Waterproof headphones for swimming

The Top 10 Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

When it comes to choosing the right headphones for swimming, nothing beats the following top 10 waterproof headphones for swimming that we’ve encountered so far. They feature extraordinary performance even at 3-4 feet underwater and are built to last for a long time. They will literally transfer a mundane boring lap exercise into a very fun and thrilling swimming experience. Plus, you get to enjoy all your favorite soundtracks while exercising in the pool – an incredible experience that you’ll never forget. Trust us when we say that these waterproof headphones are worth the time and investment – they will not disappoint you and will probably exceed most if not some of your expectations. If you are a seasoned swimmer that loves to swim for prolonged periods of time, you don’t want to miss out on these waterproof headphones.

#1 Underwater Audio Waterproof Headphones for Swimming with iPod Shuffle

Underwater Audio Waterproof Headphones for Swimming with iPod Shuffle

The Underwater Audio waterproof headphones for swimming provide waterproof perfection in addition to stellar audio performance. These high quality underwater audio iPods come with free starter waterproof short-cord headphones which we really liked. The quality of the iPod and headphones are quite exceptional – they are corrosion-proof, waterproof and depth tested iPods which pass the test of time. The underwater audio player itself is a genuine 2GB Apple iPod shuffle which is then waterproofed by Underwater Audio. It has a whopping 15 hrs of battery life, holds hundreds of songs, supports multiple playlists, and features a unique voice-over button it’s compatible with both Mac and PCs. If you are looking for completely fault-free, high quality waterproof headphones for swimming, these might be your best bet.

The sound performance of these Underwater Audio headphones and iPod was stunning and phenomenal – not only do you get so many customization options for your music with the shuffle and playlist arrangement; you also get top quality sound that really impresses. We found that sound quality of these headphones are way above par – the highs and mids are crisps and clear, the treble feels good and you can even feel the bass impact while swimming in the pool. It’s really quite a breath-taking experience to be able to listen to your favorite music at such good quality while doing lap exercises. We were seriously impressed by how good these waterproof headphones for swimming performed in the pool – the sound quality is exceptional and actually sounds better when underwater.

Underwater Audio Waterproof Headphones for Swimming with iPod Shuffle

As mentioned earlier, the mp3 player is a real iPod. You can clip it onto your goggle straps and it stays put. You can actually swim laps non-stop for hours straight with these headphones and they will stay secure fastened. It’s also very easy to use – you can download new songs every day and sync it with your computer to download the songs, fast and clean. You can wear it clipped with your swimsuit or goggles. Unlike most underwater headphones, this iPod allows you to play music back with all the tracks in order or to shuffle your music selections. We were totally thrilled with the music quality and this actually made going to the pool a really fun experience. It’s really difficult to go wrong with these headphones.

The build quality of the Underwater Audio headphones is very good and durable. Furthermore, it carries a whopping 15 hrs of battery life which is ideal because you do not need to charge your iPod every time you go for swim. We have tested the iPod for about three weeks straight without any issues. It looks and feels and plays like a normal iPod shuffle but it can go underwater; you can even use it for dry land listening as well.

The Verdict? These Underwater Audio waterproof headphones for swimming are top-notch, high quality and exceptional swimming headphones. They will literally change your swim workouts completely, making a drudgery lap really fun and exciting. We cannot emphasize how much these made a difference to our lap exercises – nothing beats the fun of being able to listen to high quality music or audiobooks while working out in the pool. The iPod included in the package is of very high quality and allows you to arrange and sort your music easily. If you are looking for the best waterproof headphones for swimming that will deliver exceptional quality and sound, we highly recommend these headphones.

#2 SYRYN 8 GB Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

SYRYN 8 GB Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The SYRYN 8G waterproof headphones for swimming with mp3 player and shuffle feature are some of the best you can find in the market. It comes with swimbuds original headphones and a SYRYN waterproof mp3 player which makes an excellent combination – the Swimbuds have a hassle-free, extra-short cord which does not get caught or snagged while swimming. The SYRYN mp3 player is 100% waterproof and meets IPX8 waterproofing standards. It also comes with a handy optional shuffle feature which keeps your music in a mix, and supports mp3 and WMA audio formats. If you are looking for some of the very best waterproof headphones for swimming, these SYRYN headphones will exceed your expectations.

