Aiwa Exos 9 vs Bose S1 Pro

Aiwa Exos 9 vs Bose S1 Pro – Which one should you get?


To cut the long story short, the Aiwa Exos 9 is much louder than the Bose S1 Pro speaker. The Exos 9 has a output power of 200 watts, while the S1 Pro has an output power of 160 watts RMS.

That being said, the Bose S1 Pro is better as a portable PA speaker system with microphone and music instrument inputs, while the Aiwa Exos 9 has more limited options. The Bose S1 Pro is also more portable with a convenient carry handle at the top.

If you are going for absolute sound output, the Aiwa Exos 9 is the better choice. However, if you want a portable PA speaker system with multiple input options and functions, go for the Bose S1 Pro.

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Comparing the Specs

Aiwa Exos 9

The Aiwa Exos-9 is equipped with 6 internal acoustic drivers that maintain a sense of balance between the highs and the midrange, keeping them present and detailed. The 6.5” inch dual-coil subwoofer also enhances the bass response and creates a sonic low-end that makes your music literally jump out of the speaker. The end result is phenomenal sound performance that makes the Exos-9 suitable for home-theatre setups to provide cinematic sound. We were truly impressed with the sound performance of this wireless speaker.

While the Exos-9 is slightly larger than the Bose S1 Pro, it weighs a mere 13 pounds which makes it quite portable to carry around. The great thing about the Exos-9 is that you are able to link up two Exos-9s easily to provide either stereo separated (left and right) or dual stereo sound for extra sound performance. This makes it easy to setup for larger parties and gatherings with a larger dual sound performance. You can also customize the EQ settings for almost every genre of music and adjust the bass, midrange of treble settings. The drivers on this speaker do not distort at maximum volume and produces clean and crisp stereo sound. It is really the perfect speaker for large parties and gatherings.

Bose S1 Pro

Bose S1 Pro

The Bose S1 Pro is one of the best portable PA systems and powerful speakers that delivers loud sound performance. This PA system delivers big sound from a rugged and durable design, and is ideal for parties and outdoor gatherings for massive sound output. Furthermore, this speaker supports wireless Bluetooth pairing and multiple inputs for microphone or music instruments such as a keyboard or guitar.

The S1 Pro comes with built-in sensors and multiple aiming positions for optimized sound performance in any position. We liked the fact that this PA speaker system provides up to 11 hours of playtime with a rechargeable battery. It also has an auto-EQ setting which automatically adjusts the system’s tone and soundstage for you to get the best listening experience. If you are looking to get a powerful and quality PA speaker system, go for the Bose S1 Pro.

Sound Performance

Aiwa Exos 9

The sound from the Exos-9 is exceptionally loud and hard to believe. This Bluetooth speaker is designed to literally rock a party with a massive 200W of pure audio authority. The bass is rich, powerful and clear, and never muddy. The midrange is present and crisp, and the highs are not overbearing.

At maximum volume, the Exos-9 can literally shake your house and the sound does not distort even in the slightest, which is truly impressive for a battery powered speaker. The music separation on this speaker is fantastic and you can really hear the instruments and subtle notes in the music. The bass output is quite insane – the bass is tight and punchy and stays where it should be at the low-end without bleeding over into the midrange. Listening to rock and pop songs on the Exos-9 was one of the most enjoyable experiences we had in audio listening.

Bose S1 Pro

We were very impressed by the sound performance of the Bose S1 Pro with a total power output of 160 watts RMS. This portable PA system has massive sound performance with deep bass – the highs and midranges are crisp and very well-defined. They produce plenty of sound for outdoor use and you can use this speaker to blast music for large parties and events.

The bass from the Bose S1 Pro speaker punches deep and you get lots of beats and punchy tones; the sonic low-end boom can be heard while playing EDM or bass-heavy music genres. Furthermore, you can crank up the volume on the Bose S1 Pro and expect to hear virtually no distortion – the sound remains consistent and clear.

The Verdict?

If you are going for absolute sound output, the Aiwa Exos 9 is the better speaker with 200 watts of output power and crystal clear sound. The Bose S1 Pro delivers up to 160 watts RMS of power, and also produces very powerful sound with good punchy beats.

That being said, we found the Bose S1 Pro a much better option for a portable PA speaker system with multiple input options and microphone and guitar compatibility. It also has a carry-on handle at the top for easy portability as compared to the Aiwa Exos 9.