best bluetooth speakers under 100

The 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

Here are the top 10 best bluetooth speakers under $100 that deliver very good sound performance, portability and versatility for their price. If you are looking for bluetooth speakers that will outperform above their price tag, we are confident that there are few speakers out there that can perform on par with these top 10 incredible speakers. Furthermore, some of these bluetooth speakers are capable of performing on par with higher-end Bluetooth speakers, making them really value for money. We reviewed every single speaker to ensure that you get to choose the best possible options and best value for money in this category – here’s the top 10 speakers that make it to this list.

Jawbone Mini Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (#1 Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100)

Jawbone Mini Jambox Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Jawbone Mini Jambox Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

The Jawbone Mini Jambox tops our list of best bluetooth speakers under $100 that are highly value for money and are definitely some of the best speakers you can buy on a budget. It is simply a speaker that outperforms in every single respect, but is small enough to fit into your pocket, and goes wherever you need to be. Among the various functions of the Jawbone Mini, it features an amazing 10 hour battery life and crystal clear, wireless sound with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It has a built-in speakerphone which lets you take calls on the go, and also includes a personalized Mini Jambox app on your phone for you to adjust EQ and other settings. You can even activate multi-play to connect two Mini Jamboxes for twice the sound. If you are in the market for some serious sound, the Jawbone Mini will definitely come as an obvious choice.

The Mini Jambox is small – about the same width as an iPhone, and about an inch longer. It’s not thin – the case is about an inch thick, but that’s a good thing especially when it comes to sound. The case is very solid, like it was machined from a single block of aluminum. That solid feel contributes to the superior sound. It also makes it a little more expensive than its plastic-y competition. In our opinion, the solid case construction is crucial to both sound quality and long-term endurance.

In terms of sound performance, we were blown away by the sound quality of this speaker – which is quality we haven’t quite heard in a while. The highs and mids are rich and clear, and the bass is very powerful considering the speaker’s size, although the placement of the speaker does make a difference. It sounds best when up against a wall; the sound is rich and full in that position, and we were impressed by how much you can literally hear the special differentiation between the notes. The bright highs and surprisingly rich lows were a key highlight of this bluetooth speaker.

The controls are pretty basic – volume up/down and a multi-function button on top. Note that rather than actually change the speaker’s volume, the up/down buttons actually lower the volume from the connected sending device via Bluetooth (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). On the side are the power and pairing buttons, along with a micro USB charging port, an audio out (for standard wired use), and a microphone for use as a speakerphone (only when connected to a cell phone).

Jawbone designed the Jambox to be able to remember two different pairings, so you can move it between devices. You can even run two devices concurrently through the same Jambox if you like. Pairing is very easy, with spoken voice menus substituting for LEDs and readouts. If you’ve ever paired any Bluetooth device, this should be easy for you – in fact, it is much easier than earlier Bluetooth versions where you were required to enter a confirmation code before pairing was complete.

The Verdict? After auditioning several competing mini Bluetooth speakers, we can comfortably say that the Jambox Mini is easily one of the best bluetooth speakers you can buy on a budget – it’s simply quite unbeatable when it comes to fulfilling needs and budget. This phenomenal speaker is capable of delivering serious audio performance on par with higher end audio speakers. Sure, you can spend upwards of $200 or more on bluetooth speakers, but you will get slightly larger models that are bulky and less portable. It’s hard to beat the Jawbone’s combination of size, sound quality, portability and cost.

JBL Flip 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (#2 Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100)

JBL Flip 2 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 100

The JBL Flip 2 is a very good wireless bluetooth speaker which produces crisp and powerful sound in a small, portable form factor. If there is a single factor in which this speaker excels, it is producing huge sound from a small speaker that can go very loud. The Flip 2 uses two drivers and a built in bass port in a speaker that fits in your hand that delivers surprisingly stellar performance. Furthermore, the Flip 2 has a built in microphones and SoundClear echo and noise cancellation technologies so you can use Flip 2 as a hands free speakerphone or answer calls. It also has Aux connections which allow you to plug into practically any audio device. Overall, the Flip 2 is really one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 you can find in this price range, and is definitely a speaker worth checking out.