We found that the sound quality of these headphones is as optimal as you can get, and is hugely exceptional for the cost. The sound performance was crystal clear and you can really hear the crisp highs and mids while in the water with deep bass. It also works reasonably well for audio-books as long as the tracks are placed in the right order and the shuffle turned off. The instruction booklet was very clear and concise and easy to full.

We found the device even lighter than expected. It has a wide, long clip and keeps the device well fastened while in the water. You can also hook it on the side of your swim cap and it will be securely fastened. The ear buds are phenomenal – they keep all the water out of the ears and keep the sound quality clear and true through the flip turns and depths of up to 10ft.

Transferring music to the SYRYN mp3 player is a snap – simply copy your music from your computer and drop it into the folder for the SYRYN and you are all set. To shuffle songs, simply press and hold the forward and reverse buttons simultaneously until the light indicator switches from red to purple/blue back to red again. To turn off shuffle, simply repeat this process.

We really loved how these waterproof headphones for swimming made our swimming time in the pool that much more enjoyable. We also loved the length – you can clip the player to the back of your shirt and have plenty of cable to reach for the headphones. Overall, it’s hard to beat this player for the simplicity, functionality, quality of sound and craftsmanship.

The Verdict? The SYRYN waterproof headphones for swimming hit the sweet spot for best value and incredible sound performance. It’s one of the very best headphones that we have ever tested and we were really impressed with the exceptional sound quality while swimming. These waterproof headphones also come with a very easy to understand instruction manual and adding music the mp3 player was a snap. The 8GB of memory was also enough to store all our favorite soundtracks. We were very impressed with the overall quality, design and detailed craftsmanship of these headphones, and we highly recommend them.

#3 HydroActive Waterproof Headphones for Swimming with 9 Earbuds

HydroActive waterproof headphones for swimming

The HydroActive waterproof headphones for swimming are a set of outstanding, study and amazing swimming headphones that deliver incredible sound performance at budget price. These headphones combine an extremely waterproof technique with the simplicity of a wrap-around band to make swimming like a breeze. In addition, these headphones can also be used for kayaking, aqua-aerobics, canoeing and most other aquatic activities without any issues. It is also incredibly simple to use with its get on and off, wrap-around design which does not interfere with head gear. It features multiple protection chambers to make it one of the most watertight and aqua-dynamic headphones, with crystal clear sound that remains clear throughout the swim. If you are looking for a set of quality swimming headphones, these might be exactly what you need.

HydroActive waterproof headphones for swimming (2)The sound quality of the HydroActive headphones is phenomenal and does not degrade over time. The music performance sounded crisp and clear throughout the laps, with ample bass output and good midrange with any static noise. We absolutely loved how these headphones sounded underwater and they helped to rid the mundane of swimming multiple laps at a time. The sound quality is excellent with very good bass response because the ear adapters create a water tight seal around your ear and the sound quality is good throughout the swim. We also liked the fact that the headband keeps the swimming cords neatly fastened – there are no loose ends with these headphones and we did not have to re-adjust during the swim.

The HydroActive headphones are very well designed and easy to put on before a swim. You can also clip the iPod to the headphones so that you can take them on and off essentially as one piece. The durability of these swimming headphones is incredible – they can tolerate chlorinated and salt water pools without any issues without any signs of wear and tear.  The headphones feel comfortable when worn over the head and do not move during swimming laps, although we wearing a swimming cap can increase stability to some extent. The headbands are solidly built and we found it easy to change the swimbuds (it comes with 9 quality swimbuds in the package) for you to adjust to the optimal fit. The head wrap keeps the ear pieces in place and comfortable throughout.

One thing that the HydroActive swimming headphones gets right is keeping water out of the ears – the earbuds stay comfortable in the ear throughout the swimming lap. No water gets into the ear and this is essentially to keeping the sound clear. In short, the design of the HydroActive headphones is simply first class and one of the best for active swimmers. If you want a set of reliable headphones that will deliver quality sound performance without any issues commonly associated with swimming headphones, the HydroActive headphones will blow your mind.

