oudest Bluetooth Speakers

The Top 10 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers of 2017

Here are the top 10 loudest bluetooth speakers of 2017 that deliver some serious audio performance when it comes to thumping bass and volume output. These Bluetooth speakers feature some of the most powerful audio drivers ever designed and engineered, pumping out tonnes of audio juice at extraordinary volumes with minimum distortion and with crystal clarity. We were super impressed by the audio performance of these incredible bluetooth speakers, especially some of which are now selling at jaw-dropping discounts this season. We also feature the loudest and most advanced Bluetooth speaker ever created – the Devialet Phantom – at #10. Be sure to check out the list of loudest bluetooth speakers of 2017 below!

#1 VAVA Voom Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker

VAVA Voom Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

The VAVA Voom Premium is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers you can find in the market. Compared to many other bluetooth speakers we’ve heard over the years, this rates up near the top for sound quality, build quality, features and appearance. If you are looking for a cheaper option to more expensive brands such as the Bose SoundLink Mini and the Creative Soundblaster Roar, you will definitely be blown away by the performance of the VAVA Voom.

These loudest bluetooth speakers feature powerful and dynamic audio with two 5W drivers, two passive radiators, a 10W subwoofer, plus aptX technology for sublime audio performance. It also comes with a decent handsfree feature for your smartphone, and has EQ with three settings: standard, party and surround. The VAVA Voom supports wireless streaming, and you can use Wifi to play and wirelessly stream music at all times. The super long lasting battery provides 10 hours of music playtime, keeping this loud bluetooth speaker powered from dawn to dusk.

We were seriously not expecting a speaker at this price to sound as good as this one does. It had solid bass and clear mids and highs in the “Standard” EQ mode. A very good balance of sound. When certain music is played in the “Party” EQ mode, the bass is more pronounced and very punchy. Not all music will sound better in the party mode. In fact, some bass-heavy-to-begin-with music will sound worse in party mode simply because the sound will become too bass heavy and muddled. The Surround EQ mode is magical when certain types of music are played. If you sit a few feet away from the speaker you will be immersed in sound that seems to be coming from all directions. It’s like being in a concert hall.

VAVA Voom Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

Finally, the design and appearance of the VAVA Voom is superb. It comes with a full-wrap-around metal grill with all the controls on the top. The buttons are flush with the top and sculpted. Your finger goes “into” the button a little bit and there is no doubt that you are pressing a button as opposed to some speakers that either have “touch” surfaces or rubberized membranes over the actual buttons that feel indistinct when pressed.

The Verdict? The VAVA Voom is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers you can find at this price range, is superbly well-build and very solid, and produces surprisingly good sound. Given the sound that this bluetooth speaker produces, we have no doubt that this is a high quality product – even with the parts on the inside and outside, everything is well done and top-notch. At the time of writing, the VAVA Voom is now selling at a very good price with free shipping, so don’t forget to snap it up fast while the price is low!

#2 Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3XL

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3XL

The Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3XL is specially designed to produce really big sound. It comes equipped with a powerful 40W driver and AMP, delivering 20 Watts RMS of pure authority. This is by far one of the loudest bluetooth speakers on this list – it’s loud enough to fill even large rooms with high quality sound, and is perfect for parties playing outdoors, at the pool or at the beach. The sound quality is quite exceptional – the speaker produces high quality sound using two large 2.75” precision drivers and two custom 13mm tweeters designed to deliver precise clear highs and distinct mids. The OontZ Angle 3XL also has 3 passive bass radiators; 1 passive bass radiator is rear facing behind its own grille and 2 passive bass radiators are side facing which you can see pushing the bass. We have no doubt that this is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers ever designed, and at the time of writing is selling at a sweet 56% discount.

We found that this speaker gets extremely loud – so loud that you literally rock your entire home into a disco party with this beast. This speaker pumps out some serious volume and it is very, very loud and even when you set it to a lower volume setting, this speaker is louder than most Bluetooth speakers we have tested. The sound performance is phenomenal – it is rich, clean, the bass is perfect and tight. The speaker emphasises the highs and mids well, and produces crisp treble with crystal clear vocals. The fun thing about this speaker is that if you want even more volume, you can combine two 3XL speakers with the dual pairing feature. If you are looking for even more volume and stereo sound, this dual pairing function is something to strongly consider. Note that one speaker is already damn loud, and two of these paired would be outrageous.

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3XL

The OontZ Angle 3XL is a beautifully crafted speaker and looks aesthetically appealing. It’s very well made and has a stylish angular design without any sharp edges. Furthermore, the speaker is built to be water-resistant to protect against splashes and rain – it’s IPX5 certified which means it will resist gentle water spray and splashes, but cannot be partially or fully submerged.

The great thing about this speaker is that it contains a USB power bank so you can charge your iphone or mobile device while playing. At 70% volume this speaker can pump out up to 8 hours of battery time. It also has a built-in mic for personal speakerphone for phone calls. Connecting to this speaker via Bluetooth is extremely easy – just turn on the speaker and search for it on your Bluetooth device and connect it. You can also connect to this speaker with an included 3.5mm audio cable. Included in the package is a single OontZ Angle 3XL speaker, 1 dual voltage power adaptor, 3.5mm audio cable, 1 quick start sheet and user guide.

The Verdict? The OontZ Angle 3XL is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers you can find at exceptional value, and at the time of writing is selling at an awesome 56% discount. This speaker is specifically designed to go extremely loud and connect seamlessly with your bluetooth device. The sound performance is truly phenomenal and you get deep bass with crisp highs and mids. If you enjoy full sound and powerful bass, we guarantee that this speaker will exceed your expectations. It’s without a doubt one of the loudest bluetooth speakers you can find at a bargain price.

