Best Bass Songs

Top 10 Best Bass Songs in 2024

There’s nothing more satisfying than listening to some of the best bass songs that deliver the deepest, moving low-end punch you can hear through your headphones or speakers.

In this review we take a look at the best bass songs of 2020 that deliver some of the deepest bass drops and low-end frequencies. These songs are extremely satisfying to listen to, and we often use these songs to test our headphones and speakers to see how well they handle the bass response. The bass from these songs can reach jaw-dropping lows and provide an incredibly satisfying listening experience – especially if you love low end beats in music.

We’ve compiled our top favorite songs with good bass after listening to them through the Meze 99 Classics and Sennheiser HD800s. We were so impressed with their bass lines and drops, and they are guaranteed to make you smile once you hear the bass from these songs.

Further testing. You might want to test these best bass songs with:

#1 Giraffage – Maybes (feat. Japanese Breakfast) (RAC Mix): Best Bass Song for testing low-end beats and mid-bass

When it comes to the best bass songs, there’s nothing that comes close to this song by RAC. It starts off with powerful beats that leads to a crescendo of bass during the chorus. Make sure you STAY until the chorus (1:23) to experience the deepest bass beats you’ll ever hear! The build-up on this song is real, and you can literally hear your ears popping while listening to this song. This dreamy remix definitely manages to keep the groove going and is probably one of the best EDM songs out there that can really challenge how much bass you can get out of your headphone. It’s a phenomenally hear-catchy song, so be sure to have a listen before you skip!

#2 Gorillaz – Andromeda: Best Bass Song for testing bass beats

This is one of the most bass-heavy songs we have ever listened to, with the beats coming straight at you at the start of the song. This song is pretty unique because not only can you hear the beats from the music, there’s a penetrating low-end bass throughout the music that can really test the limits on your headphone. If you are using a high-end headphone, notice the subtle low-ends from this song – they have plenty of presence and sonic “oomph” that really makes it very satisfying to listen to. Bass lovers will really love the lyrics and beats from this song.

#3 Vallis Alps – Young: Best Bass song for testing deep bass and vocals

This is one of my favorite EDM songs of all time. Not only does it have very bass-heavy beats, you can almost instantly tell whether you headphone or speakers can handle the low-end from the song. The vocals from this song are impeccable and smooth, and accompanied by a thumping beat at every corner. It’s a super satisfying song to listen to especially if you are a bass head as the beats are so real and punchy. There’s also a deep low-end presence in the chorus at (1:36), so be sure not to miss that! If you are looking for a song with good bass to test the bass on your headphone or speaker, look no further.

#4 Aaron Smith – Dancin (KRONO Remix): Best bass song for testing beats and low-end frequencies

You’ve probably already heard of this song, but we’re putting in here on the record anyway. This song is one of the best songs with good bass we have ever heard – the beats and bass is deep, punchy and immersive at every level. It has very good vocals, accompanied by a bassy introduction at (0:30) so be sure to skip forward to that! The bass performance is really punchy and entertaining, and you get that superb low-end which you can use to tell if your headphones are up to standard.

#5 Charlie Puth – We Don’t Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez): Best bass song for testing instrumental, vocal and low-end bass

This is another song that you have probably heard before, but it’s stating that it has some of the deepest and punchiest lows we have ever. Fast forward to (1:02) where the chorus starts and you’ll see what I mean. The song delivers some of the most punchy beats and low-end that you can literally feel through your skin. If your headphone is powerful enough, you’ll get a sense of how deep the bass can go on this EDM song. The deep low end thump is very satisfying to listen to and it gives that impactful feeling. This is personally one of my favorite songs that I use to test the bass on my new headphones or audio speakers. Not to mention, the chorus and vocals are really entertaining too.

#6 Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – Senorita: Best Bass song for vocals and mid-bass

You’ve probably heard this one before – but do yourself a favor and skip to (1:13) at the beginning of the chorus. You’ll be greeted by a tonne of punchy beats and deep bass lows that can really excite your senses. Plus, the vocalists sound awesome and really add flare to the music. The bass from this song can literally go subwoofer level, and if you have bass headphones you’ll really enjoy this one. It’s also a useful song to test whether your headphone or speaker can go below the 25 Hz range into the sub-bass levels that provides ‘sonic presence’.

#7 Clean Bandit – Rockabye (feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie): Best bass song for rap

If you are into rap and bass-heavy musc, try testing out this song by Clean Bandit. You’ve probably heard this song before, but it’s useful to play this song on your headphone and speaker to see how well they handle the bass. The beats from this song punch and deep and hard, but the good thing is that it has many other sonic elements (vocals, instruments, piano, strings) that you can pick up along the way. The bass also feels well-rounded and impactful, and is a pretty good gauge on how well your headphones and speakers can differentiate between the highs, midranges and lows. That said, this song can get really noisy and may distract from you appreciating the bass beats.

#8 Billie Eilish – everything I wanted: Best bass song for quiet lows and deep bass

If you are looking for a song that can bring out the subtleties in the lower-bass frequency range, give this song a go. It’s not a song that blasts out beats and music in your face – it feels slow and deliberate, but has some of the deepest lows you’ll ever experience. The bass from this song feels clean and rubs into your ears, and feels extremely satisfying to say the least. It’s a very useful song with good bass to see your headphone has good differentiation between sub-midrange and midrange frequencies, as well as the bass in general. It’s meant for audiophile listeners who want to test the frequency response in their headphones and speakers, as well as the deeper bass notes, without sounding too messy.

#9 Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Gigamesh Edit): Best bass song for beats and vocals

Back in the day when this song was released (around 2013), it was a huge hit. It actually still is, and is growing in popularity. The Gigamesh Edit brings out deep punchy beats in the music while emphasizing the vocals. The result is that you get a pretty classic song turned EDM-remix that shines and feels very satisfying to listen to. The beats are deliberately deep and enhanced, and you get a really good sonic low-end punch just by listening to this song. I highly recommend it you want to test the lower-end beats in your headphone or speakers.

#10 Bad Apple – Billie Marten: Best bass song for audiophile listening*

This isn’t your typical EDM song, it’s more of an indie hip-rock song that combines instrumental, vocals and bass to create a solid masterpiece. The reason why we choose this song is because it has low-end bass with subtle beats and notes that really combine to provide a great listening experience. It’s not noisy like typical EDM music, so you can really pick up the details in the music with clarity and hear the bass as it should be heard. The bass only starts to come through later in this audio recording, so be patient!

*The song gets progressively better and better (it peaks around 2:42), so be sure to listen to the entire soundtrack! You’ll get a deep sense of bass with this song and a better understanding of whether your headphone can handle all the different elements in the music with clarity. It’s not a bass-heavy song with a tonne of beats, but it has subtle lows and solid background bass that makes it very satisfying to listen to. You can really tell how good your headphones are just by listening to this song.