Best Outdoor Speaker System

Top 8 Best Outdoor Speaker Systems in 2020

If you are looking for an outdoor speaker system to install in your backyard, garden or patio area, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article we are going to show you which are the best outdoor speaker systems you should get that deliver the best combination of sound performance, durable weatherproof design and ease of setup.

One factor that we very much take into account for outdoor speaker systems is ease of setup – this is because you might have to drill wall mounts or dig up your garden to install these speakers.

We’ve specially selected outdoor speaker systems that are easy to install so that you can take the hassle off getting them to work and start enjoying music.

Be sure to check out our top picks for the best outdoor speaker systems below!

#1 Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speaker System

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speaker System

The Polk Audio Atrium 4 is easily one of the best outdoor speaker systems you can find. They are easy to install with a speed-lock mounting system, and are designed with all-weather proofing so you can basically set and forget.

The sound quality from the Polk Audio Atrium 4 speakers is exceptionally good. You get crisp highs, detailed midranges and a whole lot of bass for a speaker system that is meant to be in outdoor spaces.

We also liked that these speakers have a wide sound dispersion tweeter and dynamic polymer cone which helps to disperse sound over a large area – this means you don’t have to install multiple speakers to get maximum sound coverage.

Most importantly, the Atrium 4 speakers have high weatherproof protection and can easily withstand extreme temperatures and exposure to rain, water and snow.

Here are some key specs about the Atrium 4:

  • The Atrium 4 outdoor speakers can be installed in any open space—by a pool, in the patio or a sunroom, or in the backyard with flexible mounting options
  • Driven by a 4 1/2″ Mineral Filled dynamic balance polymer Cone and a 3/4″ Anodized aluminum dome tweeter with rubber surround. 80W Power cuts through loud, jarring background noises
  • Polk Atrium 4 speakers come with a steeply-angled baffle design Filling open spaces with big full-range sound! The outer profile easily blends into the corners of the outdoor walls
  • One-click speed-lock mounting bracket offers easy, anti-slip one-handheld installation allowing you to mount these speakers vertically or horizontally, to deliver the best possible sound in a variety of situations.
  • Weatherproof design – rugged durability, high environmental endurance and durable cabinet casing for use in all seasons

#2 Kicker KB6 Loudspeaker Outdoor System

Kicker KB6 Loudspeaker Outdoor System

If you are looking for an outdoor speaker system that gets really loud, go for the Kick KB6 Loudspeaker System. These speakers are designed with improved acoustic drivers for much larger sound performance, and can be mounted in open air. They also come with a UV enclosure and weatherproof design for outdoor use.

This entire outdoor speaker system delivers 75 watts RMS (150 watts peak) of power, which is more than enough to fill up your entire backyard or patio with filling sound performance. We also liked that it comes with a 12dB low-pass crossover network to filter the highs and lows for better sound performance.

We really liked listening to these speakers in our backyard. The speakers can pump out tremendous amounts of volume without any distortion, and you can hear music clearly without any harshness or clipping noises. Overall these are pretty solid and powerful speakers you can get on a budget.

Here are some key specs:

  • The Kicker KB6 has new and improved drivers and improved sound quality is designed to be mounted in the open air. Its UV-treated enclosure and ability to produce clean and crisp sound over long distances make the KB6 ideal for many indoor and outdoor applications.
  • High efficiency speaker system for both indoor and outdoor use, providing an 8-Ohm load and ready to be driven by home stereo receivers. 75 Watts RMS (150 Watts Peak)
  • The compact dual-enclosure system features a bold 6.5 inch KICKER woofer and 2×5-inch, compression-loaded horn tweeter. The woofers utilize precisely tuned polypropylene cones and rugged Santoprene surrounds.
  • The system acoustically blends with a 12dB/octave low-pass crossover with impedance compensation to nail that KICKER signature sound.
  • The Kicker KB6 outdoor speaker can be installed on the wall or ceiling or in a vertical or horizontal placement with a wide degree range of motion for accurate sound projection

#3 Yamaha NS-AW350W 2-Way Outdoor Speaker System

Yamaha NS-AW350W 2-Way Outdoor Speaker System

The Yamaha NS-AW350W is an outdoor speaker system that delivers massive volume output. It is among the loudest outdoor systems with have tested with a full output capacity of 130 watts peak. In addition, these speakers are magnetically shielded and have a weatherproof design so you can practically install them wherever you want in your backyard or patio.