The Flip 2 excels in terms of sound performance – and if you are looking for something that can produce as good a sound in such a small package, this is definitely something to consider. Compared with the Bose Soundlink Mini as a benchmark, we found that the Flip 2 was way louder, and had good clean bass and more mids and highs than the bose. The bass on the Flip 2 is solid and you can actually feel the bass. You can also turn up the volume on the Flip 2 to max on your phone via bluetooth and it will not distort – the sound is clear and clean. The Flip 2 has a very full sound profile, with good bass, mids and treble at any volume. On a pure size/weight ratio to sound output, the Flip 2 is a clear winner.

The Flip 2 is an extremely portable bluetooth speaker, weighing only 1.6 pounds and is superbly well constructed and feels very durable. JBL has a superb reputation for producing quality speakers and the Flip 2 is testament to the standards which they uphold. The speaker has a minimalist design with minimal controls that are intuitive and easy to use – it looks nice and sleek from almost any angle. In terms of pairing the device, the speaker features one-touch pairing which makes it pair instantaneously to your previously paired device, which is very convenient. The speaker has a great bluetooth range of approximately 30 feet; it also includes an auxiliary input jack in case you don’t want to use the bluetooth connectivity.

Our only minus with the JBL Flip 2 was the battery life of about 5 hours per charge, which is rather average for a portable bluetooth speaker. However, bear in mind that the Flip 2 is pumping out an impressive 6 watts per channel, with SoundClear echo and noise cancellation technology. Compared with other speaker models such as the Bose SoundLink or Ultimate Ears, the Flip 2’s sound performance easily beats them hands-down.

The Verdict? It’s hard to believe that such big sound comes from such a small package – in terms of sound performance, the Flip 2 is a clear winner and one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100. It also excels in terms of portability; the speaker is only the size of a soda can but can deliver some serious audio punches and rich bass output. The Flip 2 is a really high quality speaker that is made of durable components and features a nice sleek design, so you are really getting value for what you pay for. If you are looking for a high performance bluetooth speaker and don’t mind the 5 hours of battery life, we guarantee that you’ll love the Flip 2 as much as we did.

Divoom Voombox Bluetooth Speaker (#3 Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100)

Divoom Voombox Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

Divoom Voombox Bluetooth Speaker Under 100

The Divoom Voombox is undoubtedly one of the best bluetooth speakers that you can buy. It is an industry leading speaker with 6 drivers, all fine-tuned by the Divoom audio engineer team and powered by 15 watts of audio juice. It is omnidirectional, giving 360° surround sound at any direction. Furthermore, this rugged bluetooth speaker features an award winning weatherized IPX 44 rugged design, giving you a lot of portability for travelling especially in wet and rugged terrain. It’s also equipped with the advanced NFC pairing for high quality audio streaming, and a 3600mAH Li-ion rechargeable battery. The Voombox is a true beast in its own right.

Design wise, the Voombox is one level above the rest – it is long, tall, thick, and heavy. There is no plastic on this speaker; rather, it is made with high quality materials such as metal. The buttons on top are pretty similar to most Bluetooth speakers in that you have an on/off, play/pause/hands free calling, and track/volume controls. Another great feature that I love is this speaker is waterproof. This makes it the perfect outdoor party speaker to use in the backyard, on a boat, or anywhere else it might get wet or blasted with dirt/sand.

The sound quality of the Voombox is hands down amazing for this price range. The sound that is produced with this speaker is intense! As mentioned above, the Voombox has 5 speaker drivers so you get the full spectrum of sound and at a high volume. The bass hits hard and it is rich and deep, yet the lows, mids, etc., are all in perfect harmony so nothing sounds like it is taking over the experience. Furthermore, the volume on this bluetooth speaker can get to ear shattering levels. You will have absolutely no problem hearing this even outside in a very large outdoor setting. There was no distortion when playing music at maximum volume.