The Verdict? The HydroActive waterproof headphones for swimming are hands down some of the best headphones you can find in terms of durability and sound performance. They are beautifully designed for high performance and will stay firmly on your head throughout the laps – the earbuds also feel very comfortable in the ears and come with a wide selection to choose from for the best fit. The key thing about these headphones is that they prevent any water from seeping into the earbuds during the swim, which is essential to keeping the sound crisp and clear. Overall, the HydroActive headphones provides an exceptional listening experience and hits all the sweet spots for a perfect underwater audio experience, and we highly recommend them.

#4 Aerb 4G Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

Aerb 4G Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The Aerb 4G waterproof headphones are set of high quality headphones that are 100% water-resistant up to a depth of 3 meters, and are designed for swimming and other sport activities built with an international IPX-8 standard. It’s built-in with a unique clip attaching to swimming goggles. The volume is outstanding; many players just can’t be turned up load enough to compensate for the water. The buttons are specially well designed and the ability to feel the buttons to move forward/backwards is fantastic. Although the controls are simplistic, that is exactly what you need when doing your serious lap swimming and cannot fiddle with the controls.

Now down to the specs – the battery life on this one lasts about two weeks between charges (while swimming everyday) and that’s charging it twice a month! Loading the music on this dvice is simple as well – just pop it on the PC and it works like a flash drive. We really liked the rotating clip as well; you can clip it to the back of your goggles and can rotate easily on the spindle in any direction so it does not always have to be positioned upright on your goggles. The H20 Sure 2 ear buds works particularly well with these headphones and although they are an additional investment, they do a great job underwater. A good tip is to start with the larger ear bud rubber ends first and then work down to smaller sizes to find the perfect fit. If you use larger sizes, you get a tighter barrier against the water. Do consider wetting the ear buds lightly in the water before placing them in your ear to help keep them more secure in your ear.

The Verdict? The Aerb 4G Waterproof headphones are a set of very highly quality headphones for swimming. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase and will be impressed by how well they perform underwater and its superb battery life. It’s versatile design provides a comfortable swimming experience and crisp sound makes swimming so much more enjoyable.

#5 Diver 4G Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

Diver 4G Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The Diver 4G with waterproof mp3 player are another impressive pair of waterproof headphones for swimming that are selling at a good 38% discount at the time of writing. These are very sleek headphones that are built to deliver serious audio performance while underwater. It comes with 4GB of built-in memory, rechargeable battery, USB cable, and highly quality hooked waterproof earphones. These waterproof headphones are small, compact, and come in pink or blue variations. They are very easy to use and produce phenomenal sound for their price. It also comes with a handy clip for you to clip to your swimming gear securely while you swim. Lap swimmers would find it easy to attach the Diver headphones to a goggle strap without any hindrance. These waterproof headphones, while not fancy, are reliable and the perfect companion to all swimmers.

The Diver is designed to be as user friendly as possible. Girls can clip the player easily on the strap or your bathing suit, while guys can easily strap it to goggles. The cord is the perfect length and you will never get tangled in it. The earphones clip over your ears and with a swim cap, they stay in place without a problem. The mp3 player itself is very small, and it doesn’t get in the way while swimming. The ear buds do double duty as earplugs and stay in fine while keeping water out.

We found the music quality very good and much better than what we expected. We really like the bass impact from these headphones, and the crystal clear highs and trebles. Although we had to adjust the position of the headphones to hear music better sometimes, it’s not really a big deal. The sound quality was really good and we were quite surprised considering the price range of these headphones. The battery life is great and it is pretty easy to load songs onto the player via the included USB cable from your computer. The actual player only has three buttons and is extremely simple to operate. You hold down one button to turn on/off or do a short push to play/pause. The other two are held down to increase/decrease volume or a short push to scroll forward or backwards.

We felt that the Diver waterproof headphones for swimming are definitely one of the best way to make lap swimming go by much faster. We loved the sound quality and audio performance of these headphones. To charge the mp3 player, simply plug it into a USB port on your computer and it will charge quite fast. To add music, you just have to drag and drop music files on your computer to the device’s icon on your desktop – plain and simple.