#3 Sharkk Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

Sharkk Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

The Sharkk Boombox is hands down one of the loudest bluetooth speakers in terms of size to weight ratio, and produces booming clear sound with some of the best audio performance we have ever seen for a portable speaker of this size. The Sharkk Boombox is equipped with two 5W loudspeakers and delivers up to 10 Watts of clean, dynamic sound with a sleek design that blends into almost any environment – the speaker weighs a mere 1.8 pounds so you can take it virtually anywhere to play your favorite soundtracks. The Boombox is also equipped with built-in sensors which automatically illuminate the buttons so you can play and pause, adjust the volume and adjust the phone calls. You can also connect your iPhone or Android device via the Bluetooth 4.0 or NFC, with a great connection range of up to 30 feet. The battery life on the Sharkk Boombox is incredible and on a full charge the battery will last for 18 hours of playtime. At the time of writing, the Shark Boombox is selling at an amazing 58% discount, so don’t forget to check it out!

The sound quality of the Sharkk Boombox is incredible. The speaker has two, 5W 50mm speaker drivers with a passive bass radiator in the back. This speaker can get incredibly loud – when we tested this speaker at 50% volume, it filled the room with sound with clear sound and the sound does not distort even at near maximum volume. The bass that this speaker produces is clean, powerful and punchy, and is enhanced by the passive bass radiator which produces a decent amount of passive bass. Although this cannot be compared with the bass from a dedicated subwoofer, the bass is still very impressive coming from a speaker of this size.

Apart from good bass, the speaker produces rich mids and incredibly crisp highs – we were very impressed that so much quality sound was coming from these speakers. The audio performance on classic rock felt smooth and buttery throughout, with decent separation and very clean, crystal clear sound. You can really hear the details in the music from each soundtrack and the overall sound performance is quite breath-taking. The sound on these speakers can also get incredibly loud – loud enough to entertain your guests at a mid-size party. Overall, we were highly impressed with the sound quality and performance of the Sharkk Boombox.

The build quality of the Sharkk Boombox is excellent. The metal is nice and clean, and looks sleek and classy from almost every angle. The plastics on the top and bottom of the speaker are sturdy, solid and durable. The buttons have great feedback and a nice tactile feel. The speaker also has rubber ‘feet’ on the bottom of the speakers to keep it from sliding or vibrating around at maximum volume – every single aspect of the build quality is meticulously thought out and well designed. We also liked the metallic speaker vents which gave this a very stunning overall appearance.

The speaker is designed to be portable and versatile. It also comes with an incredible rechargeable battery that delivers up to 18 hours of playtime. The speaker is also easy to set up and pair with almost any Bluetooth enabled device. It also features helpful voice prompts to help guide you through the speaker’s different modes and settings, and also supports near field communication to allow you to access Siri or Android Voice seamlessly. It also supports connection to external media with an integrated AUX cable connection.

The Verdict? The Sharkk Boombox is hands down one of the loudest bluetooth speakers you can find that is compact, portable, features a solid 18 hours of battery life and now available at a budget price. The speaker has two 5 Watt speakers which pump out incredibly detailed and crisp music, and sound really good. The Sharkk Boombox has the ability to go extremely loud and yet maintain the same level of sound performance as you would expect from a high quality bluetooth speaker. The speaker also uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology and will connect to virtually almost any bluetooth enabled device to play your favorite soundtracks. We were highly impressed with the sound performance of the Sharkk Boombox and we highly recommend them.

#4 Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Anker Premium loudest bluetooth speakers
If you are looking for a high performance Bluetooth speaker at a cheaper price, the Anker Premium 4.0 Bluetooth Speaker is definitely something to be reckoned with. It produces huge stereo sound – you can enjoy crisp, clear audio with impressive volume powered by dual ten-watt drivers. The combined 20W output is the highest available in this price range. It also features MaxxBass technology and two passive subwoofers for enhanced bass performance, allowing you to hear the soaring highs and deep lows of all your favorite tracks.

Compared to the more expensive Bose Mini SoundLink option, the two devices have much in common, having a similar shape and aesthetic. The Anker is about an inch wider (still delightfully portable), but they share the curved appearance. From a functional perspective they are identical – they do the core functions brilliantly, but don’t offer microphones or NFC features for example. Bluetooth performance is quick, and set up is simplistic (on an iPhone 6 in this instance). Battery life is pretty much identical.

Where are savings made? Well the Anker is a plastic case (albeit a lovely, robust one), with a fabric speaker cover, rather than the fully-aluminium Bose. There is no docking station. There is no charger plug, just a USB cable (and a 3.5mm jack). You can charge from and USB socket.

Anker Premium loudest bluetooth speakers

But when it comes to sound, the Anker really holds its own. It has great bass for such a small device and feel really sharp. When you ratchet them both up max, we reckon the Bose gets a bit louder, but we have never taken the volume to that level under normal circumstances. But in a blind test with friends, at normal volume, it was pretty much fifty-fifty.

So, yes, the Bose is the more ‘complete’ device, but it’s nearly four times as expensive. Pound for pound, the Anker definitely wins it – the money has gone where it matters, in making it sound phenomenal. It retains a real sense of physical quality – it feels heavy, and the buttons are reassuringly when you press them. The rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of music and playtime – you can play up to 160 songs at 50% volume before needing to recharge. The compact size is also a definitely added plus. It is truly one of the loudest bluetooth speakers for speakers at this size range.

The Verdict? The Anker Premium is an impressive and one of the loudest bluetooth speakers at this price range. It is stylishly designed with an impressive battery life and will give its competition a good run, not to mention for half or three times less the price. At the time of writing, the Anker Premium is selling at a very good 50% discount, so don’t forget to check it out.