The battery life will really go for a full twelve hours with the default volume. If you crank it all the way up expect about seven hours, which is still longer than most bluetooth speakers. This one sports an internal 3200mAh batter, which is the same capacity as the Samsung Note 4 phone.

Overall, this speaker is particularly excellent in two areas: ruggedness and sound quality. Although it is not totally waterproof, it is definitely very water resistant. The sound quality is spectacular. The full frequency spectrum of highs, mid range and lows is seamless. There are no abrupt changes as those frequency bands are exercised. No range was distorted, and our soundtracks sounded full and rich.

The Verdict? If other bluetooth speakers have failed you by not producing loud enough sound or were too distorted when maxed out, look no further because the Divoom Voombox is a really powerful speaker that delivers quality audio performance. This speaker represents true value for money as one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100, and we highly recommend it if you are looking for a speaker for travel / portability, with extremely good audio performance and lasting battery life.

UE MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (#4 Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100)

UE MINI BOOM Best Bluetooth Speakers under 100

UE MINI BOOM Best Bluetooth Speakers under 100

The UE Mini Boom is one of our top favorites and delivers unexpectedly bold, full sound with crystal clear highs and deep punchy bass. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery pumps out up to 10 hours of party-driving beats, and you can stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device from up to 50ft – 50% farther than most other Bluetooth speakers. It’s truly one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 for your on-the-go lifestyle with its ultra-compact design, simple controls and powerful speakerphone. It’s also built for extreme portability, and is the perfect travel companion for those who need to listen to music on the go.

While the MINI BOOM lacks the 360-degree sound functionality of the $200 UE BOOM, the design of the MINI promotes its usage more as a personal speaker on a desk or table, not for parties or large social gatherings where music is blared. The MINI BOOM’s design, however, does provide one of its key selling points: ultimate portability. The unit sits comfortably in the palm of my hand, weighs very little, and easily fits into pockets in my backpack as I’m on the go. As a college student, I plan on being able to carry it around to use at football tailgates, trips to other places, and simply for some background music whilst studying with friends. The rubberized molding surrounding the unit and the metal grilles on either side are extremely durable, making it water resistant to an extent but not completely through the grille. The sizing of the buttons (two volume and a bluetooth on top, power switch on back) makes it easy to adjust volume or link to a new device.

As far as sound performance goes, the UE Mini Boom is LOUD. Playing at maximum volume, the MINI BOOM could be heard from quite a distance, with the unit itself moving some serious air (you could feel it!) around it. It also vibrated a lot, but did not shake around (due to the rubber gripping) so you don’t have to worry about it falling off a table (which it could probably survive if it did anyway) The sound is as clear as you’d expect from 2 1-inch drivers. In particular, we were surprised at the clarity of the highs and lows. They could be distinctly made out, though don’t expect the thumping bass of a real subwoofer or high quality tweeters.

An interesting feature of the UE Boom is that you can wirelessly connect two UE Mini Booms together in stereo via the UE Mini Boom app to double up with bigger sound and better soundstage. This feature is really cool considering how portable each Mini BOOM is; you can literally take two of these speakers anywhere and have a great party by linking them up.

The Verdict? At the time of writing, the newly released MINI BOOM by Ultimate Ears is selling at a very good price which makes it a great worthwhile investment. It is extremely portable while providing a much higher-than-anticipated quality of sound at more than enough volume. Battery life is advertised at up to 10 hours, plenty for the tiny unit. The combination of convenient, but sturdy design, ample volume, sound quality, and ease of use earns a spot on this list of top 10 best bluetooth speakers under $100. At the time of writing, the UE Boom is a really good speaker you can find on a budget. We highly recommend the Mini Boom.