The Verdict? The Diver waterproof headphones for swimming are among the best you can find in terms of quality and price. At the time of writing, these incredible headphones are selling at a good 38% discount, and represent quality and value for money. We really liked how small the mp3 player was and how easy it is to attach it to your swimming gear or goggles. It also helps to wear a swimming cap to keep the earpieces in place, although we did not experience the earpieces coming loose. The short wiring of the headphones make it tangle free and will not interrupt you while swimming laps. It’s really one of those waterproof headphones for swimming that really make a big difference during a swim and we highly recommend them.

#6 Waterfi Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

Waterfi Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The Waterfi waterproof headphones is a must for swimmers – it will intensely enhance your swimming experience by turning the dull exercise into a rejuvenating experience. The iPod can be connected snugly to the back of your goggles and you won’t even notice it’s there. It also comes with Waterfi waterproof short cord headphones which can go as deep as 10 feet underwater and meet IPX-8 waterproof standards. The cord is 11 inches which is the perfect length to reach your waterproof iPod with no tangles and without any set up time. Furthermore, the Waterfi headphones come with several sizes and fits easily into your ear; it also comes with a selection of 4 different pairs of silicone earbuds. It’s a good set of waterproof headphones that deliver excellent sound performance. Be sure to use the biggest attachment possible for the waterproof headphones – it may cause slight pressure but it keeps the water out and keeps the sound quality from being muffled.

The Waterfi Waterproof iPod Suffle is designed to go as deep as 210 feet underwater. The interior of the device has been completely insulated to form a barrier around all of the sensitive electronic components, allowing you to do away with bulky and unreliable cases so you can swim for prolonged periods without having to worry about these headphones. The waterproof iPod shuffle is also very easy to control on the go – with a single click you can quickly play and pause the current track, change songs and adjust the volume without interrupting your activity. The Waterfi iPod shuffle is also lightweight and compact and it will never get in the way of your workout or swim.

The battery life on this device is amazing, with periods of up to 15 hours of rechargeable battery life. The headphones can store up to 2GB of memory and you can store all kinds of songs and audiobooks without any hassle. Furthermore, it comes with a 2 year waterproof warranty which is great.

The Verdict? The Waterfi waterproof headphones will fully meet your expectations. There is some trial and error experimentation before you can perfect using the headphone and iPod combination. But as an overall package, these waterproof headphones for swimming are well built and function extremely well underwater.

#7 AudioFlood Waterproof Headphones for Swimming with Apple iPOD Shuffle

AudioFlood Waterproof Headphones for Swimming with Apple iPOD Shuffle 2

The AudioFlood waterproof headphones for swimming are a pair of incredible headphones that provide an excellent mix of sound quality and durability with the highest rated waterproof mp3 player. It comes with six ear piece options to guarantee the perfect fit, and an extension cable making it ideal for other sports as well. It also comes with a swim cap, USB charger/sync cable, and a swim bag for your iPod and headphones which is pretty neat. These headphones can transform boring swimming workouts into an extremely enjoyably experience, making time quickly fly back while in the pool.

The sound quality, the ease and the customer service are terrific. Audioflood are very responsible and will respond quickly should you have any problems with your device or earbuds. The customer service are amazingly helpful and offer great tips. Furthermore, you don’t have to bother with the extra cost of warranty insurance because these waterproof headphones come with a two year warranty at the basic price.

Now down to the details – right out the box, the case looks pristine and the iPod works like any other apple device using either itunes or any third party soft to upload music. The control buttons may be a little stiff but that is expected when you consider the work into ‘waterproofing’ the entire device. The shuffle easily clips onto the goggles and we experienced no discomfort nor has it been a hindrance while swimming. You can even flip and turn as hard as you wish in the pool and the shuffle won’t come off.

It took some time for us to choose the right earbud for the earpieces – you have to experiment with them to get the one that works best. There are no problems with the sound – it’s clear and crisp and doesn’t get muffled in between swims. You could also crank up the volume on these headphones without any distortion. It also has a stunning battery life of 15 hours with 2GB of storage. The shuffle is depth rated to 200 ft so you don’t ever have to worry about damaging it underwater.

The Verdict? The AudioFlood waterproof headphones for swimming are the perfect purchase if you plan on getting swimming into your workout routine, and pop in some regular headphones for your dry land workouts. The shuffle is guaranteed to work in any regular recreational or lap swimming pool with no risk of damage.