#5 G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker

G-Project G-BOOM loudest bluetooth speakers

The G-Project G-Boom is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers and Boombox-designed speakers that is absolutely amazing. It is truly an award-winning speaker with top-notch sound performance. This is the very speaker which Mashable rated as “sweet, with clean highs and pleasant-sounding midrange mixed together with that substantial bottom to create the best sound I’ve ever heard out of a unit costing a more c-note”. Furthermore, this Bluetooth speaker is built like a tank with rugged housing, protective rubber base and an integrated handle for easy carrying. The sound on the G-Boom is unbeatably loud with its incredibly powerful 10W x 2 3 inch woofers and two 1 inch tweeters. It comes with a rechargeable battery which allows up to 6 hours of on-the-go playtime.

The audio performance out of the G-Boom was sublime. The speaker sounded very clean and vivid, and has a very good command of highs, mids and lows to form a well-balanced blend of music. You can a lot of audio clarity with these speakers, such as bass in a voice, or the vibration of a guitar strum, and of course the impact in drums. We were highly impressed that a lunchbox shaped speaker which costs only $99 would be able to sound just as full as most anything in its price point and speakers costing twice as much.

Why it beats everything out there is the sum of all of its parts. It’s built like a rank. G project really did there homework with this speaker as it is rugged and the speakers are high quality at a $99 price this speakers a steal. What also sets it apart is it has tweeters and it plays the vocals at higher frequency and smoothness than any small speaker can even hope to match. This speaker can play any kind of music with clarity and punchy mids, and the low end is also present. More present than anything in its class can reach. We definitely had a lot of fun listening to this speaker and it sounds better than most out there, and does it with a rugged exterior that can stand up to any environment you bring it to.

The Verdict? The G-Boom might just be the winner for the loudest bluetooth speaker under $99 bucks. It produces real sound that is natural and able to fill a room with ease. For the $100 category – this is probably by far the best thing we have listened to. Although not perfect, it is really good. If you are looking for a superbly high performing loud bluetooth speaker with thumping bass, this unit is exactly what you need.

#6 The TaoTronics Boom X

TaoTronics Boom X

The TaoTronics Boom X is hands down one of the loudest bluetooth speakers you can find with its dual 10W drivers and dual passive subwoofers, giving up to a maximum of 20W pure power from such a small compact speaker. It produces dynamic, crystal clear and huge stereo sound with an impressive volume at just half the price of more expensive brands. The speaker has an elegant portable design with an aluminium casing and sturdy body, so you can place the Boom X in a variety of locations and easily take it from one place to the next. The Bluetooth connects from up to 33 feet away, and it connects to virtually any device with Bluetooth functionality enabled. The speaker delivers up to 6 hours of continuous playback with its built-in 4000mAH rechargeable lithium battery. At the time of writing, the Boom X is selling at an amazing 63% discount.

We were very impressed with the overall sound quality of the Boom X. The dual-passive subwoofers omit enough bass to satisfy your ears, and you can also adjust the bass output manually using the EQ settings from your audio source. With 20W of power output, you can fill your room with music very easily and is perfect for parties or barbeques. The sound quality at 75% volume travels well off to the 25 feet range. We could feel the bass at a distance, which is quite an impressive feat for such a small, inexpensive speaker. You can literally hear the desk vibrating and hear the punch in your music. The battery lasts a good 6 hours which decent for day-to-day activities or even outdoor activities. In our view, the sound performance of the Boom X is simply phenomenal and definitely one of the loudest bluetooth speakers you can find.

The design of the Boom X is sleek, elegant and minimalist. We really liked the smooth aluminium design of the speaker which makes it look premium and quality constructed. The main buttons at around a circular dial on the top of the speaker are mechanically responsive with a finger or thumb press that presses down a large quarter region of the dial to play/pause, power on/off, or volume up or down.  There is also a thick rubber stopper on the bottom base of the speaker. It’s almost a quarter of an inch thick, which allows the speaker to stand up on its own without wobbling around or getting knocked over easily.

The Boom X also answers phone calls nice and easy. The sound quality was very good, with no echoes or drop of voice – just crystal clear voice. The microphone can pick up your voice from as far away as 5 feet. The speaker also has a Bluetooth indicator on the smartphones to help estimate when the battery will be low and when to charge it. The speaker comes with a micro USB cable, 3.5mm audio cable, and a user manual for easy reference.

The Verdict? The Boom X is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers you can find at just half the price of more expensive counterparts, and yet expect the same impressive audio performance and bass impact. The sound quality of the speaker is quite phenomenal with a peak power of 20W, which can get really loud but without any distortion. The highs and mids of this speaker are crisp and clear, and the bass is really impactful. We also liked the clean aluminium design of the speaker which makes it look really sleek and nice to hold. At the time of writing, the Boom X is selling at an amazing 63% discount so don’t forget to check it out before it sells out!

#7 Arisen WindBox 20W Bluetooth Speaker

The Arisen Windbox is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers we have ever come across, with dual 12 watts high-definition drivers with a total output of 20W to deliver extremely loud, dynamic and natural sound. The design of the Windbox is spectacular – it feels like a set of ultra-modern, minimalistic, faux-industrial speakers that deliver incredible sound performance. We really liked the bold and transparent design which allows you to see through the speaker, giving it the ability to seamlessly blend into virtually any type of environment. The two built-in 2000mAh rechargeable batteries provide up to 8 hours of audio play time on one single charge. This incredible speaker also features a New Bluetooth 4.2 technology which provides stronger connection and data transmission. These are hands down some of the best loudest bluetooth speakers we have come across in terms of both design and performance.