BRAVEN BRV-1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (#5 Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100)

BRAVEN BRV-1 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 100

The Braven BRV-1 wireless bluetooth speaker is absolute trumps when it comes to portability and water resistance. It is IPX7 certified waterproof, shock absorbent, ultra-lightweight and compact, and is portable enough to fit the size of your palm. This speaker can also be immersed for up to 1m for up to 30 minutes. The BRV-1 is a very powerful speaker which allows you to enjoy 3 Watts of audio output per channel with a 70mm passive subwoofer. The shock absorbing exterior prepares your BRV-1 even in the most extreme of environments and it is well and truly one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 you can find in terms of portability and ruggedness.

The BRV-1 audio performance is definitely above par and can go very loud. The highs and mids are very well accentuated with this speaker’s dual drivers, and the passive subwoofer does its job pretty well by producing decent punchy bass. It’s loud enough to be heard with two windows down doing 65 miles/hr in a truck – which is pretty amazing given the loud ambient noise. The battery life on the BRV-1 is phenomenal – it uses 1400mAh battery to play wireless audio for up to 12 hours. You can even charge your devices by plugging them into the speaker’s USB port and get an extra boost of power while away from home.

The build quality of the BRV-1 is something not to be messed with. You can subject this speaker to ice, snow, lots of rain and extreme weather and it will still work as if brand new. We tested this by leaving the speaker out in the open winter for a week. We were very impressed and shocked that the BRV-1 still performs and charges normally even after such exposure. Another feature we really liked is that you can charge the speaker with a micro USB cable as well as charge your phone or device with the USB port. This dual functionality is quite awesome, especially if there are a lack of power outlets at your location.

We have taken the BRV-1 to parties and beach events and everybody loves it and wants to get one for their own use. We also tested it while travelling and it functions perfectly as a speakerphone and it works wonderfully. If you are looking for a rugged bluetooth speaker that’s suitable for outdoor use and high performance outdoors, the BRV-1 is something you should seriously consider.

The Verdict? The BRV-1 is one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 which, at the time of writing, comes highly recommended and is definitely worth checking out. At this price, you are really getting superior audio technology that’s portable, rugged and sounds very good. It also features a very strong rechargeable battery that delivers a solid 12 hours of playtime, with the option to charge your other devices. We really liked this bluetooth speaker and highly recommend it – you won’t regret it.

Jamkik Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker  – (#6 Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100)

Jamkik Waterproof Best Bluetooth Speakers under 100

The Jamkik is a perfect premium looking and sturdily built wireless Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof. It has literally everything you need in a wireless bluetooth speaker. The speaker is waterproof with Top IPX6 grade water resistance for outdoor use. The battery is long lasting with over 12 hours of quality audio playback, and features Bluetooth + NFC wireless technology for high quality audio streaming. The speaker is built to be durable – it’s scratch-proof silicon casing protects speakers against damage. It even comes with a lifetime warranty with a worry-free replacement guarantee. The Jamkik is a really good Bluetooth speaker you can find on a budget and at this price this is well and truly one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 available in the market.

The silicon casing on the Jamkik is a nice touch to make it more rugged against harsh weather or accidental drops. The audio quality was superior for such a small device, which makes sense since it houses double 5W speakers and a subwoofer. The audio quality was spot on in crispness and clarity. The same can be said for the hands-free speaker call quality as well. We took an audio call with the device and there was no static or ambient noise, so it’s quite conceivable that this speaker’s receivers are top-notch.

The speaker has a nice and sturdy black wire mesh grille to protect it the whole shebang is wrapped in a silicone protective sleeve. It has a leather strap with caribeaner style clip which is handy for securing it to whatever you like. The carabiner clip is a nice touch because you can carry it along with you on your backpack easily. The top of the speaker has an easy to read power button, which also acts as a play/pause button, along with two buttons for next song, previous song, volume up/down. The bottom of the unit has a USB charging port and aux cable port with both cables included with your purchase.

The Jamkik speaker is water resistant to an IPX6 rating. This means that the speaker can withstand water being splashed or sprayed at it for up to 3 minutes without leaking. This does not mean it can be fully submerged and be protected.