#8 The Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The Swimbud SPORT by Underwater Audio are hands down one of the best waterproof headphones for swimming in the market. These are by far the best because they fit securely, never need adjustment during a swim and have the best sound quality by far. These waterproof earbuds are redesigned from the ground up and offers better fit, greater comfort and a rugged design. The rugged construction includes better materials, stronger cords, improved design and features third generation Hydrobeat TM sound. These are definitely a big improvement over the previous waterproof earbuds and come with several attachment options to fit your ear.

The Swimbuds SPORT with the “Trees” buds provide a much superior seal than to anything else we have used. Keeping water out of the ear is important for undistorted music listening. We were surprised at how many choices of earbuds are included in the package. The fact that we could swim laps with music and with the headphones that don’t come off is amazing. We had so many people asking us in the pool where they could get their own. The customer service at Underwater Audio has also been superb and these come highly recommended for any swimmer or athlete who needs waterproof headphones and music in the water.

Furthermore, these waterproof headphones can also be used for running, biking and swimming. They stay put in the ears without having to adjust them. The only issue we’ve encountered is that you might need to turn down the volume slightly due to the secure fit. Other than this, these waterproof headphones are truly awesome and fun to wear to a swim.

The Verdict? The Swimbud SPORT is one of the best waterproof headphones for swimming we’ve encountered so far. They are highly versatile and includes 4 different styles of earbuds so that you can find your perfect fit. It retains a short 40cm cord for swims which can be extended to 1m. Overall these are highly recommended if you are looking for highly quality and affordable swimming headphones.

#9 Diver Waterproof Headphones for Swimming with 4GB MP3 Player and LCD Display

Diver Waterproof Headphones for Swimming with 4GB MP3 Player and LCD Display

If you are looking for inexpensive, durable, lightweight and fantastic waterproof headphones for swimming, the Diver waterproof headphones are the ones you should get. It also comes with a swimometer to track your strokes during swimming, which is a nice added touch.

What’s great about the Diver is the sound quality, weight and design that doesn’t hinder swimming. All you need to do is put on the earbuds, then cap and goggles, and plug in the Diver and attach it to the back of the goggle strap. It’s so lightweight that you barely feel it while swimming freestyle. The sound quality is very good. The device can play 320 kbps files which means you get quality sound even while submerged in water which enhances the overall swimming experience.

The volume on this device works really well, and we could hear crisp audio music flowing from the earbuds to the ears without any muffling. The earbuds are super comfortable and come with 3 different size/shaped plugs so you can determine the best fit. You can swim for extended periods of time with no discomfort. Charging the device is also a breeze via USB – adding music is also done through USB – it functions as a USB drive where you can simply drag and drop music. We’ve tested this on both Mac and PC without any issues. Furthermore, the Diver has an in-built radio function if you get bored so you can switch to the radio music if you get bored of your playlist.

The Driver play now features a LCD screen along with a swimometer designed to adjust to your active lifestyle. While the display is not the fanciest, most stylish graphics we’ve seen, it’s readable and easy to use. We tested the swimometer and it was pretty accurate. Both the mp3 player and earphones can stay submerged under water for more than 24 hours without sustaining damage. The mp3 player comes with a sturdy clip which can be easily attached onto the headband or swimming goggles while you swim – the player also comes with waterproof earphones that are short and unobstrusive and hooks around the ears for better stability.

We particularly liked the fact that the Diver came with replaceable parts just in case any small accessory parts were lost. It’s both durable and water-resistant which gives you the freedom to enjoy your activity without stressing about damaging your Diver player. There’s also a choice between white (with blue details) or black (with red details), which is a nice added touch.

The Verdict? The Diver is highly value for money and boasts numerous functions as one of the most versatile waterproof headphones for swimming. The lightweight player weighs only 21g and plays mp3 & WMA format files with ease, and also features a built-in FM radio function and swimometer. At this price point you are really getting value for what you pay for.