The Arisen Windbox sounds fantastic. The Arisen’s airflow technology is a unique design whereby the air-duct subwoofer generates dramatically deep bass which superior impact. The mids and highs are as clear as they get, and the level of bass can be controlled by turning the main power button on the subwoofer. The volume can go extraordinarily loud and may be adjusted by the buttons on the bottom of the speaker. We were really stunned by just how great the audio quality on these speakers felt. While listening to them you feel immersed in their sound as if it’s coming out of thin air. The soundstage and imaging from these speakers are also surprisingly good – musical pieces featured very good separation of instrumental notes and detail. The sound quality of the Arisen Windbox is truly something to behold.

To illustrate how good these speakers were, when we first tested them we thought we were actually listening to a set of large speakers. The bass level is adjustable and the speakers offer a dynamic and clear mid/treble that blends very well with the subwoofer. Overall, the sound is powerful, dynamic and clear without any distortion even at close to maximum volumes. We were truly impressed.

The Arisen Windbox works like a charm straight out of the box. These speakers are Bluetooth 4.2 enabled which means that you can connect virtually any bluetooth device to this speaker and play your favorite audio soundtracks. You can even connect them to a laptop or a media player or a television and get phenomenal sound. We had no issues with the wireless connection and the speaker is straight forward to link up. The buttons on this speaker are simple and very intuitive to use. The design of this speaker is clean and aesthetically appealing from almost any angle.

We also really liked the meticulous level of detail that went into designing these speakers. The speakers have quality aluminium transducers, sleek and smooth contours, and torus-shaped bases that render the speakers attached to them inclinable. It looks ultra-modern with the transparent speaker design, but comes across as simple and minimalistic. The satellite speakers are also very elegantly positioned and look refined.

The Verdict? The Arisen Windbox is hands down one of the loudest bluetooth speakers we have ever come across, offering phenomenal sound performance and incredibly stylistic and minimalist design. It is also selling at a good budget price which really makes these speakers a bit of a steal. You can tell that a lot of care went into designing these speakers and the manufacturer gave meticulous attention to every single design detail to make these speakers shine out. The battery life on these speakers is also pumps out a good 8 hours of incredible sound. If you love the design of the Arisen Windbox, we are confident that you would love the sound even more. At the time of writing, these loudest bluetooth speakers are selling at an incredible 47% discount, so don’t forget to check them out!

#8 UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Speaker

UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Speaker

The UE MEGABOOM is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers that we have ever tested, and comes with the added advantage of portability, water resistance and 360 degree sound. It’s designed specifically for you to take it under harsh elements while enjoying your favorite music with loud volumes and deep bass. It’s hands down the perfect party speaker and is designed to produce amazing 360-degree sound with deep bass wherever you want. The speaker is also built like a tank – it is shockproof, IPX7 waterproof, has an incredible battery life of 20 hours and is pretty lightweight at just 1.93 pounds. It also even includes a UE MEGABOOM app for addition features and voice control, using Siri integration on your mobile phone. This speaker is hands down one of the loudest bluetooth speakers available that is portable and produces phenomenal sound performance. At the time of writing, this incredible speaker is selling at a good 17% discount.

We cannot stress how good the sound quality of this speaker is. The UE MEGABOOM can go extremely loud – you can easily fill up an entire large room with music and is the perfect choice for parties. With respect to the sound quality, this speaker sounds clean and remains distortion free even at maximum volumes. The MEGABOOM produces fairly punchy upper bass, and the bass goes quite deep and strong. The highs and mids sound crisp and clear; we really liked how nice and smooth our pop and disco music sounded through this speaker. We felt that this speaker is very good at producing crisp trebles. We also felt that some good speaker placement would accentuate the bass resonance to go along with it. The speaker also comes with a UE app which you can use to adjust the EQ settings.

The battery life of the MEGABOOM is phenomenal. We found that the speaker could last for over 55 hours of continuous playtime at just 30% volume. When we used the speaker outdoors at 75% volume for 5 hours, we found that the speaker still had an 80% charge remaining. In short, this is probably one of the loudest bluetooth speakers with the longest battery life out there.

UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker itself is designed to be extremely durable and portable, which makes it plenty of fun to carry around. It comes an included carrying clip which makes it easy to clip it to a backpack with a carabiner and take it around with you. You can also mount the speaker on your bicycle and take it for a ride. The speaker is IPX7 waterproof which means that it will take direct splashes of water, and is also shockproof so you don’t have to worry about dropping it. You can charge this speaker via a mini USB charger – when the battery light is low it makes a notification sound and the power button lights up red to alert you.

The MEGABOOM allows you to run an app which some cool features but with some limitations. You can update the speaker’s firmware from the app, which is a great feature. The speaker also has a Smart Bluetooth feature that allows you to turn it on and off from the app and you can schedule an alarm to turn it on and off as well. The Smart Bluetooth feature consumes some battery power and it can be turned off if you don’t need the remote on/off features.

The Verdict? If you want a portable speaker that you can take outdoors and want extreme volumes of sound with extended battery life, the UE MEGABOOM might be perfect for you. It’s hands down one of the loudest bluetooth speakers that delivers superb audio performance and produces clear and crisp sound without any distortion. Furthermore, the manufacturers have been rolling out new updates to the UE app to improve the speaker firmware, so you are really getting quality for what you pay for. At the time of writing, this amazing speaker is selling at a good 17% discount, so don’t forget to check it out!