Overall, this is a great water resistant speaker with Bluetooth technology, good sound quality and good battery life. There are plenty of speakers out there in the $35 range with some water protection, but for a bit more money, this Jamkik is worth the investment. What may be best yet, they have a lifetime warranty when you register it. This is truly an incredible company that stands by their product in this price range with that kind of warranty!

The Verdict? If you are looking for a rugged, high quality, affordable speaker to use outdoors then you should consider the Jamkik speaker. At this price range with lifetime warranty, this is truly one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 you can find in the market right now. The sound quality is surprising at this price range; the high end is clear and the low end is punch and feels deep. The volume goes very loud. Overall, we are very happy with the performance of this speaker and would definitely recommend it.

ECOXGEAR Waterproof, Bluetooth Speaker (#7 Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100)

ECOXGEAR Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The EXOGEAR is hands down one of best bluetooth speakers for waterproof sports that we could find. Designed in the U.S.A. to be the world’s most rugged and reliable portable Bluetooth speaker, the ECOGEARA has passed the rigorous Military MIL81OG environmental tests -from surviving submersion in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes to a sandstorm in a desert with temperatures up to 140 Degree Fahrenheit, and even being repeatedly dropped from 6 feet. The ECOCARBON is the answer for those looking for wonderful sound in a go-anywhere speaker. It’s definitely one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 really delivers superb sound quality and battery life. You can even drop the EXOGEAR into the water and it will survive; not only is this speaker fully waterproof, it also floats. You can also stream your favorite music apps such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music on the go without needing a dock. With the built-in microphone, you can use this as a speakerphone. At the time of writing, this speaker comes highly recommended and is definitely worth checking out.

First off, we must say that the EXOGEAR sounds fantastic, deep and rich with no tinniness you may get on some of the smaller speakers, with some solid bass. And it only sounds better the louder it gets, and it gets LOUD. The highs and lows on this speaker is simply amazing. You will not believe the difference in the sound quality and benefits of having such a speaker. It will literally turn your device into a real entertainment system.

Second, the bluetooth is a snap to pair. Unlike other Bluetooth devices, it stays paired; we never had a single issue with it dropping connection or my phone somehow forgetting it exists.

Third, the EXOGEAR is completely waterproof. You can even bungee this thing to the nose of your paddleboard and hit some waves and not have to worry twice about the salt water splashing on it or it going over the side (because it floats). As a result, this speaker is really the go-to accessory especially for water sports.  The robust case is made of tough polycarbonate plastic covered with a rubber mold for waterproofing and shock resistance. The black speaker grill is even made of stainless steel.

The Bluetooth capability lets you stream music up to 33 feet away from the source device and you can use the speaker as a phone to talk into it and listen to the caller. The microphone is waterproof. The speaker has a solid sound and is good on the highs and lows. The unit comes with a carabineer to clip onto the speaker so you can use it on your backpack, tent or belt. It also has a lanyard to attach to the small water tight rear cover for the power input and auxiliary input jacks.

Furthermore, the battery life is beyond solid, and it holds a charge for a long time (up to 12 hours of playback time). Although this speaker is slightly larger, we consider it a plus: bigger speaker generally means better sound, and makes it much less likely to get lost at the bottom of a bag or in a drawer somewhere. The handle is super convenient. Build quality is absolutely top notch, all metal and solid, durable rubber, with none of the cheapness or slack that you get from some lower-end portable speakers (wiggly buttons, plastic coming loose, etc.) This incredible speaker is built like a tank and will definitely last for a long time.

The Verdict? The EXOGEAR is a rugged and industrial quality package that is great for the mobile device user who loves their music or audio books. It is easy to carry with two handles and the design is 100% waterproof for outdoor use and even floats in water! The sound quality from this bluetooth speaker is definitely top-notch, and we have no doubt you are truly getting value for what you pay for with the EXOGEAR speaker. The EXOGEAR is definitely one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 and well and truly one of the best speaker for watersports and outdoor entertainment.