#10 Underwater Audio Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

Underwater Audio Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

These waterproof headphones by Underwater Audio comes in a buddle which includes an Underwater Audio waterproof iPod, original waterproof swimbuds and a HydroHarmony waterproof headphone. Overall the Underwater Audio waterproof headphones were very impressive in terms of performance and design. We particularly liked the waterproof iPod – although we were initially sceptical as to how long a waterproof iPod would hold up underwater, we have tested it for about six months now and it still works perfectly without having to recharge often. The sound performance from these headphones are amazing – they really make the laps fly by seamlessly as you listen to your favourite soundtracks. If you are a regular swimming, these headphones will almost guarantee to make your swim a happier and more enjoyable one! If only these were made available 20 years earlier…

The Underwater Audio headphones and iPod Shuffle will literally rock your world in the swimming pool. The earphones stay in your ears no matter what style you swim or how fast. Although the sound is not exactly audiophile quality, you can hear everything clearly and it improves the swimming experience immensely. The Shuffle works perfectly in the water which is pretty cool too.

These waterproof headphones feature a hassle-free extra-short cord that doesn’t get caught or snagged. The HydroHarmony headphones come with a wrap-around band and are easy to get on and off. The Apple iPod shuffle lasts for a whopping 15 hours in the water and can hold hundreds of song, supports multiple playlists, and features a unique Voiceover button. It’s compatible with both the Mac and PC.

The Verdict? The Underwater Audio waterproof headphones are the perfect gadget that every swimmer needs. This is definitely highly recommended to anyone who wants to upgrade their swimming experience as this will rock your swimming experience entirely.

Special Mention: FINIS Duo Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

FINIS Duo Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The FINNIS Duo is one unique and ingenious waterproof headphone that works spectacularly well while swimming in the pool. The speakers work by conducting sound through your cheekbones and not sending the sound directly to your ears through revolutionary bone conduction audio transmission to transmit crystal clear audio through the cheekbones directly into the inner ear. Since you can’t wear headphones while you’re swimming, the method that this device uses to conduct sound is pretty ingenuous. Furthermore, it’s combined with a waterproof MP3 player that provides the highest quality sound in the water without the use of ear buds. The miracle about these headphones is not about how great they sound (notwithstanding that they actually do sound pretty awesome underwater), but that they even work at all.

FINIS Duo Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The FINIS Duo waterproof headphones for swimming features an integrated clip design which secures the device to your goggle straps to rest on the cheekbones for maximum comfort and a streamlined fit. These headphones support Mp3 and WMA audio formats which is perfect for listening to music, audiobooks and podcosts. It features 4GB of storage which can store approximately up to 1000 songs or 60 hours of playback, and includes a USB magnetic dock which allows for universal data transfers and charging. The rechargeable lithium ion battery can hold a charge for up to 7 hours of playback. The buttons do double duty for navigation/volume control and power/playing which are intuitive and convenient to use. They make excellent waterproof headphones for swimming without the hassle of ear buds falling out. It’s surprisingly lightweight and compact for it’s size – you’ll barely notice when the unit clips onto your goggles. The sound on these waterproof headphones for swimming is clearest when submerged into water and they are IPX8 waterproof for up to 3 meters.

Loading the music on this device is also extremely smooth. You simply need to plug the Neptune directly into the computer and follow the step-by-step guide. We encountered no issues loading or unloading the music.

The verdict? The FINNIS Neptune is an ingenious and novel waterproof headphone that offers everything a swimmer needs with the least amount of hassle possible, and completely avoids the need to wear ear buds through transmitting sound through the cheekbone.

Special Mention: The Sony Walkman 4GB Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The Sony Walkman 4GB Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The Sony Walkman is a cordless one piece-wearable sports music player that sounds great and works like a charm. It’s one of the coolest waterproof headphones for swimming with its nice stylish waterproof design and boasts a huge 8GB storage which you can use to store 320kbps music files. This Sony product works extremely well underwater and will literally transform your swimming experience – it makes your time in the water something to look forward to.

The Mp3 player is built into lightweight headphones, which are easy to wear with no dangling wires. The whole headphone is waterproof, so you can listen to music and podcasts while swimming even at >3 feet depths. The control buttons are easy to distinguish by touch, so it’s easy to operate without looking at it which is exactly what you need because the controls are on your ears while swimming. The ‘zappin’ function is a clever way to pick what to play without a display. Basically it plays a few seconds of each track on the player, skipping through them so you can listen for what you want, then hit a button to stop and hear the rest of the selected track.