#9 KEF Muo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Sunset Orange

KEF Muo loudest Bluetooth Speakers

KEF Muo loudest Bluetooth SpeakersDesigned by Ross Lovegrove and engineered by KEF, the KEF MUO is packed with innovative technologies to deliver uncompromised KEF quality sound when you’re streaming music wirelessly from a computer or mobile device. It packs a punch out of all proportion to its size. It is really the epitome of integrating innovative engineering and outstanding design into a single device. It features the KEF’s legendary Uni-Q ‘point source’ driver array and a powerful new bass radiator which makes it one of the loudest bluetooth speakers of all time – the Muo can fill the room with stunningly accurate sound and high volumes with virtually zero distortion.

We simply adored the KEF MUO’s design. Straight out of the box we were impressed with the carton and the way it was meticulously packaged. We were also surprised at the weight of this unit. The USB power cord is high quality, made of braided silver. It came with changeable power adaptors for other countries electrical outlets in the box. The finish is Aluminum and the product feels and looks expensive. The Muo can be played horizontal or vertical.

Pairing the Muo with the iPhone was super easy and only took a couple seconds. We played a good workout mix first to see the bass response and were duly impressed with the thumping bass. We couldn’t believe the large sound the little gem made; it filled my whole room up. When we played Seal “A kiss from a rose” – this is where this Muo really impressed us. The details of the vocals and instruments were so defined. We listened to different vocals and some jazz cuts and we were very impressed with the overall soundstage, clarity and the ease of playback. We were impressed that the KEF Muo could play pretty loud and still sounded good, of course there was some bass reduction already and very hot mixes tended to distort slightly, but dynamic compression was well under control and the overall result was pretty satisfying.

The more we listened to the Muo the more we liked it. There’s an app for iPhone as well, which we found was very cool. The Muo detail, big soundstage, thumping bass and the exceptional build quality of the product justifies the price of this device.

The Verdict? When we first got the Muo we expected it to sound good, but we are really shocked at how good it actually sounds. It has a deep, mature sound which emphasises the fine details, mids and highs of the music soundtracks. It’s easily one of the loudest bluetooth speakers for this size. It allows streaming high quality audio through the Bluetooth aptX which really helps you to appreciate how goods this speaker can sound. The battery life lasts for a stunning 12 hours of play time and the exterior aluminium finish looks incredibly eye-catchy. If you have some extra cash to spare, the KEF Muo is definitely a high-end piece of audio equipment you should seriously consider.

#10 The Devialet Phantom, 750 Watts (White)

Devialet Phantom loudest bluetooth speakers

The Devialet Phantom is probably one of the most expensive, powerful and futuristic audio device we have reviewed. It is by far one of the loudest bluetooth speakers in its own category – and by its own category we mean 750 Watts of pure energy, although Devialet developed a more powerful 3000 Watt version which can pump out a massive 105 db. Listening to the Phantom for the first time was for us, quite an amazing experience we would not forget. The manufacturers claim that the Phantom emits the best sound in the world, with a unique physical impact. With no distortion at high volumes, no saturation, no background noise – the Devialet Phantom truly lives up to its name as a master piece of audio technology.

The Phantom speakers look very futuristic. These simply do not look like the classic speaker-box design. They just appear like they were just beamed in from a Starwars stellarship or something. They come in a strong and very nice designed box. Opening the box is a little party in itself: when you fold the box open sideways, the Phantom stands there on a little platform. Well thought out. The speaker itself is a little heavy. When you hold one this makes it very clear: this is serious, high quality equipment!

The Phantom speakers are very easy to setup. You place them on a sturdy platform or sidetable. Then you install the ‘Spark’ app on your iPhone or iPad (most Android devices are also supported). Then something magic will happen: when you touch each of the Phantoms, they start to make some ambient breathing sound and their ‘ears’ will move a little. They really come to life! Next is that you swipe some speaker icons in the Spark app according to your needs: 1 to the left, 1 to the right. Then you’re ready to go.

Devialet Phantom loudest bluetooth speakers

When it came down to sound performance, we were initially surprised by the really good sound quality. The Phantom emits an ultra-dense sound with physical impact with no distortion from 16hz to 25khz. The bass goes deep down and is rich and full but never rumbling. The mids are clear and well defined. Highs are excellent. This is a speaker which can easily compete with systems that are much more expensive. Although the Phantoms do cost some serious money, they perform well above what we expected. We have listened to some nice high-end setups over time. The Phantom is easily one of the best of these and by far not among the most expensive.

What really stands out from the Phantom is that the sound is very realistic. A voice really sounds as if someone is singing in my very own room. Guitars, drums, piano’s, strings – everything is just so realistic. We would also mention that to a certain degree this would depend on the quality of the recording. Phantom is very enjoyable late in the evening when other people are asleep and you tune them down. They really come to life at moderate volumes. And they will almost blow you away when you play them loud (there is no need to go for the 3000watts version unless you live in a really big room).

The Verdict? If you are an audiophile looking for one of the loudest bluetooth speakers at this high-end range, we can really recommend the Phantom system due to the incredible design and sound quality. The volume can go VERY loud and produces very well defined sound. We absolutely loved the futuristic look, deep bass, heavy, unique sound, good customer support, and realistic omnidirectional sound.   The Phantoms cuts through all of this in one purchase. The audio stream, if you use the Devialet software, is done digitally perfect straight to the Phantom system. The audio performance of the Devialet Phantom is something that you just have to experience once in a lifetime to believe that it actually exists. We were told that everything in Phantom is unique – the Phantom is protected by 88 worldwide patents and we can see why the manufacturers have gone through such lengths to protect this revolutionary invention.

