy external pedals to achieve the sound. They also have the option of learning about the incorporated effects and how they are used. Overall, the Mugig amp is one of the best guitar amps you can find on a budget for any kind of player that can be easily transported and set up.

#10 Best For Concerts: Fishman Loudbox 60W Guitar Amp

Fishman Loudbox 60W Guitar Amp

The Fishman Loudbox is one of the best guitar amps designed to bring high quality amplification to both instruments and microphones while offering a high number of customisability options. It provides 60 watts of power by only using a 6.5 inch speaker, making it extremely powerful for a compact and lightweight unit. It has 2 channels, one dedicated for instruments which connect through a 6.3 mm TRS jack and one dedicated for microphones which connect via a 3-pin XLR. Both channels have individual controls and effects, while a master volume determines the output of the two channels combined together. The instrument channel has a 3-band EQ, a reverb control and a chorus control, while the microphone channel has a 2-band EQ and a reverb control. In addition, the Loudbox Mini is equipped with an auxiliary input which allows devices to connect to the amplifier and play music through its speaker. The Loudbox Mini also has a balanced XLR D.I output for plugging into additional sound processing gear. Due to its configuration and resilience, this amplifier is wonderful for singer-songwriters as they can perform with both their instrument and their voice at the same time using a single amplifier. Overall, the Fishman Loudbox is one of the best guitar amps that deliver a clean 60W of acoustic power and we highly recommend them.

The Fishman Loudbox Mini is a high quality amplifier which is very well suited for live performances. It has a 60 watt output power which is enough to fill a small venue even with other instruments present. The sound it renders is clear and precise, offering an authentic version of the performances at a louder scale. Players also have the ability to process and enhance their performance using the provided controls, individually on the microphone and instrument channels. These include manipulating the frequency content to create either a bright and powerful sound or darker and mellower. The instrument channel benefits from a chorus effects which adds a nice type of coloration to performances, making the instrument sound fuller and wider. Both channels have reverb controls which can be used to blend together the instrument and microphone into one coherent sound. The amplifier itself has good resonance qualities, ensuring maximum output. The speaker implemented is of high quality and does not distort the resulting sound even with all channels dialled up to the maximum, ensuring a consistent clear performance.

This amplifier has been engineered with the singer-songwriter in mind, making the Fishman Loudbox Mini the go-to amplifier as it provides two channels and additional features which make it extremely convenient to use and transport. The two channels have different input types, the instrument one using a standard 6.3mm TS jack and the microphone one using an XLR balanced cable. Each channel has individual controls, especially over the gain values that determines the power of the signal. Both channels are blended using the master volume dial which controls the overall outputs. In addition, the master volume also has direct control over the auxiliary in channels, allowing users to ensure that outputs from mp3 players, phones or tablets can be accordingly adjusted to the instrument and microphone channels. The build quality is high, making the Fisherman Loudbox great at using in remote places for street performances or in small venues.

The Verdict? The Fishman Loudbox Mini is one of the best guitar amps with high wattage which has been designed especially for singer-songwriters, but it can be used in multiple contexts as it offers great controls and an impressive power output. It offers two channels, one for an instrument and another for a microphone. Each one has individual controls with included effects such as reverb, both of them being blended together and controlled with the master output. It is also equipped with an auxiliary in port that allows for devices to play sounds through the amplifier’s speaker, and a XLR output that can be connected to mixing desks or other sets of speakers. The durable build of the amplifier and strong outside casing protect the signal processing circuits and the speaker, making this amplifier excellent for remote usage. It can withstand intensive usage such as during transportation or live performances on the street or in venues. Overall, the Loudbox mini is one of the best guitar amps which offers great control and versatility, suitable for both amateurs who are just learning how to play and professionals who are performing musicians.