Ivation Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (#8 Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100)

Ivation Portable Best Bluetooth Speakers under 100

The Ivation Portable Waterproof Bluetooth speaker is only about 7 inches long by 2 1/2 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide. When compared to most Bluetooth speakers it’s about average size or maybe slightly smaller than the average. Visually speaking this is a great looking piece of hardware. It has a soft black finish with a black metal grill. This speaker has the ability to play music via bluetooth, FM radio and auxiliary inputs. The waterproofing is IPX7 waterproof, portable, floatable and dustproof.  Ivation clearly put into a lot of thought into creating this speaker and it definitely deserves a spot on this list of best bluetooth speakers under $100.

This Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof. We tested it in the shower to be sure and it stood up well against the water. There are many different waterproof Bluetooth speakers but most of them have mediocre sound quality and are pretty simple. This speaker is so much more than that. You can sit it on the edge of your bathtub or you can hang it up on a shower shelf if you want. It has these fold out braces that you can hang it up by. It even includes a small carabiner lanyard that you can attach and hang it on just about anything.

This speaker has two drivers and has a max power of 8 watts. 8 watts doesn’t sound like a lot of power but it’s pretty powerful. More importantly it has a really good sound quality. You can really crank up these speakers to max volume and you will get no distortion at all. The battery life of this speaker is very good as well. You can listen to it most of the day on a full charge.

The entire package includes a high quality micro USB cable that is used to charge it with. You can plug it into any powered USB port and charge the speaker but it also includes a USB wall charger to make recharging it at convenient as possible. There is a port on the back where you plug it in and it’s covered by a waterproof cover. There is also an audio input if you prefer to use an audio cable instead of the Bluetooth ability. The Bluetooth works perfectly though and was easy to set up. It only took about 25 seconds and the connection is very reliable.

This speaker has waterproof buttons on the top that control the power, forward, reverse, volume, input, play, pause and calls. Yes it also has a microphone built-in so you can use it to take or make calls when you have it connected to your call phone.

Another cool feature is the LCD screen that is on the top of this speaker. The screen shows you the battery level, volume level, status, Bluetooth on / off and the song title. If you are on the radio it will tell you channel. This speaker also has a Aux setting so you can connect any device to it with a 3.5 mm audio cable.

All things considered this is a very impressive speaker. There is not a single thing that we would change about it. It has every feature that you could ask for in a mini Bluetooth speaker. With the Ivation portable bluetooth speaker, you truly get so much more in terms of quality and features that it’s well worth it. There is no question that this is a great speaker and deserves a spot on the list of best bluetooth speakers under $100.

The Verdict? The Ivation Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker can go louder than most bluetooth speakers we tested, and makes music sound the way it should be. It can play for up to 9 hours on max volume per charge, plus with the included handles on this speaker you can place this speaker on multiple sides or hang it wherever you need it to be. Furthermore, you can even listen to the radio on this amazing speaker. To top it off, this speaker is a really good speaker you can find on a budget at the time of writing. It’s well and truly one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 and one of the best speakers in terms of value.

SHARKK COMMANDO Bluetooth Speaker (#9 Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100)

SHARKK COMMANDO Best Bluetooth Speakers under 100

SHARKK COMMANDO Best Bluetooth Speakers under 100

The SHARKK Commando Bluetooth speaker is well and truly one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 which is highly value for money and delivers superb sound performance. It has a rugged, contemporary design and IPX6 waterproof rating makes this the perfect outdoor adventure companion. The Commando has a massive 6600mAh powerbank integrated into the bluetooth speaker providing an incredible 24 hours of consecutive playtime on a single charge. You can also charge your USB powered devices on this speaker if need be. It also features 5W loudspeakers with multiple EQ settings which produce high quality stereo sound. At its current bargain price, its one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 we have encountered.

The Commando bluetooth speaker is massive and it weighs in at 2.385 pounds. The exterior sides are rubber coated and very ruggedly designed. The front and back have speaker grills. There is a steel pin on one side so you can attach a lanyard for carrying the unit.