Special Mention: Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Big Blue Party loudest bluetooth speakers

If you are looking for a huge but portable indoor-outdoor bluetooth speaker for party events, the Big Blue is hands-down the loudest bluetooth speaker in this range and is exactly what you need. The best thing about the Big Blue is that it comes with 4 full-range speaker drivers that deliver powerful 360 sound. It also comes with an easy-grip carry handle which means you can take it anywhere you want to party – by the pool, decks or even on the beach. To top it off, it’s also portable and water-resistant (splash resistant). This speaker measures 6.3”w x 6.3”d x 15.8”h.

The sound performance of the Big Blue is unlike anything we’ve heard before. It produces thick, pounding sub-woofer bass that will rock your party to the beat of the music. It has clear trebles, and maxed out volume/bass still clear as crystal with zero distortion. It’s loud as hell, and probably the loudest bluetooth speaker we have heard at this range. The sound projects equally in all directions and screams out with pure authority. The design is solid and attractive – it’s super easy to use, and has customizable bass/treble.

To compare with other speakers, the Big Blue is louder and has more bass than the Bose SoundLink II and the Samsung M7. The Big Blue has the added advantage of having speakers all around and the sound is omni-directional. We were extremely surprised at how great the Big Blue sounds and is definitely one of the loudest bluetooth speakers at this price range. The only down side to this speaker is its connection to Bluetooth. It connects quick but you cannot be moving too much with your phone or ipod because it may lose connection. You will have to set your device and not move it. Other than this minor issue, this speaker is completely worth the money. The Big Blue is just much better sounding than many other bluetooth speakers out there, and probably the loudest bluetooth speaker in this field.

Some eye-popping technical specifications that the Big Blue Party has are (1) Four 2.5” drivers are mounted inside on 45-degree angles under the top rubber cap, (2) One 5.5” circular subwoofer above the bottom cap firing directly to the left, and (3) One 5” by 7” passive box radiator firing off to the right. It also cranks up to 72 Watts of juice (18W per channel +36 W for subwoofer), and also features a 3.5 Aux connection. The charge life of the Big Blue is 4.5 hours, and the recharge time can go up to 5 hours.  Big Blue Party actually performs properly stereo-separated sound through its speakers, with left- and right-channel audio clearly projecting out from the respective edges of the chassis.

The Verdict? The Big Blue Party is the real deal for party goers who want to get serious about partying to the beat of the music. It has virtually no competition if you are looking for a portable Bluetooth Speaker that bumps and cranks up the volume. If you like hip-hop/R&B/reggae this thing kills. It also handles Jazz, alternative and just about everything else that you can throw at it. You can bring the Big Blue everywhere you go to the beach, BBQ, party, vacation, pool or just chilling in the backyard. This is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers of 2017 that definitely packs a huge punch. Furthermore, it is now selling at an amazing 33% discount at the time of writing, so don’t forget to snap it up while it lasts.

Special Mention: Sharkk WAVE 25W Bluetooth Speaker

Sharkk WAVE 25W Bluetooth Speaker

The Sharkk WAVE 25W is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers that excel in sound performance, portability and sleekness. This speaker boasts superior sound quality with its advanced Maxx Bass Technology featuring its powerful 25W speaker driver. It also comes with high quality Bluetooth 4.0 connection capacity, NFC functionality and an AUX port which makes this ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The speaker also features Siri and S-Voice support, hands-free calling with an integrated microphone, and LED button back lights activated by thermal sensor. The speaker is also designed to be a powerbank which allows you to charge your phone or mobile device while listening to your favorite soundtracks outdoors. At the time of writing, this awesome speaker is selling at an amazing 50% discount.

We found that the Sharkk 25W Bluetooth speaker sounds amazing. The sound quality  coming from this speaker is super clean with a great range in tone. It does not sound “contained” at all and has a nice sounding bass to it. We also felt that the sound emphasised the mids really well, and has an overall warm sound signature to it. The bass is punchy and tight and not muddy. The volume on this speaker can go insanely loud and it does not distort even at maximum volume. At 50% volume this speaker was already starting to annoy our neighbors – it’s one of the most powerful and loudest bluetooth speakers that does go very deep with the sound and bass. We were quite amazed with how deep this speaker sounded considering its size.

It is very easy to connect to the Sharkk 25W. The Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connectivity inside the actual speaker makes it extremely intuitive to use, and you can connect your mobile device automatically without any hassle. An AUX connection also gives you the ability to connect to devices that do not have Bluetooth. While connected to Bluetooth on your mobile device, the Sharkk Wave gives you complete access to answering / declining phone calls. The hands free calling feature is also available with redial or with Siri voice commands.

The build quality of this speaker is solid and looks really sleek on the outside. The speaker alone weighs 2.7 lbs which makes it really portable. There are also plenty of advanced, well thought out features. We really liked the thermal sensor on the buttons – the buttons automatically light up when your hands gets close to the buttons on the top. On the top of the speaker are your standard buttons – there is a power button, track, up, track down, pause/play, Bluetooth button, volume-up and volume down. If you press the power button quickly, the speaker with flash its LEDs to tell you how much battery life is left without turning on the speaker. The speaker also comes with a USB charging port so that you can play your music while charging your mobile device, which is a nice added touch.

The Verdict? We really loved the sound and overall quality of the Sharkk 25W. It’s one of the loudest bluetooth speakers and performed way above our expectations from a speaker of this size. The speaker really excelled at pumping out high quality audio with its 25W speaker driver, and the Bluetooth 4.0, NFC functionality made connecting to this speaker simple and easy. Furthermore, it comes with a 6600mAh battery powerbank which allows you to charge your mobile device while playing music outdoors. The Advanced Maxx Bass technology also made the bass feel really deep and tight, coupled with crisp highs and mids. At the time of writing, this incredible bluetooth speaker is selling at an amazing 50% discount, so snap it up before it sells out!