The sound quality on these Yamaha speakers is crisp and clear. We enjoyed listening to the crystal clear highs, detailed midranges and solid bass response from these speakers. Music genres such as jazz and classical music were well-balanced, and we never experienced any distortion at max volume with these speakers.

We also liked the fact that these speakers have a wide area of sound dispersion which spreads the sound across a wider field. This allows you to maximize performance while saving space for speaker installations.

Here are some key specs that you should know:

  • Durable and weatherproof design
  • Wide Frequency Response : 55 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Magnetic shielding for clear sound connection
  • One pair of 2-way indoor/outdoor speakers
  • Acoustic-suspension design for clear sound and taut, controlled bass response
  • 130 watts maximum power capacity, 40 watts nominal (RMS)

#4 Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor Speaker System

Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor Speaker System

If you are going for a high-performance outdoor speaker system, go for the Bose Free Space 51 speakers. The key advantage about these outdoor speakers is that they can be installed anywhere in the garden and are designed to fully blend into the surroundings.

In terms of sound performance, we were very surprised by how loud and clear the sound was coming from these compact speakers. Each speaker here features a full downward driver for deep bass response.

It also has a 360 degree design which helps to disperse the sound everywhere. This means that you won’t be able to tell where the sound is coming from while listening to these speakers in the garden.

Furthermore, we liked that you can crank up the volume on these speakers to maximum and not hear a single degree of distortion. The sound coming from these speakers has plenty of depth and rich overtones with sparkling details.

Here are some specs you should know:

  • Downward firing 4-1/4 full range driver for loud sound and deep bass.
  • Innovative radial design disperse sound in a 360 degree pattern and centrally located port enhances low-frequency performance to deliver the depth and richness of music outdoors
  • Rugged, flexible design withstands temperatures from -40 to +150 degrees Fahrenheit, and passed the rigorous salt fog test 66% longer than required by the Marine Industry Standard
  • Recommended power – 10 – 100 watts and withstands up to 350 pounds of pressure
  • Base flange with mounting holes for easy installation

#5 Definitive Technology AW6500 Outdoor Speaker System

Definitive Technology AW6500 Outdoor Speaker System

If you are looking for a powerful outdoor speaker system on a budget, the Definitive Technology AW6500 is definitely a great choice. These speakers can produce a tonne of volume and bass, and even comes equipped with a bass radiator for more accurate sound reproduction.

The sound quality on this speaker system is really good – it delivers high volume output without any distortion and has a broad dispersion. This means that you get maximum sound dispersion at any angle you choose to mount these speakers.

Music performances sounded especially smooth and detailed, and we liked the level of detail present in jazz and instrumental music soundtracks.

Finally, these speakers come with steel mounting brackets which give you 360 degree rotational flexibility, so you can aim these speakers wherever you want to project the sound easily.

Here are some key specs you should know:

  • The AW Series is equipped with DT’s Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) drivers. This speaker has a 6.5″ Mid/Woofer, a 1″ Tweeter & a 5″ x 10″ oval pressure-driven low bass radiator for more accurate sound reproduction
  • The AW6500 speakers deliver clear, high-definition sound across your open spaces. The bass response on these speakers is deep, tight and punchy
  • The fully sealed PolyStone exterior makes this speaker tough and durable so it can withstand the harshest weather conditions. It is moisture resistant and wear resistant, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use
  • Comes with Galvanized steel mounting brackets which gives you 360-degree rotational flexibility for horizontal or vertical mounting. This allows you to create a soundstage listening field by pointing the speaker and projecting sound where you want it.

#6 Onforu Wireless Outdoor Speaker System

Onforu Wireless Outdoor Speaker System

If portability is the most important factor for you, go for the Onforu Wireless Outdoor Speaker system. This speaker system is primarily designed to be portable with a modern lantern shape design, and is useful for create a wide listening area.