In terms of sound performance, the speaker audio quality is excellent with good volume and strong booming bass. The treble is nice and clear and separated from the bass for a good overall sound spectrum. The sound quality is great when played at both loud and soft volume. It also has an equalizer with 3 different settings that we found useful when playing different types of music. Overall, the sound quality was very good. You can blast your music at full volume (which is very loud) without hearing any distortion in the music.

When you turn on the speaker is goes into pairing mode for the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless service. The speaker says speaker “On” and “pairing”. When it showed up on the iPhone, simply touch SP-SKBT83 and the speaker will say “paired”. You do not have to use a password but if you do then use “0000”.

The controls across the top of the speaker are under the rubber surface and water resistant. The charging input, charging output and Aux ports are under a rubber cover. Make sure that you properly seal the cover to maintain the water resistant properties. The speaker is rated to IP65 which means that it can withstand water sprayed at 3.3 GPM ate 4.351 PSI from a hose 1/4th inch in diameter for 3 minutes. That is like a very hard rain but it is not submersible. It is rated to be water resistant.

The speaker has a built in microphone and we made phone calls and the reception was perfect. The person on the other end of the phone call was clear and loud on the speaker and stated that we were clear and loud on their end with no static or feedback echo.

The Verdict? You really get the bang for the buck with the Sharkk Commando – it’s loud, has great sound quality, good punchy bass, good bluetooth range, very durable, long battery life with power bank and IPX6 water resistance. To top it off, it even has a built in microphone for hands-free calling and has two dual 5W loudspeakers with multiple EQ settings which allow for easy customization. It’s really one of the best bluetooth speakers you can find on a budget and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for the perfect music travel companion.

NudeAudio Move L Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (#10 Best Bluetooth Speakers under $100)

NudeAudio Move L Best Bluetooth Speakers under 100

The NudeAudio Move L is a high quality bluetooth speaker that provides amazing sound for music, movies, videos, games and parties. It’s compatible with almost every single device you can throw at it – iPhone, iPod, Macbook, Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, Galaxy Note and All Tablets, Smart Phones, Mac and PC. It features an incredible 8 hour rechargeable battery and light weight design. The Move L is also enclosed with a protective silicone bumper which keeps your Nude Speaker safe from bumps and knocks. Furthermore, the sound is great, the clarity is great, and the volume goes very loud. We used this for outdoor parties and it performed as intended. In short, the Move L is extremely well made, sturdy and thoughtfully designed and is one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 that money can buy.

The NudeAudio Move L delivers an impressive array of acoustics and has great audio clarity. It’s a very unique speaker that features very crisp highs and mids, with punchy bass that can go very low. Music is meant to be played out loud and volume is one thing that this speaker excels at – it can go very loud with loud thumping bass. With two powerful full range drivers and a proprietary passive sub-woofer, this wireless speaker can deliver room filling rich sound with crisp clean highs and bass-rich lower tones starting at 100Hz at 85db. Interestingly, the Move L can also be paired with a computer (with an iMac) without too much trouble and the bluetooth connectivity is an added plus too.

The Move L is aesthetically very pleasing to the eye with its semi-oval shaped design. A thick protective silicone bumper is smooth to the touch, making these bluetooth speakers feel nice to hold in your hand while maintaining its shockproof exterior. When travelling, the Move L is conveniently carried in a pack or overnight packback. It also features its signature cord which you can use to hang the Move L anywhere or around a tree branch.

The Bluetooth connection with these speakers is seamless. It’s very easy to connect these speakers via Bluetooth or Aux cord. The 3.0 Bluetooth wireless streaming technology provides a range of up to 30 feet or 10 meters with NFC pairing technology. The built-in, high-performance lithium-ion battery provides 8 hours of continuous listening and can be charged from any USB source.

The Verdict? If you are looking for a simple and elegant solution to portable high quality, high fidelity sound, the NudeAudio Move L will definitely impress you. It has very clean and crisp aesthetics, high quality audio performance and is straight-forward and user-friendly. The speaker produces great sound and more than adequate volume – everything about this speaker is premium grade; even the packaging was premium. At the time of writing, the Move L is selling at $99 and is one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 that you can buy.