Special Mention: B&O PLAY A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

B&O PLAY A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The B&O Play A1 is hands down one of the sleekest, uniquely-designed, portable and loudest bluetooth speaker we have tested. This speaker produces an astounding 2 X 140W at peak power which is pretty damn loud for a speaker of this size. In ambient mode, the A1 provides an unrivalled stereo experience with its True360 sound technology, providing good dispersion, volume and bass resonance. Furthermroe, this speaker is only 1.3 lb and is small enough to travel with you everywhere you go – it’s made of an all-aluminium dome which is dust and splash resistant. A double-molded polymer also creates a solid base for the speaker to rest while stationery. The battery life is an all-time incredible of 24 hours at normal volume levels from a single charge. In a nutshell, the A1 is without a doubt one of the best and loudest bluetooth speakers designed with quality and portability in mind.

The sound performance of the A1 is phenomenal for its size and power source. It has very wide soundstage and the music seems 3 dimensional. It has an amazing bass response for its little size especially if placed against a surface it’s able to use as a resonator. It fills the space with clear high quality sound. The sound is just warm, liquid smooth and powerful from the low notes to higher frequencies. The bass is present where it should be; it does not bleed into the midranges. The midranges were especially lovely as well. Listening to Jazz, acoustics, instrumental songs with this speaker is incredibly enjoyable. The sound is simply quite amazing and even at low volumes you get decent bass response. We found that the sound does not distort at all at maximum volumes.

We felt that the A1 performed a step beyond most conventional bluetooth speakers. It sounds as though there are some smart amplifiers inside and a DSP system that adjusts the levels of sound to optimize them for the internal drivers and is able to create amazing surround sound and sound stage. The sound ‘surrounds’ you which does not seem to be possible from such a small speaker.

B&O PLAY A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We were extremely impressed not only with the sound but by the aesthetics of this speaker. The rounded aluminium dome softens the speaker’s profile while its strength protects the delicate components inside. From all angles this speaker looks stunning. It’s also incredibly lightweight so you can carry it around without any hassle. The battery life is very good and is probably among the best we have ever come across. An LED indicator tells you when it’s time to recharge. The battery takes about 2.5 hours of 5V – 3A charging for a full day of portable power.

Finally, you can also connect two A1s for a wireless stereo sound experience. The A1 features a Connect Button to conveniently activate your last played music at launch. It also comes with B&O Play app for your to personalize your listening experience, set up wireless stereo pairing and update the firmware.

The Verdict? The B&O Play A1 is an exceptional speaker with phenomenal sound. It’s well and truly one of the loudest bluetooth speakers in the market, and has the added advantage of portability and design with its unique aluminium finish. We were so impressed by the sound performance of the A1 because it delivered truly exceptional soundstage, crisp highs and mids and deep bass. You can really feel the quality of this speaker while listening to your favorite soundtracks. At an incredible 2 X 140W peak power, this is without a doubt one of the loudest bluetooth speakers for its size and you can expect to be impressed.

Special Mention: The OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Cambridge Soundworks, while smaller than the OontZ Angle 3XL, is also one of the loudest bluetooth speakers in term of size and portability. This speaker is compact is size and is designed to deliver richer, fuller bass from its drivers. These speakers deliver up to 10 Watts of power and an incredible 30 hours of playtime with the volume set up to 2/3 of maximum playing volume which is pretty incredible considering the small size of this speaker. It is the perfect combination of power, portability, loudness and yet weighes less than two pounds. Furthermore, the OontZ Angle 3 is super cheap in price and cannot hurt your wallet. For such a high quality product, this is definitely a win-win situation.

The OontZ Angle 3 PLUS has the ability to turn any phone, tablet, mobile device or PC into a high-end portable boombox sound system, and can play high quality sound and loud volumes with minimum distortion. We found that the bluetooth speaker has integrated passive bass radiators to enhance the bass output, and two custom designed precision drivers that provide sharp highs and clear midranges. The sound on this beast is loud enough for parties and gatherings, and to fill even a large room with high quality sound. If you love playing music movies and games wirelessly from your tablets, smartphones and PCs for Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, iTunes, etc, you’ll definitely find this super loud bluetooth speaker exceptionally convenient.

Some other features that we liked about the OontZ Angle 3 Plus is the fact that it is IPX5 splashproof, rainproof, dustproof and perfect for beach, poolside or boating uses – with this rating it will easily resist gentle water sprays and splashes – just don’t submerge it. The speaker also comes with an included 3.5mm audio cable to connect to the AUX-in jack for non-bluetooth devices. It comes with a built-in microphone for handsfree calling, which is a nice added touch. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides a good solid 30 hours of play time, although we did not max out the volume while testing it because it was too loud.

The Verdict? If you are looking for a powerful bluetooth speaker, the Oontz Angle 3 PLUS easily tops as one of the loudest bluetooth speakers at this size, and yet retains much of its portability and lightweight design. The sound on this speaker is simply excellent, although you may get some distortion issues when first using it – we found that you may need to use the speaker for some burn-in time before cranking them up. The service support by Cambridge Soundworks is amazing and fast – so you if run into any issues you don’t have to worry at all! All in all, this is definitely one of the best loudest bluetooth speakers we have encountered and it is now selling at a stunning 70% discount at the time of writing.

Special Mention: Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III

Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III loudest bluetooth speakers

The Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III is undoubtedly the best-performing one-piece wireless music system from Bose. Although the SoundTouch is not built for portability, it’s one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers for home audio, and works very well with your home Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth devices so you can play almost anything you can imagine. Bose SoundTouch systems do not require extra controllers to use on a dispersed WIFI system like Sonos. The newest Soundtouch includes Bluetooth. Sonos does not. So you can link to a speaker by Bluetooth and have that music play on all grouped speakers. The Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III’s dimensions are 9.7″ H x 17.1″ W x 7.1″ D (25.75 lbs).