It comes with the ability to link multiple speakers together wirelessly – you can pair up to 100 Onforu outdoor speakers together to create a massive listening area for parties and outdoor gatherings.

The sound quality on each speaker is pretty decent – you get 25 watts of power with each speaker and the bass performance is pretty solid. The speakers come with 2 passive bass radiators which help to deliver much better sound quality for beats and bass.

The speaker system also comes with a built-in 6600mAh rechargeable battery which delivers 20 hours of playtime at medium volume level. It is IPX5 waterproof and can withstand rain and splashes of water.

Here are some key specs you should know:

  • Daisy chain functionality – you can pair up to 100pcs Onforu outdoor bluetooth speakers together – no apps or wired connectivity required.
  • 25 Watts of powerful sound with 2 * 12.5 watt full-range drivers and 2 passive radiators. Deep bass booms with less than 1% total harmonic distortion bring an unmatched listening experience. Multiple pairing bluetooth speakers ensure you enjoy 360°HD stereo surround sound.
  • Built in 6,600mAh rechargeable battery, fully charges within 3 hours and delivers up to 20 hours playtime at Medium Volume or 10 hours at max volume.
  • This speaker is IPX5 waterproof, splash-proof and rainproof. With 8 colors light display and Color-Changing Fade/Pulse to the music, perfect outdoor speakers for the beach, poolside, or camping.
  • High-end acrylic housing with durable exterior for long lasting use

#7 Yamaha NS-AW294WH 2-Way Outdoor Speaker System

Yamaha NS-AW294WH 2-Way Outdoor Speaker System

The Yamaha NS-AW294WH is one of the best outdoor speaker systems we have tested. These speakers are fully weatherproof and come with durable cabinets that are drip, water and UV resistant.

The sound quality that we got from these speakers is excellent. They can produce loud volume levels with crystal clear highs, smooth midranges and very deep bass performance. It has a two-way bass reflex design which helps to separate the midrange/bass frequencies for a much more accurate sound structure.

We really like that you can crank up these speakers to maximum volume and they have enough power to disturb your neighbors (we don’t recommend doing that). The sound produced is rich, clear and very detailed.

These speakers have a simple design and can be mounted virtually anywhere in your patio or backyard. They have flexible installation options and come with mounting brackets for easy installation.

Here are some key specs you should know:

  • Weatherproof cabinets that are drip, water and UV resistant
  • Two way bass reflex design – powerful woofer delivers accurate mid/low frequency response; Balanced dome tweeter ensures clear high frequency response
  • Simple design blends in easily with home exterior, on a patio or inside a room
  • Flexible installation options with supplied mounting brackets
  • Powder coated grilles provide outstanding weatherproof qualities

#8 Bose 151 SE Outdoor Speaker System

Bose 151 SE Outdoor Speaker System

If you are looking for a powerful outdoor speaker system with a sleek design, go for the Bose 151 SE Speakers. These speakers come with an extremely durable exterior cabinet design which is entirely weatherproof – it can withstand snow, rain and extreme temperatures without any issues. We also liked that they come with adjustable weather-resistant brackets to provide a secure installation in your patio or backyard.

In terms of sound performance, the Bose 151 SEs certainly does not disappoint. These speakers produce a tonne of volume output with crystal clear highs, detailed midranges and very decent bass performance.

We were actually quite surprised at how much bass came out of these speakers despite their relatively small enclosure. They can handle almost any variety of music genre that you can throw at it, and they disperse sound very well throughout open spaces.

Here are some key specs you should know:

  • 2-1/2 full-range, glass-filled speaker cone delivers crystal clear sound with loud volume
  • Glass-filled polypropylene cabinet provides protection against weather extremes. Withstands humidity and fog.
  • You can mount these outdoor speakers horizontally or vertically with included brackets/hardware
  • Adjustable weather-resistant brackets provide secure installation to most surfaces. Slot-port tuning reduces air turbulence for cleaner and deeper reproduction of music’s lower notes. Engineered and tested to withstand snow, rain, salt and temperature extremes of -40 degree F (-40 degree C) to 158 degree F (70 degree C)
  • Do note that the Bose 151 SE outdoor speakers are not magnetically shielded.