We really loved listening to music on the Sony Walkman with the wonderful feel of the water. It also works great for dry outdoor activities and sounds just as great. The music does not go off or fade when you hit the water; it’s sounds just as good even going under water 3-4 feet down. Be sure to experiment with the earbuds to find the perfect fit – you want to find a fit that’s tight but not uncomfortable. The Sony Walkman comes with 6 different earbud sets including 2 waterproof ones. Installing music on this device was also a breeze – just plug the Walkman into the computer via USB and drag and drop your favorite music tracks before going for a swim.

One tip before a swim is to make sure to adjust your swim cap, mp3 player and goggles exactly the way you want them to be. If you do this while in the pool this might cause water to seep into the earbuds which may muffle the sound.

The Verdict? The Sony Walkman features very versatile and comfortable waterproof headphones for swimming with an in-built player that meets its primary goal of staying in your ears during swimming and eliminating wire entanglements of a separate player. It also produces decent sound quality, which will enhance your swimming experience by manifold. For those looking for a convenient waterproof headphone option, it’s hard to beat the Sony Walkman.

Special Mention: The Pyle Neckband Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The Pyle Neckband Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The Pyle Neckband is a set of highly versatile waterproof headphones for swimming under $40. They’re nice to listen to in the pool and fill your ears with clean and crisp sounds. It’s IPX-8 rated which means that it can be submerged in water for up to 3.3 feet. You can also double up these speakers for running or hiking in any wet environment and they work just fine.

These waterproof headphones sound really good when underwater and are specifically designed not to get in the way of your goggles. The speakers really are designed for high-fidelity sound reproduction. The mp3 player comes with six sets of earbuds in different sizes: three for land, three for water. The controls are well placed and intuitive, and the sound quality is good without any static or distortions under water. Although the design may be a little boxy around the years, it’s waterproof and sounds great and will definitely attract lots of compliments around the pool.

The battery life on these waterproof headphones are amazing and last for up to 10 hours. The Neckband mp3 player supports mp3 and WMA music formats and is also USB 2.0 compatible for high-speed file transfer. It’s also compatible with swimming goggles and easy to use. The only real issue with these is that there is really no way to tell what you are listening to or how to skip to what you want. If you listen to audiobooks on them it’s fine but for what you are getting at this price range they work great for what they were designed for.

The Verdict? The Pyle Neckband Swimming headphones are a set of good quality waterproof headphones that produce decent sound quality and work really well underwater, all for under just $40. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option, this is definitely the swimming headphones to get.

Special Mention: Pyle 8GB Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

Pyle 8GB Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

The Pyle 8GB waterproof headphones sound excellent in the water – where these shine is that the sound quality and clarity remains uncompromised when exposed to water. The acoustics, mid-tones, bass and vocals were all well balanced regardless of which music we tested it on. They can consistently play equally well for several hours straight underwater and you can simply put them on recharge when getting home. The universal size made-to-fit design for all head shapes and easy to use push button controls makes this an outstanding set of waterproof headphones.

These waterproof headphones have 8GB of memory and an FM radio which works even while underwater! It’s very convenient and super easy to use with the easy touch button controls and the detachable control unit. The headband itself is a universal size and fits on the head nicely without sliding into the water or pinch the head. The headphones come with different sizes of ear buds for water sports and also for regular use. You can play, pause, stop, skip, rewind and forward all your tracks directly on the headset. It’s a really easy set up that keeps it simple, while giving you full access and control over what you play in the water. The waterproofing on these headphones are outstanding – whether it’s a shallow dive, snorkel or for everyday outdoor use the quality and performance of these headphones remain uncompromised.

One thing we especially liked about these headphones is the ability to transfer music directly onto them via mp3, although the bluetooth option also came in handy. With these, you can simply add music from your computer by detaching the memory card from the headphones and insert it into a USB port to create a playlist.

The Verdict? The Pyle 8GB waterproof headphones for swimming promises to enhance your swimming experience by providing high quality clear sound. They are versatile headphones that can be used between swims and outdoor activities by simply swapping the earbuds. It’s also an affordable option at under $40, which makes these headphones highly value for money.

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