The SoundTouch 30 Series III is part of Bose’s next generation of stand-alone home entertainment solutions. In short, we love the functionality the system brings, with easy wireless web integration and multiple input options. The sound is what you would expect from Bose, clean and full.

Installation of this unit is a breeze. It comes with a power cord and a remote. You plug it in and you go. Setup involves using their app to configure the device through your existing wireless network. We did the setup on a PC, but we’ve also used the app on iPhone. The steps are simple, and the app is very clean and usable. You can connect online music services that you use (Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio) so that the device can draw from them, and this is a quick process of selecting them from a list and entering your login info. Then you’re all set to play. You can control the device (what it plays, volume) wirelessly through the app, from the remote, or on the device itself. So that’s all to say that setup is easy, and brings me to fuller comments on functionality.

The SoundTouch has bluetooth, so you can stream audio from any bluetooth device (and this provides the necessary workaround for Spotify if you only have a free account; you can stream a playlist from a phone or PC). It also has an aux input jack, so you can use a cord to connect anything with a headphone jack. So those additional options lend some great flexibility.

In terms of audio performance, the SoundTouch 30 Series III has a nice and full sound, and it puts out quite a lot of volume. Apart from its size, it is one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers for home environments – it will fill a relatively large living room without trouble. The bass and treble are both very clear and defined. There may be a bit of weakness in the mid-range tones, but overall it’s a very clean and enjoyable sound. Because of the way the sound comes off of this unit in both the front and the back, it does fill a room well, although we speculate two speakers would create a fuller sound picture. But that would be a different unit. As for the sound of this unit, there’s no doubt it is very good, and it holds up at low volume and high volume.

The Verdict? We absolutely love the SoundTouch 30 Series III. The functionality is top notch. It is simple to use with great flexibility of inputs. The app only enhances this functionality. The sound is full and clear, and it will fill a room beautifully. This is an exciting peak at the possibilities of simple music listening. Push a button and listen; no logging in or pairing up devices or opening apps needed to get internet-based sound flowing. The sound quality is just about as good as it gets – you are really getting top value for what you pay for with this device.

Special Mention: B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN – BeoPlay A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN loudest bluetooth speakers

B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN loudest bluetooth speakersThe Beoplay A2 is definitely the answer to all the existing portable speakers on the market right now, and B&O didn’t just copy existing concepts with average results (like B&W did with the T7), but created something completely new and unique. Although design is a matter of taste, we really liked it. It is elegant and funky at the same time, easy to carry thanks to the leather-strap. The A2 is definitely a powerful, yet well-balanced bluetooth speaker which features rich bass that can fill any room or outdoor space. With drivers pumping out a solid 60Watts of juice, the A2 is easily one of the loudest bluetooth speakers in its category.

One of the most impressive facts of the A2 is bass response. The speaker is about the size of the Soundlink III, but flatter, more rounded and lighter as well, but this thing plays down below 50Hz and most improtant it is not an artifically boosted bass like on most Bose speakers, but rather flat bass response, at least up to medium levels. Bass is never boomy or bloated, you can even put the A2 inside a corner which will result in a heavy bodied sound nearly resembling that of a grown up system. When standing completely free bass can sometimes remain a bit recessed, but regardless how the A2 is positioned, it never sounds neither anemic, nor does the bass ever distract from the rest of the music, even if you are listening from within a room mode.

Bass reduction starts at above half volume, but the speaker still manages a rather full-bodied sound at max. volume unlike some of the competiton like the B&W T7, which can play louder, but dials bass back nearly completely which results in a hurting unbalanced sound.

The Beoplay A2 is one of the few speakers which manages to create a bit of stereo separation. The front/back drivers are mounted at the opposite sides, so will not only get a left/right effect, but also front/back, the speaker fills the room much better than any other comparable speaker we have tried. It sounds more airy more open and reminds me a bit of the Fugoo, but the Beoplay A2 sounds much more serious, more like a fullsized system.

The Beoplay is really a pleasure to listen to – we have thrown everything at it, from Jazz, Funk, to House, Electronica, it always sounded great, with some exceptions though. The Beoplay suffers from some distortion with particular dance tracks, particularly TR-909 or 808 electronic kick-drums type of sounds.  If you listen to simple (blunt) music, any speaker that can crank out dB’s without too much distortion will probably satisfy you, but if you prefer complex compositions that make use of the subtleties afforded by a wide harmonic frequency range then you’ll prefer a more sophisticated audio system capable of reproducing that effect. The greater the complexity and/or subtlety of your music choice and the more discerning your ear, the more you’ll appreciate B&O A2.

Interestingly, when we tested the A2 by the beach with 20 knots of wind, its sound quality drew a crowd of kitesurfers who wanted to see how such a small speaker was producing such amazing audio. Most had never heard of B&O, but many were saving the name on their smartphones. If something this small can reproduce music in an open air environment (no structures to act as sounding boards) with enough volume and clarity to draw a crowd from 50′ around in a 20 knot wind, B&O has done quite a lot right. It’s truly one of the most sophisticated loudest bluetooth speakers we’ve tested.

The Verdict? When we listen to the B&O BeoPlay A2 we forgot that we are actually listening to a portable speaker. B&O have built their audio reputation upon creating balanced, well-tuned components and speakers for customers who appreciate precision audio and have enough discretionary income to acquire it, but who aren’t audio engineers. Similar to Apple, B&O produces products that are part design status symbols and part high-end technical tools. The stellar and sophisticated A2 is no exception and is easily one of the loudest bluetooth speakers for its category.

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